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- all prizes are digital art pieces 

- please no furry or mechas don’t make me wanna die 

- i’ll be using RANDOM.ORG to decide who wins

- enter the raffle by liking the post. You can reblog it to spread the news, but only LIKES are counted.

!! i wish everyone luck! send me an ask if you have any questions! :-D 

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Happy birthday!!! Hope you have a great day and thank you for giving us the gift that is your comic^^

OMG! Thank youuuuuuuuuu  ❤️!!!  And thanks to you for giving me your warmth, your love, your interest about the story and to me as an artist! I really appreciate it! Best gift ever!
Love you guys!


well this is my birthday gift for you @diesel-1997 !!!! i hope you like it!!!!

thank you for everything

well hopes you have good lucks in money, work, health, love; great new age, new friends, and NEW ARTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ((Me always love this part))

((the art over there is my BD gift for you,,, it isn’t done yet so… pls wait ok????))


When You’re Stressed (iKON)

“How do you think Ikon would cheer you up when your stressed or how would they react to you being stressed? Thank youuuuuuuuuu ☺️”

(gif credit to the original owners)

He would be concerned. Over time, he would start to notice that you looked a little paler and that the circles under your eyes had darkened. One day, he would shyly come over with some snacks. He would awkwardly stutter out that you hadn’t seemed yourself lately and knew cuddles and food would definitely give you a chance to relax for a bit. Would then get all blushy and sweet when you pulled him in for a massive hug bc it’s just what you needed.

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I think he would pretty much notice it straight away. It saddened him, you were just acting differently and he couldn’t figure out why. So, he would go out of his way to talk to you about it. He’d call you or go and see you to talk everything out. He’d want you to just vent, let everything go and some stress with it. In a mum-like fashion, he’d tell you to rest and take a breather. He’d ensure you got the break you deserve bc he probably wouldn’t rest if you didn’t.

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(he’s so cute he doesn’t look real wow)

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The description you have for chapter 13 of zaddy makes me nervous... "Taehyung gets offered his dream job abroad"

Nooooooooooooo dream job abroad for zaddy finale please don’t break my heart 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I’m so excited.

I just read the short description of Zaddy’s final chapter……………. I can already feel the angst. Me scared. Please Dee have mercy on our poor hearts! Jk I know I’ll love it no matter what, cause you’re amazing and you can make everything into written art. Take care :-* 


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i LOVE your ace!Jason/bi!Percy stuff. can you make headcanons about it? Thank youuuuuuuuuu You're amazing!

Aw, thank you, and I do love ace!Jason and bi!Percy, so sure!
* When they got together, Jason never even thought about the possibility of them having sex. He was caught up in the soft kisses and tight hugs and silly giggles that he never once thought about it
* Percy didn’t either, since he always liked to take relationships slow
* But after some time people began teasing them and asking when Jason were finally going to have sex, and Jason was silently horrified
* The thought of having sex made him uncomfortable, but was that normal??? Cue the sexuality crisis
* I’d like to think that Percy picks up on this early on and takes him aside after it happens and is like ‘are you okay????’
* Jason just brushes it off but I imagine that Percy (who’s ex was also ace *cough* Annabeth *cough*) sort of works it out and brings it up because there’s no way in hell anyone’s allowed to make his boyfriend uncomfortable, and he wants Jason to know that he in no way expects or wants sex if it’ll make Jason uncomfortable
* Jason feels so much better knowing there’s a word for it and that Percy accepts him (he totally cries, and Percy just holds him tight and says “I love you” until he calms down)
* So whenever people bring up sex, Percy flips them off and tells them to shut up
* He won’t let anyone convince Jason that being asexual is just a phase, or wrong or anything, including Jason himself
* Percy Jackson is the No. 1 supportive boyfriend, everyone else better take notes
* Jason makes so many puns (his name is Grace and he’s ace come on, it’d happen)
* So does Percy
* Like 90% of the jokes they make are puns, and everyone hates them for it (except for Leo, who’s 100% into that shit)
* Everyone is super supportive of Jason, and apolgise for making him uncomfortable
* Drew finds like a thousand leaflets on it for him, and he has a talk with Annabeth at one point to discuss their experiences
* Sally and Paul absolutely adore Jason when they first meet him, and basically declare him their son in law right there and then
* Sally and Paul never once say anything about the two sharing a room, unless it’s say that if they dare have a pillow fight at some ungodly hour, they will not be having cookie after dinner, and never tease them about sex (Percy told them Jason wasn’t comfortable with it beforehand)
* Jason prefers hugs over kisses, which is good because Percy is the perfect size to sit on his lap and cuddle
* They always skip past sex scenes in films, but if they’re with friends or out in the cinema, then Percy will just lean over and say every bad joke he knows until Jason is laughing so hard that he forgets what’s happening on the screen
* Percy admits he’d rather spend an evening tracing Jason’s scars than having sex, and Jason nearly cries
* Percy loves holding Jason’s hand and kissing it, Jason nearly dies every time
* But Jason’s giggles and soft smile give Percy a heart attack
* They’re such soft nerds, just let them cuddle and giggle goddammit
* Jason comes to love being asexual, loving at how it proves that he is nothing like Zeus
* “what do you do if you don’t have sex?” / “well either sing along to Queen in our underwear or see how many marshmallows we can fir in our mouths. Hint, it’s a lot”
* Percy makes sure Jason knows that he loves him, asexuality and all, at pretty much every waking moment, so Jason is constantly a blushing mess
* Jason gets jealous really easily, which isn’t great when you’re boyfriend is Percy Jackson and bisexual (but he knows deep down that Percy would never leave him)
* They point out attractive people to each other, and sometimes have silly little arguments about it
* Every time Jason calls Percy his boyfriend, Percy wonders if he’s dreaming
* So Percy is wondering this 24/7, because Jason searches for every opportunity possible to call Percy his boyfriends
They’re such soft boyfriends, 10/10 would go 'awwww’

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You knooooooww...I've gotten to a point, where I'm as much hyped about your posts/thoughts/opinion as the actual chapter ahead of us. That proves how awesome your blog is.👌👌👌 I just really wanted you to know this. Thank youuuuuuuuuu!!! ❤

AWWW *wipes tear* thank you for liking my shitty shipping blog :’) you are the best *hugs*


i remember being 3000 but omg 5000 was so quick


i will draw ships, single characters, even your ocs! im gonna have to avoid klance, shidge, shallura and jaydick. i dont like them sorry. ;m;

dead line is til japan time November 25th noon.  by then i am open for free requests! i might be a tad slow but i will do all of them!!

after doing all the requests im going to open commissions and maybe, JUST MAYBE make baby galra keith keychains and sell them too. what do you guys think?