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My Top Ten Releases of 2016

1. Chance The Rapper - Coloring Book

2. A Tribe Called Quest - We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service

3. Anderson .Paak - Malibu

4. Domo Genesis - Genesis

5. Noname - Telefone

6. Jay Prince - Smile Good

7. Dave - Six Paths

8. AJ Tracey - Lil Tracey

9. Frank Ocean - Blonde

10. J. Cole - 4 Your Eyez Only

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I’m picturing a scene with Bill Murray doing slow laps wearing a bathing cap and being paced along the edge of the pool by an assistant played by Jason Schwartzman reading off business decisions to which Murray replies with all ‘yes’ or 'no’ answers until the last one.

JS: Will you be attending your sister’s wedding?

(Murrary stops swimming and stands up. )

BM: My sister’s getting married? Why didn’t anybody tell me?

JS: It was in all the papers.

BM: To who?

JS: Her fiance.

BM: Don’t do that. Don’t try to be funny. I’ve never liked that side of you. Just tell me who she’s marrying.

JS: The captain sir. Captain Ed.

BM: Captain Ed? Sounds like a horses name.

JS: He’s a war hero sir. It was in all the papers.

BM: Get me a towel.

This woman is breathtaking! Not just in her looks but in her mind and heart too! I had the amazing opportunity to meet her and get a little taste of her pure, radiating beauty! I was also able to share how she inspires me and thank her profusely for everything she has taught me! Let’s take a moment to share everything that we love and cherish about this wonderful woman!


Rushmore (1998) dir. Wes Anderson. You guys have it real easy. I never had it like this where I grew up. But I send my kids here because the fact is you go to one of the best schools in the country: Rushmore. Now, for some of you it doesn’t matter. You were born rich and you’re going to stay rich. But here’s my advice to the rest of you: Take dead aim on the rich boys. Get them in the crosshairs and take them down. Just remember, they can buy anything but they can’t buy backbone. Don’t let them forget it. Thank you.

The Daily Mail Has Written RPF

Attention all Shipmates! 

Forgive us if you will. We have a rule aboard the ship that RPF is banned from coming aboard (we might be trash, but we have standards…some), however, in light of recent events, we’ve been made aware that The Daily Mail has written RPF (not really RPF if it really happened, right?) about our Captains, and we felt the need to share it with you all. It tells a nice story about our Captains and even comes complete with pictures… How nice of the Daily Mail to introduce their work into the fandom.  

Her character DSI Stella Gibson often goes for a dip in the pool when she is feeling stressed.

And Gillian Anderson looked very relaxed as she swam in the Mediterranean sea on a romantic boat trip with her boyfriend Peter Morgan in Portofino, Italy.

The star of The Fall, 48, showed off her washboard abs in the olive green and pink swimwear as she enjoyed the balmy climes of the Italian Riviera.  

Her bottoms had a similar cut and were tied together at the sides by matching lengths of pink string as she watched the world go by on her romantic boat trip.

The actress took a dip in the sea with her boyfriend Peter Morgan and sat cross-legged on the side of the boat as they took in the picturesque views

The X-Files star also caught the rays as she enjoyed a boat trip with her beau. The blonde beauty protected herself from the sun with a floppy straw hat and circular sunglasses. The couple perched on the very edge of the boat and chatted as they took in their picturesque surroundings in the north of Italy.

Gillian entered the water in a graceful arc as she took part in her character Stella Gibson’s favourite hobby. 

Gillian’s boyfriend Peter sat in the front seat of the boat as the actress peered at her phone and lounged on a beach towel. Gillian cooled down by lowering herself slowly into the water, as Peter watched on.  

The couple later sat in the main body of the boat and relaxed on top of deep blue beach towels and cushions. When she got on and left the boat, Gillian covered her bikini with a stylish striped halter dress. The simple blue dress brushed the actress’s knees and proved easy to take off when she got ready for her swim. Gillian, who was taking some much needed time out from her hectic schedule, cooled down by lowering herself slowly into the water, as Peter sat on the edge of their boat.

Gillian enjoyed the company of her playwright boyfriend as they sat on a boat by the Portofino cliff face. The couple watched a group of swimmers pass by as they were taken on a boat trip on the Italian Riviera. Gillian leaned back to take a photograph of the view from the boat as the pair laughed and joked on holiday.

