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My Top Ten Releases of 2016

1. Chance The Rapper - Coloring Book

2. A Tribe Called Quest - We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service

3. Anderson .Paak - Malibu

4. Domo Genesis - Genesis

5. Noname - Telefone

6. Jay Prince - Smile Good

7. Dave - Six Paths

8. AJ Tracey - Lil Tracey

9. Frank Ocean - Blonde

10. J. Cole - 4 Your Eyez Only

A tweet from @WeWomenTogether for all of our writers in this fandom!

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This woman is breathtaking! Not just in her looks but in her mind and heart too! I had the amazing opportunity to meet her and get a little taste of her pure, radiating beauty! I was also able to share how she inspires me and thank her profusely for everything she has taught me! Let’s take a moment to share everything that we love and cherish about this wonderful woman!


A bit of Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel at the red breakfast in London. There’s a second part here and I’m craving for a third part :)

Thank you Megan!

Anderson Household Answering Machine Message Script

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James: Hello, you have reached the Anderson household. We are unable to answer the phone right no—

Sam: [cutting James off with a loud voice] Because Matthew is too big a dumbass to answer the fucking phone!! [obviously trying to let Matthew hear him and let him know how pissed he is]

Erik: [tries to catch his breath as he runs after Sam] Sam!! Put that down!!

Matthew: Well it isn’t my fault!! You never do anything around the house anyway, Sam!! [trying to get away from Sam, avoiding blows from the object Sam is apparently holding]

Erik: [tries to intercept the fight between Matthew and Sam] Now hold on you two—Ow!! [a loud thunk sounds as Erik gets caught up in the crossfire]

Sam: Get back here you little pipsqueak!!!

James: Oh for the love of- SAM! MATTHEW! [sets down the phone and goes to take care of the fight]

Damien: [picks up the phone in a mild panic, speaking quickly because of the heat and speed of the situation] Uh, l-leave your number and name and we’ll try to get to you as quickly as we possibly can. Thank you for calling the Anderson residence. [hangs up quickly]

