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The best people @goldenstyles​ and @daisieslouis​ tagged me here. And because I’m not on Tumblr mobile for a change, I’m doing this tag. Thanks Sab and Ash!

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a) Age: 20
b) Biggest fear: Failing at something and being in a loveless relationship
c) Current time: 6:29 P.M
d) Drink you last had: Water.  
e) Every day starts with: Because vacations, I just laze around on my bed checking my messages. Else i’m in a rush to reach college on time.
f) Favorite song atm: Writer in the Dark by Lorde
g) Ghosts, are they real?: Yes, defo yes.
h) Hometown: Mumbai meri jaan :,)
i) In love with: Cats.
j) Jealous of: Anyone who has their life together rn   
k) Killed someone: nah
l) Last time you cried: yesterday evening, thank you anxiety.
m) Middle name: My paa’s name
n) Number of siblings: an older brother, he’s dope
o) one wish: to be free
p) Person you last called/texted: @daisieslouis​ their Woman obsession is growing on me
q) Questions you are always being asked: “Can you stop talking for a minute?”
r) Reasons to smile: My guitar, my best friend, the number of chocolates in my fridge
s) Song last sung: Faded- Alan Walker
t) Time you woke up: Around 10 am I guess 
u) Underwear color: Green
v) Verse from a song you like: 

“ And if you’re in love, then you are the lucky one
‘Cause most of us are bitter over someone
Setting fire to our insides for fun
To distract our hearts from ever missing them
But I’m forever missing him”

That’s Youth by Daughter

w) Worst habit: I overthink and find reasons to hate myself
x) X-rays you’ve had: none
y) Your favorite food: anything with Paneer (Cottage Cheese in it) 
z) Zodiac sign: GEMINI BITCHES

i tag @oliviatracknine, @harryspdf, @larryiswhatilivefor, @rosesharry @bigsparrowharry, @promisetweet @hunkyniall @kiwiau and @crapcrepe and anyone else who wants to do this!

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Hi I'd love to buy your beautiful charms online I absolutely love your art! 😍will you make a post about it when you put them up online? I'd hate to miss the chance to buy them all 😢

Heyyy! Thank you!

Yes, I’ll be making a post on twitter and on tumblr when my online store will reopen! I’m planning to reopen it sometime between July 6th-July 10th.


mini messengers.


A lot of people get carried away by their growing popularity and forget to be thankful for the community. Lucky for us, Sean’s not like that. I realize I say this way too many times but I mean it every single one of them: thank you, Sean, just for being there and doing what you do and cheering me us up whenever we feel down and making us feel even better when life is going okay. You taught me the value of kindness, respect and honesty so thank you, Sean. 

Thank you.

Please ignore the disorganization (look, I tried, Tumblr wouldn’t let me put all 20 screenshots in at once)

The Issue of Being a Freelance Artist (When working with non-designers): A story by Sean Williams (and future reference for other artists)

Hey guys, looks like its story time… I’m going to vent to you guys about something that just happened to me today, and hopefully you guys can reblog it so that we as artists, can try to avoid this from happening in the future.

For the last month or so I’ve been working on a freelance project for a woman who plans on running a blog about going to College. Throughout this process, I’ve worked with her step by step, going through designs, drafts, re-drafts and etc. After turning in the final design yesterday and being in agreement that the design was good, and that payment should be finalized; she sent me an email stating this: 

“I ran the design by a couple of people affiliated with by blog, and I am going to have to ask you to redo it.  It’s just not what we were looking for.  I’m not a design person at all and I wanted it done, so I settled on it. But this has to be done right”


“Okay, fine” I thought. Sometimes things don’t work out, and designs need to be redone. I was fine with this, and I have absolutely no problem working with a client to make sure that they’re happy; but something about her wording stuck a chord…. She settled. And for reference: THIS is what she said yesterday- BEFORE the email today stating: “This has to be done right” 

FUN FACT: I had gone in a completely different direction before coming up with the design I sent yesterday, but after HOURS of working on it and checking in with her (with her telling me she loved the way it looked) –

–I was asked to redo it.