The contented couple stretched out as they took a romantic boat trip to see Christ of the Abyss, a statue of Jesus which is found underwater.

As the couple mounted the steps to a restaurant, Gillian stopped to take a picture of writer Peter.

After their boat trip, the pair ate lunch at a restaurant on the cliff face, which looked out towards the sea.

The pair sat and ate lunch as the actress’s wet hair dried after her dip in the Mediterranean sea. Gillian smiled at Peter as the pair chatted among bunches of flowers as they waited for their food. The playwright and creator of The Crown strained as he captured the perfect shot of Gillian enjoying her meal.

The End

Thank you for your submission Daily Mail. We think the quality of the writing will get better the more you write, so just keep writing. We are here for you, Daily Mail…all writers improve eventually. We suggest watching the Captain’s Masters Class on Screenwriting if you need any additional tips. 


A bit of Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel at the red breakfast in London. There’s a second part here and I’m craving for a third part :)

Thank you Megan!

The Midnight Lovers

Summary: After an argument you leave your boyfriend, Greg. Months later your friends ask you on a road trip, only Greg was invited too. What the two of you don’t know is your friends have planned this trip to try and get the pair of you to rekindle. But will it work?

Warnings: Some swearing? Some angst, tiny bit of cuteness at the end

A/N: The next few chapters will be a bit of a rollercoaster! Feedback is always welcome 😁Have a great weekend!

The Midnight Lovers Playlist

Chapter 9

The seagulls acted like a flock of alarms and woke up everyone in the van. Everyone gathered outside on the beach for breakfast “What’s the plans for today then?” John asked taking a sip of tea.

“What about going to the amusements then out for dinner later? After that we can hang around on the beach?” Molly suggested.

“That’s sounds great!” Mary interjected “Tomorrow we can all have a lazy day and mess about on the beach, they have boats for hire just up the road!”

“Yes well I’m claiming Y/N as my first mate!” Jim piped up.

You turned to him raising a brow “Eh I think you’ll find in the captain!” You playfully glared at him.

“We can both be captains,” he winked and you nodded “We’re going to take down all of you”.

“That sounds like a challenge…” Sherlock trailed off “That you’ll both lose…” He muttered that last part.

You rolled your eyes and sunk your feet into the cool sand and shut over your eyes for a moment before hearing Jim muttering out “Shit my coffee!”

You saw the spilt cup by his feet “Watch your fucking language James,” you teased and Mary let out a loud snort of laughter.

“You two crack me up,” she held onto her stomach and continued to laugh. You and Jim sent each other a smile before heading into the camper to change. What you didn’t realise that Greg came in right behind you and shut over the door.

“What are you-”

Greg quickly cut you off “I didn’t sleep with her!”

You furrowed a brow “What?”

“That barmaid…I didn’t sleep with her if-”

“You honestly think I give two shits? It’s your life Greg, do whatever and whoever you want,” you snappishly cut him off and stormed into the room. You couldn’t believe that he had the audacity to come up to you and say that.

Yet a part of you was relieved, happy even. You quickly changed and met with him once again in the living quarters, letting out a huff under your breath you tired to walk passed him but he grabbed onto your arm “Y/N I-”

“What’s going on here…?” Jim asked as he stepped into the camper van.

“Nothing,” you muttered and pulled your arm from Greg’s grip “Are we heading out now?” You asked and Jim nodded. You grabbed your bag and the three of you headed out of the van.

You walked beside Jim as all eight of you made your way to the beachfront amusements “What was happening back there?” He quietly asked as you two of you slowly walked behind everyone else.

You shrugged your shoulders “He felt the need to tell me that he didn’t sleep with that blonde barmaid” Jim’s eyes widened slightly and he looked forward.

“Well then,” he uttered “How do you feel about that?”

“Annoyed that he felt like he had to tell me thinking that I care-”

“You do care,” Jim interjected.

“He doesn’t need to know that,” you snappishly replied before keying out a sigh “And a part of me felt at ease that he didn’t do anything with her…” You noticed the wide grin Jim was sending you and you lightly pushed his shoulder. All of you eventually made it to the arcade that was by the beach and you split up in pairs. You were with Jim, Molly and Anderson were together, Greg was with Sherlock and Mary was with John.

