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My thoughts on SPN episode 12x12:

  • The waitress flirting with Cas awwwww.
  • LOL Dean calling the flirtation as a teachable moment.
  • Ummmm I’m gonna need Cas to NOT be bleeding out OKAY!?
  • Why oh why oh WHY IS CAS UNABLE TO FIGHT ANYMORE????? Week after week this continues to confuse me. 
  • Oooo a yellow eyed demon. 
  • Did Cas seriously just get harpooned by what appears to be Michael’s spear? Like what the damn hell???
  • What is Mary even doing??? Why is she pulling everyone into the Brit’s bullshit???? 
  • OMG what was that Dean head nod to Cas at the restaurant I can’t lol. 
  • This Cas telling Dean he’s dying scene is too much for my heart. 
  • YAASSSSS CROWLEY. I’ve missed him. 
  • Ah yes a casual history lesson while Cas dies in the background. 
  • Wait. So you’re telling me the only reason Crowley decided to take over hell was because of a pep talk? Yeah, right. Okay. 
  • “The things we’ve shared together. They have changed me.” OMGGGG
  • FOLLOWED BY “I LOVE YOU” !????!?????!!! 
  • Did Mary SERIOUSLY not give this dude his box of golden light back? Like what is WRONG with her? Those are your SONS. 
  • Cas is healed. I can stop having a goddamn panic attack. THAT WAS TOO CLOSE, SPN WRITERS. TOO. CLOSE.
  • Mary, you’re on my goddamn list. Not even the fact that you just called Cas “one of your boys” is redeeming you right now. I’m gonna need a minute.
  • The colt. Seriously? THAT’S what this was about? What is this, season 5?
  • Mark P? You’re back? As Lucifer? So he’s not in the egg? Or is Crowley just hallucinating? Wait. Is this ACTUALLY season 5? 

In conclusion: Cas IS devastatingly handsome, Dean, thank you for noticing. 

Les Amis de L'ABC (et les amis) Modern AU: Éponine Thénardier

She holds her cigarette with three fingers, like a society darling bored of her rejection. She had, after all, come from a long line of the corrupt elite, and she knows when social graces has been trumped by those who are even more amoral than they are. No more slender lines and hazy cigarette smoke for this daughter of wolves - only the harshness of nicotine on her chapped lips. Only scandalous affairs that end with boys who have grown too attached. Only old bloody money in her trust fund. Only her parents, unvisited, in jail.

In other stories, she had loved and lost. In this, she knows better. You never stood a chance. 

For Thea (tumblr user maytheymeetagain), on her birthday. 

anonymous asked:

hey i just read both of ur stories for the drift compatibility series and i'm actually in fucking love with your writing style. i main mercy and seeing her like that just puts a little joy in my heart. she's a fuckin fighter, and you know it. do you have any tips for an aspiring writer? i would like to write my own stories but i always seem to get writer's block. jesus i love your series and i hope you continue it. thank you so much for writing that and blessing my day.

hi!! firstly, thank you so very much!

as for tips, writing is different for a lot of people. some people are architects - they plan out their story before they write it, sometimes to a meticulous level of detail. others - like me - wing it. they get an idea, sit down, and they write. a lot of the time they have to go back and change things earlier on in the story due to the evolution of the plot. so my first piece of advice is this: find out what works better for you in terms of planning vs getting some inspiration and just running with it!

secondly: the zone. I always find that I write my best stuff when the majority of my focus is on what I’m writing (ie: not thinking about looming university deadlines, stuff in my life, etc). 

thirdly: writer’s block. I’ve heard some writers say that writer’s block isn’t a thing. I think it is. you can still write, of course, but you won’t be writing much - or anything good. you’ll have a lack of inspiration to write, which leads to a lack of motivation to write. simply put - you’re not having good ideas, and not being able to continue and enhance your preexisting good ideas, so why write?

well! don’t! that’s my answer! leave it alone for a few days! start something new! listen to some music! go do something fun! then come back, reread what you’ve written, and you’ll find yourself invigorated. don’t worry if this takes longer than you thought. it’ll be worth it.