Mass Effect 1 - a (not so) short summary
  • Anderson: this is a routine mission
  • Shepard: why there is a badass turian spectre with us then?
  • Anderson: dang you got me this is actually the beginning of a 3 games hell
  • ---
  • Nihlus: I work better alone
  • Nihlus: *dies*
  • Jenkins: yooo I'm all pumped up let's go kick some asses you'll be proud of me commander you'll see
  • Jenkins: *dies*
  • Shepard: this shitty game started like 20 minutes ago and 2 people died already
  • Shepard: well I'm sure there will be no more deaths afterward
  • ---
  • Ashley: look at my white and pink armor
  • Shepard: girl it's blue and black
  • Kaidan: are you 2 bitches blind it's fucking gold and white
  • Anderson: move your fat asses you fashion-tard twats
  • Anderson: it's brown and green to me tho
  • ---
  • Shepard: Kaidan what is that
  • Kaidan: it's an ugly sack of living gas
  • Shepard: no shit I'm talking about that big ass ship-shaped thing in the sky
  • Ashley: crap look at those blue mutant fuckers
  • Kaidan: are those geths?!
  • Shepard: what is this nightmare it's just half an hour gameplay and we are already in a pool full of shit
  • ---
  • Kaidan: what is this artifact
  • Ashley: it seems prothen
  • Shepard: it seems dangerous
  • Kaidan: yeah you're right better touch it
  • Kaidan: *touches it* fuCK
  • Shepard: Kaidan you fuckhead get out of-WHAT THE SHET
  • Ashley: jesus christ let's get out of here I gotta save my orange and grey armor
  • ---
  • Shepard: *wakes up on the Normandy* where am I
  • Chakwas: on the Normandy read the previous line
  • Shepard: are you drunk
  • Chakwas: yes
  • Shepard: cool where is Anderson
  • Chakwas: on the Normandy
  • Shepard: shut
  • Anderson: Sheppy we are fucked let's go to the Citadel the council will surely help us
  • ---
  • Udina: Saren is evil
  • Council: OMG Saren is that tru
  • Saren: nah
  • Council: human bitches stop wasting our time you can all go fuck an Elcor
  • Shepard: nice what now
  • ---
  • Garrus: hello yes I'm the very reason of the tears of thousands of fan girls I can help
  • Shepard: I can't romance you in this game tho
  • Garrus: yeah too bad we will recover in the next 2 games don't worry
  • Garrus: anyway Saren is evil
  • Shepard: I knew it do you got some evidence?
  • Garrus: my sexyness is the only evidence you need
  • ---
  • Wrex: shepard
  • Shepard: who are you and what do you want
  • Wrex: shepard
  • Shepard: alright join my squad
  • ---
  • Tali: Saren is evil I got evidence
  • Shepard: dang are you some kind of Assassin's Creed character from the future
  • Tali: rude
  • ---
  • Shepard: here the proof that Saren is a motherfucker
  • Council: yeah well solve it by yourself 'cause where not doing shit
  • Anderson: listen here you narcissist bugs
  • Council: Shepard we declare you first human spectre
  • Shepard: nice
  • ---
  • Anderson: so take my ship you're the boss now
  • Shepard: well thank you what are you gonna do
  • Anderson: absolutely nothing thanks for asking
  • ---
  • Joker: so we can go rescue an asari bitch if you want she has information I think
  • Shepard: why you so mean
  • Joker: I have crystal bones
  • ---
  • Liara: OMG free me I love you
  • Shepard: chill
  • Liara: thanks for saving me let's have sex
  • Shepard: you're welcome but slow down like for real
  • Liara: I'm sorry I will beg for forgiveness by having your babies
  • Shepard: girl
  • ---
  • Liara: ah here we are in Noveria seems like a nice planet isn't it
  • Benezia: I'm fundamentally good but I'll try to kill you anyway
  • Shepard: not if I'll kill you first biatch
  • Benezia: *dies*
  • Liara: mother no
  • Shepard: I'm sorry do you wanna talk about it
  • Liara: yes let's talk about this naked in your cabin
  • Rachni Queen: free me
  • Shepard: holy shit a shiny parasect
  • Garrus: Shepard that's the Rachni Queen
  • Shepard: where's my pokeball
  • ---
  • Shepard: next destination: Virmire. I'm sure everything will be just fine
  • Shepard: nope
  • Player: nope
  • Everyone: nope
  • ---
  • Shepard: fuck you know what? Enough with these shit let's go kill Saren
  • Saren: come and get it punk
  • Shepard: damn where did he go
  • Anderson: Shepshit the citadel is under attack by Saren and the Sovereign get you ass here and fight
  • Anderson: also the council is under attack do you want to save them?
  • Shepard: they're just a bunch of assholes they did nothing to help us those useless sluts
  • Shepard: yeah let's save them
  • ---
  • Shepard: Saren you son of a cockroach stop this nonsense
  • Saren: sorry bae *shoots himself*
  • Shepard: shit that worked we won
  • Saren: *turns into a powerful undead nightmare controlled by Sovereign*
  • Shepard: are you kidding me
  • ---
  • Anderson: yooo you did it child
  • Council: yeah thanks I guess now humans will have a seat in the council
  • Council: who will become the new human ambassador? Shepard you decide
  • Udina: choose me
  • Anderson: don't choose me
  • Shepard: I choose Anderson
  • Anderson: son of varren
Rambling about how lucky we are

As it is the 4th of June and Streetcar is finishing today, I am a bit emotional. I know that the X-files fandom have a lot of reason to complain – which we really do from time to time – but now I would like to concentrate on why we can be grateful! Our little journey started in 1993 when two little babies has been cast as the lead characters in a so-called TV-show, The X-Files. 23 years passed by and here we are, more alive than ever!

