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I love your JayTim art so much. It's beautiful and every time you post something new I get so excited and my heart is so happy with the caring glances that they always give each other and the desire that's always present in whatever scenario you choose to work with. I love your art style and recently learned that I can't look at your drawings when I have alcohol in my system because they make me literally cry happy tears. Please never stop creating because I love your work so much. <333333333333

THANK YOU SO MUCH sweetheart you have no idea how much this message means to me!! I’ve been always love jaytim because just by drawing them i feel so relieved and joy, and now knowing someone love my works like this just makes everything even better!! You deserve all the love bless you<3<3

Reasons I love this panel: Not only does it demonstrate just how smart Jason is, but it’s also provides canon reference regarding how young Jason was when Bruce took him in. Which means he and Bruce got three whole years together, as well as Jason having three whole years of happiness as Robin before it all went wrong.

Red Pt. 6 [Jason Todd x Reader]

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A/N: SO this is the final part of Red. Thank you everyone for going through this journey with me, I am so thankful for all your support! It’s been a long ride, and we’ve come so far and now here we are. I love you guys more than you know, and I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy writing it.

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1458

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

It was the loud sound of a body crashing onto the floor that jerked Jason awake. He was up on his feet in an instant, his hand going to the gun he kept in his drawer.

His trained eyes scanned his bedroom and it didn’t take long for him to find his best friend unconscious on the floor. His heart dropped to his stomach and fear immediately crept into his chest. He dropped the gun and rushed to your side, dropping to his knees and cradling your face in his hands.

“[F/N]?!” His hands were trembling. Shit–he was already scared. His gaze frantically searched the room for any threats, anything that could’ve hurt his [F/N]. However, he found nothing unusual, nothing except the strange location of his helmet.

His brows furrowed at its position, but he pushed any suspicions away and focused on you. He checked your vitals, almost sobbing in relief when he felt a strong, healthy pulse. You were okay. Unconscious, but okay.

Ignoring the burning questions in his mind, he effortlessly picked you up and brought you back to bed. After doing a full inspection of the apartment to ensure there were no threats, he decided to finally change from his uniform then sit by your bed.

And that was where he stayed.

He kept his eyes trained on you and held your hand tightly, trying to calm his beating heart. It was reasonable; you were not only someone he cared deeply about, but he had already made the mistake of being careless with you once, and that had deadly results. He wasn’t taking any chances again. There was no such thing as being ‘too careful’ when it came to you.

He lifted your knuckles up to his lips and kissed it gently, your skin feeling ice cold against his. It may seem silly to hold your hand, but he felt that if he let go, you might disappear. Feeling your presence reassured him that you weren’t gone.

The very thought of losing you sickened him. He had been to the room they’ve kept you in. He had seen many things in his life, committed acts and killed people, but he couldn’t bring himself to enter than room again. He was so shocked, so disgusted by it. He could only imagine what they had done to you. He never wanted you to go through something even remotely close to that again. Just thinking about the possibility of it made his eyes water with hurt and anger.

It was just the break of dawn when Jason heard a noise from you, a soft groan that escaped your throat. He stood up and leaned forward, anxious to see your eyes open.

He felt you squeeze his hand first and that action alone made his breath hitch. Your eyes fluttered open seconds later, your gaze confused and dazed.

“Jason?” you whispered, your voice small and fragile, like glass. He smiled and placed his hand on your cheek.

“Hey… I’m here.” he said gently. You leaned into his touch, your eyes closing as you exhaled a soft sigh. He had the urge to kiss you then, to reassure you that he was going to be a man of his words. However, he refrained from acting impulsively and instead said, “I’ll always be here.”

Your brows furrowed and your eyes reopened once more, but this time they weren’t confused or lost. They were certain, and in them held unimaginable pain. Jason didn’t know why you were in pain, but the sight made his heart clench.

“You weren’t ‘here’ when they took me.” you breathed, your voice expressing more agony and vulnerability than words could describe. His eyes widened at your sudden statement.

“[F/N], you…”

“Yeah.” you answered the incomplete question, shifting so you could sit up. “I remember.”

“How much?” Jason found himself asking. Each word was difficult to form as he struggled to control his breathing.

“Everything. Or… at least, I think everything.” you murmured, casting your eyes down.

