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welcome back to café de HELL - under new (mukami) management!

we’ve seen how the sakamakis managed to ruin your café experience…how will the mukamis do it?

ruki: IF YOU CAN GET HIS FACE OUT OF THE COFFEE BAG, YOU’VE SUCCEEDED WHERE OTHERS HAVE FALLEN. similar to reiji, he’ll judge your choices in drink, but will often recommend others with high caffeine amounts. he knows no other way. but he makes a gorgeous coffee cake, and hey, if you get by the overpowering coffee smell, he’s pretty decent! but god forbid you make a mess…HE WILL DRAG YOU BACK THERE AND MAKE YOU LICK IT UP. YOU WASTED PRECIOUS CAFFEINE. CLEAN IT.
DAYS BEFORE HE’S FIRED: 11 months. he was found sipping from customers’ drinks when they weren’t looking. ew.

kou: kou mukami…the passive-aggressive server who is wonderful if he likes you…but a nightmare if you piss him off. sure, he manages the café’s social media like a pro and acts like a gem to his preferred clientele…but he is a public menace to the people he hates. spits in their cake, takes his hairbrush to their coffee, even uses the wooden stirrer to scrape his tonsils before putting it in their drink. DON’T PISS HIM OFF.
DAYS BEFORE HE’S FIRED: 2 months. turns out being a vampire doesn’t stop you being unsanitary and getting the health inspector to visit.

yuma: what have you done to this humble farmer? what are these machines? why does it smell like ruki in here? he’s good for cleaning and serving, but it’s best to let yuma stay clear of the coffee machine. he sprayed hot water onto shu (still sleeping there) once and had a nervous breakdown when it went up in flames after repeated punches. he got props for finding shu…reiji comments that he’s never seen his brother run so fast…
DAYS BEFORE HE’S FIRED: 4 months. relegated to bus boy after week 2, before he destroyed the dishwasher. “by accident”.

asuza: heavens above, he is so slow when preparing drinks, but he’s…surprisingly good. you know that one scene in spongebob where he spends ages preparing a single patty, measuring it, reading it a bedtime story, kissing it? that’s asuza. he makes every cup with love and care, even if it takes forever to serve…wait, asuza, they didn’t ask for habanero in it! ASUZA STOP. TOO MUCH LOVE.
DAYS BEFORE HE’S FIRED: 3 weeks. fired after not quite grasping the new chili and chocolate trend and sending 27 customers to hospital with intense stomach pains. he thought they’d be happy!


@zexalmonth​ Day 2: Characters as Astral or Barian Beings

So I was going to do more pixels, but, it’s late, and I was busy today. Also barian designs are harder in pixel form. So pretty much I did Barian Zexal II and astral being Vector. Why? Because ship reasons honestly

Also thanks to my sweet baby @tophyart​ for drawing Barain Zexal II for me. It helped, so much with finishing touches

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Hey, so I've just been on a 12 hour flight, so can you please do what the S&M brothers would do on a flight for that long? Thanks

  • Ayato: He would try to sleep but the seats weren’t comfortable enough for him, so he decides to harass his s/o the whole time by asking her questions and trying to embarrass you. He eventually drags you to the bathroom when he gets thirsty and sucks your blood.
  • Reiji: He is one of those people who sleeps peacefully for most of it but has that thing in the back of his head about ‘What if the plane crashes?’ and he secretly is all choked up the whole time. He just closes his eyes and acts he’s sleeping so he doesn’t have to show he’s scared.
  • Laito: WATCH THE INFLIGHT MOVIES ALL THE WAY TO THE DESTINATION. He makes you watch them with him and then talk about them because flying is so boring, 12 hours? Laito can’t sit still for 12 hours. Him and Ayato are like children.
  • Kanato: HOLD HIM. He doesn’t like to be around all of these other humans! He wants to eat sweets! Kanato hates the movies and the feeling of being air sick, so when you land he is very angry with you even if it’s not your fault.
  • Subaru: Actually he tries to talk the whole time and sort of gets to know his s/o a lot better than he did before the flight. You both learn the small things about each other like what your favorite color is and what books you like to read or even what small things you do and don’t even notice.
  • Shu: Sleeps through the whole thing, duh. What did you expect?
  • Ruki: Reads and lets you sleep and lay your head on his shoulder. You got air sick so he told you to try and ‘sleep it off’ not knowing what else to do, he began to read and you drifted off and slept for the rest of the flight.
  • Kou: He is happily vlogging his whole plane ride, how boring it is and how sucky the movies are. He tries to get you to participate, but 12 hours? No thank you.
  • Yuma: THIS BOY HAS NEVER FLOWN. Yuma is a nervous wreck, you actually have to comfort him for once and coax him to stay in his seat and not scare the flight attendants by pacing the isles and freaking out.
  • Azusa: He is pretty calm, talking about how nice it would be if you two crashed and got hurt. He freaked out some other passengers.

