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I love your prompts so much!!! Could we get more prompts for a possessive villain and their hero please? Thank you so much!

1) “What the hell is all of this?” 
“It’s a party - surely even you have seen one of those before in your righteous little life,” the villain murmured in their ear. “A favour for a favour, you agreed.” They wrapped an arm around the hero’s waist, drawing them in closer to their side.
“The parties I normally go to aren’t made up of people who’ve tried to kill me.”
“No need to fret, they won’t touch you when you’re with me. Let me show off my favourite hero.”
So that was what this was about.

2) “No - no. Don’t get up, you’re hurt.” 
“Hurt happens when you attack someone, yeah.”
The villain tutted, guiding the hero back to the ground as they struggled to push themselves up, with a gentle foot pressing down on their shoulder. “I’m an expert,” they said. “I know what I’m doing when I hurt you - you’ll aggravate your injuries and get yourself killed. Your pain is mine. Leave it in my hands where it belongs. Take a few deep breaths.”

3) “They said they’ll tell us everything we need.”
“What’s the catch?” the hero asked.
“They want an hour alone in a room, no supervision, no cameras…with you.” 
The hero felt the other’s gaze rest on them, but kept their expression measured despite the sudden lashing of their heart. “Now why.” Their boss ducked to catch their eyes. “Would they ask for something like that?”


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If you made a gif in this and would like credit, please let me know and I’d be happy to.

edit: hunted a few people down. that last gif of anti is by the lovely @thedominobomb and the first gif of anti is thanks to @boopymooplier

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Do the people who made the show have tumblrs too? I wanna give them a huge thank. It is a lot of work to make a show. You guys are really the BEST. :)

Unfortunately no. :( But, you can find the creative team on Twitter, like Thomas and Winny! They’re very busy with S2 and S3 amongst other things, but we’re sure they’d appreciate your love and support! 💗


i. Someone once told me he was an arctic I lost myself in. I learned how to breathe while frozen, learned to enjoy how the frostbite numbed my fingers, learned to be thankful they were not falling off at least. Someone once told me frozen lobsters can come back to life when unthawed. That without the cold, they can learn to live again.

ii. When snakes are born with two heads, they fight for food. When twins are born conjoined, they fight for use of their organs until they are separated. You think your bodies are made to fit inside of each other, but darling, soulmate is not synonymous for togetherness.

iii. You are lightning always competing with thunder, but yelling louder doesn’t mean he’s right. Loving publicly doesn’t mean you love more. Weeping harder doesn’t mean your sadness is stronger. So smile, smile because you have the strength to give up the fight.

iv. Maybe you aren’t there yet, but recognition is the first step. Recognize that you are fighting a war against the unchanging earth and kiss yourself with a million apologies for every time you put him above your well being. Blink butterfly kisses into your bloodstream until love radiates through the melanin in your skin. Put on your darkest shade of lipstick and kiss him out of every photograph of him kissing you, no matter how numb your tongue is from its inability to sit still without his mouth.

v. Realize that love has a lot to do with the way he made your tongue move against your lips. It’s late-night tongue wrestling with words so sweet, you spit them out so easily. Now your tongue is bitter like black coffee and it will take some getting used to. Luckily, your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body. Luckily, you can find other people to swirl your words in like galaxies. You can find your own belly so soft, you will never cover it in indigestion.

vi. Before the 17th century, almost all carrots were purple. When you are seventeen, the most important thing is not developing your taste, but finding comfort in things unchanging. Find new comfort zones. Hallow out your backyard until hell looks like home. Until you are thankful that the pain made you who you are.

vii. This life is for exploring, never for standing still. There are more microbes on your skin than people on this planet. Our bodies are outnumbered ten to one by the bacteria that lives on them. We have so much more to love than just our bodies. We have so much more to scrutinize than just our skin.

viii. You are taller in the morning than the evening. Our eyes are the same size from birth, but our ears never stop growing. Your eyes can deceive you, so open your ears to knowledge. Learn who you are and wake up each morning stronger-willed, with bigger bones than you thought you could ever be made out of.

ix. Love him, love him, love him, but never forget to leave him.

x. Love him because he does not know any better than the fault lines his hands create, but love yourself enough to let go of him anyway.

—  How to love yourself more than you love him
The True Meaning of Shipping.....

As the weekend comes to a close, I must admit that after a week from hell with work projects, I am feeling quite rested, and a little emotional this evening.

After seeing the videos of Sam and Cait at ECCC….I am once again reminded why I became a fan of these two glorious people. They have an aura, a goodness, and all around love that makes you see and feel all that is right in the world. And because they were so giving of their time and space, I have decided to allow them their own. Everyone knows where I stand regarding these two beautiful people, and I hope their lives continue to be filled with love, and each other. I will follow them until the very end!

