thank you youtube recommendations

anonymous asked:

I love watching your vlogs! I feel like most YouTube channels out there are devoted to body builder competitors, lifters, etc. I was wondering if you have any running vlogs or YouTube channels you would recommend?

Hi babe :) Thank you so much! I really am not active on there anymore…maybe one day :) but life has been so busy and my focus is elsewhere besides YouTube. Some of my favorites to watch: Shane Dawson, Bonny Rebecca, Ellen Fisher, @brittanylesser, @barbells-and-litigations, @peaceloveandsandwiches, @happysambam, Nikki Blackketter, Emily Duncan, Krist Soup, @oatsnjen, Whitney Simmons, Annie Tarasova, Lavendaire, Kalel, Lisa Reimi, @frommybowl :) I honestly don’t follow many runners on there because I don’t know any on YouTube!


this was in my recommendations and BOY youtube you SURE DIDNT DISSAPOINT (i like the one at [2:19]…)