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Anonimus opinion: you're great person! And btw,everyone in naruto fandom talk about some "SP" ...what sp present?

Awh! Thank you, anon ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

SP is the abbreviation for Studio Pierrot who is a Japanese animating studio and they are the ones who animate Naruto.

Many fans dislike the studio because a lot of their work is at a very low standard. Here are a few examples:

That doesn’t mean that they can’t do good animation. They are actually capable of outstanding animation. But, they like to spread their budget around and put money on more important parts of the story. Another element is their favouritism with certain characters. This leads me onto my second point of why people dislike SP so much.

To put it simply, they absolutely adore Hinata but they don’t like Sakura. Some people say it’s due to their characters, some say it’s because of their chest sizes or just simply because of their popularity amongst fans. You can read this short analysis which shows how much effort was put into one short scene where Hinata was confessing compared to other episodes.

I’d just like to add my own two cents into this from recent episodes. So, I’m sure you know that the last few episodes of Naruto Shippuden were filler episodes about Naruto’s and Hinata’s wedding. This is what the first few episodes consisted of:

You get the point. Now, as soon as Hinata shows up in the episode, she gets all the spotlight.

You can see just how much effort was put into animating her. Her hair, eyes, clothes and even lighting has so much precise detail. SP is basically pushing it all out just for her. Whereas Sakura is made to look like this:

In one episode they even made Sakura and Ino fight over who is more womanly and Ino used the argument that Sakura has a small chest so she is obviously less feminine. This just shows how sexist the studio is. In their view, big boobs = more womanly. And that is the main reason why Hinata gets the spotlight and why she ended up with Naruto.

In The Last, the animation is probably at it’s best and it’s pretty obvious why. Because the movie is Hinata-centred. It’s so obvious how much time and effort they put into that movie just to show-off Hinata and obviously make her look better. They even put her in an outfit which showcased her boobs even more (proving further how sexist SP is).

Even in the new Boruto series, Hinata is getting so much unnecessary screen time (even more than Naruto himself). 

I’ll just leave these here:

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Morning Jeanette. My 10 year son old recently told me his dream job that he would love to do is to become an Astronaut or be apart of a team that builds a spaceship. What is your best suggestion for me as his parent to help expose him to know what life is like for an astronaut and how much work did you put in your education to help you solidify your career that I can use as encouragement for him? Thanks again and you're AWESOME.

I spent 11 and a half years in school after high school, so I tell this to students because it takes a lot of investment in educating yourself. Then even beyond that, gaining experiences that are meaningful. After graduate school, working at Ford Motor Company and the CIA really taught me how to be a detailed scientist as well as working operationally in the field. I also did internships to help hone and sharpen skills as an engineer. I was happy with my career, and then I applied.

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you're posts make me super happy and they're so lovely !! i was wondering if u had any advice for someone struggling to stay motivated to do school work and stop procrastinating? thank u in advance !! 💕💕

Sure thing! I’m a junior in college and I’m pretty intense about my school work, so I can tell you what I do to stay on top of things (I almost never procrastinate and actually get things done early a lot).  

1. Use a planner. Use. A. Planner. Or a calendar, or a notebook, or some system where you physically write down all of your month’s due dates. Then make a daily to-do list where you basically break up the assignments into how much you want/need to get done for that day. So I used a weekly planner and in the monthly part I write all the due dates and things, and then in the weekly part, I use each day to write what I wanna do. So say I have 80 pages of reading due in two days on Wednesday. On Monday I write “read 40 pages” and on Tuesday I write “read 40 pages.” This leads to my next tip. 

2. Break things up. This will help you stop procrastinating by making the work into small more reasonable chunks. So instead of dreading writing a 10-page paper, you just need to outline it one day. So use the planning from the step above to break it into really really small steps that you will do every day. Taking things step by step makes it so much easier, and you can just chip away at it. 

