thank you you're all wonderful


will i ever stop making fanart for this fic????????? 

more gifts for @adreamingsongbird!! just think of this as me stuffing love letters in your shoe locker like in the animes 


Yukine for @nichinoyaHappy Birthday Tascha!


Thank you to all of you who stopped by to wish me happy bday! :3

Thank you for the nice thoughts, cakes and your continuous support! I decided to answer you this way, because I don’t want to fill your dashboards with my thanks haha! 

Have this blushing Hanzo, who is also me right now, overwhelmed by your wishes! T.T 

Hello! I’d just like to check in an show you how much the pupper has grew! He big now! He still loves u a lot!

!!!! amazing!!!

GUys. I- I’m crying.

When I started this blog, it was a backlog of prompts for myself when I had no ideas of what to write. Yesterday, at exactly 10:47 pm, I walked home from my 4 hour waitressing job and cried when I opened my phone. Yes, my feet were tired and yes,  I was exhausted from fake smiling and telling people I’d “Be with them in one moment”, to only go to the kitchen and find what seemed like a million dishes- that wasn’t the reason I cried. Walking home and opening Tumblr, I tried to regain some strength as I knew we had visitors at home and I didn’t want to seem impolite. If I had’ve lived closer to London, I’d probably be within the remnants of a car collision by now- basically I stopped walking whilst crossing the road and started to cry :) You did that to me- I COULD’VE DIED. 

Honestly, I’m so grateful for every single one of you, you’re all so incredible and I can’t believe there are people who’ve stuck around for over 2 minutes. I’m not all that great and a little rough around the edges, but I’m trying my hardest and I don’t really think I’d even be around if it weren’t for all your love and support. I’m so grateful and I can’t thank you enough.

So, my beautiful geniuses, I will graciously ask for one last favour- Keep writing. You could start with an idea and end up with a following of 10,000, or you could transform that idea into another form of media. Never stop doing what you love, not for anyone. Your passions will last longer than most things, so please pursue them. If you’ve only just started writing, if you’re 4 books deep or maybe only just learning English- Keep going. One day you’ll get more than you wished for, or (In my case) something you didn’t even wish for. You each deserve every star in the sky, a billion cookies and all the things that make you happy. I’d jump at the chance to meet you all. Thank you so much for being the most talented, admirable, beautiful and lovely following anyone could ever ask for.

I love you all more than you could ever imagine, I’m so lucky to have such a incredible internet family. All my love and thanks and best cookies, Yasmine xox


✨1/100 days of productivity✨

‘To unpathed waters, undreamed shores’

William Shakespeare

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I really don’t know how to thank you all, I’m still doing my exams so I haven’t had time to do something big and spectacular which I’m very sorry about bc you all deserve something big and spectacular!

I have been writing a fic for a while but I’ve been too scared to post it, so if you interested (idk why you would be tbh) then tell me and I’ll consider posting it.

What I am going to do is tag all you lovely people, so that you know that I appreciate you heaps and so that you can all follow each other and form some friendships hopefully :)



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