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just wanna give a big shout out to those that participated in #lizzingtonweek. anything from text posts to gif sets to fammix to meta. whatever you contributed, even likes and reblogs, was a great celebration of these two characters

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anonymous asked:

Do you think the writer's watch their own show? I don't. After all, I know more about the past than anyone writing the show. Didn't Red know Sam all his life? Wasn't the person who dropped Liz off with Sam a "he" (according to Red's story in 1X22 'he' was). Didn't Red answer the father question with a "no" a million times. Isn't Liz's dad dead? I thought Red valued loyalty, but he has affairs??? I give up! This is a mess!

Hi Anon, 

thank you for your questions first of all. But honestly!? Right now, I have no idea at all? I´m torn between super disappointed and angry and sad and I was not really able to make up my mind. 

As far as it concerns me, all your questions are right. I believed the same things and no, I don´t think tptb watch their own show, at least that´s what they make me feel after all this season and season 3b. 

I don´t want to believe they changed everything from the beginning, but right now, I´m not so sure. I still want to believe in Lizzington, but it´s getting harder. 

I cling to @eaglechica19 and her theory that Red is not the real Reddington. That´s what keeps my head up. It´s a long theory, but yes, it would make sense…. 

Thinking that Red is bio dad would be such a lame solution, but after all this, I learned most of all, that TPTB are not to be trusted in story telling. They change their mind, like a flag in the wind. 

I must admit I do not watched the two new episodes. I will do, as soon as I can and maybe, maybe in the end it all makes somehow sense… 

But, yes sometimes I feel like you do: I guess we all know more about TB then TPTB do. 

Thank you for your question. I´m sorry I have no better answers.

boydlove  asked:

Hi Sasha, how are u? I'm personally quite upset with Louis, like wth he is doing? why he is trying so hard to create drama in the fandom?This whole situation is already a mess and we dont need him to "wind us up" lol I'm really upset and confused with this, you have any thoughts about it? (Plus, my brothers and friends really love I Won't Mind, they made a cover acapella reaaaaally cool and now I'm tryin to to convince them to post it on youtube lol). Thank you very much x

Well, I’m personally far from convinced that’s actually Louis feuding with Naughty Boy. First of all, 1D isn’t even allowed to give Zayn a good luck shoutout on Twitter but Louis is allowed to talk shit without a thought to the possible backlash? Nah. And yes, there is backlash for the moment–non boyband fans are clearly Team Zayn/Naughty Boy. But I think that’s what tptb wanted and expected. Seems to me someone wants you to think there’s hard feelings here. Because playing nice is not gonna get articles written and keep the fandom and curious casual observers 110% engaged, now is it?? 

Imo, this is just another chapter in destroying the boyband in order to rebuild them as a manband. Lemme backtrack a bit. Last year I said all of 1D was underutilized in terms of building individual celebrity for themselves. I said Zayn was way too pretty to just be Perrie’s arm candy (not that we’ve seen them arm in arm very much in the past year). I said checking out other websites when weedgate blew up that people would pause from shitting on 1D (and oh how they shitted on them) to talk about how gorgeous Zayn is. This happened with adult gossip fans (dlisted), people of color (Lipstick Alley), and the most jaded and cynical showbiz watchers (Gawker & Celebitchy). Everybody loves that face. And it just so happens that there’s legit talent behind it as well. Fast forward to now and we have 1DHQ launching Zayn as an individual celebrity in the most headline grabbing ways they can conjure up. 

  • He left a money machine and his close buds for love!
  • No he left because the spotlight gave him a bad case of stress!
  • No he left because he’s a nightmare pill popper!
  • No he left because he parties too hard and can’t resist vaginas attached to any random blonde!
  • No he left to be a normal dude bro!
  • No he left because he’s too cool for a boyband!
  • No he left to go solo!

So now that they’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink out there to get your attention, would you like to HEAR the voice behind that beautiful mess? Cue Naughty Boy and Louis. So far, outside the fandom the response is overwhelmingly positive. And like I said yesterday, how many respected media outlets take time to review a DEMO SNIPPET??? Someone is making this happen. Stay tuned.

My current theory remains unchanged. Zerrie will end (after giving Little Mix a publicity push). While on break, 1D will reach out to Zayn, comforting him through this difficult time (lol). Zayn will realize he misses his boys and needs their camaraderie (awwww).

Then he will return to the tour, media frenzy in full effect. He’ll be bringing his newfound cred as the not squeaky clean deep one with him…and some new fans…because that’s the pretty one from that boyband. Existing 1D fans will accept it because DRAMA and ZAYN and OT5!! 

The face that launched a major rebrand. They got the right man for the job. 

onedayyoujustchange  asked:

Have you seen the spoilers for 6.9? I'm sure you have and I wanted your opinion on the Carol/Morgan/wolf bits. I'm frustrated because tptb spend all this time saying Carol isn't cold or a killer and then they give us this. Please share your views.


Thanks for asking me about No Way Out, because i have been thinking it through all afternoon and discussing the events with friends. Edit: We all know written summaries don’t tell the story with tone body language etc. Remember last year and “ you look ridiculous!” Which played much better than the summary read back then. I’ll wait to see it unfold in screen ( end edit addition) I’m not worried a bit about it, and no, 

None of what happens in ‘No Way Out’ is Carol’s fault at all.  

Carol is blameless here, although the usual haters will try to skew it that way, as they always do, lol.  Carol might try to blame herself just as Daryl always does- they both feel responsible for all of their people regardless of circumstances. Just one of many qualities they share and why they understand each other so well. 

Putting this below a cut to save people’s dashes.

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