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OMG I JUST FOUND YOUR HERCULES AU AND I'M FANGIRLING SOOOO HARD! Hercules is all time my fav Disney and jgbsjgnvfljgnvfdln!! Your drawings are soooo cute and otayuri and don't mind me I'm just dyin here :"D


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Hey!!! Ilysm!!! Can I have orphan Mc? Like all her life she's been bouncing between families but never really got adopted? THANK YOUUU

Thank you! I love you guys too! Sorry I don’t respond much outside of the prompts! It usually just slips my mind, but I love you all so much! Please enjoy!


  • He… he can’t even imagine
  • God, being passed around all the time, not having a family….
  • What pisses him off, though, is the idea that nobody wanted MC
  • Seriously, when they talk about it, and MC says, “I guess nobody wanted me,” he’s shocked at the mere thought
  • He immediately starts going on about how great she is and is completely unable to understand why she wouldn’t be wanted
  • When he sees her surprised face, he blushes super hard, but stands by what he said
  • He gets cuddles after that, making him melt
  • Yoosung promises to make her feel wanted everyday for the rest of their lives


  • She understands
  • Oh, when MC opened up to her about it, Jaehee pulled her into a hug and just held her for a few minutes
  • When the two of them have been feeling nostalgic, they talk about the good things they miss from when their parents were alive
  • Usually over a couple fresh cups of coffee and a piece of cake split between them after closing when the cafe is still, just holding hands on top of the table


  • Zen wanted to meet her family, but MC had to tell him she didn’t have one anymore
  • He feels like a jerk, but he makes it a motivation to reconnect with his own family
  • Then, she can have a complete family, as the RFA are already kind of a second family
  • He also hopes to *ahem* expand the family, if you know what I mean ;)
  • And yes, he is upfront about it, declaring it boldly while also silently cursing for potentially going too fast too soon
  • But she smiles when at his declaration mostly because of the adorable blush on his face


  • They were doing wedding planning, talking about who to invite and such
  • When he suggested that her parents sit with his father, MC cringed and told him about losing her parents young
  • He offers his condolences and apologizes, then thinks on it and suggests maybe her foster parents? Aunt, uncle, cousin, sibling?
  • MC says no to all of them, explains how she was never adopted or taken in by any family, and only has friends and… well, now Jumin
  • And they can talk about it later, but maybe they can even make their own little family?
  • He’s flattered, pulls her into an embrace and promises her that they will have as big of a family as she desires
  • Jumin’s also probably low key ready to go buy her a ton of stuff to make up for whatever she missed out on growing up


  • Honestly, MC didn’t mean to snap
  • Saeran was just bitching about having Saeyoung for a brother and their highly dysfunctional family
  • It was the hundredth time he’d done this, but this time, it pushed MC over the edge
  • “AT LEAST YOU HAVE A FAMILY TO BITCH ABOUT!! You ever think about how lucky you are to even HAVE a brother that would go through hell and back for you?! You should be grateful!! Not everyone is so lucky!”
  • Saeyoung had seen her records, but to see her react like this… well, he followed MC as she stormed out of the room while Saeran was still shell shocked
  • “Are you okay? Do you want to talk about it?”
  • MC explains that she bounced around a lot as a kid, one distant relative to another
  • Every single one of them considered her a burden, so she worked hard, smiled often, gave and gave, and tried everything she could to be wanted
  • Instead, all she got was handed off again
  • The moment she was out of high school, she was kicked out, and everyone refused to help her
  • So the fact that Saeran has Saeyoung, a brother that loves him so much, and he’s so ungrateful… it just makes her angry
  • it’s not that she doesn’t understand why, she just doesn’t like that he can’t see past the bad to see this miraculous piece of good that he has
  • Saeyoung holds her and she lets him know that, if he ever has questions about her time bouncing around, he can ask
  • Saeyoung gathers the names of all the people who actually did her physical harm in those days and blackmails apologies out of all of them

For the anon who said: “For the Black Sails art asks how about Flint & Madi hanging out reading? Love your work.” Eeeeeh, anon, thank youuu. I love these two and I wish they could have had more screentime together just chilling and geeking out. I think perhaps I projected too much of myself on Madi here, not sure if she would actually snuggle… :’)

@caesarsbuddy, this one is up for colouring if you want :)

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Henry Cavill's "I love my boyfriend!!" smile he gives every time he looks at Ben is what I live for.



He has a smile literally glued to his face around Ben, it’s equally disgusting and cute, he’s so fond of him and I don’t know how to deal. What’s even better is that BEN IS EQUALLY AS GROSS

THEY’RE THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ur Hercules au makes me feel like what I imagine love to be. That kind of happy/sad mixed with a collection of other feelings swirling from my stomach to my chest and warming me up. The kind of feeling you can't name, but can describe by using other feelings. It feels like indigo.