Our Queen – Gillian Anderson – is in New York performing the role of her life!

This gave to opportunity to thousands of fans, to go and see her as Blanche Dubois. This tiny, adorable cupcake puts her heart and soul into this play & injures herself every day while doing a Q&A, a charity event and signing for 100s of fans after the shows. She is an incredible human being and many of you were lucky enough to see her! Tumblrinos from all over the world flew in to New York, to meet each other, fangirl about Gillian, and attend her play. And do you know what is fantastic? You wrote about it, you took pictures, you shared your experience and you made new friends!!! For the rest of us, these stories were awesome to read, because it made us to be part of something so extraordinary! I’ve never ever been to New York, let alone to St. Ann’s Warehouse but I believe that I know Dumbo and the theatre just like the back of my hand 😍

Our Puppy – David Duchovny – toured around Europe for 2 weeks and was living his dream.

He visited 11 cities, thousands of fans had the chance to see him, meet him, and to take a picture with him. He came to the other side of the world, and gave many people the chance to see him. For us it is really difficult to believe that once we will have a chance like this; for me it was so emotional I couldn’t even write about it yet! …anyways☺️  He was happy, he was energetic, and every night he put a small part of his soul on that stage and shared it with us. On his concerts he interacted with the fans, he danced, and shared many funny & interesting stories!! He was sincere, pure and genuinely happy. We read many stories from his concerts, many-many European Tumblrinos shared their unique experience and hoped, that the rest of you, felt the same way we did, when we read your Streetcar Experiences…a part of this story.

Because that is why we are here, that is why we interact and that is why we share these. So that everyone becomes the part of 1 story, our story of being an X-Phile.

So I just wanna say thank you for Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny for making the last 6 weeks so very special! We adore you, we love you and we support you!  

So please no negativity today on anyone’s dash but just lots and lots of love to @chewiesgirlfriend and to each other ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

A Q&A with Benedict Cumberbatch; (or rather an evening with Jack White/Bill Murray/Alan Ginsberg/Laurence Olivier...and Tigger!).

Actually scrap that description above; Benedict Cumberbatch is who he is. Quite unique and quite extraordinary; an iconoclast, a rationalist, a raconteur, a satirist and both a humanist AND a cynic. (This is a bit of a long report but his Oz Comic Con panel session in Sydney last night was so layered and interesting; I want to get it all out of my head. Please bear with me & read on!).

The poor man; after 2 days of taking 2000 photographs and signing thousands and thousands of autographs came 30mins late to the last panel of his tour and looking pretty exhausted. (He said at last night’s meet & greet that he strained his arm putting his arm around so many fans; and that he had been up since 3am on Sunday morning. He was rubbing his shoulder during the Q&A…). He worked so incredibly hard the entire weekend and he did it with such love & commitment.

Everyone’s already posted brilliantly about his entrance at the Panel on here so I’ll skip the rock star intro. Except to say that that man can dance; he’s got great rhythm and did a dirty urban groove to “Doin’ it right” (Daft Punk) which brought the house immediately down. As always his agenda was strategic; he wanted us to stop using the hacked video of him dancing at that private wedding (the Thriller dance) and use this footage instead. I was surprised that Comic Con didn’t check that with him first before playing it as a warm-up.

From memory these were just a few of his answers to questions from the packed room of 1000 fans…

About Directors: He said that a good director needs to speak three languages; for the crew, for the funders and for the actors. He cited Tomas Alfredson (TTSS) as a great experience, and also working with Danny Boyle whom he described as “an engine of creativity and love” which helped him (Benedict) deal with the exhaustion and injuries throughout Frankenstein. He described Stephen Spielberg as “playful, anecdotal and avuncular” and also lauded Thea Sharrock (After the Dance) and Hattie Dalton (1st-time feature director of Third Star). He praised JJ Feild in particular as a great inspiration and support in the filming of that movie.