“I’m going to win you that,” Jim pointed to the biggest stuffed dragon you had ever seen, it was as almost as tall as Sherlock.

You raised both your brows at him “And where the hell will I put it?”

“Well that’s your problem, I’m just winning you it,” Jim stuck his tongue out like a five year told and you rolled your eyes. As Jim collected tokens your eyes drifted to Greg, you were surprised to find him already looking at you.

You cleared your throat and looked down to the ground until your head snapped back up at the sounds of buzzers sounding and lights flashing. You let out a small groan seeing Jim with a huge smile on his face as the man behind the counter handed him a giant green dragon. You took it off him, lightly laughing and shaking your head “I’m going to kill you!”

“No you’re not you love it! What are you going to call it?” Jim asked wrapping an arm around your waist.

You looked at it for a minute and smirked “Leslie…” You told Jim and he let out a snort of laughter. “Oh look!” Your eyes lit up as you pointed to a two person dance machine in front of you “Can we?!” You asked bouncing excitedly, however Jim was more excited than you and dragged you over. You placed down Leslie and jumped onto the dance mat.

“This looks like the one we used to dance in years ago…” Jim reminisced.

You put in some coins and smirked “Yeah but that was like dancing about on a plastic bag, we used to slip all the time. Remember when you sprained your ankle on it?”

“Oh god I do, we ended up in A&E that night” Jim chortled and the two of you wiggled around a bit on the light up dance tiles “I’m going to win,” Jim uttered.

“You wish,” you stuck your tongue out and Jim flipped you off whilst ‘Shut up and dance’ began to play. As you and Jim synchronised dance moves the gang gathered around you. The music stopped and you and Jim bent over trying to catch your breaths “Of…course…it’s….a…tie…” You panted out, gulping down air.

You grabbed onto the stuffed dragon and Mary suggested all seven of you to go on the dodgems. You mouthed to Jim to bump into Sherlock and he sent you a smirk and a nod. You and Jim tormented Sherlock by constantly bumping into him, both laughing your heads off.

“That’s it!” Sherlock growled and attempted to bump you and Jim back but the dodgems stopped and you and Jim both let out a hysterical roar of laughter as Sherlock rolled his eyes and went into a huff.

“Aww don’t be mad!” You stood up and wrapped an arm around Sherlock “We can’t all be dodgem champions.” The corner of Sherlock’s mouth rise up slightly at your teasing tone.

The seven of you picked up dinner on the way back to the camper van, faint giggling from behind caught your attention and you glanced behind your shoulder seeing Molly and Anderson being extremely intimate with each other. You noticed the subtle signs, eyes lingering at each other for a little too long, deliberately brushing hands together and of course, the smiles they were sharing.

You knew they really liked each other.

You could tell because those were the same things that you shared with Greg.

You eventually made it back to the beach and had dinner, although you kept an eye on Molly and Anderson. When Anderson offered to clear away the mess you decided to help him and followed him into the camper van, shutting the door over to keep some of the sand that was being blown off the beach out. And to have some privacy.

“You and Molly have been yapping away all day…the rest of us have barely said two words to the pair of you.” You smirked hearing Anderson cleaning his throat as you kept your eyes on the sink in front of you whist washing the dishes “You both get on like a house on fire,” you handed him a plate to dry.

“Yeah-well…she’s great!” Anderson stuttered out. “Molly’s also really funny and kind and pretty and-”

You cut off Anderson’s increasingly softening voice as if he was daydreaming about her right in front of you “I get it, you like her.”

You smirked when he blushed and bashfully nodded “So much so,” he timidly spoke “That I asked her to be my girlfriend…”

“WHAT!?” You screamed out with a huge smile on your face “What did she say! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!” You frantically slapped his chest with your soap covered rubber gloves.

“She said yes!” He swapped your soapy hands away “She said yes!” He laughed out as you jumped up and down on the spot.

You couldn’t be happier for the pair of them, the seemed to click together like puzzle pieces. “That’s wonderful, I’m so happy for the two of you.” A lightbulb went off in your head and you let out a small gasp “You should take my bed!”