3. Take care of yourself. So as important as this stuff is, your health comes first. This means, getting enough sleep, water, food, and exercise (if exercise is something you can do/makes you feel good). You won’t be able to focus on anything if you don’t have your fundamental health needs met. So even though it seems like you don’t have enough time for lunch or sleeping, just take a break and make time. Health is not only more important than school but being in good health means you will be more focused and do better in school. 

5. You don’t need to do everything (in college at least). So I came from a super intense and high achieving high school that conditioned me to do everything and be a perfectionist. So freshman year of college I literally did all of the reading and all of the assignments. I would be doing homework dusk till dawn just because of all that reading. However, the next year, when my work load went up, I realized that there literally was no time to do all of the reading. So basically I learned to skim and/or use spark notes for some reading assignments that just weren’t realistic or even that relevant. I’m not saying don’t read. Reading actually helps you get good grades. But you don’t need to read every second of every page because there literally isn’t enough time in the day for that. 

4. Stay positive. I’m a pessimist and I have anxiety, so it’s a constant struggle to keep my mental health in check during school. I try to think positive and give myself lots of love for what I’m accomplishing. This means not being too hard on myself, and give yourself love in ways that you like. Live for yourself and in a way that makes you happy. 

Hope this helps! Good luck!  

PS check out my studyblr @warmstudiess! I’m gonna be talking about this stuff and posting pics of my college life in less than a few weeks!

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Hey yo my dude. I just started to read your comic & it's really great honest to my future grave I read it all in one night whilst admiring your art all at the same time. This is just my curiousity but do you use refs to draw out your backgrounds & scenery ? I'm not big on backgrounds, well drawing them anyway. I just wasn't sure if you're just naturally imaginative or you need a bit help along the way ya know ... if this makes sense ???? Sorry ... Bottom line great work seriously ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Thanks!! I use refs a lot! But some things I just try to BS along the way

I can’t tell if my art is bad or? How do you receive attention online? Is it just a matter of posting the right thing at the right time with the right tags? Or posting all the time? Or maybe just purely fan art? How do y'all do it, lmao

As for me, I got lucky by posting for the right fandom at the right time! After that well… you just try your best to continue capturing people’s interests with whatever you can draw and improve! Fan art and original are fine.

vel ik this is a weird question but do you think that you could post all of your brushes and their settings ?? even if you don’t use them someone else could ?? also i’m curious abt what they are

Can I ask you how do you create th smoke effect you used in your last Dva artwork? love your art!

Just keep airbrushing!! Use large strokes and circles for smoke, and the occasional fringe!

(Apologies for the English in advance! ) *Me and my friend, lying on the bed at 4 am* Them: “Do you ever just see velocesmells’ art and start crying?” Me: *Already in tears* Me: “Y-yeah!” Me: *Notices the tears streaming down their face* Them: “Not even ashamed.” We love the arts you make! Very beautiful colorings and the eyes are the favorites!

T-this is so cute… thank you ;_;

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Hello Steph! I'm just wondering if you have a list of your recommended fics? I'd love to have more to read! Thank you! You have such an amazing blog and you're amazing.

Hi Lovely!

Thank you so much!! I have a lot of fic rec lists! Here’s an updated list of my rec lists!

I’m currently working on sorting all of my bookmarks from BOTH FFNet and Ao2, so hopefully some new stuff will come soon!


Oliver uses the salmon ladder for more than just his health.  »—>

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First of all your pretty cool! With the edits & your hardworking abilities, you're basically my role model man. But i wanted to ask you if you get alot of hate? Sometimes I think na he doesn't because why would he? He's super sweet & funny! But I'm pretty sure the haters are mostly jealous of how sweet your work is.

Thanks! And no, not really, actually! Which I’m very happy about! I mean, people are entitled and rude sometimes, and I obviously get a LOT of messages for and/or about Jack, but I wouldn’t consider that “hate” though.