This is such a beautiful explanation !! <3

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hello! can you rec me a famous/nonfamous where they interacted over twitter? ive read "thats sounds fake buy okay" and its addictive j want more. help? thank youuu

(I love you anon, you and me should be BFF)

- baby, you’re my only reason : Harry’s famous and Louis’ a big fan. or, “you’re a celebrity and you just broke up and i tweeted you a selfie and said “date me” and you thought i was serious?“ au (6k)

Then We Talk Slow   : A famous/non-famous AU in which Louis banters back and forth with his new record company on Twitter, only to find out that Harry is the man behind the tweets. (20k)

- we’re still going, eight in the morning, :Harry washes his hands quickly before grabbing his phone. His screen lights up to 3 notifications.DJTommo is now following you!@DJTommo mentioned you in a tweet!Direct Message from @DJTommo!Harry yelps, throwing his phone to Niall who just barely catches it.Niall looks down at the phone, seeing first the tweet, then the DM. He tosses the phone back to Harry, who nearly drops it. “What are ya doing, mate! Answer him!”Harry thinks for a moment about what he wants to say. This is his chance to actually talk to Louis Tomlinson. Louis Tomlinson messaged him directly. He can say anything he wants. He begins typing, his fingers shaky.Niall comes over to stand next to Harry and peers down, looking to see what he wrote. When he does, he lets out a groan….Or, the one where Harry owns a bakery, Louis is a radio DJ, and Niall and Liam roll their eyes at their incessant flirting. (31k, Twitter)

- say you want me : Louist95: @HarryStyles, I’m personally offended that you haven’t invited me to your concert in Leeds next week. Proper fan I am and all.HarryStyles: @Louist95 Proper fan? I’m personally offended on behalf of all our fans everywhere that you’ve lumped yourself with them. ~ A Famous/Not-Famous AU featuring Liam, Zayn, and Harry as the members of Sonic Boom, an English band that unexpectedly sky rocketed to international fame, Niall as their biggest fan, and Louis as the exact opposite. Harry’s a closeted pop star and Louis is the uni student he keeps fighting with on Twitter. It’s all silly banter until it turns into something else. (31k)

- you don’t have to play the part : : or the one where Harry is Britain’s new pop sensation, Louis is R&B star Zayn’s sassy social media manager and things get confusing. (17k)

- Every Story Ever Told Becoming a best-selling author isn’t as difficult as Louis would have guessed. It seems all you need these days is the perfect blend of alcohol induced philosophy, complete disregard for one’s dignity, a live blog about how fucked love is, and a bored publisher interested enough to offer him a deal. (54k, Twitter)

- two feet standing on a principle: The one where they pretend to still be a couple and it’s a disaster until it’s not. (Harry is a famous fashion model and Louis works at the mall, nobody knows they broke up two weeks ago.) (10k, Twitter)

- You’ve Got the Face to Play the Role, : Harry is a writer at Sugarscape with a not so secret crush on BBC actor Louis Tomlinson. (5k, Tumblr and Twitter)

- And this old world is a new world   : Louis works in a little coffee shop although he hates coffee but what can you do when you’re pretty much living day by day trying to ignore that dream of yours you’re too scared to pursue. And then Harry enters the scene, or more precisely the coffee shop. He’s beautiful and kind and funny and also famous and not in town for very, very long. But that doesn’t keep Louis from maybe falling for him a bit and his friends from randomly inviting him along to go golfing. (44k, twitter)

- RootsThere aren’t many things that make Harry Styles nervous. He’s spent the past couple of years on and off various stages, filled with screaming fans, all chanting his name, loud and adoring. He’s done countless interviews, some even on live, national television, never faltering over his words, answers meticulously planned out, smooth and steady. He’s signed countless autographs, taken just as many photos, and even when he sat in his label’s studio, waiting to see how high up on the charts his single made it, he didn’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable. It’s all been unbelievably fun. No, there aren’t many things that make Harry Styles nervous.Enter Louis Tomlinson. (43k)


intense… kids

My Sweetheart

REQUEST: ohh my god i fell in love with your last imagine where harry proposes! i just wanted to ask if you could write a very fluffy imagine with cuddles on couch while watching movies or idk, just soo much fluff?? i love youu

REQUEST: Hi! I am just a fan of your fics, I have read every single one of them and I am craving for more. Can you pretty please write a fluffy fluffmaster with a cuddly Harry? Thanks, and love youuu!

