thank you very much anon! ;;

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Heyo, little message about CJ for you all. DON'T EVEN FUCKING BOTHER WITH HER!! I once respected her (yikes) and her art, but listen, if you respect people, stay away from her. She shits on everything for a living, tbh. Sure, she's had hate, yada yada, but that doesn't excuse any of her actions. Also, for all you people affect by gore, DO NOT GO TO HER TUMBLR!! She is answering asks with untagged gore gifs (what a surprise), so protect yourselves. The best thing we can do is bury and forget her

cuddling with juho

anon: Sf9 Zuho cuddles? Omg I saw your youngbin ver and loved it

    • a/n: sure honey!! thank very much for loving the youngbin one as well, that means a lot to me ^^ i hope you like it, and the gif doesn’t belong to me credits to the owner :D

  • he’s the kind of boyfriend
  • that has a side that only you know
  • you know the super sweet and caring side of him
  • he shows it to his members sometimes tho
  • juho would really love cuddling with you
  • since it’s one of the times where he could show you
  • how much he loves you
  • when you’re in his arms
  • he whispers like really cute things in your ear
  •  ike
  • “every time i see you, i fall in love with you over again”
  • “spending with you is the highlight of my day”
  • and much more
  • he’s also the one person that loves you
  • being the big spoon instead of being the little spoon
  • i can see him falling asleep quickly when you’re the big spoon
  • he smiles before he falls asleep because
  • he can feel how tight your arms are wrapped 
  • around him
  • he thinks it’s cute
  • sometimes he turns around and faces you
  • just to see you
  • “i’m so lucky to have you, y/n”
  • “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”
  • even though you were sleeping

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How did you make your lavender milk?? It looks so yummy!

thank you so much anon!! it’s very sweet and so good to have before bedtime; I’m really glad I found out about it hehe ☺️

so, you combine one cup of any kind of milk (I use vanilla almond bc I can’t have regular milk) and lavender (2-3 tablespoons; I got mine at Whole Foods in the spice section)! in a pot on the stove. you let it simmer on low for about 10-15 minutes, so as not to burn the lavender, and the milk can absorb the flavor. then, you strain the lavender. add some honey (1 tsp) and vanilla extract (¼ tsp) while it is still freshly hot for a sweeter taste! 💘 ☕️

i hope im not too late with some more support for @lampentdaily!! in this case, via some fanart for everybody’s favorite lampent, Lori!

i would also like to take this moment to say that even though we don’t really know each other at all, ur super cool and i appreciate your existence a lot, and of all people to get anon hate you should be one of the last to do so.
i may not be incredibly active on this blog at all, but honestly, i wouldnt have gotten anywhere on it if it wasn’t for you, so i thank you very much for that, on top of keeping cool and continuing to be able to run such an amazing blog, with great art and a v nice muse! please keep up the great work!!))

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You are an amazing and incredible human being!!! I cant believe I just find out about you now. Your arts are beyond excellent and I admire you very very much indeed. You have earned a new crazy fan today, please keep up the good work. I will be off to your store now, will need A LOT of self control to not buy everything!!!!

Oh my goodness all these compliments first thing in the morning I have so many feels THANK YOU FOR ALL THE NICE WORDS AND THE SUPPORT ANON! I’ll do my best to draw much more~ ( ・`ω・´)

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Your eyes! And your nose/lack of nose also your lines have a certain look that makes me know it is your art. Very pretty art too

u can probably blame my undying love for adv time for the lack of noses in my art sometimes hahhh;

thank you so much aah

cuddling with rowoon

anon: hi can i request cuddling headcanons for youngbin, rowoon, and hwiyoung of sf9? thanks and good luck with your blog!

    • a/n: gifs not mine, credits to the owner! also guys, thank you very much for 20+ followers ^^