The only few “hate” things I’ve come across have been on my gameplay channel, and specifically the Rick and Morty VR videos because they got a weird amount of attention for some reason. So a lot of people, who had no idea who I was, commented on them. But I don’t really count that either, since.. They have no idea what they’re talking about, you know, it’s akin to some stranger passing you on the street going “YOU LOOK STUPID!” - It mainly makes you go “What’s their problem?” :P


Happy birthday my Lima Bean!! I hope you have an amazing day with the ones you love. I’m very proud of everything you’ve achieved so far in this new era of your work. Keep being this amazing person you are. I love you a lot 💜

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hello fangamer!! i hope i'm not being a bother, but i was just wondering: will there be even more undertale merch in the future? i know right now you're all busy with the collector's addition, but i know lots of undertale fans would love to see more stuff!! i know for myself i would love to see more sans and papyrus merch!! (btw you don't have to answer this or anything, but i thought i might as well ask!!) thank you so much!! love you guys!! <3

Yes! We’ve got artists working on some new items for later this year. 

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You saying "getting bitten is not part of our job" was a very validating thing for me. I am not a vet, but I worked at a kennel for some time. I ended up quitting because they would not allow me to file bite reports, telling me that getting bitten is just part of the job, and part of working with animals, and reports are only necessary if you're immediately running to the hospital. It was just good to hear an animal professional say that getting bitten is not our job. Thank you, it meant a lot.

Getting fur on our clothes is part of the job.

Getting bitten is absolutely not part of our job.

It’s unreasonable to expect bodily hard of any profession. Some professions are riskier than others but to expect and dismiss injury, or even death, as part of the job is cruel, callous and disrespectful to fellow human beings.

Everyone deserves a safe workplace. Our career puts us at significant risk already, we don’t need management to be blind douchebags about it.

Hey y'all, me & my gfs are kind of hard up for cash right now. I’m disabled and underemployed, Ada’s got fees for grad school and sudden medical expenses, and Erika’s getting surgery in like two weeks and isn’t gonna be working for a while

If you wanna kick a few dollars to our rent/food/utilities, any amount would help a lot$galpalgebra


i took my final exam today! i still have my masters, but i have the entire summer to work on it, so i’m not that stressed anymore. i promise i’ll post a story by the end of the week. 

thanks for staying here even though i haven’t been active during the last two weeks, except for the whole plagiarism thing and the muse asks yesterday. a lot of people have left, so i really want to thank you guys for staying. i appreciate your support ♡

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Could you write something about Maggie watching Alex work in the lab, if you're taking prompts? Your fics are freaking amazing, I enjoy reading everything you write!

First prompt - yay! Thanks anon, hope I did OK : )

In between getting her stitches done and signing her discharge forms, there’s not a whole lot to do but wait.

She remembers being shot how an ocean remembers a tempest – complete upheaval in the moment, but now everything’s stilling, quieting, in a way that’s almost as dizzying as the original chaos, and the floor tilts when she tries to rise to meet it, and her elbow buckles against the bed, and every light in the room is suddenly too much to bear.

“Woah, easy…” she hears Alex murmur, gently pushing her down by her uninjured shoulder. “Those painkillers can knock you around a bit.”

“No kidding,” Maggie groans, wincing a little. She glances down at her shoulder, the place where moments earlier Alex had done tender violence to her skin, sewing together ripped flesh with the precision of a scientist, the care of an friend.

It seems, with work and with women, Alex Danvers is nothing if not exact.

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hii~ I know you're probably tired of doing terrible two headcanons but they're so cute!!! can u do one about the batboys introducing their little sis to their teams? Like dick; Titans, Jason; outlaws. Thanks 💓💓 ur work is amazing girl

sorry again! , by titans, I mean the Titans team, like in rebirth :-) thanks 💓

Okay finally here! And thank you so much!

I’d like to apologize in advance for any inaccuracy! I don’t have enough money to buy comics, so i haven’t read a lot(I have to go online to read some comics lol)


  • Let me just say when he first introduced you his team was ecstatic.
  • They love to teach you new things everyday. Beast Boy teaches you about animals, and the environment. 
  • Raven probably teaches you how to control emotions and other important things in life
  • Aqualad is the voice of reason, and is actually the calmest when dealing with you. He’s almost as good as Alfred
  • Cyborg is usually the one to let things slide. 
  • He’s the cool uncle lol. Like, if you ask for candy he gives you a whole box.
  • Lilith adores you and so does Donna. 
  • Donna usually takes you on little flights, making sure you’re secured and won’t fall, and Lilith takes you out places. 
  • Overall visiting the Titans is just full of fun for you!