But, I have also learned this weekend that my “love of the ship ” really now centers around something else, and that is each of you. To all the ladies who shared their stories, pictures, squees, embarrassments and overall fabulous experience…..THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I felt like I was actually attending this con with you, and it has made me smile and laugh to no end. And, I am convinced that if they attend another one , we should figure out how to go as a whole group!! The fact that several of you got to meet, have dinner and just enjoy your experience together is what “shipping” is all about, and all of the Shipsters did us proud.

Who knows what the future holds for our dreamy duo, but I do know one thing. At the end of the day, it’s not about who is right, who is first, who has the biggest mouth ( we already know that one!😉), or who thinks they know the most…. It’s about finding a place to share, laugh, cry and even snark from time to time about something, or someone who is deserving of that kind of love and acceptance. We came together because of OL, and Sam and Cait. We are now together because of our support of each other, and that is the most beautiful ship of all.

Much love to all my fellow shipsters. I cannot imagine this place without each and every one of you, and we are the true captains of our own ship! And to those on the other side who cannot understand this level of love and friendship, well they can row right on by on their shaky lifeboats because they simply don’t get it, and never will.

Happy Sunday to you all, and thanks for a glorious weekend of memories and fun!💜❤💚💙💛


I was tagged by @ktarsims for this fun meme:
Rules: Reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! Maybe even on prom night?

Well, I cheated a bit with this one as I already have quite a few pics of teen Joël and teen Roy: I’ve posted some of these before, but for those who haven’t seen them here are the boys as teenagers playing air guitar in Roy’s room in Appaloosa Plains: the song is Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet. 

Thanks for tagging me! I’m just going to tag the last 5 lovely people on my notifications for this one: @sweetsimmy @hyperkaos @novellam-under-the-stars @yuriingha and @gaiahypothesims. Cheers, dears!

Hey there! I just wanted to say thank you all so much for all of the lovely art and well wishes people sent in/tagged me in, it was so overwhelming and unexpected in the best way possible ^///^ I feel very fortunate that so many people are such sweethearts and took the time to create such beautiful works of art.

With that being said, even though his birthday is over I’m still going to post them and thank people for it, because people took so much time and love and care into creating them and to want people to know just how much I appreciate their effort :)

So if you’re someone here who may not be super interested in seeing all the sparkly fanart (which of course I don’t blame you for) this is just a friendly reminder that I tag ALL fanart with the tag ‘fatal error fanart’, in case you want to unfollow that tag or whatever. Because I’m absolutely going to ooh and aaah over what people made, and if you’d rather just know when comic updates come out then that’s okay! There’s a fanart page of the blog for easy access to it anyways <3

Have a great day folks~

Why representation matters

The moment you realise each year has been defined by an otp, their ups and downs and you learned so much from it that it changed your life forever:

2013: S.S Endurance
2014: Ellie & Riley | Korrasami
2015: Pricefield
2016: My own life!
2017: Sanvers

I know these ships are all f/f but believe me, each of these has been the reason I could get further into understanding myself.

Lara Croft has been my fave female character when I was a kid and teen; she was the coolest; a tomboy, an adventurer with plenty of skills, making a name for herself without the need of anyone else tagging along. Her relationship with Sam in the reboot was the reason I started feeling that “shit, all these things I’ve felt before - maybe I’ve been lying to myself all this time…maybe I’m not straight at all…but how do you define not caring about people’s genders and falling for the person and personality instead?”

Ellie Williams was further proof girls could be powerful and meaningful on their own. She survives the apocalypse, is a 14 yo badass and she inspired me to always fight for what I felt was right - my calling in life. Even if it didn’t happen in the end! And her story with Riley brought me joy and tears alike, knowing how much they meant for one another but also, how it never made it a big deal of their sexuality because the feelings and subtle gestures were all making their affection for one another clear from the start. Ellie and Lara were also the reason I became an archer.

Korrasami was going hand-in-hand with me accepting my sexuality. I saw these two badass ladies do all these amazing things and ultimately, even after years of waiting, they could let their life start properly and together. Asami didn’t stop caring about Korra when she was broken and needed healing - she gave her time, patience and when Korra felt better, they could start as if they never separated in the first place. It was so inspiring… I cried for days about the ending. It has changed my life for the better forever. I knew that things could sometimes take time, that not all starts were flawless and full of joy and also, that two women together were a force to be reckoned with.

Pricefield saved my life in a way, giving me a fandom and friends to love deeply…man, I’ll never be able to express how much their story, the depth of it all, means to me. It came to define the best part of my life, which by the way started with me wishing to drop out of Uni and almost ending that way too. Their story, love and determination is what had me pushing. For a while, Life is Strange was the only thing but ultimately, it led me to friends so dear and a relationship with a woman so wonderful I’ll never, ever, know how I came to deserve that. I just know it allowed me to take risks and steps toward my own happiness, ultimately the best months of my life, and my coming out to my parents. This ship was also the reason I seriously pushed myself to draw more and become a better human artist!