(the amount of original wips I have is, quite frankly, terrifying. I was meant to finish a novella last week. I didn’t. that’s okay, and it’s okay for all writers. you wouldn’t rush a painting, would you?)

also. music. find music that puts you in a good mood to write. find music that matches the themes of the piece you’re writing. make a playlist. listen. will it help? it could. and if it does, the effort is well worth it!

talk to other writers about their ideas, and ways they combat writers block and the general stresses of writing. I’ve learned so much from other writers on here. it’s knowledge that should be shared!

You're Alright You. Part Twenty-Six. The Final Part.

• What if … on the day of her release from the mental hospital Rae doesn’t see Chloe and the gang on the bikes…


• Part One • Part Two • Part Three • Part Four • Part Five • Part Six• Part Seven • Part Eight • Part Nine • Part Ten • Part Eleven• Part Twelve • Part Thirteen • Part Fourteen • Part Fifteen • Part Sixteen • Part Seventeen • Part Eighteen • Part Nineteen • Part Twenty • Part Twenty-One • Part Twenty-Two• Part Twenty-Three • Part Twenty-Four • Part Twenty-Five


Part Twenty-Six. The Final Part. 

“You coming in?” Finn asked after I hesitated for a moment too long.

Come on.


“Yeah” I nodded my head and took a deep, deep breath before following him into the house.

God why did I have to be so nervous. It’s Finn. 

Chloe did say everyone is nervous the first time.

Maybe I am normal.

Well, as normal as somebody who was mental could be. That kind of normal?

Oh god.

Taking my jacket off I was a little surprised when Finn turned into his lounge instead of going upstairs.

Whenever I had come over before we had always gone straight up to his room. Always.

When I didn’t follow after him he popped his head around the door “Come on”

“Can we not go up to your room?” I pointed up the stairs.

Umm.. Not yet, no” Not yet? Oh god.

Okay” I dropped my bag by the shoes I had taken off and followed him in the lounge.

As I walked in Finn was already sat on the floor on some pillows.

Has he always had them? They kind of looked new.

“Sit” he patted the one next to him.

“So demanding” I joked.

Trying to release some of the tension.

Tension that had been building up in me over the last few days.

“Rae, sit down”

Rolling my eyes I carefully sat next to him. God he smells good tonight.


It was dark outside by the time Finn finally lead me up to his room.

We had spent the last hour or so talking, about anything and everything.

It was kind of perfect actually.

Laughing and joking about stupid things that we and our friends had done in the past.

Things that had happened in our families.

At school.


The butterflies in my stomach now were going crazy.

Finn had left me with the excuse of going to the toilet a few minutes before leading me here.

God I am so nervous.

I had calmed down during our time downstairs.

But now, now it was becoming more real.

As soon as the door opened I think I actually stopped breathing.

There were fairy lights, like the ones you put on the christmas tree, hanging all around the room.

Red flowers that I didn’t know the name of sat in a vase on the bedside table and candles burning away on his desk. I guess that was what he was up to when he went to the ’toilet’.


It looked so, so romantic. Bloody hell.

“Alright?” he was nervous too.


“You what?” he awkwardly laughed.

“This was the girls advice you wanted” On how to make his room, look like this. Bloody perfect.

“Bloody Chop” he muttered.

“And Archie”

“Him too?” When I nodded he mumbled “Bloody twats

“Can we not talk about them right now” I smiled. There was other things, more important things.

“Definatley” he stepped closer, kissing me once, twice on the lips  before leading me over to the bed. New sheets?

Was this Izzy too? Jesus.

If this goes well I am going to owe her, big time.

Oh my god.

Fucking hell.

He turned his back to me to put some music on.

“If you put spaceman on I’m leaving” I joked. But seriously.

He turned with a open mouth “Rae, thats our song” he placed a hand on his chest. Faking hurt. Oh god.


“It is” he was trying not to laugh.

“Only cause you keep banging on about it being our bloody song!”

“See you just admitted it” his smile was so big I couldn’t help but smile too. Damn him.

“Oh!” Cheeky son of a bitch.

He was laughing loudly as he turned to the stereo and put on a cassette. Was that a mix tape?

I sat with my back against his head board while he fiddled with something on his desk.

Breath Rae.


Keep calm.

You want this.

Turning he smiled and climbed to sit next to me on the bed. On his bed.

“Alright?” he laced his fingers with mine.

“Yep” I leant my shoulder on his. How was he so perfect?