“I… [F/N], I…” What could he say, that he was sorry? That wasn’t enough. You deserved more than that. You deserved better than that.

“It’s okay.” you stated sincerely. “You apologized already, in the hospital. I… I forgive you.” 

Jason’s balled his free hand in anger, anger towards himself and anger towards how… how forgiving you were. How forgiving you were to an asshole like him.

“It’s not okay!” he snapped, his voice louder than intended. You flinched at the sudden change in volume. “Sorry, I… I just can’t forgive myself.” He sighed, calming down.

He sunk down onto the chair and looked at you wearily. Then the words just came tumbling out of his mouth like a landslide. “I just… I know no amount of apologies could ever make up for how much I screwed up. Fuck, how could you even stand to be in the same room as me after what I did to you?” He was on his feet again, pacing and burying his hands in his hair.


“I broke my promise, I-I went back on my word and I didn’t look for you sooner because I was being a brat–”


“A-And I was such a shitty friend to you because of some bitch, and lets not forget it was Roy who discovered your disappearance and Dick who found you! I didn’t even contribute–”


He stopped and turned to look at you. He expected hatred and betrayal, but the look he got instead was something gentle and caring. It was an expression that reminded him of why he fell in love with you in the first place.

“I forgive you, because you’re my best friend.” you explained in the kindest, most loving voice he had ever heard. “And I can never stay mad at my best friend, no matter how much of an asshole he is.”

Jason stared at you, dumbfounded. He was speechless; your ability to forgive was uncanny–no, your ability to forgive him was uncanny.

His eyes were blurry with tears when he collapsed into your arms, your welcoming arms. He rested his head on your shoulder and allowed the tears to fall without shame. You stroked his hair affectionately, patiently waiting for him to let it all out, knowing he needed this.

“I love you.” he said quietly into your ear before he could stop himself, but he couldn’t bring himself to regret it. You needed to know. You needed to know how much you meant to him.

He felt you tense, but then you sighed and said, “I know. I love you too.”

He shook his head, raising his head so he was staring directly into your eyes. “No, I love you, as more than some friend.” His voice was wavering. “I-I love you so damn much it fucking hurts. It–it hurts so much.”

He heard your breath hitch, and soon tears began to form in your eyes. Before he could question it, or wipe them away, he was pulled into a desperate kiss.

There were many things in this world that didn’t make sense. There were many things that weren’t meant to be, that was fucked up and just downright wrong. The world was a puzzle that Jason avoided. Each decision he made, he always questioned after. But this? This felt right. It felt like the most natural thing in the world.

He felt the love and passion you held for him in the kiss and he felt tears running down his cheeks again, this time from happiness and joy. Your soft hands went up to his cheeks, fingers wiping the salty substance away.

It was difficult to pull away, but Jason knew he had to eventually. When he did, he rested his forehead against yours, smiling like an idiot.

“I love you too.” you confessed, your smile giving some sense to his world. He closed his eyes as a fresh wave of tears fell from his eyes, and you didn’t hesitate to wipe them away.

“Why are you crying?” 

“Because you love me. Me. Someone like me.” he uttered. “Someone that can’t even get his life together, someone who’s messed up and don’t deserve you.”

You brought his head close to your chest– arms wrapped around his head–and he never felt more comfort in his life. It was in your arms that he felt at home. Your gentle words soothed his mind and soul.

“If this world revolves around people getting what they deserve, none of us would be here right now.” You kissed the top of his head and Jason closed his eyes, relishing your touch. 

“Just let yourself be loved.”

And for the first time in his life, he did.

So apparently there are people who think that it was too soon for Malec to say I love you and here’s what I have to say:

Imagine being in Alec’s position. The last time he saw and talked to his boyfriend, he yelled at him and stormed out. When Aldertree told him his story, I think instead of making Alec rethink his relationship with Magnus, it made him realize that he truly loves this man, so he was like nah fam. So when he walks into that room and sees the dead Downworlders, his mind immediately flashes to Magnus. Now picture seeing all of these Downworlders dead and then someone telling you that your Downworlder boyfriend was, at some point, in the Institute and didn’t know if he made it out or not. You’d be fucking beside yourself. So, when he sees Magnus outside the Institute, he’s so relieved. He just thinks about how much he loves him and cares about him and how fucking terrified he was, not knowing if Magnus was alive. You can see the pain and fear and love in their eyes and the way that they literally gripped onto each other and didn’t want to let the other go that they obviously love each other and that’s beautiful. 