Combined these two. Inspiration struck tonight. Hope you enjoy. :) xo

When you opened your eyes that morning, you were shocked to find that Harry was still in bed with you.

For the past week or so he’d been so busy that he had to wake up at the most ungodly hour of the morning. Every time his alarm would go off way too early, and each time he would shut it off with a groan only to roll over and slip his arms around your body, hugging you to his chest and tangling his legs with yours so he could cling to you like a koala. You grumbled and groaned and pretended to be more asleep than you were, but you secretly enjoyed that the first thing he did was to reach for you. Eventually he would get up and get his day started, always leaving a kiss on your lips before slipping out the front door.

You and Harry had been dating for several months now; it had gotten to the point where you spent most nights (and days) at his place. You had your own drawer and everything. The both of you had gotten used to life together, and you missed him dearly when he was away, so the past week had been hard on the both of you. But you knew that he was doing something that was important to him, and you could never ask him to give that up in any capacity.

That morning when you woke up it was 10:00 a.m., and he was still there. It immediately brought a feeling of warmth to your heart, and you couldn’t help but get your hopes up and look forward to having him for the entire day. It felt like it had been so long since you’d truly spent time together, other than small chit chat and a kiss here and there. You missed him. 

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Laughter Lines Fic ll Art by: Gin-twaka 

Games [M]

Anonymous said: May i request a ji-hope threesome? (Omg i’m such a slut for ships an threesomes. I’m sure it’s a horrible idea to put your bias and your bias wrecker into one request but no risk no fun imma die anyways ok what bye thank you ans love youuu) -anon kay

Warnings: smut obvi, language, that kind of stuff

NOTE: this is honestly just smut, not much of anything else :’) and its filthy I’m sorry

Hoseok’s lips only broke from yours to unlock the door, and yell throughout the house, making sure none of his roommates were present. Both of you stumbled towards his bedroom, making time to shove each other into the wall several times, fighting for dominance over each other.  

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Request: Can you write an imagine were you and Evan peters are dating and you guys are home off from work. And your both just relaxing watching movies cuddling etc. I thought this would be really cute. And you guys make brownies and stuff idk. You can be more detailed lol -Anonymous

Pairing: Evan Peters x Reader

Warnings: Just fluff… and you’ll probs crave chocolate after this..

“Evan! Hurry up and get the popcorn already!” “I’ll be there in a minute!!” You laughed as you heard Evan fumbling around and dropping things in the kitchen. It was the night of your weekly movie night with your boyfriend and you were prepared to soak up every minute of it as he was gone shooting for his next movie all week.

Sliding into the room in his socks Tom Cruise style, you had to stifle a giggle as he almost tripped and spilled the popcorn everywhere. “Don’t worry ‘bout it, babe. I got everything under control,” he assured you.

Taking another few steps, Evan tripped on a crease in the carpet. Almost as if it were in slow motion, the popcorn flew into the air and littered the carpet with white. “…nevermind.”

A few minutes later, Evan traipsed after you into the kitchen. “But baaaabe! It won’t be the same without snacks. I need food. Running around as fast as I do drains your energy, you know. Besides, you’re always telling me to make sure I stay healthy during shooting time.” “I don’t really thing that brownies count as healthy,” you speculated. “And you’re not actually Quicksilver, babe. ”“Yeah, sure, ok.. but the brownies would sure help.”

There was no arguing with this boy.

“Fine, fine. I’ll make you your stupid brownies.” “YUSSSSS! Thanks, babe. I love youuu!” “Yeah, yeah. But you have to help me.” “Alright,” he agreed, “how hard could it be?”

*Ten minutes later*

“This is so harrrrrrd.” Evan was complaining nonstop. I mean, you loved the guy. He could just be.. really super freaking annoying sometimes. “Evan come on. It’s just brownies. They’re really simple. How are you not getting this?”He glared at you then his eyes snuck over to the brownie mix sitting in a bowl nearby. 

“Evan Thomas Peters. Don’t you dare.”

With an indignant smirk, Evan shoved his hand into the bowl and hopped up from his spot on the counter top. Backing away slowly, you were positioned to make a run for it. With slow calculated steps, that grinning idiot made his way towards you. You started speaking to him as if reasoning with a toddler.. which if you think about it, isn’t really far from the truth.

“Now Evan. Think about what you’re doing.” “Oh trust me, baby girl. I definitely am.” At the end of his sentence, Evan hurled the powdery substance all over you. “Ugh! Oh Evan,” you looked at him with a vengeful glimmer in your eyes, “what did you do?” Realizing his mistake, Evan started sprinting out of the room as you start chasing him with the egg carton.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Babe come on! I’m literally scared for my life right now!” Then he realized something: it was quiet in the house. Completely petrified now, Evan crept through the house. “B-babe?” he whispered.

