thank you trente' for recommending it

Book Recomendations

Hey! So I’ve been meaning to do this ever since I made the post asking for any supernatural romancy books, but I figured I would make a list of the books that some people recommended along with who recommended them and a link to their descriptions.

I wanted this to be kinda my thank you to those who recommended and as a way to just keep them all together in one spot! Feel free to add any/suggest any more to me!

1. Night World by L.J. Smith (suggested by @healing-scorpio )

2. House of Night Series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast ( @healing-scorpio )

3. The Anita Blake Series by Laurel K Hamilton (@therealwhitewitch )

4. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova ( @dante691 )

5. Hallowmere by A. M. Jenkins, Paul Crilley, and Tiffany Trent ( @luminescent-wanderings )

6. Forevermore by Cindy Miles ( @secretly-a-spaceship )

((Also, to those that I have put up here, if you want me to take down your names from this post feel free to let me know and I’ll take your name down!))