It was all happening so quickly.

One minute we were sat on his bed and the next I was on my back with him almost laid on top of me with half of our clothes off.

I wish I could kiss him forever.

There was something in his lips that just made everything better. Made all of the crap disappear.

Jesus christ.

His hands began to go under my t-shirt and I froze. Oh god once he feels my fat stomach and… he is not going to want to do it. Bloody hell.

His kiss became harder and I pushed the thoughts out of my head.

He wants you.

You want him.

Keep calm.

You love him, remember.

His hand didn’t stop though, not until he pushed the t-shirt all the way up and over my bra covered boobs.

Breaking the kiss he quickly pulled it off of me and over my head. Jesus he is too good at getting my clothes off.

I couldn’t belive it. I was only in the sexy underwear I had bought with Izzy. I was pretty much naked and he hadn’t looked at me in disgust. He hadn’t stopped.

Oh god there he goes again with those lips on mine again. Jesus.

Finn’s hand returned to my skin, setting it alight.

This time however when I froze as he began to slip the strap of my bra down he noticed. Shit.

Get him to Kiss you again.

“We don’t have to” he whispered as he looked at me.

I want to. I wanted to scream but I was still frozen.


Swallowing I found my voice “No, I want to

“Are you sure?” he didn’t take his eyes off of mine “Cause we can wait, for whenever

“I don’t wanna wait Finn” If we. If I don’t do this now I don’t know if I ever will.

I stopped any reply that he was about to give me with a kiss.

A intense kiss that I was putting as much love into as I could. He had to feel how much I wanted this.

His hand touched my arm once again, and began its torturous journey up to my shoulder. He paused when he got to the teal strap of my bra and pulled away a little from the kiss.

I just smiled and closed the gap once again.


I can not believe I have just had sex.

Mind blowing sex.

With my boyfriend.

Finn bloody Nelson.

Fucking hell.

The both of us were laid in his bed, covered in sweat. And probably other body fluids. Eww gross.

I was going to have to start working out or something because I am so out of breath right now I might pass out. Sex was a pretty good workout though.

“You alright?” I felt his hand rub mine as they sat between us.

“Yeah, I’m ok” I blew out a breath. Bloody fucking amazing.

“Jesus” he muttered.

Jesus” I mirrored.

I was about to say something to him when something caught my nose. Wait, Is something burning?

Quickly turning to where the candles had been I almost jumped up and out of the bed.




“What?” I felt him sit up “Oh shit!” he shouted and jumped out of bed. Jesus look at that arse.

Grabbing the t-shirt he had been wearing earlier, that was now a little on fire and ran out of the room. Oh shit.

Should I follow him?

“Finn?” I shouted pulling the duvet around me “Are you alright?”

“Yeah” I heard a echoed reply. Must be in the bathroom.

I could hear running water.

God I hope he didn’t get burnt. Or his thing. I plan on putting it a lot of use now. A lot.

A couple of minutes passed and he finally returned, with his hands cupping his privates. Still sexy as fuck.


“Yeah” He walked over to the candles again and blew them out “Not taking any more chances”.

As he climbed back into bed he pulled me with him so we were both laying down.

We smiled at each other before kissing.

I really do need to make some kind of award for him.

Best kisser, lover and boyfriend ever.

And he is all mine.

Fucking yes!

“I love you” his hand stilled on the side of my face once he had said it. Holy shit.

“Yeah?” I grinned up at him. He loves me.

“Yeah” he scrunched his nose up before gently rubbing it against mine.

“Thats good” I smiled and kissed the corner of his mouth.

“Just good?” he whispered but the look in his eyes had never been more serious. He really does love me. How did that happen?

“Yeah, ‘cause..” I stuck my tongue out “ ’Cause, I kind of love you too”

The song on the mix tape changed as the last word left my lips and as the two of us just stared into each other’s eyes.

Spaceman by Babylon Zoo began.

“Jesus” I whispered before we both laughed.

“See, it is our song” he whispered before kissing me again.


The End.


A/N- Again, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for every message, comment like and reblog! I have been so blown away by the love you have all given this little story. I have never been the best writer, or had the best spelling, punctuation etc but I have truly enjoyed doing this! I love each and everyone of you! Thank you again :) xx

Thank you @reddragonlilly7 for the tag and the lovely questions! ❤️

Rules: Answer 11 Questions, Tag 11 People, Ask 11 Questions for them to answer.

