thank you to these people

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I think your writing is wonderful! Your Klance comic is awesome!

No no no no nonnie, you’re so kind, it’s fine– don’t worry, I swear that the day I write a fanfic (and it will happen, I kinda promised a few people), you can judge my writing from there ♡

Thank you though, wow

there are so many youtubers and just people in general that dont realize what they have done for me. for example, my parents would be fighting, i would have a bad day, a depressing day, or just not feel okay and i would go to them {on youtube or whatever platform that they are on} and just watch or talk to them. youtubers {that i watch} are so down to earth with their fans and i think of them of my pen pal or a friend that i can see that makes me much happier than i was before. 

so thank you to: @therealjacksepticeye @thatsthat24 @markiplier @danielhowell @amazingphil @virtualwritingrebel @welcome-to-the-joangle @kickthepj @crankthatfrank @tallykat3 @crankgameplays @tyleroakley 

these are some of many people that make me smile. thank you again. i love you.

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Hey, this seems fun! For the fanfiction ask, I choose "you" :D

You knew, with an anticipatory thrill of something like fear, that you were in an impossible, intoxicating sort of trouble, when his inconstant fingers moved down your hips, taunting, sketching a treacherous paradise into your skin.

My donut and infinity spinner ring. I don’t like wearing necklaces and I don’t like chewing stims, but I couldn’t resist the donut. I detached the cord and just carry it around in my pocket and hold it to stim. I like the texture of it especially the contrast between the smooth side and the sprinkle side. I also love my infinity spinner ring, I wear it all the time.

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Hi Yayaha, I need your help! One of my roommates is convinced I'm Garlean and he won't listen when I say I'm not! My father was a Garlean soldier, but I was raised by my mother and then my gran who are Girdanian. I've never been to Garlemald and want nothing to do with it! How do I prove to my roommate that I'm not a Garlean and gain back his trust? My other roommate understands. They're the two most important people in the world to me and I don't want him to hate me. What should I do?

Dear Totally Not a Garlean,

It seems your roommate has already messaged me first, and I perhaps told him to look for proof on the fact that you are a Garlean. It seems you and your other roommate are in understanding that you aren’t a Garlean, but your one roommate is set in his thought process.

I guess have a talk with both of your roommates in the same room, explain the full situation and try your best to come to a conclusion. I recommend doing this in public to prevent your eccentric roommate from causing too much of a scene.

It’s very sweet you care deeply about them, perhaps telling him that will allow him to be able to actually open his ears to listen to you instead of his mouth.

I wish you the absolute best when it comes time to talk to him, and I hope all works out and that all is well.

I’m afraid I don’t have much more to offer on the situation.

Best of Luck!


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Ahhhhh I just reread party games + the new update and it's just SO GOOD. I'm in love honestly, your writing makes me feel all the things inside and it's amazing. Afkllcjmifdrgbht you're freaking wonderful ok never stop writing ❤❤❤❤❤

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thank u so much!! 

(lots of hearts)

Oh Great Googley Moogley!

There’s already 65 of you lovely folks following me!

Thank you all so much for following me, and nearly always keeping my inbox full. I’m really happy I have been able to help as many people as I have, and I hope to continue to be able to do such!

You’re all wonderful! Thank you so much!

As soon as I’m almost done with my 1.7k milestone celebration, I look at the follower count and realize I’m coming up on the next one! Thank you to everyone who follows this blog. It ranges from being pretty and aesthetic to being filled with memes and shit posts 😂 I am sending pleasant thoughts to all of you today 💕 I hope you are well!!

p.s. should I just make it a 3 part celebration???