And now, Sanvers is happening. Supergirl is creating a healthy, realistic relationship between two adult women and their nearest and dearest. It is giving a valid reflection of how people feel in these situations, both Kara and Alex + Maggie alike and my god, I’ve never recognised myself in any series more than I have in this one. I love it more than I can express and I’m just so happy kids get to grow up knowing the values and love that stand as a base for this show.

I’ll be honest: I know that romance and/or being in a relationship isn’t for everyone. I don’t want this post to be gaycentric or anything. What I mean is; representation in media is so, so important! No matter if it touches upon sexuality, mental issues, gender identities, family problems or introduces a variety of dynamic characters of different skin colour, ethnicity and religion or the lack thereof. It’s important to show that everyone is different, that there isn’t a mold that we all need to fit. So many teens get to grow up finding themselves in popular media more and more often - but it’s still far from perfect. However, we are perfect just as we are and we shouldn’t need to feel pressured to be somebody else just because that’s what the world likes to watch on TV.

Tropes are an issue. Lack of variety in shows is another. Ace/aro characters are barely anywhere to be found and neurodivergent people are made to look like some freaky monsters while in reality being just as awesome, important and caring as the neurotypicals - just needing understanding from people who don’t feel or struggle the way they do!

Representation, guys. It matters. Proper representation saves lifes. It gives people hopes when they can’t make their lives better at the point in time. It helps them understand themselves. It educates people about people if done well!

Fucking sprinkle that stuff everywhere, it doesn’t hurt the media - it makes it popular and loved.

And if you read it all - thank you for taking the time

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turns out I didn't go to sleep and looked for the ask about the fic idea, haha. I actually am enjoying all the dynamic between Kara and Maggie on your fics, they give me life and I need them to have an actual friendship on the show. Here's the plot the other anon suggested and I loved it and you asked to send the reminder about it. queergirlwriting(.)tumblr(.)com/post/154344222649/so-far-almost-everything-alex-did-was-for-kara


She’s late to game night, but Maggie isn’t.

She’s late to game night, and she’s on her way up the stairs to Kara’s apartment when her phone starts buzzing out of control.

Alex, no one’s hurt, everyone’s okay, but you might want to get here as soon as you can.

Um, Alex, I know James just texted you, but seriously. Get here, stat. No invasions or anything, but like. Soon. Please.

Alex sprints up the last stairs and opens Kara’s door to the sound of her girlfriend and her sister’s voices mashing over each other.

“Oh come on, Kara, I’ve heard Eliza make snide remarks about it, so clearly you all noticed! But no one ever thought to do anything about it?”

“Maggie, she’s a grown woman – ”

“Wait a second, wait a second, Little Danvers, I like you a lot, I do, you know I do, I don’t take just anyone to that bowling joint we went to last week, but you can’t seriously be using that argument right now!”

“She is, Maggie, it – ”

“Okay, so, Alex is a grown woman when she needs support and help from her family, but when it comes to how she lives her live in complete denial of her own feelings, in complete denial of her own needs, then she’s, what, just doing right by her family? What about her family doing right by her?”

“Maggie, hey, come on, babe, Kara does right by me all the time – ”

“Stay out of this, Alex, this doesn’t concern you!” Kara chimes without looking at her sister, and James, Winn, and Alex all stare at each other, and they all gulp.

“Kara – ”

“No, Alex, your sister’s right – ”

“But guys, I’m standing right here – ”

“Okay, fine, you know what, Al? Fine. Here’s the thing: your sister decided that tonight we’d all have beer instead of root beer, and I – ”

“And there are a few bottles of root beer in the fridge for Alex – ”

“But it would be so much easier for her if we all – ”

“Okay, alright, I get it. Beer, root beer, me, alcohol issues, whatever.” Alex is in DEO mode now, and Kara and Maggie are both shrinking away somewhat, closer together. “Right, so. Kara. Maggie’s right: it would be a lot easier for me if there wasn’t all this alcohol around. But I’m also surrounded by people who care about me. By my family. So I’ll be okay, Maggie. Because, Mags, that’s the thing you don’t know yet about these people: I haven’t always made it so easy for them to love me. Yes, yes, you’re right, living my life completely for Kara, completely for what my parents said I should do? You’re right, that’s not okay, you’re right. But these people? These people who didn’t say anything to me about the alcohol? Maggie, you didn’t know me… before I knew you…”

“Nice one, Alex – ”


“Thank you, James. You didn’t know me, Maggie, I was…” She stops and she sighs and she meets Kara’s warm, wet, supportive eyes, and Kara nods her on softly, lovingly. “I was impenetrable, I was…”

“Downright terrifying.”


“Am I wrong?”


“Thank you, James. I just…”

Kara takes over, now, and Maggie’s eyes are soft, and her shoulders less tense, and her posture more open.

“Maggie, you opened Alex up in a way none of us have ever seen. She’s happier, she does absurd things now, like giggle. At work.”

Alex blushes and Maggie beams and James and Winn snicker while Kara reaches for Maggie’s hands.