1. How many languages do you speak? Which are they?
A: Two. Greek, my native, and fluent English.

2. What is your dream job or life goal?
A: Writer/Screenwriter.

3. If you could hang out with one historical person who would it be and why?
A: First, wow, amazing question! And second, after giving it much thought, I think I would love to meet Jesus, although now that I think of it, “hanging out with Jesus” sounds funny and surreal.

4. If you could murder one person in the entire world - could be anyone, political figure, family member, online - and get away with it, who would it be?
A: I don’t think I would be able to remove a person’s life, no matter how evil or corrupted or even annoying I think they are. That would probably make me worse than them. However, if we’re speaking figuratively, like mind-murdering, then I guess… fake hypocritical “social justice warriors” slash cyber bullies slash attention seekers. Oh, you said one person… oh well.

5. Also where would you bury that son of a bitch?
A: Again, figuratively, I wouldn’t bury them, I would sacrifice their body and pray to God that he forgives the stupidity of humanity.

6. Name 3 characters that died and you truly mourned them.
A: Oh boy. Okay, time to tap into the FeelzTM. Warning for spoilers.
a) Arthur Pendragon: I cried for a week, in the car, in front of people and family, while washing my teeth or trying to sleep. I mourned him like a real person. And after a week passed, I still teared up at times. I had to force myself to never think about it and refrain from rewatching scenes. It was truly devastating for me.
b) Federico Frintzenwalden. Most of you might not know this one. He was the male lead from the Argentinian show “Floricienta”. I watched a beautiful story of how a simple girl followed her heart and tried to win her love’s heart, and in the end, after a whole season of hazards, when they were finally happy, he… died. In a car accident. I was little then, and it was harder to get over this one.
c) Damon Salvatore. At the end of Season 5.

7. Which was your fave cartoon character as a kid?
A: I didn’t have a favorite cartoon character, but I always felt for Tom and hated Jerry.

8. Which is your Hogwarts House?
A: By choice, Gryffindor. By test results, Ravenclaw.

9. If you had Harry Potter type of magical powers for one day what would you do?
A: The real question is what I wouldn’t do 😂 I don’t know, I would probably just chant all the spells and wave my wand just for the pleasure of seeing them work. Update: I would also probably try to make friends with a reptile.

10. What is your favorite movie?
A: Snow Queen (2002)

11. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? OR alternative question: Who was your favorite teacher?
A: I think I did have two innocent crushes, they were like 30 and one of them was married (*blushes*). And my favorite teacher was my high school historian. She affected the way I see the world and some years ago, I happened to meet her, and although I’m naturally shy, I told her what she’s meant to me and how much she changed my views. She was so kind and sweet. I’ll always have a fond memory of her.

My set of questions (I’ll try to ask what I truly want to know about you ^^):

1. I live in Greece (southeast of EU), so according to your place of residence, how much time difference do you think we have? (And alternative question for my Greek friends: are you a night owl or a morning rat? 😂)

2. Do you have pets? How often do you spend time with them and how much? If no, would you like to have any?

3. Does TV shape our lives? Is there a show/movie/character that made a change in your life, practical or spiritual?

4. If you’re in a group of friends, colleagues, etc., and you have a different opinion from them, would you speak it or keep it to yourself? Why? Would you still speak it if they were too vocal about their own opinion? And would you still stay silent, if their opinion made you angry?

5. Who’s better company: people or animals?

6. Do you work somewhere or study? If yes, do you like it? Was it your initial choice or did you grow to like it? Would you prefer doing something else?

7. If you were in a story, what character type would you be? (If you can’t think of character types, I’m giving you some here: the funny/sarcastic one, the goofball, the know-it-all, the romantic, the villain, the friend/psychologist, the decision-maker, the cynic, the optimist, the mom friend, the leader, the old wise person, etc.)

8. Would you say you are the same person as you were 10 years ago? Would you consider your past self worse or better than now?