She told me to redo it. A DAY BEFORE IT WAS DUE.  Which I did (The design I turned in yesterday). But I digress..

I continued reading through the email: 

“If you are not able or willing to take this on, then we can just cut our ties here.  If you would like to finish the project in a time sensitive manner and be paid the other 50$ and be featured, then please get me a new design by today.” 

At this point, I’d been working with her for a little over a month, (I’m a full-time student, and I work the maximum number of hours that I’m allowed to work on campus, on top of that I’m the president of an animation organization on campus, so suffice to say, I’m busy) and she had a deadline for the project, so there was a part of me that could understand her urgency. We had decided on $100. Half up front and half after I had finished. But now something else had stuck with me: “Please get me a new design by today”

What? Are you kidding me? a NEW design? We had been working together for over a month, and I had worked based on what she wanted, and now she wanted a COMPLETELY new design by the end of the day. A day, I might add that I don’t have free because I have work and then other school-related obligations that I need to fulfill… That would mean sketches to generate more ideas, having to confer with her on the design, THEN actually implementing the design, and having to clean it all up, with 1.) No direction (because the way I designed it previously was obviously all wrong), and 2.) By the end of the day.

This had to be done right, and after all of that working and reworking, I was STILL looking to try to be as helpful and professional as possible. So of course,  I was considering starting from scratch and coming up with a THIRD finalized design, until I read the rest of the email… HERE’S THE KICKER: I can’t even make this shit up. 

“A few things to keep in mind. 1.  I am a professional.  I’m an adult, this is my business.  I want it clean, simple and streamlined”.

In my head I thought: “You’re joking. You’re going to tell me these things like I’m a child? First of all, I may be a student, but I’m a working adult, I take care of my schoolwork, I pay rent, I pay a car note, I’m ENGAGED, AND take care of a pet Ferret. Beyond that, not only have I worked on this project with you step, by step, but I’ve done COUNTLESS drafts and ON TOP OF THAT, you’ve told me multiple times that the design is perfect for what you’re looking for”

The email continued: 


Are you fucking kidding me. This woman thought it was okay to send me: A designer; this “HELPFUL” link. About tips. FOR NON DESIGNERS. WHEN SHE HERSELF IS NOT A DESIGNER. After this I was LIVID. But I kept my composure and kept reading:

“Ask me questions, read the blog, treat me as if I’m a real client. Let me know your thoughts on this.” 

I almost couldn’t contain myself. For a month I’ve done sketches, layouts, and etc… I’d worked with you step by step, following her instructions for the design, FOR EACH ITERATION OF THE DESIGN and I had tailored each of my changes exactly to her specifications. Beyond that I’d read and re-read over the blog multiple times in an effort to come up with a design that would best display her intentions. I was so upset after reading her email that I literally just closed my phone and walked around for a few minutes to clear my head. 

After much consideration, I decided to do what she herself had suggested and cut our ties. And I did it in what I feel was the most respectful way that I could while still maintaining my dignity. I sent her a message stating that I’m sorry that things didn’t work out, but that I could tell that she clearly didn’t respect me as an artist, and that I thought it best if we didn’t continue working together. I wished her good luck in finding a designer that could suit her needs, and I went about my day. 

Although this situation didn’t end the way that I had expected it to when we began working together, I’ve learned some things, and I wanted to share my story with you all as a way to help raise awareness for things like this:


There are non designers who will commission you and be happy that you created something for them, and there are those that will NEVER be satisfied with what you give them. See the warning signs and DO NOT work with people who are going to be difficult for the sake of being difficult.

 I’ve worked with more than a few people who don’t appreciate the amount of passion and hard work that goes into art, and it draining, frustrating and its just not worth it. 

Another thing that I learned is please please please DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT. 