“And something about you – everything about you, Maggie – brought that out of her. And I will always be grateful for you. The first person, probably, to know exactly how to love my sister, how to make her truly happy. How to see the things that we… that I… didn’t want to see. And you’re right, Maggie, you’re right, about the alcohol, and about her independence, and about just… but she’s my sister, Maggie, and you get to call me out, you do, but you don’t get to imply that you’re the only one who loves her or really knows her. Because you’re not.”

Maggie stares into searing blue eyes and she nods slowly, and Alex puts her hands over her mouth as James stands to hold her, as Winn squeezes her arm softly, because Maggie is kissing Kara’s hand and she’s pulling her into a deep, full-bodied hug.

“I know I’m not, Kara. And she loves you, more than I’ve ever seen anyone love anybody. But you know that, don’t you? And you know I would never take her away from you.”

“Promise?” Kara asks as she pulls away, but though she’s still holding Maggie’s hands, she looks at Alex, not Maggie.

“I promise,” Alex chokes, and she brings Kara into her arms, and Kara offers her hand to Maggie while her other arm wraps around Alex.

And it’s a nice moment, it’s a healing moment, it’s a perfect moment.

Until James, Winn, and Alex realize that this bonding moment at the start of game night means that Kara and Maggie are going to start teaming up for everything, in every round, in every game, from Mario Kart to Monopoly.

And against Kara Zor-el and Maggie Sawyer, NCPD as a unified front, none of the others stand a chance.

Thank you guys for 300 followers, it really helps the artist know that people like their art and encourages them to keep drawing, also rebloging and liking our stuff in my case really makes me glad and makes me want to draw more for you guys even in just the silly questions that I answer I thank the people who like my crap no matter what it is love u guys.

This is the colored drawing of the sketch of working tears, I fnished it a few days ago but I was waiting for this moment since I wouldnt be able to draw anything, my hands are a bit damaged so I hade it made before.

And this character was just for fun and since she was so cute in the end I made a excited face for her, I’ll call her dummy girl beacuse I’m probably going to be using her for other drawings with expressions and anyway thank you guys so much.

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Seeing You On The Other Side (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

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Summary: As an old women, you feel yourself slipping away from life on Earth. As you cross over, you reflect on everything wonderful in your life, before making your way to the Afterlife.

Warnings: Mention of character death, but not graphic or terrible. Mentions of the Afterlife? (Not sure if this will offend some people.)

Time Period: Hamiltime, all though not super specific.  

Word: 1340

A/N: I know it is semi-based off Eliza’s part in “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story,” but that was my intetntion. And I am sorry if you are offended by the talk of the Afterlife. I know not everyone belives in it, but I tried to keep any religious mentions out of it. Without further ado, enjoy!

You laid in your bed, trying to rest but finding it near impossible. As you tossed and turned more, a large cough escaped your throat. This alerted the other members of the house, and slowly your bedroom door creaked open.

“Mother, are you alright?” your daughter Eliza, who was named after your best friend, asked as she softly stepped into the room.

Instead of answering, you gave her a small nod and smiled. She started towards your bed and sat on the edge. Smiling sadly down at you, she grabbed your hand and held it tightly.  

You squeezed back and rested your free hand on her check, trying to console her.

“Please don’t worry about me, it’s all going to alright.” You reassured your daughter.

“But I’m scared.” she confessed. “I don’t want to lose you.” Tears now started to slide down her face.

About a week ago, you had contracted pneumonia, and each day you felt worse than the day before. You knew your time was coming soon, and you had confided your suspicion with your daughter.

“Do not be scared, you are such a beautiful and strong woman, exactly like who you were named after. I promise, you will be completely fine when I am gone.” you promised her, wiping away her tears just like you did when she was younger.

“Don’t talk like that, mom.” she whispered.

“Shhh it’s alright, I will be alright. For now, I’m going to try and get some more sleep darling, I’ll see you soon.” you told her, squeezing her hand before she stood up. Your daughter learned down, kissed your forehead, and walked out of the room, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Letting out another cough, you could feel your eyes growing weak, and you knew that you would not be waking up to see your daughter once they closed. It turned out that whenever people said that your life flashes before your eyes right before you die was true. Once you closed your eyes, you saw all the wonderful achievements you had throughout your lifetime.

You saw the first time you had met Alexander Hamilton. It was while you were taking a stroll through town, you stumbled across a debate between Alexander and a Mr. Samuel Seabury. After the debate, you had approached Alexander and told him how much you agreed. “Why should a tiny island across the sea regulate the price of tea?” Luckily, he wasn’t like most closed-minded men. He accepted opinions. After flirting with you quite a bit, he asked if he could write you, and the rest was history.

Next, you saw Alexander on one knee, the day he proposed. Right after that, you had a flash of yours and Alexander’s wedding day, when you had become husband and wife. It was magical. Although the Revolution was still going on, you managed to scrape together one night of romance to celebrate your union.

After that, you saw the day you had told Alexander you were pregnant with your first child, Philip, and the day he was born right after that. You saw all of your children before your eyes, growing up all over again. You remembered the tears shed by both you and Alexander as you took turns holding the bundles of joys that were the best parts of you and the best parts of Alexander. 

