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Seventeen are doing so many amazing things lately. I don’t know what to do with myself.


Have some mod pony Marie pictures while I’m still working on some refs. The other mod pone on the second image belongs to my sweetheart @themarescorner <3

By the way, I’ve opened the questions again, tho I may take a bit to answer them. Some answers to older questions will be posted soon too! 

Thanks for being so patient everyone.

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*faints then gets back up* Ahem. So uh yeah. Thank you guys so so SOOOO so much for that! In celebration of this, I have a raffle planned that will be posted soon, so stay tuned for that! And again thank you all so damn much, you guys are amazing, and I love you all!!!! <333333

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Heart and Hearth, a warcraft fanfic | FanFiction

@azureshadowmoon wrote a very good follow up to my comic (Khadgar and Peregrïn’s separation [1][2][3] ) and it’s so lovely and nicely written, it gave me a lot of feels, I loved it soooo much. It sounds very right and faithful to my story so I wanted to share it here~ !

Thank you again for writing this ! And for being okay with me sharing it here ! 💜

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Why isn't percy your type Nico??? Please answer I bet most of us want to know

Sorry for the late answer!!

Percy IS Nico’s type!
Actually Nico grew out of his hero worship and was actually seeing Percy as a person! He realized that Percy deserved to know how Nico felt about him, and Nico wanted to let go of the pain of unrequited love.

He wanted to see Percy’s reaction if he confessed his crush to him, and he thought he could overcome his love for him if he said it out loud that he got over Percy, but obviously it didn’t work for him ^^

woooaaahhhh dajkshdk my first thousand ~ tbh i never expected this but it makes me sooo happy. i thought many times about deleting and quitting tumblr for good, but i’ve met so many amazing people and made friends kjasdh anywayyy i didn’t know what to do… so i thought i will do my first mutual appreciation post ~ 

🌈💘🙇 i love you all so much and i’m very grateful 🙇💘🌈

to my mutuals : I love all of you (even tho i don’t talk to some of you dhajks) i’m happy to be mutual with you xx i hope you will accomplish all you want and get a lots of love in you life ~ drink a lot of water, take care and love yourself ✨💘

(note: if i forgot you, i’m sorry ksjhdakjd let me knooow | if you want to be remove, tell me ~ (and i’m sorry if it messes up your notifs 😭))

(mutuals under the cut since i don’t want to annoy anyone with a long ass post sakhjd)

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80. "Do you have your seatbelt on?"

80. “Do you have your seatbelt on?”

Dan was sitting silently, staring out the window of the tour van, and Phil climbed in excitedly. “I can’t wait for tonight’s show,” he said. “People are really loving TATINOF, Dan, isn’t that amazing?”


Phil frowned slightly. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I mean… not nothing, just… I’m not in the mood to talk. Is that okay?”

“Yeah,” said Phil after a moment of hesitation. “Yeah, of course.”

There was some time before they left, in which Phil was drinking tea out of a thermos, and Dan was still sitting silently, listening to music and staring at his hands. The silence was uncomfortable, and Phil eventually just reached over and pulled one of the earbuds in Dan’s ears out. Dan frowned, looking over, but relaxed slightly when Phil put the earbud in his own ear. “Going back to the classics?” he asked, as ‘Time is Running Out’ played in his ear. Dan smiled slightly, nodding, and looking back at his hands.

“Do you think-” he blurted suddenly, then paused. “D-Do you think- do you think this tour is even- like- is it even worth anything?”

Phil cocked his head to the side. “What do you mean, bear?”

“I- I mean- like, consider that- y’know, people like this tour and everything, and the book exists, whatever, but- but what about… I dunno.”

“Did someone say something?”

“No. I mean… I was reading comments on the internet the other day, they were discussing… they were saying it was just a ploy to get money, and I kinda thought, y’know, it kind of is-”

“Dan, this is all our hard work from the past, what, seven years? They’re all proud of us. I’m proud of us.”

He just shrugged slightly. “I just… I feel like what we’re doing doesn’t matter, sometimes. Like everything is just a ploy to make us feel like what we do is meaningful, but really, we just talk at cameras.”


“I just don’t know if what I do is even worth shit, Phil. I’m a fucking mess.”