He mentioned Martin Tyrrell again as one of his greatest influences (Head of Drama at Harrow) and said “he made me want to keep pleasing him; a sign of a great director”… If that’s not a parable of how a great teacher can define a great person, I don’t know what is.

BC also would like to work with “the Andersons” i.e Wes and Paul Thomas; in regards to the latter spoke so eloquently about the unique West Coast America dystopian landscape that PT Anderson has created (in films like Magnolia and The Master). Also would like to work with Scorsese and Spike Jonz (me “yay!).

He spoke about the British actor Stephen Dillane (95% sure) in both panel sessions as someone he highly regards and with whom he’d like to work (amongst others which he machined-gunned off way too fast for me to remember).

About Fans: he wouldn’t divulge the craziest experiences he has had with fans which was wise. He mentioned the famous cheese question (his favourite variety is Manchega. I think…). He revealed that it was best mates Tom Hiddleston and Patrick Kennedy who sent him the riding crop anonymously in the mail after ASiP as a prank. (Cue laughter around the Clancy Theatre at that point…).

About Sherlock: He described how he has to speed up his mind and train his body before each season of Sherlock. On the day of long scenes and deductions he goes through what sounded like rigorous verbal and mental preparations; which oddly Martin Freeman would often join in on, even if Martin had no lines that day(!). When asked about what he thought the funniest episodes were, he spread the love across all three series with a special mention of TSoT. He did say he thought the motorbike scenes in TEH didn’t come out as spectacularly as he would’ve liked especially as he does ride himself (I agree! I thought they were a bit…tame, in the final cut).

About Geekdom: someone asked a perceptive question about the rise of “geeks and nerds” and the acceptance of them in contemporary culture, and how he might see a correlation between his rise to fame and the rise of the geek as ‘hero’. I get the feeling he’s trying to broaden people’s view of him in solely geeky, genius roles (“I’ve played dumb roles too!”) he did say “that geeks have always secretly ruled the world. The thing is that if you can think intelligently for yourself, then you have a moral responsibility to the world to do some good with it". He did close the answer with the adage “the chic geek is back”. Yes sir, indeed.

About Peter Guillam: in the context of imbuing idiosyncrasies (physical/costume) in a character; he said of his TTSS character that he loved the “1960s James Bond cool” of Guillam and particularly the subterfuge of having Peter dressed so overtly heterosexual to hide his closeted life as a homosexual from his Circus colleagues…

About what Fans should look out for: “Um, well, a lot!” in particular The Imitation Game. He described it as a very very special film (Benedict just exuded care and concern over this project; it just makes me so fucking excited to see it. Everyone who talks about it just seems to be struck so deeply by it..). He spoke again about the significance and tragedy of Alan Turing’s life; preferring to see his death as a tragic suicide and not as a MI6 conspiracy etc. He said he was deeply emotional (my paraphrasing) after filming the last few scenes of TIG and said it was so sad that “Turing couldn’t live with his own way of loving”; and said again that it is Turing who needs to forgive not for us/society to pardon him. (This movie will kill me. If you haven’t seen him in Turing character look at this link: ).

He also said Lost City of Z will HOPEFULLY begin filming in June; the word “hopefully” sent a groan around the room. Please make this happen! After the cancellation of Blood Mountain AND The Flying Horse not getting funding – please! Come on Brad work your magic…

The 1-hour(ish) Q&A felt more like an event; I have never seen so many whip-smart introverts in one room so enthralled and so unabashed in their celebration of someone. It’s kinda awesome; he’s the pied piper of nerds everywhere. But he ended by cajoling us into not allowing us to be defined by a single category or subset. But to be human and embrace our beautiful differences.

And he doesn’t seem to have a single embarrassing song on his iPod even though he was furiously scrolling through it at the end dutifully trying to find one. (although he did hum “puff the magic dragon” while looking). How is that even possible…. It’d take about four seconds on mine : )