And who are we to judge when they should and shouldn’t say I love you? We aren’t in the relationship. We don’t know how they feel about each other. All we see are the feelings portrayed on screen, we can’t see the internal feelings they feel. If what Alec and Magnus feel for each other is love, then of course they’re going to say it, especially after everything that happened, not knowing if the other was alive or dead. We can’t dictate when they say I love you. There’s really no right time for I love yous, it all depends on the couple and how they feel about each other. So if you think that it’s too early for them to say I love you, then I’m sorry, but I strongly disagree. 

That scene was the best ever and I’m so beyond happy that we got it. Everything that happened in that scene is everything I’ve ever wanted them to do and I’m so happy and feel blessed that we got it all in one scene. Matt and Harry did such a phenomenal job in that scene, portraying the pain and fear that Magnus and Alec felt. 

(Sorry this is long and rambly, but I just wanted to make my opinion clear and freak the fuck out.) 

Dreams and Nightmares Part 4 ( Jason Todd X Reader)

Requests: None

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warning: Swearing

Word count: 515

A/N:  (Part 1), (Part 2),(Part 3), (Part 5) , (Part 6), Again, sorry for the mistakes. i would like to thank these people for being very supportive @solis200213 @speedypan @schninner-writes-some-stuff  @colormemeow and also this anon who said this “Girl your fanfic are so good I don’t know what I would do without them! You are an amazing awesome smart and talented person! I love your fanfic a so much it kinda hurts at times. Sorry for the mini rant just wan you to know you and your fanfic are one of the best!”  Thank you so much and other people who have read it thank you as well, all of you people made my day. [M/N] =Middle Name.

Jason…..? No it can’t be, it can’t…..  Zatanna starts to look at you worriedly as you try to fight back tears, although some rebelled streaming down your face. Stop it, it’s not him he may look like him…..But it’s not him.

“[F/N] What is wrong?” She asks putting her hand on your shoulder.

“Nothing.” You reply as your voice cracks. What is wrong with me stop it. Stop it! You put your hands on your cheeks wiping those tears away but they still wouldn’t stop. 

“What do you mean nothing? You are crying, tell me why.” Zatanna demands.

“It’s nothing important, trust me Zatanna.” You tell her.

“[F/N] [M/N] [L/N] I am being serious tell me.” She continues to tell you.

“Ok…It is just…. He looks so much….Like him.” You confess.

“Like who?” She asks.

“My boyfriend Jason Todd…. the Robin who was killed by Joker.” You could hear the hatred in your voice as you mentioned your boyfriends murderer. Ever since you wanted him to pay for what he had done……For killing the love of your life. Jason helped you see light in darkness, he was your light and you were his. Until he was taken away from you. Oh how you hated the sight of Joker laughing for every crime he committed. You would rarely talk about him or even say his name.

“He looks so much like him” You admitted as more tears began to fall. You continued to stare at him. “But Zatanna I know it’s not him… He died in my arms!” You continue to sob, she comes and gives you a hug comforting you.

“I am sorry, [F/N].” She apologizes rubbing your back with her hands. You continued to sob on her shoulder and appreciated how she comforted you. You had always cried on your own, no one ever knew how Jason’s death changed you. All these memories with him now hurt you so much, aching your heart. When you felt better you, you broke the embrace.

“Thanks Zatanna I feel better now.” You tell her giving her a fake smile hopping she would believe you.

“Of course, [F/N].” She replies. You then looked back at Red Hood’s face you couldn’t stop thinking about he resembled so much like Jason.

                                                              Jason P.O.V

Jason opens his eyes to find himself in a bedroom. He gets up sitting on the edge of the bed scratching his head yawning. He notices that his helmet is off and on the desk next to him. Weird. What happened? Where am I? How did I get here? He asks himself confused about what had happened last night. All he remembered was him kicking some criminals asses,  then something hitting his head causing the world to turn black. He looks around the white blank bedroom, looking for something that would give him a hint about the person who helped him. As he gets up and walks towards the door, somebody opens the door revealing someone he thought he was never going to see again.