The project that I was working on wasn’t worth $100. And after the second draft it was even worth doing for $200. I understand being a student and needing money, but I’d rather work for free on something that I love than work for pennies on something that I hate. 


I have friends in the animation industry who STILL don’t feel like they’re necessarily “Professionals”

KNOW YOUR WORTH.  And never ever EVER Let anyone tell you what you’re worth. Especially if they don’t know or respect just how much work and time goes into making the beautiful things that you all make.

I think that’s about it. Thanks for putting up with yet another long rant about me trying to navigate my life as an artist!

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(also… completely unrelated: If you’re an artist reading this, let me know! I’d love to follow you and I hope you do the same!)


Why I Think Wondertrev Actually Worked

So I just got back from watching Wonder Woman. Before I saw it, I expected to enjoy it, but thought I would also have to sit through an unnecessary romance between Steve Trevor and Diana. However, that didn’t happen. Their relationship was so well done, and so adorable, that I couldn’t help but love it. When I got home and immediately looked up the Wonder Woman tag on tumblr, I noticed a trend. Most people thought they would have to put up with Wondertrev, but left the theatre loving it, and here is why I think that is: their relationship was written by a woman. Think about it. So often we get relationships written by men for men. They’re dominant, masculine, and honestly, kind of toxic. In Wonder Woman, Wondertrev was written for women by a woman. Diana and Steve were shown as equals, and Steve acted how women want men to act-not how men THINK women want them to act. He was kind, encouraging, and he didn’t try to protect her-at least, not once he realized what she was capable of. So often we get powerful women who are shown as weaker than their main love interest, but that didn’t happen here. 

 Anyway, I can’t really put it into words very well, but I loved Wondertrev because it was actually an ideal relationship for women, and not something for men to fantasize about. 

!Warning!: This post is filled with positivity and love for EVERYONE who follows or blogs about the ACOTAR universe> continue at your own risk

I don’t care if you paint Rhys the color blue: if that’s how you interpret him then bring on the sexy smurf bat.

I don’t care if your crackpot theory is that Feyre was actually on a peyote fueled vision quest the entire 3 books: what a creative idea! Please tell me more!

I don’t care if you write a fic about Cassian being sexually attracted to a rock: That’s a little different, but may the rock be as chiseled as Cassian’s abs.

AND FINALLY, I don’t care if you may have forgotten the little freckle next to the moon-shaped scar on Nesta’s big toe: We all know every detail about these characters. Life, and a piece of art, can go on without it.

THE POINT IS: Write, draw, and post WHATEVER you feel represents these books in your eyes, and give others the courtesy to be able to do the same. But please don’t give up on this fandom. You guys are the reason I joined Tumblr in the first place— so that I could have someone to share my love for these books and Sarah J. Maas with, without criticism. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the joy, laughter, and tears that your posts bring me on a daily basis. Thank you for being willing to put your thoughts and feelings on display, and know that I can see the time and effort you put in at your own free will for our enjoyment. 

Remember, we are a fandom of dreamers, and only the stars can stop us. :)

“The Court of Dreams. I had belonged to a court of dreams. And dreamers.”  —A Court of Mist and Fury, Sarah J. Maas

  • Magnus: Imagine if someone handed you a box of all the items you have lost throughout your life.
  • Clary: It would be nice to get my sense of putting back.
  • Jace: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding that.
  • Raphael: My will to live! I haven't seen this in years.
  • Simon: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
  • Alec: Mental stability, my old friend!
  • Luke: Kids, could you lighten up a little?

Lemon Sage Honey!
Great for sore throats, coughs, and colds.
Honey is my go to for medicine. It’s sweet, it’s wholesome, and it’s so beneficial!
Lemon and sage are a great combo to add to make it tasty and healthy and help you fight the nasties!
1c honey
1/2c lemon juice
2 tsp fresh sage or 4 tsp dried
Bring to a simmer.
Put a lid on it!
Take off heat and let sit 10min.
Label and date!
Store in fridge up to a month or so.
Thanks #thrivemarket !
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Okay like I’m all for disliking a ship or whatever but like… can people please keep their ship hate out of the tag?

