thank you to whoever made these gifs

Hue day 11!!! 

Anon ideas are the best ideas! Whoever sent this idea thank you!!

To all who sent ideas thank youu!! I’ll do them for the next days! (*^▽^)/

If anyone still have anymore ideas I’m still open for more help! 

When you get an unexpected complement from a friend

Oh btw, I don’t own any of these gifs… Purely because I don’t know how to make them… So any of the material I use and the recognition of the gif goes to the owner, whoever they may be. I make up the little subtitles but do not claim any ownership of the gifs. Whoa I’m glad I made this clear… Thanks for reading if you have made it this far, please don’t unfollow because of it as I am so happy people are liking what I produce. Lots of love BugButtRainbow x