“[F/N] is it you?” He asks with sorrow.


Part 1 of the drunk!Jason series

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Alfred stood in front of the doorstep of the unsavoury-looking bar for longer than was necessary, his coat wrapped tightly around him in an attempt to ward off the nippy late-night Gotham air. Neon lights flashed in a blinding red across his vision, rubbish and broken bottles scattered about the entrance, the sound of drunken revelries floating by him as a large group stumbled outside. Alfred followed them with his eyes as they passed, frowning.

Not in a judgemental way. Merely… disapproving.

Turning back to the door, he sighed, as if even having to look at the place was a burden. One would think he was lamenting the very existence of venues that served alcoholic drinks, but in reality he was simply lamenting the existence of this particular one.

In fact, to Alfred Pennyworth, the existence of most of the bars in Gotham City was an abomination, as his mind would too often wander to the cosy countryside pubs he remembered from his younger days in England. Roaring fires, hearty, intellectual conversation over pints of beer, quiet, enigmatic strangers reading a book in the corner, the bartender smiling as a rather tipsy chat carried on about this year’s harvest or local politics.

But there was nothing to it. He had to go in.

Alfred grimaced as he took a hold of the sticky door handle, and immediately regretted not bringing his gloves. But he had left in a rush as this was a semi-emergency. Truthfully, he didn’t actually know what this was. But he was about to find out.

Warily, he pulled the door open and stepped into the dim, musty bar.

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Dreams and Nightmares Part 3 (Jason Todd X Reader)


Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warning: Swearing

Word count: 565

A/N:  (Part 1), (Part 2),(Part 4) , (Part 5) , (Part 6), Sorry again if there are any mistakes and also it is very short.

Just three hours ago he was fine and the next thing you know out unconscious.Ugh,I have no other choice but to help him.So you dropped down and picked him up, carrying him you could smell the scent of exhaust with a hint of cigar plume. In your opinion, you would have advised him to take a shower however, you continued to carry his polluted smelled body to your household.

“Fuck.” You say trying to jab the locked window open until it finally budged and unlocked. You continue to carry Red Hood’s body until you flopped him on your couch. Although it was a simple situation that could be easily fixed, you didn’t have the slightest clue about how you could help him. So, you decided to call someone none other than, Zatanna. You figured she would know how to help you with this situation. I bet she could have handled something like an alien apocalypse. So you dialed her number waiting for her respond.

Hello?” You heard Zatanna ask with a raspy voice.

“Hey Zatanna it’s [F/N], I need your help it is an emergency.” You reply hoping she would be able to assist you.

“What the fuck [F/N]? What caused you to be in a situation at 3:00 in the morning?” She continued to reply with the raspy voice of hers involving annoyance as well.

“Please, Zatanna you will find out when you are here but I really need your help!” You answer.

“Fine, where are you?” 

“ My place”

“I’ll be there in 15 minutes, hang tight.”

“Red Hood you say, I pictured him differently.” Zatanna says as she keeps her eyes focused on Red Hood.

“So…. What do we do?” You questioned. 

“Well for starters, why don’t we lay him somewhere comfortable for him to rest?” Zatanna suggests.

“Yea ok, I'm going to have to carr-” 

“No need, I can do it.” Zatanna interrupts “ekam der s’dooh ydob  etativel” You hear Zatanna cast a spell making Red Hood’s body levitate. Zatanna could cast spells by speaking backwards.

“Do you have anyplace for him?” She asks while Red Hood continued to float.

“Yes, over here.” You reply leading her to another bedroom. 

“kcut mih ni deb.” Casting one last spell tucking him in bed. 

“[F/N], shouldn’t we take his helmet off?” Zatanna questioned as you thought about it. Should I take it off? Do I have permission for that?

“What do you think?“

“We should take it off.” She replies “And besides, aren’t you curious about knowing Red Hood’s secret identity?”

“Yes of course, but I feel guilty taking his helmet off without his permission or him not being aware of it.” You reply hearing the guilt in the sound of your voice.