Unfortunately, you then saw your first born dying in your arms. The time that followed the event had put a strain on your marriage with Alexander, but after moving Uptown you worked through it and fell in love again. But then he went and published that damn pamphlet, and you had to work so hard to build your marriage again.

Then, one of the most horrifying sights flashed before your eyes. You saw Alexander dying as you held him in your arms, and he told you to take your time joining him. That was when your heart a shattered into a million, tiny pieces, and it had never been the same again.

After Alexander had died, you started to work your butt off so people would tell his story once you were gone, trying to secure the legacy he always worked so hard for. You interviewed each and every soldier that your husband fought with, and tried to translate all of his thousands of pages of writings, proving to everyone of the good your husband did.

Then for a while, you helped out your best friend (more like a sister), Eliza Schuyler, to start the first private orphanage in New York City. She got to raise hundreds of children, although she never had any of her own. And you got to experience joy as well. Although, each child’s sparkling eyes reminded you of what you saw in Alexander’s

Once you had helped her to achieve her dream, you continued on with your own dream. You went around and spoke out for those who did not have the equal rights as white males in America.

You started out by speaking against slavery, trying to convince everyone that you cannot enslave another human being. Next, you focused on helping women get their own rights. You even attended the first conference dealing with women’s rights in Seneca Falls, New York.

Every time you finished speaking, you could feel a pain in your chest. Alexander could have done so much better if only he had the time. Each time you thought you weren’t going to live to see another day, the Lord granted you more time. Each time you were extremely grateful, but some days you wanted to lie down and wake up with Alexander.

Finally, you saw all of your family that was still alive. You saw your beautiful daughters, dashing sons, and extraordinary grandchildren and great-grandchildren. You had such a blessed life, and you got to share so many moments surrounded by the people you loved.

Your only thought was had you done enough? Would others continue to tell the story of Alexander Hamilton and his wife, (y/n) Hamilton?

You could feel your soul slipping away from your body, yet you did not try to protest. After years of having faith, you knew that you were heading somewhere beyond life on Earth; the Afterlife. So, you let go of everything and let the unknown consume you.

When you opened your eyes again, you had to blink a couple of times to let your eyes adjust to the bright light. You stood up and looked down at the wrinkles in your dress. As you tried to brush them out, you noticed something that made you gasp.

Once you brought your hand up to eyelevel, you saw that there were no wrinkles. It looked like it had long ago when you were young. One could only assume that the rest of you looked younger as well.

Although you were still marveling, you heard a cough that brought you make to your senses. Looking up before you, you saw a sight that made you want to cry. In front of you, stood every person you had loved in your lifetime, but had passed away before you.

First, you saw your mother and father, who ran to embrace their daughter. Pulling away, you felt like you wanted to cry but couldn’t, for there were no tears in the Afterlife.

Glancing around you saw the all of Alexander’s friends (that became your friends) who had died in the war, or shortly after. Lafayette, Hercules, and John all smiled at you and nodded their heads in thanks for making sure the world knew of their stories.

The people who stood directly behind them made you want to jump for joy. “Angelica, Eliza.” you breathed out, not believing your best friends, who were more like sisters, were standing before your eyes again.

“And Peggy.” the youngest sister, stated as she also embraced you in a hug, and you couldn’t help but laugh. After a few moments, you pulled away.

Finally, you saw two figures standing behind everyone, and your heart soared. There in front of your very eyes stood your first born child, Philip, and your soulmate, Alexander.

You pulled Philp into a bone-crushing hug as any mother would if she had outlived her son by more than 50 years. You checked over his appearance and saw that he looked absolutely perfect. “I love you, mom.” he told you.

Pulling away from your son, you walked slowly towards your husband. Once you got close enough, you broke into a run, and threw yourself into his arms; taking notice of his younger appearance.

Looking into the eyes you had fallen in love with, you brought you lips near his and crashed them together. You had been waiting 50 years to do that.

“Alexander, I’ve missed you so much. I love you.” you sighed in content.

“I know, (y/n), my love. But I’m glad you’ve taken your time in coming to see me again. I just want you to know how proud I am over you, of all of your accomplishments. You did so much more than I ever could.” Alexander complimented, peppering your face in kisses.

You giggled and melted into the hold Alexander still had on you. Now, you never had to worry about having enough time. You were going to spend eternity with those that you loved most.