  • hmm cuddling with this tol cutie?
  • he’d probs be the big spoon 
  • like almost every time the two of you cuddle
  • “wait don’t tell me you want to be the big spoon this time?”
  • “why you want to be big spoon now?”
  • “yeah, since it’s always you”
  • you guys switch roles sometimes
  • okay when he comes back from work
  • he’d lay down on the couch and
  • tell you to come cuddle with him
  • even though when you’re doing the dishes or something
  • “wait a minute, i’m doing the dishes honey”
  • “prince/ss you can do that later, right?”
  • he’d stand up from the couch and walk over to you
  • just to wrap his arms around your waist
  • and tell you that he wants to cuddle
  • when cuddling he’d tell you everything what happened that day at practice
  • “you know, hwiyoung invited a classmate over, s/he was pretty good in dancing”
  • “really?”
  • “yeah, i think s/he’s officially a trainee”
  • “you didn’t accepted her/him right?”
  • “i actually did…”
  • he falls asleep quickly after a long talk with you
  • you’d fall asleep as well since you’re tired as well
  • he sometimes puts your arms around him
  • so he feels safe
  • he also kisses you lots 
  • like lots
  • on your forehead, on your hair, your neck and every where he can

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Hellooo im new to tumblr AND the tg fandom hehe, since you're the first tg blog i follow, can you give me some recommendations for touken/tousaki blogs and fic writers? Or just tg posts in general is ok too. Please and thank you very much!! I hope i'm not bothering you ('•w•')

no trouble! welcome to the fandom! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

—meta writers, translators and just good content in general:



—touken mutuals.

many of them have great touken content so don’t worry! sorry if I miss anyone, I have the memory of a fish

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4, 5 ,6 and 30 please!

4. answered in a previous ask.

5. talk about your crush or someone you love.

oh gosh, there’s this wonderful person? they live in california and they make me smile so much. they’ve helped me through some really rough nights and i love them very much. i appreciate them more than i can say.

6. what is your favourite dog breed?

dachshund. i have one (bucky) and my brother has his brother (diego). we’re one big weenie family.

30. what is your favourite feeling?

the little squeeze in my heart i get when someone says “thank you” in an anon ask.

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I love all of your art and stuff, and I especially love Addi. It helps that we have the same nickname, haha! Seriously though, she's a very well thought out oc, and it makes me happy to see drawings of her :)


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For grouch I've been following you for a long time and I really like your drawing style,you are my favorite artist! (Sorry my English is so bad,I from Chile ) For Fran I like watching your streamings!

Aw thank you so much for the kind message, we both appreciate it very much ; v ;♥

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I will confess that I'm disappointed that you'd prefer to not show your face and sad that you think so lowly of your own appearance. That being said it's your choice and I will respect it, I just wanted my opinion heard on the matter. Ah, also, while we can't see your face you're still a wonderful person and have stunning eyes and gorgeous hair, friend!

Sephtis: “Really?! Th-thank you very much. That’s very kind of you, but unfortunately I’m always scared people will shame me for being ugly again. I never thought I’d hear those words from somebody besides my parents, thank you…”

((Looks like made Sephtis speechless, they don’t get many compliments. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to see the face Sephtis hides under the mask.))

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Hi dating-anon here. I just texted the guy and I am seriously terrified for his reaction but you're right I had to do this. I just wanna say thank you and that lovely anon for being so supportive and nice. You didn't need to respond but you did and it might seem like a small thing but it means a lot to me so thank you very much <3

I hope it all goes well! If his response bothers you feel free to drop by again~

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I honestly love how like me, you are very passionate about the comic version of Negan like, even though i barely logged into this account before i changed it for an oc of mine, i've been following you for the longest and like coming back i see all the comic Negan related things like, your one of the few who still appreciate and prefer the comic version of the bae. While i looooove JDM, comic Negan will always own hands down and i'm glad i still follow your amazing blog. <3

Wow, damn…thank you so much :D Most anons are just telling me to shut my annoying trap. LOL

Long Live comic Negan! <3

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Hang in there, I believe in you! Take your time coming back and answer stuff when you feel better, there's no need to rush~

Ahhh i will ! thank you so much anon ! You’re to kind :‘3
Yes! i will try my best to take back my spirit and won’t let you down :’)
Thank you so much again for caring and believe in me ^_^ i’m very appreciate that :’D

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Loved the new Nobility chapter! Every word you write holds so many emotions....I'm in awe. This story is very underrated!

Oh thank you so much, Anon. It’s definitely the fic I write for the story and nothing else (which is good, because if I were writing it for popularity I would have made a series of crucial errors, i.e. dark Hermione, insecure Pansy, female only narrators, female rivalry, unpopular pairings and/or taking my sweet ass time with pairings, plus a whole host of other things I am learning that people don’t respond all that favorably to) so it’s really nice to hear there are people enjoying it. 

Really, thank you so much. Please know that the time you took to send this really turned my morning around, and I am so happy to have heard from you!