“What?” He asked raising a brow.

“Yeah take my bed! Spend more time with her but I swear to God if you have sex in it-”

“We won’t!” Anderson cut you off. “Thanks Y/N, you’re a great friend,” Anderson wrapped his arms around you and hugged you tightly.

Greg opened the door to the camper van and walked in, he had to hold back the scowl that was starting to form on his face “What’s going on?”

You pulled away from Anderson with a smile “Nothing!” You told Greg but the way his jaw clenched indicated that he didn’t quite believe you. He was jealous. Anderson excused himself leaving the pair of you in the van. Alone. Again.

“It really was nothing…” You softly muttered.

“Didn’t look like nothing,” Greg was on the verge of spitting out his words “Why was he hugging you?”

You rolled your eyes and folded your arms across your chest “Because he’s a friend and I did him a favour and quite frankly I have no idea why I’m discussing this with you, why do you make it sound like its a problem that he hugged me?”

He remained silent and you let out a chortle of unamused laughter “If you really must know,” you broke the silence “He told me he asked Molly to be his girlfriend and I offered him my bed so he can spend some time with her and they can be in the same room together.”

Greg let out a sigh of relief “Okay…” He managed to choke out. Before you walked into your room to grab some stuff he came up behind you, pressing himself up against your back “Take my room.”

You furrowed your brows and turned around “What? No! I’m taking the couch, we have just over a week left, it won’t bother me.”

Greg rolled his eyes as you moved passed him “So stubborn,” he whispered out under his breath.

“Oh you love it really,” you smirked and Greg went wide eyed knowing that you heard him. You let out a sigh and sent him a small, genuine smile “Thank you for the offer, I’ll keep it in mind, but for now I’ll be alright on the couch.”

Greg watched as you went outside to the beach again just as a smile started to form on his face.

The two of you might actually be reconciling.