My RDC3 Weekend

This is more than anything a post to thank everyone that helped me through this weekend. My anxiety was worse than I hoped it would be but maybe better than it could have been I guess? By that I mean I only had one panic attack and it passed quickly thanks to the fannibals who helped me. For me it was both bad and good but the bad was all consistently part of, or result of, my anxiety, and hopefully outweighed by the good 💖

I want to thank especially @idontfindyouthatinteresting for being my con buddy and keeping me sane! New friend @byronicwoman who is just one of the nicest most supportive people I’ve met and I am so grateful for that. And @drjlecter for all the hugs which helped me through! But also everyone who was there for me at different times with hugs and distractions when my anxiety was peaking and more generally that I got to meet and hang out with! @strangestorys @redfivewritingby @churchescollapsing @wiith-my-hands @fragile-teacup @pka42 @weconqueratdawn @wrathofthestag @theseavoices @apoptoses @the-winnowing-wind @existingcharactersdiehorribly and a whole bunch of others not all on tumblr or whose tumblr names I have forgotten because I have a serious problem with names and faces so adding online handles this weekend has pretty much blown my mind 😳

So my weekend in brief(ish): 

Fannibals: I spent a lot of the time dealing with my anxiety, hiding in room and crying lots. BUT ALSO - forcing myself out to meet other Fannibals and being all the better for it. Between being crippled by anxiety and often swinging into being hyper to cope, it was all pretty exhausting and I’m so thankful for everyone’s support. I’m sorry if I came over as weird or awkward with anyone, it can be difficult for me to interact sometimes. Massive apologies to those I didn’t manage to get to meet or only briefly 😔

I had some wonderful conversations with various peeps about rarepairs which I will post about another time. And I may have spent too much time hugging people, especially @weconqueratdawn whilst trying (often unsuccessfully) not to cry too much over Quicksilver and what this series means to me 💖

I was pretty overwhelmed by the fact that almost every Fannibal I talked to had read my stuff and were “fans” *blushes* 🙊🙊🙊. The reactions I got when asked for my tumblr or ao3 handle were mind blowing for me. I’m sorry if I came across as ungracious at all, I was just surprised and overwhelmed (on top of the anxiety) but thank you all for the kind words. So pleased to forward that love and joy onto @slashyrogue @hotsauce418 @victorineb and @tcbook when people squeed not only about our little group challenge but also about them as well. The amount of people who fangirled to me over Slashy everytime I mentioned her gives me so much life!! Hotty your smut is loved and people need more Slick series. Vic your writing is loved and your unwavering support of writers by consistent and thoughtful comments is appreciated and never goes unnoticed. Cata your art is loved and has made so many people’s day! 

I didn’t hang around much in the evenings and I’m sorry I didn’t make it to any disco, I just couldn’t do it despite my best intentions. But I did go to the Fannibal Musical and it was amazing! Wonderfully put together, especially considering this was an international project, and the every single song choice was genius. I took some photos and clips (which are on my twitter) as I had a great view - I also filmed the finale, including Hugh’s reaction to the alt ending!

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Fucking thank you guys

I just got a really good critique on a piece of original short fiction, from a critique group including people who regularly get published in pro-paying venues. One guy whose work I pretty much love said “there are some things you could tweak, but really you could start submitting this for publication right now.”

It’s the first original fiction I’ve written in over two years, and the first original fiction I’ve ever written that I’ve actually liked. Ever.

And it’s because of this fandom. Completely because of this fandom. I’d taken fiction writing classes before, I’d sat down and made myself write things and sent them for critique before, I’d sketched out story ideas before. But I never produced a single piece of fiction that I gave a damn about from either a technical or emotional perspective, so I just let it drop. I thought, well, fuck it, I write nonfiction, that’s what I’m good at.

And then @damnslippyplanet and @johnleavittlives and some other friends from Metafilter Cannibal Club convinced me to try writing a short little Hannibal fic, just a couple thousand words or something. And I thought, well, hell, they’re doing it, why not? It might be fun.

Now it’s a year and a half and 80,000 words of fanfic later, and I can absolutely objectively say that I have grown as a writer with every single one of those words. I never would have done that if people weren’t reading it, and responding to it, and pushing me to keep writing it - and if there weren’t so many other excellent authors in the same fandom for me to watch and admire and strive to rise to the level of.

And now, when I compare the last original story I wrote before I got into writing fanfiction to the first original story I wrote afterward, it’s like they weren’t even written by the same person.

I think this thing could genuinely get published, and I’m going to try for that, but I honestly don’t care if it doesn’t. I’m happy with it. Other people are happy with it. It’s… good. That’s new, and that’s something I’ve idly dreamed about for basically my entire life but always assumed was just a fun fantasy, because "fuck it, I write nonfiction, that’s what I’m good at.”