Here are some fun ways to keep your hate out of the ships tags:

- Don’t spell it completely. doing ‘//’ or ‘.’ does not keep it out of the tag if it’s still spelled fully. (Nik//than would still come up in the nikthan tag while nkthn won’t)

- use a number instead of a letter! (n1kthan will not show up in the nikthan tag)

- A mix of both is a surefire way to keep it out of the tag (nk//than, for example.)

Things that will not keep a post out of the tag:

- Adding the word ‘anti’ next to it. (Anti nikthan or anti-nikthan will still show up in the tag. Likewise, putting the word in the tag even if the tag is a phrase will put it in the tag, like ‘I think nikthan made this post’ will put it in the nikthan tag)

- only adding // or .. (n//ikthan will still show up in the tag)

- Putting the ship name in the post itself. (This is… obvious. But if you search ‘nikthan’ on tumblr, anything with ‘nikthan’ in the post itself will show up in that tag)

Thanks for your time. Tag responsibly!


I’ve been wanting to draw this for a while but I never seemed to have time.

I’ve been wanting to draw something to say thank you to my tumblr followers for putting up with me so much, and my self-doubting posts and seemingly repeated problems I complain about.

Thank you for being patient with me.

And thank you for supporting me regardless.

Edit: please full view, in the resized version the yellows look all weird. X’D

There are a lot of storms that go on inside my head, storms that I can’t control nor prevent from happening. They just sweep right through, carrying this ability that can send me into these whirls of overthinking and self-doubt and anxiety. Now, I don’t expect everyone to understand that. The battle with yourself is one that you have to deal with alone. There’s nobody who can help you loosen the chains your mind locks you up in. If you’re a bystander in the war of my life, just stand beside me and tell me everything will be okay, even if you’re not sure of it. In those hazy, drunk nights where I’m awake at three in the morning writing, or spinning my favorite records, or crying even; I just need someone to be there with me. Isn’t that what love is? Being there for somebody in their lowest moments, even if you can’t entirely comprehend them. Holding them when their anxiety sends them to shivers, knowing clearly that when the morning comes they will kiss you and thank you for simply being there. It’s not easy to put up with me, but I hope someone does.
Ways to Bond With Your Tarot Deck!

I recently did a BUNCH of tarot readings with a deck I hadn’t used in a while, and by the time I was finished, I could literally just feel my cards getting irritated and worn out. It was quite a strange sensation, but I finally felt like I could relate to the “big shot” diviners I look up to on Tumblr!

I’m going to say that if your cards decide they’re getting too tired after a certain number of readings, just say thank you, and put them away. I usually wrap mine up in a black shawl I have, and set a quartz crystal(for cleansing) and an amethyst(for psychic gifts and mental acuity) on top of them for a few hours.

Some ways you can bond with a tired deck(or if you just don’t want to do readings atm):

  • Shuffling absentmindedly
  • Sleeping with the deck under your pillow
  • Studying the cards themselves, I.e. the photos on each one
  • Practice shuffling and drawing cards
  • Coming up with your own meaning or even stories for each card based on your gut or the pictures

There’s lots of things you can do that don’t necessarily require actual readings that might wear out both you and your cards. But the more time you spend with them, the more in-tune you become with each other, and the more reliable and clear your readings can become! I would also suggest doing things not related to the deck itself, like studying tarot card meanings online, learning how to make your own spreads and finding spreads online. Learning how to handle your deck can make for a much more enjoyable experience with it!


“Will they just go and get a room, or, I don’t know, just go get married?”

“They still insist they are just friends.”