Phil took Dan’s hand on his lap. “Have you had your medicine today?”

“I haven’t had it for a couple of weeks,” he muttered. “With all the rushing around, I just… I couldn’t.”

“Did you think you were getting better?”

“I guess.”

Phil kissed his temple gently, and squeezed his hand. “It’s okay to not be feeling great, Dan. Do you have your seatbelt on?”

“Not yet.”

“Put it on, I don’t want you getting hurt.”


“Everything you do means something to someone. Even if it’s not someone out there… it means something to me. Please, listen to me, okay? Our work, all our hard work, it went into this thing, and I can promise you, it’s helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world.”

Dan smiled slightly, and kissed Phil’s nose. “Love you.”

“Love you more.”

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PIXAL!!!!!! 💜♥️🖤

I guess I improved a bit? Anyway, here’s another artwork, just like I promised! This one was much faster because, I dunno, I was highly motivated and eager to draw this I guess?? Anyway I love her!! 💜💜💜

Fun fact : This artwork was actually supposed to be Movie! Nya when I started. I started with her hair and then tried but failed to draw her face but because I wanted to draw SOMETHING so I thought I’d draw Pixal because, like, their hair is nearly the same and I’ve been rewatching Ninjago and am currently on the Rebooted season. Anyways, I started drawing Pixal’s face and since she turned out so well, I completed her !! (I’ve also included a hair tie because I REFUSE to have a character with their hair tied up without a visible hair tie. Like NO. I’m weird that way 🙃).

Tagging @ninjagoforever @deadpotatowithextracheese @inline-vandal @ittybittypearlygirly @garmacondrai ( I honestly don’t remember who I meant to tag I’m sorry y'all 😣)

I’ll be making more soon!! @everybody Thanks for the support!! ♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘

Last thing : Please leave feedback! Tags, likes, comments, asks (even anon), subs, personal chat, wherever! You’re replies give me life! Hope you guys like this!!

inktober for writers day 17: jubilant

for @amalasdraws, thank you always helping me build and nurture this au and giving it so much thought and love ♥

“Hajime,” Tooru whispers, nudging Hajime in the side with his elbow. Hajime grumbles, shifting on the bed, unwilling to drag himself out of his warm and comfortable sleepy haze just yet. He flips so that his back is facing Tooru and he lets out a soft, contented sigh.

Tooru doesn’t seem fazed by this. He chuckles a little, sliding closer so that their bodies are pressed up together. He nuzzles against the back of Hajime’s neck and presses a series of tiny butterfly kisses there.

Hajime smiles - he’s ticklish and Tooru knows it, damn it - and tries to wiggle away from Tooru. He manages to move a little ways away but Tooru’s quick to close that distance again and wrap his arms around Hajime’s waist.

Hajime,” he says again in a quiet little sing-song voice. He snuggles in and squeezes Hajime’s middle, his hands cool as they slide across Hajime’s bare stomach, “do you remember what today is?”

All he gets in response is a grunt which turns softer when Tooru presses his hands lower, tickling Hajime’s sensitive skin.

“Think harder,” he whispers, kissing behind Hajime’s ear.

Of course Hajime knows exactly what day it is today. He’s been thinking about it for the past two months, and it’s been on his mind every day for the past week as he planned and considered and anticipated the day-

“I know,” he answers at last, his hand finding Tooru’s and lacing their fingers together. “Happy anniversary, babe.”

He can feel Tooru smile, snug between his shoulderblades. He shifts to lie on his back, allowing Hajime to flip over and be greeted by his bright, warm smile.

They’ve been sleeping in the same bed for a long time now, but Hajime’s pretty sure he will never grow tired of waking up to this sight.

His brown eyes are wide and bright, so full of excitement and life.

“Happy anniversary,” he answers, leaning in to kiss Hajime.

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Chibi commission for @mistressminako featuring Mitth’orr’nuruodo (Thorrn) and baby Thrawn. Opps General Veers made an appearance too!  

Mitth’orr’nuruodo is @white-rainbowff chiss oc from The Last Piece 

Mina wanted to gift commish this for @white-rainbowff … i hope that was okay ;v; <3!

[Commish info] -> They are OPEN but there is a waiting list. (I’m doing my best to get them done :)! Thank you so much for those who have commish me <3!