I love you guys. That story wouldn’t exist if you weren’t here. And there are going to be a hell of a lot more stories, because now I know what it means to enjoy writing, because you all showed me.

crowncdcrow’s 800+ bias list (aka ‘are you guys lost??’)

first and foremost, a HUGE thank you to everyone who follows me, writes with me, lets me whine ooc to them at 2 AM. while things haven’t always been perfect, the majority of my experiences have been overwhelmingly positive && I can honestly say I’ve made some truly meaningful relationships here. 
I never imagined this many people would enjoy my writing && my interpretation of jon, and in truth, I still find it hard to believe (like one day I’ll wake up && you’ll all be gone), but I’m going to cherish every moment of it.

lets start with the katya defense squad:

@unbreakablehonor; @halvbjorn; @akingslayerx; @pearlofruins / @bearmaiiden; @krakens-flayed-wolf@ofironandbeauty; @valyrianflame; @bronzedwildling; @shewolfheart

serious beautiful souls that I cannot imagine this place without

@yngwolfrobb @longmayshereign-cersei @winterskraken @ofthewhitehands  @winterswhcre @handofhonor @zaldrizotala @predative @honourofwesterling @mxncipium @rhaegxr @cerseilionesslannister @meleabra @benjenstcrk @zaldrizotresy @astormcrow @boltxnbastard @worshipsonlydeath @davosshorthand @leomatrem @oftarth @nottobecrossed @winterfellswolfqueen @rcsethcrn @unbeatenwclf @wildmoored @meraxesrider / @sergeantstardust @neitherknightnorlady @georgerrrmartin @onceporcelain @qceenmother @fuckthekiing @secxndstark @wildwclf @nihtwulf @greyenvy @shewasdornish @ofbrokenmen @motherstarkling @motherofwolvcs @corlapidis @needlcd @queenmakcr @spacesmol @paterxleonum @ofgoldenwit @reodwulf @watchdeserter @kingwhocared @withanarmy @ircnbcrn @mybigfatcock @sansavis @hiddensteel @mhysaoffire @littlealinabolton @queenxfthorns @liiittlelord @woundlion @lostahand @agirlingrey @anironborn @boywarg @unbeatenwclf 

if I missed ANYONE I promise it wasn’t on purpose. I seriously love everyone who has made and continues to make this community the lovely place it is.

Ask before you pet someone's dog!

So, as every follower of this blog knows that I have a dog named, Bucky. And he’s a sweetheart, often reminds me and my friends of actual Bucky Barnes with his emotions and mannerisms.

And he’s also adorable. So, I completely understand why people want to pet him or touch him, and just coddle him. I get it. But my dog suffers with anxiety when outside! He stays beside me, literally walking under my feet because he hates crowds and loud noises. He’s skittish outside, but I got to walk him because he’s a dog and needs exercise. I love waking him, don’t get me wrong, some of my best moments with Bucky is outside at his favourite places. I just don’t like that people, strangers, feel like they have some kind of authority to touch my dog… without my permission!

I get it. I’m young, and people think they exceed some kind of authority over me anyway. But he’s my dog, I know him and I’d just prefer if people asked to touch my dog before they do it. A simple, “hey can I pet him?- is he okay to pet?”. Instead people, I don’t even know, come up and just pet him.

He’s a small dog, I feel like that’s another tipping point. He’s small so he can’t hurt me, a lap dog. I’m not saying Bucky is vicious or will bite, he isn’t like that but put into a position, a situation where HE feels like he can’t get out of; well, I can’t say he won’t bite. He wouldn’t but he’s a dog, if he feels threatened or scared, his reaction, basic reaction is fight or flight. And honestly, most of the time it’s a quick walk around my neighbourhood with him, he doesn’t get let off the lead because he usually doesn’t even want to leave my side anyway.

I’m writing this rant because some woman, who o don’t even know, decided it was a good idea to come up behind me… didn’t make herself known to me at all… and pet my dog. Bucky was sat beside my leg, I was busy reading the menu to the smoothie stand near my house. And she scared my Bucky so much that he yelped (he’s a dog where if he doesn’t like something, he’ll let you know about it!). Instantly I knelt down, noting the woman, who was laughing as if it was funny. I picked him up, only Bucky was scared and just in panic mode that he didn’t recognise me at first, he scratched up my arm and chest, plus neck. I am so sore but I’m not even worried about me.

The woman then said “Oh what a little whiner!” And I like to think I’m a nice person, I don’t like conflict and I rarely let people know they’re idiots directly. But my inner protectiveness came out and I said something I really shouldn’t have and walked off, didn’t even get my smoothie btw, I just walked off not caring that I had hurt the woman’s feelings because my dog was curled in my arms, whimpering! Bucky was whimpering.

I know the woman meant no harm, I really do. But this happens a lot, more than it should. And this is just me, a simple dog owner of a loving, beautiful dog that gets anxious in the outside world.

Please, please ask before you pet someone’s dog!

If she asked, I would have picked Bucky up and made him as comfortable as he could for a simple pet. Once he gets a little familiar, he’s okay. Like any small dog, they’re anxious of *new* people in the outside world. They aren’t in their home, where they’re comfortable and safe. So, please, take a second and ask if it’s okay. You’ll be making my dog, millions of other dogs, plus the owner who loves them dearly a lot less anxious when walking. Thank you. - Rosalee

anonymous asked:

AAAHH, you ship Logurt too, this made my day! :D I love them both way, as best friend buddies and having more between them. And now, thanks to you, I only see Kurt grinning wildly like an idiot when it comes to Logan :D (like Chris did) Thanks for the picture! :D

I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who enjoys that idea!  I think one of the reasons why the idea came to my mind was because Kurt has a LOT in common with Chris Traeger (optimistic, excessively kind and cheerful, relentless people-pleaser, uses his charm to hide insecurities).  Granted, Logan and Andy have very little in common, but the whole scene feels very true to Logan and Kurt to me. XD 

One of the things that I enjoy most about Logurt is that every now and then, Logan does or says something that seems as if he’s lowkey hitting on Kurt.  And Kurt it totally oblivious to it, haha.