9. What’s the comic relief in your life?

10. Favorite family member.

11. How do you deal with your fears?

I tag: @bookaholicthoughts, @bookanima, @missthalou, @vereor-nox-venti, @delphinescarol, @destianac, @lililove87, @crimson-ball-of-fire, @winifredwevans, @captainkaramel, @the-woman-in-12b

mayonaka-no-tenshi  asked:

So you made it to the "bad" list. Congratulations!!! You are now publicly recognized for the total badass that you are!! You go get 'em girl!! More than that, I'm proud to be reading the works of such an illustrious author! (^_^)v

Lol I know, right? Go me!

Thank you, Baby Jesus, for the “bad” list. It’s made my day a little less shitty which I needed in the worst possible way.

Thanks for the rally cry ☺

Hey, while I know myself and a few other writers on this list are having a field day, anyone know how most of them are handling this? This is a great opportunity to strengthen the YOI fanfic community. I haven’t had much time to look around myself, but if one of them is having a hard time let’s boost them up :)


anonymous asked:

I'd say you're speciality as a fanfic writer is making me cry about dean and food. More honestly, I'd say you're extremely good at describing what it's like to feel like you're chocking on yourself. Like who you are, or the (negative) emotions you are feeling are imprisoning and suffocating you and making you act in a way you can't control. I find it incredible, and I think you're an amazing writer.

Jesus Anon ;a;

I honestly didn’t expect anyone to answer this, so now I’m seriously floored. Ah damn. I’m so bad at receiving compliments >. <!!! Just - thank you for taking the time to answer this. Thank you very much, you’ve made my day (well my night, but anyway) :’)


Okay when I started this account I was hoping and praying that I’d get at least 100 followers but today I hit 10k and that is absolutely bloody crazy. Holy shit! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone that reads my posts. Anyway I thought I’d do a kind of thing. These are all amazing writers that I follow, you should follow them too :)

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Sorry if I forgot anybody! I love, love every blog i follow and talk to. Everyone has been so amazing to me and thank you so much for making my experience and the past 4 years I’ve been on here amazing and eventful. I hope to still be friends with so many of you 10 years from now. I wish you all happy holidays and stay safe! <333

Why is it so damn difficult for these comic book cretins to understand that the TV shows and the movies are ADAPTATIONS (or ELSEworlds, if you will) and therefore can go into any direction that works FOR THE SHOW?

Those people are so obsessed with “canon” that they can’t see the POTENTIAL for anything else! For years, I had to listen to people screech about Oliver and Chloe on Smallville. “He should be with Dinah! What is wrong with you crazy shippers?” Well, ya know what? Oliver and Chloe are married now and have a kid. So kindly shove your canon where the sun don’t shine!

I love comics. I do. I have a number that I buy fairly regularly. And I know what’s “supposed” to happen. But where’s the fun in that? A TV show, as I’ve said many times, is a living breathing thing. If you try to strangle it with something that is forced and shoved together because that’s what “should” happen, then you wind up destroying it. (Hello, Sleepy Hollow.)

Guess what? Chemistry happens. Characters happen. If they are fully embodied and three dimensional, then those characters have a mind of their own. They may drag you to a place you were not originally planning on going. And that place may not be where the “canon” demands you go. THAT’S OKAY.

So the people who are still whining about Olicity, or the people who think the Snowbarry shippers are nuts because of WA or Killer Frost, can bugger off. I’ll ship what I want, thank you very much. And you know what else? I don’t need it to happen on the show. If it does? Great! Olicity’s already happening (thank the baby Jesus), so ANYTHING is fair game at this point. 

How many times do these people need to be told that the writers are not bound by the “canon” before they listen? And if they dismiss something just because it’s NOT “canon” then they might miss out on something that could be pretty damn great.

shipping supercat is such a nice breath of fresh air in a pool-filled of my dead wlw ships. you set very low expectations for it at the very beginning and you don’t really expect it to be canon (because duh, age gap) but the writers of the show just gives you so much shippy material to work with. if you think about it, kara has shared more intimate moments with cat than with her main het love interest so far. honestly, i just feel so blessed. thank you @ rao (& supergirl writers).


I just wanted to thank you.
Thanks to everyone who posted stuffs on the tag and kept it alive during this very special hiatus.
Thanks for all those metas, spoilers, fanart, fanfics…
Yeah… we have AMAZING writers in this fandom. You kept me on edge with your work. I kept refreshing the Ao3 page on my phone every night before sleeping !! XD

You’re all amazing, I love you !