“…I am so done with them.“


Sorry as their heads are too big so I cannot find a way to let Steve standing on Tony’s boot (without kissing Tony in the process) so please ignore that bug XDDD

A fluffy Stony short comic for all of you and as a little celebration heehee

MY TUMBLR HAVE REACHED 1,000 FOLLOWERS!!! THANKS FOR FOLLOWING ME!!! I have never thought it is possible when I start drawing! Thanks for putting up with all my babbling and complains and all the silly fluffy ideasXD And I can’t say enough thank yous to all the likes, reblogs and especially the kind and encouraging messages, they all mean a lot to me and I would re-read the messages you sent me when I am upset, and I always feel a lot better after that ;D

Thank you, again, and I hope you would enjoy the Stony arts as much as I do! (*´▽`*)✿ Hail Stony!!!

You have been here to try and keep me sane-
Whatever sanity I still have left, anyway.
Right when I want to go insane,
You tell me, save it, for better days.

You let me lose my crazy mind
Only so that I can find it, one more time.
You tell me to think things through
Before I let my emotions stick like glue.

You keep me with my feet on the ground
While helping me rise up higher than I thought.
You brush my doubts away with a blown kiss
Like they are leaves, lost in a breeze.

You tell me to breathe, making me feel at ease;
It’s like I can feel my mind- finally settling down.
You tell me to let out all that’s in my beating heart;
And you pick up my broken pieces, working to put them back.

This isn’t a love poem-
And yet, 
It is.


@teacup13…because a mere thank you, just would not do.

gayestforjaehee  asked:

Just wanted to tell you that you're my favorite artist and I love all of your works😆👏. I really appreciate the time you put in to these drawings. As for my request, could you do short haired Jaehee and MC 1 in school uniforms?

Thank you so much!! tbh i really wanted to get to this request bc i love those cute sailor uniforms… anyway; jaehee’s here to beat up MC’s bullies with her judo ability ( ÒㅅÓ)

BTD2 Walkthrough - Vincent Endings

Alright I put this guide together for Vincent since pretty much everyone has been looking for one. Now edited (4/12/17) to hopefully make the steps more clear; a lot of routes branch from ending 1 which are noted mainly because tumblr keeps fucking with my formatting. Hit me up if you have questions or if I made a mistake editing and I’ll do my best to answer/fix it!

Lots of spoilers under the cut!! Thank you @daniel-bear for the solutions to 13 + 19!

I also personally used these guides for the other boys: Cain / Lawrence / Ren

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i. i crawled across the bathroom floor, my heart tied to one snapped heel, because i’d been taught supplication, not domination. you laughed and stomped on my fingers and i licked blood from the sole of your boot.

ii. i grew thorns instead of fingernails and barbed wire instead of a smile. i wrote it all over my body: ‘DO NOT TOUCH ME, I WILL MAKE YOU BLEED.’ ‘I WAS SOFT ONCE, BUT NEVER AGAIN.’ No one noticed until it was too late.

iii. him, for instance: soft-lipped, sweet-smiled boy with cool hands and a laugh like breaking clouds. i whittled him down, kissed hellish silence and late-night storms into his skin even after he begged for mercy. he stabbed himself in the neck with his favorite pen, because i’d taught him that the things you love hurt the most.

iv. i picked up your bad habits: your bite, your hard eyes, your fingertips that felt like honey and acted like arsenic. should a boy ever drag himself across bloodied linoleum and hold his hands out to me, i won’t hesitate to impale his wrist with the snapped heel i never bothered to fix – i was taught supplication, but now i’ve been taught to kill what loves me the most.

v. thank you for taking me apart and putting me back together loud and bloody. i no longer hear my own screams, as the screams of my lovers are louder.

—  I PICKED UP YOUR BAD HABITS // abby, day 235

It’s been a long and crazy year. I started this Tumblr page with 3 followers. Now I have 122 followers. I love and care for all of you. Thanks for making this year nice and fun. Just like the fairy tail guild we come together to share our feelings with each other♥️. As a thank you gift made some aesthetic of the main 4. Enjoy and thanks for all he smiles♥️🌸.

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