  • “Little Red Him!”
  • Honestly most of the time you’re brought over just so you and Bizarro can have a play-date together.
  • Artemis was uncomfortable around you at first but she warmed up.
  • She just didn’t wanna hurt you.
  • Roy thought of you as his own little sister. 
  • He probably tries to teach you how to defend yourself. 
  • Artemis is on board with that, she just…well. 
  • “Artemis no she can’t learn to chuck a polearm at people” 


  • Okay, so at first he only brought you along cause it was his night to watch you and he had a really important mission. 
  • “Okay team, this is ___. She’s only 2 and is staying here for a while” 
  • Cue the collective squeals
  •  And the deaf Tim. 
  • Bunker likes to play dolls with you. 
  • Literally would do anything for you. 
  • Wonder Girl loves to show you off to people. 
  • Like no baby she could get hurt 
  •  Beast Boy, like I said, teaches you about animals but also likes to play tag and hide and seek. 
  •  Raven is very calm with you. 
  • When she’s meditating she allows you to sit in her lap.
  •  (Man i need to read more comics-)


  •  He loves you to Krypton and back. 
  • That was a terrible reference shoot me. 
  • Kori also loves you, and is practically a mother to you. 
  • Jon is honestly terrified every time he sees Damian bring you along on missions. 
  • “Damian what if she gets hurt!?” 
  • “She won’t. She has me”
  • Actually now that i think about it Kori is probably the one who gets stuck watching you.
  • She loves watching you though.
  • Jaime is honestly terrified to be by you
  • Oh no my poor baby
  • He just doesn’t want the scarab to hurt you.
  • But he does love you, even if he tends to avoid you.

Lavender ✽

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I love your art so so so so much it makes my days at work a lot better when I see them!! So if you don't mind whenever you have time do you think you could draw Zelda from Breath of the wilds I think she would look super cute with your art style! P.S- you're probably my favorite artist on Tumblr.

Ah thank you very much!! I’ve been getting so many kind messages recently and im just super glad I put something positive out into the world~ I’m honored to be considered to be a favorite artist on tumblr! Have a good day! 

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Binge tip! Take 2 bites worth of the food you want to binge on and a glass of water. NOW WALK AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN. Once you're away, eat the first bite, drink the glass of water, and then eat the second bite. Do NOT drink or brush your teeth after the second bite. Idk if this works for everyone, but the water fills you up and the second bite leaves the aftertaste of the food in your mouth so that you feel like you just ate a lot.

Thanks for the tip! 💞

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Yaaaaaaaaay!! Ask box is open! First off I want to say this blog is fantastic and you're doing a great job running it! Keep up the great work. :> I really liked your villain AU's I was wondering if I could have Shinsou, Mirio, and Kirishima (separate of course) with an s/o who's a hero who has been trying track them down for months and they keep slipping away?? Lots of flirty banter from the villains and maybe even a kiss before they slip away from the frustrated hero?? :D

Okay, this is my new weakness, right beside soulmate au’s. And thank you very much for your kind words, I will keep doing my best! And I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it =)


“How interesting, we seem to keep meeting up.” Shinsou says, when he sneaks up on the hero. They spin around, a fist flying out and Shinsou easily backs up, bringing a smart distance between himself and them.

He grins a little, though it shows some traces of teasing and a light smugness. Mostly though, he looks genuinely amused to see them again.

“I’m taking you in today!” The hero yells, determined and charges forward. Shinsou chuckles.

“I thought you knew better by now than to respond to me.” He says, easily, his body relaxed enough to dodge any attack.

“What…” They begin and trail off; their face blanking and they slow to a stop. Shinsou walks the last few steps towards them.

“I’m serious.” He says, voice low and just a tad intense. He grins, though this time it’s rather dark. “Do not be so careless.”