“Don’t be guilty, he is a wanted criminal and finding out who he is will finally fit the last missing piece of our puzzle.” She answered finally saying “[F/N] I’m removing his helmet.” You watched her put her hands on his red helmet slowly and gently removing it, as you watched you were in shock putting your hands over your mouth. You saw the face that you thought you were never going to be able to see again.

*Therese finally coming to her senses*

Dreams and Nightmares Part 2 ( Jason Todd X Reader)

Request: None 

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warning: swearing 

A/N: (Part 1),(Part 3), (Part 4) , (Part 5) , (Part 6), and I’m sorry if i made mistakes.

Word Count: 786

Who the hell did he think he was? You think about that so called “Red Hood” you met last night. What was he doing in Gotham, on Batman’s and your territory. Although you met him only once for a short period and felt annoyed in his presence you felt pitiful for him. But still why was he in Gotham? Is he here for a short time?  You continue to question in your mind. Well I know him and I are going to espy with one another often, that is for sure. And that was the last thought about him as you checked your clock saying 12:00 am and tucked yourself under your sheets, drifting off to sleep.

It was a cold, dark, and eerie night. The winds didn’t blow nor did they speak, remaining silence. You were on the front door ready to ring the doorbell. You were in front of Wayne Manor wanting to surprise your boyfriend for your anniversary. It has been 2 years since you have been dating, although you knew him way longer than that. You have been together through all the hardships. As you press the doorbell the door sways open. The person who opened the door was your boyfriend’s butler, Alfred.             

            “Why hello there Mistress [F/N], may I ask why you are here this late?” He says.                   

          “ I am sorry to interrupt but I am here to see Jason.” You reply.           

            “Master Jason? Well unfortunately he is not here now,” He says while opening the door and having his arm stretch inside as if he was welcoming you, “But until he comes back you may stay inside if you wish.”

        “Thank you.“You say while entering the house. It was enormous for a mansion and the architecture was impressive and beautiful. With decorated   floors, tiles, and columns it was amazing. Every time you entered it you always thought that while Alfred lead you to the guest room.        

        “Alfred where do you think Jason is?” You asked.

        “I do not know maybe he is busy doing his job.” Alfred replies and you know what he means by that. Both you and Jason are crime fighters and mostly did crime fighting at night. His adopted father was Bruce Wayne who was also also known as The Dark Night in Gotham, Batman and Jason was his sidekick Robin. You were Batgirl and also helped them both but you were no ones sidekick. You waited patiently until you had enough. You used your phone and tried to find him with share my location. You made it a number one rule for him to always have his phone and share his location in case of emergencies. It showed that his location was in a warehouse about 10 mins away. Why would he be there? You ask yourself.

 "Alfred I have to go I’m sorry.“ You tell him while exiting the mansion. You drive your motorcycle to a public bathroom and change into your Batgirl costume driving to the location of your boyfriend. You keep on thinking about him and seeing the warehouse become closer and closer. You see a small figure exit from the warehouse the figure was purple and white. Joker. You continue to drive faster reaching the entrance until there was a loud massive explosion. It was so strong and immense you fell of your motorcycle on your back suffocating waiting for air to go through your lungs. After that feeling went away and you could breath again you try to find Jason in the destruction caused by the explosion. He was covered with cuts, bruises, and his own blood. As you felt all your energy drained away you fell on your knees next to where Jason laid. You put your smooth, soft hand on his grazed cheek. Tears began to fall on your cheeks as you began to sob.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” You cry wishing you could see him once more.

You gasp waking up from that horrid nightmare. It was the same one every time but this time it was so evocative and Jason was not blaming you anymore. You sit with your knees up and your your head down crying. That was exactly how it happened and you couldn’t save him. You look at your clock , 3:00 am you only had three hours of sleep yet you refuse to go back to sleep. You were scared of having the same nightmare again, so instead you changed to your superhero costume and decided to watch over Gotham again. You jump from rooftop to rooftop checking every crime alley until you your eyes detect a body on the floor. An unconscious body of The Red Hood to be precise.

Watching Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency for the first time is a mind-blowing experience. Seeing every plot string slowly come together into one tangled mess is an absolutely beautiful thing of discovery

But watching it for the second time, and knowing how everything is connected?

There aren’t words to describe how exciting it is, to be able to observe each clue and event, and to just know how it fits into the whole of the narrative