Fangirl/You: *forcibly making them meet up*

Shuu: “Oi, human, stop this.”

Yuma: “Oi, let go! The fuck are you trying to make me bump into the NEET for?! FUCK, STOP IT!” *collides with Shuu*

Shuu: *grunts and partly falls on Yuma* “How troublesome…”

Yuma: “TCH, YOU FATASS NEET, GET OFF! Oh hell no, I’m out.” *flees*

Shuu: *yawns and falls asleep on the floor*

«Yuma Mukami x Reader» One-Shot 『Farming buddies!』

【This one-shot will be kind of like the reader will be someone he met when he lived on the village. Yuma is twelve (so he’s still a human) and the reader is eleven. That’s about it. Lolol~】


《Third P.O.V.》

[Name] placed on her farming hat with a [Color] ribbon tied around it. “I’m out, mother!” She called.

“Yeah! Take care!” Her mother answered from the kitchen. She grinned and stepped out of the door and started going down the gravel path. She mumbled words of a small playing song.

‘London bridge is coming down, coming down, coming down. London is coming down. My dear lady’. She smiled and kept on jumping the puddles of water that the rain of yesterday night left.

[Name] passed by in front of the bakery and the wife of the director of the shop came out just as she passed through the door. “Oh. [Name]. Where are you going?” She asked with her old trembling voice. “To the farm. Yuma is waiting for me~” she smiled. “Oh, that’s good that you two are helping the poor old men that work.”

She looked back and took something on the side of the door. “Also here.” She handed her a bag, filled with bread. “Oh, no Miss. There’s no need—” “Take it. Don’t worry. You can share it when you get there.” [Name] took the bag between her arms and smiled.

“Then, thank you so much~” she smiled. “Thank you for helping the entire village.” The old woman farewelled her and closed the door. [Name] smiled and pressed the bread against her chest. It was warm between the chilly breeze of this humid spring.

She continued down the gravel path until reaching the scent of humid dirt and spotting the green fields. She now sprinted seeing that everyone had already start on their work. She jumped over the fence and landed on the green grass of the place.

“I’m sorry! Mrs. Carson stopped me on my way!” [Name] called out. The brown haired boy turned to look at her. “What do you have there?” He asked, looking into the paperboard bag she held on her arms. “She gave me bread so I could share it here~” she smiled.

“Oh! That’s amazing!” Yuma turned and whistled placing his fingers on his mouth. All men raised their heads and looked at both kids. “Hey! Anyone hungry!?” He shouted, grinning widely. Everyone started chuckling and chatting.

An old man in a rolling chair got closer “What do you have there?” He asked. “Fresh and warm bread~” she smiled handing him half of an whole one. “Thank you young lady.” He smiled weakly and started taking bites of it.

As men made a line in front of both kids, the bread started slowly vanishing. The last one was a woman who was pregnant, so [Name] smiled and gave her a whole one. The woman smiled kindly and nodded her head in a thankful way.

And that was it. There wasn’t any more breads on the bag. Other than the half Yuma was able to get.
Yuma looked at the girl who went to the trash can on the side of a wooden table and trashed the bag.