With that, he releases the powers of his Quirk. The hero breathes in and takes a step back, their back straightening.

“You don’t get to decide that.” They say and he pauses, surprised. They don’t attempt to attack him again and instead look determined and a bit frustrated. “And maybe, I actually like talking to you.”

“What a surprise.” Shinsou’s grin grows a bit crooked and yet, somehow it’s the most sincere one so far. He reaches out and is surprised a second time when the hero lifts their hand as well, allowing him to touch them. He pulls their hand to his and presses a feather light kiss to their fingertips.

“I still think I’m right.”

“How…” They blank again and he chuckles, letting go of their hand and stepping back.

“Try to catch me next time, maybe then we can talk.”


Mirio seeks the hero out on purpose. They haven’t talked in a while, since he has been busy with a heist of his and he’s careful enough to catch them while they’re alone and in a quiet, deserted part of the city at night.

“How nice to see you again.” He says, after he phases out of the wall and taps their shoulder. Jumping back, he chuckles when the hero makes a startle sound and whirls around.

“Where have you been?”  They ask, taking a step back and cautiously taking up a fighting stance.

“So mistrusting.” Mirio says with an easy, friendly smile. “And have you been trying to track me down? I’m touched, you’re so interested.”

They huff out a frustrated breath, though Mirio notices they also don’t refute his teasing. His smile widens a tad and he steps closer, ready to phase through the ground at a moment’s notice to ensure they won’t be able to attack him.

“One of these days, I will find your hideout.” The hero promises and while their voice is sure, it lacks the note of grim determination he’s used to getting from other heroes. Slowly, Mirio lifts a hand and wraps it around the fist they have raised before them.

“Truly? I would welcome you then. Maybe set up a nice dinner, put up some candlelight…” He moves closer, slowly, deliberately, while he speaks and the hero’s cautious stance loosens. Mirio steps right up to them, his thumb brushing over their wrist. “Maybe I’ll even drop a few hints, so you can find me sooner.”

The hero swallows. “Who says I need your damn hints?”

Mirio hums and leans closer, gauging if they’re welcoming what he’s about to do and when they lean towards him, he lightly brushes a kiss onto the corner of their mouth. “Hurry up then.”

And with those words, he phases through the ground and easily lands in the underground hallway, that runs beneath the street. Grinning, he can just imagine the frustrated groan or half shout the hero surely releases into the night right now.


Kirishima perks up when he sees the familiar outfit of his favorite hero. They’re sitting in an alley, close enough to the busy street so they can react should anything happen and far enough away from the hustle and bustle to eat their lunch in peace.

Grinning, Kirishima jumps off the roof and easily lands in the alley, the ground groaning and his feet leaving light indents in the concrete. The hero startles and jumps up, while Kirishima mostly releases his Quirk and straightens. He’s keeping his arms hard though, in case they decide they’re going to attack him right away.

“Don’t scare me like that.” The hero gasps, one hand clutching their lunch and eyeing him warily.

Kirishima grins and tilts his head in a silent apology. “I didn’t mean to. We just haven’t seen each other in a while.”

“And why is that?” They ask, sounding more confident and the lines of their shoulders relax. “Maybe we would see more of each other if you would let me catch you.”

“You would visit me in prison? How sweet of you.” Kirishima’s grin grows toothy. “Though I have to decline, prison garb doesn’t really suit me.” He walks a bit closer, and tilts his head. “Are you not calling for backup?”

The hero huffs out a breath. “I’m eating lunch.” They say, just a tad frustrated. “Besides, I can take you on alone just fine.”

“I’m sure you can.” Kirishima rushes forward, fast enough to startle them a little and then he gently taps their collarbone. “But your guard is down right now.”

The hero looks up at him, the surprise leaving their face and they look frustrated, though they also don’t tense up. Kirishima smiles and leans forward to quickly press a light, chaste and teasing kiss on their nose, before he retreats again, and waves at them.

“See you around!” Ignoring their yell to wait, he scales the building and disappears, a wide grin on his face.