All of a sudden, eggs were being pelted at him, seeming to come from all directions. “Mercy! Mercy! Please! I beg of you!” Evan screamed as he shrunk into a corner. The eggs stopped for a solitary moment while you checked to make sure he was actually fine. Then the eggs started shooting again.

Determined not to die that day, Evan was filled with a new courage. Standing up from his little bomb (egg) shelter, he raced towards you, picked you up, brought you to the living room and tackled you onto the couch. He mercilessly began tickling your sides until you were crying from laughter. “Abuse! Abuse!” you shrieked. “Do you surrender?” he asked.

With a nod of defeat, the tickles ceased. “You suck,” you muttered. “But I don’t spit,” he replied with a smirk. You gave him an incredulous look. “You, Evan Peters, are a disgrace to humanity.”

“I try,” he winked. “Now what about those brownies?”

“Oh no, buddy. We’re not making brownies. You destroyed the mix remember.” After fifteen minutes of Evan whining and you protesting, you finally decided to just make popcorn again.

The both of you cleaned everything up and made your snack. Flopping down on the couch after putting Lord of the Rings into the dvd player, you and Evan settled in under an abundance of blankets and a mountain of popcorn. Nestled under Evan’s arm, you looked up into his eyes.

“How did I get stuck with a child like you?” all said with a grin on your face. He leaned down to your ear as if telling you the most confidential information in the universe. “Because secretly, you’re one, too.”

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Hey! I love, love, love your fics and I have read them all and I need more good fic! I know you have done recs before but I remember them mostly being darker and longer - I know you said that this is your jam, but do you have any recs for shorter and cute Lucifer fics? Especially ones that are all Lucifer being one million thousand percent in love with the smol detective who manages to turn him into a puddle on the floor?

Hi! Omg thank youuu! I love you for loving my writing! Yes, yes, yes I can do a fluff fic list. As a fellow fluff writer, I obviously love to read fluff! Surprisingly this list was super hard to make because everything I love is long and has at least some angst in it, but I found a few! The last one on this list is purely my recommendation and is a 43k, but it’s super good and it has great fluff moments. So here is my Fluff Fic List Part II!

1. all at sea by moonatoms

Summary: Lucifer tries to do something romantic for Chloe. It backfires.

Why I like it: Okay so I absolutely adore deckerstar and I also love the ocean and I’ve pictured them on a boat so many times in my fic career. AND THEN THIS WAS CREATED. There’s sassy deckerstar and then just all around fun from this. I love it so much.

2. Snow Day For the Devil by Antarctic_Echos

Summary: Lucifer learns to appreciate snow when Chloe takes him to the mountains for an early Christmas celebration (sort of).
This is for the ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’ Secret Santa Fic Exchange.Takes place after S2x08… maybe S2x10. ;-)

Why I like it: Alright so I was a part of this fic exchange and when I read this one I was super jealous that it was not for me. It’s so cute! Think of the two MOST ADORABLE PUPPIES ON THE PLANET PLAYING IN THE SNOW. That is this fic. And if you looked at my first list, then you know I’m a sucker for tropes. Yes there are cheesy and perfect snow day tropes in here.

3. Persephone by sanctuary_for_all

Summary: Persephone had known exactly what she was doing with those pomegranate seeds. At least, that was how Chloe had always seen it.

Why I like it: Is it kinda sad? Yes. But come on it’s a Persephone and Hades fic whats not to like?! It has a super cute ending and I really love how they set it up like you thought it was gonna be depressing and then bam: happy ending. Just read it okay? It’s lovely. 

4. The Devil is a Snuggler by 66olicityOTP43

Summary: No summary

Why I like it: Look, I’m not gonna lie here my dude: do I even need to explain this one?

5. Thunder and Trust by Barefootandbookish

Summary: As long as Lucifer had known her, Chloe had been terrified by storms. Worried it would never happen, he’s quite surprised when she finally lets him comfort her.

Why I like it: This is established relationship fluff and a tad bit darker than the rest but it ends in snuggles so! Mother Duck Lucifer makes yet another appearance and honestly him taking care of Chloe is just so adorable.

6. Come Hell or High Water by BecomeMyObsession 

Summary: Getting married to the Devil is never a good idea. Pseudo marriage or not.

Why I like it: TROPES AND FLUFF AND PLOT. Literally this is the best fake marriage fic out there right now. It’s so precious and I want to wrap it up in blankets and love it and hug it. So this is at the bottom of the list because its 43k words long (ouch!) and goes against your shorter fic requst, but I had to include it. It has some super sweet moments in it and just and utterly perfect ending and everything is just yes.