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Okay when I started this account I was hoping and praying that I’d get at least 100 followers but today I hit 10k and that is absolutely bloody crazy. Holy shit! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone that reads my posts. Anyway I thought I’d do a kind of thing. These are all amazing writers that I follow, you should follow them too :)

@weezlywrites (fanfiction)


shipping supercat is such a nice breath of fresh air in a pool-filled of my dead wlw ships. you set very low expectations for it at the very beginning and you don’t really expect it to be canon (because duh, age gap) but the writers of the show just gives you so much shippy material to work with. if you think about it, kara has shared more intimate moments with cat than with her main het love interest so far. honestly, i just feel so blessed. thank you @ rao (& supergirl writers).