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Mass Effect 1 - a (not so) short summary
  • Anderson: this is a routine mission
  • Shepard: why there is a badass turian spectre with us then?
  • Anderson: dang you got me this is actually the beginning of a 3 games hell
  • ---
  • Nihlus: I work better alone
  • Nihlus: *dies*
  • Jenkins: yooo I'm all pumped up let's go kick some asses you'll be proud of me commander you'll see
  • Jenkins: *dies*
  • Shepard: this shitty game started like 20 minutes ago and 2 people died already
  • Shepard: well I'm sure there will be no more deaths afterward
  • ---
  • Ashley: look at my white and pink armor
  • Shepard: girl it's blue and black
  • Kaidan: are you 2 bitches blind it's fucking gold and white
  • Anderson: move your fat asses you fashion-tard twats
  • Anderson: it's brown and green to me tho
  • ---
  • Shepard: Kaidan what is that
  • Kaidan: it's an ugly sack of living gas
  • Shepard: no shit I'm talking about that big ass ship-shaped thing in the sky
  • Ashley: crap look at those blue mutant fuckers
  • Kaidan: are those geths?!
  • Shepard: what is this nightmare it's just half an hour gameplay and we are already in a pool full of shit
  • ---
  • Kaidan: what is this artifact
  • Ashley: it seems prothen
  • Shepard: it seems dangerous
  • Kaidan: yeah you're right better touch it
  • Kaidan: *touches it* fuCK
  • Shepard: Kaidan you fuckhead get out of-WHAT THE SHET
  • Ashley: jesus christ let's get out of here I gotta save my orange and grey armor
  • ---
  • Shepard: *wakes up on the Normandy* where am I
  • Chakwas: on the Normandy read the previous line
  • Shepard: are you drunk
  • Chakwas: yes
  • Shepard: cool where is Anderson
  • Chakwas: on the Normandy
  • Shepard: shut
  • Anderson: Sheppy we are fucked let's go to the Citadel the council will surely help us
  • ---
  • Udina: Saren is evil
  • Council: OMG Saren is that tru
  • Saren: nah
  • Council: human bitches stop wasting our time you can all go fuck an Elcor
  • Shepard: nice what now
  • ---
  • Garrus: hello yes I'm the very reason of the tears of thousands of fan girls I can help
  • Shepard: I can't romance you in this game tho
  • Garrus: yeah too bad we will recover in the next 2 games don't worry
  • Garrus: anyway Saren is evil
  • Shepard: I knew it do you got some evidence?
  • Garrus: my sexyness is the only evidence you need
  • ---
  • Wrex: shepard
  • Shepard: who are you and what do you want
  • Wrex: shepard
  • Shepard: alright join my squad
  • ---
  • Tali: Saren is evil I got evidence
  • Shepard: dang are you some kind of Assassin's Creed character from the future
  • Tali: rude
  • ---
  • Shepard: here the proof that Saren is a motherfucker
  • Council: yeah well solve it by yourself 'cause where not doing shit
  • Anderson: listen here you narcissist bugs
  • Council: Shepard we declare you first human spectre
  • Shepard: nice
  • ---
  • Anderson: so take my ship you're the boss now
  • Shepard: well thank you what are you gonna do
  • Anderson: absolutely nothing thanks for asking
  • ---
  • Joker: so we can go rescue an asari bitch if you want she has information I think
  • Shepard: why you so mean
  • Joker: I have crystal bones
  • ---
  • Liara: OMG free me I love you
  • Shepard: chill
  • Liara: thanks for saving me let's have sex
  • Shepard: you're welcome but slow down like for real
  • Liara: I'm sorry I will beg for forgiveness by having your babies
  • Shepard: girl
  • ---
  • Liara: ah here we are in Noveria seems like a nice planet isn't it
  • Benezia: I'm fundamentally good but I'll try to kill you anyway
  • Shepard: not if I'll kill you first biatch
  • Benezia: *dies*
  • Liara: mother no
  • Shepard: I'm sorry do you wanna talk about it
  • Liara: yes let's talk about this naked in your cabin
  • Rachni Queen: free me
  • Shepard: holy shit a shiny parasect
  • Garrus: Shepard that's the Rachni Queen
  • Shepard: where's my pokeball
  • ---
  • Shepard: next destination: Virmire. I'm sure everything will be just fine
  • Shepard: nope
  • Player: nope
  • Everyone: nope
  • ---
  • Shepard: fuck you know what? Enough with these shit let's go kill Saren
  • Saren: come and get it punk
  • Shepard: damn where did he go
  • Anderson: Shepshit the citadel is under attack by Saren and the Sovereign get you ass here and fight
  • Anderson: also the council is under attack do you want to save them?
  • Shepard: they're just a bunch of assholes they did nothing to help us those useless sluts
  • Shepard: yeah let's save them
  • ---
  • Shepard: Saren you son of a cockroach stop this nonsense
  • Saren: sorry bae *shoots himself*
  • Shepard: shit that worked we won
  • Saren: *turns into a powerful undead nightmare controlled by Sovereign*
  • Shepard: are you kidding me
  • ---
  • Anderson: yooo you did it child
  • Council: yeah thanks I guess now humans will have a seat in the council
  • Council: who will become the new human ambassador? Shepard you decide
  • Udina: choose me
  • Anderson: don't choose me
  • Shepard: I choose Anderson
  • Anderson: son of varren
Anderson Household Answering Machine Message Script

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James: Hello, you have reached the Anderson household. We are unable to answer the phone right no—

Sam: [cutting James off with a loud voice] Because Matthew is too big a dumbass to answer the fucking phone!! [obviously trying to let Matthew hear him and let him know how pissed he is]

Erik: [tries to catch his breath as he runs after Sam] Sam!! Put that down!!

Matthew: Well it isn’t my fault!! You never do anything around the house anyway, Sam!! [trying to get away from Sam, avoiding blows from the object Sam is apparently holding]

Erik: [tries to intercept the fight between Matthew and Sam] Now hold on you two—Ow!! [a loud thunk sounds as Erik gets caught up in the crossfire]

Sam: Get back here you little pipsqueak!!!

James: Oh for the love of- SAM! MATTHEW! [sets down the phone and goes to take care of the fight]

Damien: [picks up the phone in a mild panic, speaking quickly because of the heat and speed of the situation] Uh, l-leave your number and name and we’ll try to get to you as quickly as we possibly can. Thank you for calling the Anderson residence. [hangs up quickly]