He walked up to her and handed half of the half to her. “Here. You didn’t get any.” He blushed slightly. She grinned. “Thank you, Yuma~” she took the bread from her hands and took a bite. “Woah…! Delicious!” [Name] exclaimed. Yuma chuckled.


The sun was about to hide behind the trees that surrounded the village. Work was done.

[Name] cut out the stem of a flower and used it to pick her hair up. She heavily sighed after inhaling through her nose. “The chilly breeze of spring is really great…” she grew a small smile.

Yuma pushed his forelock back. “Yeah… it make me feel relax.” He crouched down to pick up a shovel and placed it in his shoulder. “We should get going.” He said. [Name] turned to look at Yuma who was sweating like crazy from work. She cut off another stem, this time the one of a closed up tree with hanging plants.

[Name] took out the rest of the leaves on it and walked close to Yuma. “What?” He asked. She grabbed a handful of his long brown cocoa hair with both hands as she held the plant on his mouth.

“What’s with that?” Yuma asked twisting his mouth. “Don’t worry. I’m jut picking up your hair. It looks really hot.” She mumbled between her teeth because of the plant stem. Once she controlled his long locks of hair, she took the stem out of her mouth and wrapped it around his hair making a very messy ponytail.

“Ready.” She smiled proudly. Yuma touched the nape of his neck and sighed. “Yeah, I’ll have to admit that it actually is really refreshing picking that monster up.” He chuckled.

“Do I look good?” He smirked playfully. [Name] nodded. “Yeah. I think you look better with your hair picked up.” He blushed because he actually didn’t expected her to answer that in such a way. “O-Oh… well thanks anyways for coming today also”. He stuttered and started walking in front of her.

“Ah! Wait, Yuma!” She called back running behind him. He chuckled loudly. “Catch me first!” He dropped the shovel and started running. “H-Hey!” She laughed and started chasing after him. Then rounded all the way through the fields of plants and the windmill. Then suddenly Yuma stumbled and his pace slowed. [Name] took that opportunity and jumped over him.

They rolled on the grass and [Name] landed on top of Yuma. “Ugh…” they both groan laughing. [Name] brushed her [Color] hair behind her ear and huffed. Yuma looked at her and blushed slightly.

“Um… [Name]… could you like— get off?” He asked uncomfortably. “O-Oh. Yeah. Sorry about that.”

She dragged herself back and sat on the grass. “Woah…! The sun is right about to set!” [Name] pointed up at the trees where the lights of the sun were about to disappear.
“True!” Yuma grinned.

Both remained sitting and looking on the far of the sky, until the darkness gulped down the light of evening. Yuma looked into his bag for something then handed it to [Name]. “Hm?” It was a shiny red, delicious looking apple.

“Woah… this looks amazing.” [Name] gasped and Yuma chuckled proudly.

“Of course. I grew them myself.” She turned to look at him. “But why did you only gave me?” She asked. He shrugged. “Just felt like it.” [Name] smiled leaned towards him. Placing a kiss on his cheek close to his lips. “I had fun today.

Then… see ya tomorrow.” She waved as she stood up and started walking away.

Still shocked, Yuma placed a hand on his cheek and smiled, slightly laughing through his nose. “Yeah… see ya tomorrow.”


【🥕Day 9: Yuma Mukami】

Thanks for reading~
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These drawings are really rough compared to my general uploads…. so the reason being…

These scraps were lying around since the beginning of the week, and I had been planning to finish at least one by today. Then my wrist started hurting a few days ago. Unsure whether it’s due to work (since all I do all day is program in front of a computer), but temporarily I will have to take a break from drawing. I’ve only started properly using tumblr since two weeks ago, but thank you everyone for the likes and reblogs. Thanks to everyone whose shown me interesting posts and talked with me. I’m looking forward to joining more fandoms and meeting new people. 

Quarkie will still be floating around, and I’ve still yet to learn how to use tumblr correctly ._.