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bless you, and bless your tags. hamilton was a fuck up, but his letters to eliza are filled with so much love and concern that i am confused that people say he was only in it for the status

Like, was her family a plus?  Yes.  Did she fit his type (pretty and rich)?  Yes.  That doesn’t mean he didn’t love her!  It’s so, so obvious that he did. 

And it’s not like Eliza fell for a foot soldier, you know?  He was the personal secretary to George freaking Washington!  He was a big deal.  Trust me that the girl wasn’t going to Jockey Hollow to find a husband.  She had standards, too, we just accept her standards and don’t accept his for some, often uncomfortable, reason.  Like, notice that people don’t give her shit for marrying “down,” but his motives get questioned for marrying “up” And people don’t get that he worked really fucking hard to get into that social group!  (And, like, never mind that her very haughty and aristocratic family accepted him just fine, and they knew the truth of his beginnings better than anyone at the time).  

Did they bring things besides love to their marriage?  Yes, but that’s absolutely normal and ok since people are still doing the same damn thing today.

I can’t remember which book it’s from, but there’s a quote that’s basically like they deserved one another in the best way and were a great match: he was going to go far in life and she was a girl who deserved the type of husband who would end up on money; and he was smart and worked hard and deserved legitimacy through the Schuylers and a wife who would help him along in his career.  

These two met because they were looking for someone like the other.  But it worked out for them because they fell in love.

When it comes to Hamilton, people need to stop focusing so much on that first part.

Dreams and Nightmares Part 4 ( Jason Todd X Reader)

Requests: None

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warning: Swearing

Word count: 515

A/N:  (Part 1), (Part 2),(Part 3), (Part 5) , (Part 6), Again, sorry for the mistakes. i would like to thank these people for being very supportive @solis200213 @speedypan @schninner-writes-some-stuff  @colormemeow and also this anon who said this “Girl your fanfic are so good I don’t know what I would do without them! You are an amazing awesome smart and talented person! I love your fanfic a so much it kinda hurts at times. Sorry for the mini rant just wan you to know you and your fanfic are one of the best!”  Thank you so much and other people who have read it thank you as well, all of you people made my day. [M/N] =Middle Name.

Jason…..? No it can’t be, it can’t…..  Zatanna starts to look at you worriedly as you try to fight back tears, although some rebelled streaming down your face. Stop it, it’s not him he may look like him…..But it’s not him.

“[F/N] What is wrong?” She asks putting her hand on your shoulder.

“Nothing.” You reply as your voice cracks. What is wrong with me stop it. Stop it! You put your hands on your cheeks wiping those tears away but they still wouldn’t stop. 

“What do you mean nothing? You are crying, tell me why.” Zatanna demands.

“It’s nothing important, trust me Zatanna.” You tell her.

“[F/N] [M/N] [L/N] I am being serious tell me.” She continues to tell you.

“Ok…It is just…. He looks so much….Like him.” You confess.

“Like who?” She asks.

“My boyfriend Jason Todd…. the Robin who was killed by Joker.” You could hear the hatred in your voice as you mentioned your boyfriends murderer. Ever since you wanted him to pay for what he had done……For killing the love of your life. Jason helped you see light in darkness, he was your light and you were his. Until he was taken away from you. Oh how you hated the sight of Joker laughing for every crime he committed. You would rarely talk about him or even say his name.

“He looks so much like him” You admitted as more tears began to fall. You continued to stare at him. “But Zatanna I know it’s not him… He died in my arms!” You continue to sob, she comes and gives you a hug comforting you.

“I am sorry, [F/N].” She apologizes rubbing your back with her hands. You continued to sob on her shoulder and appreciated how she comforted you. You had always cried on your own, no one ever knew how Jason’s death changed you. All these memories with him now hurt you so much, aching your heart. When you felt better you, you broke the embrace.

“Thanks Zatanna I feel better now.” You tell her giving her a fake smile hopping she would believe you.

“Of course, [F/N].” She replies. You then looked back at Red Hood’s face you couldn’t stop thinking about he resembled so much like Jason.

                                                              Jason P.O.V

Jason opens his eyes to find himself in a bedroom. He gets up sitting on the edge of the bed scratching his head yawning. He notices that his helmet is off and on the desk next to him. Weird. What happened? Where am I? How did I get here? He asks himself confused about what had happened last night. All he remembered was him kicking some criminals asses,  then something hitting his head causing the world to turn black. He looks around the white blank bedroom, looking for something that would give him a hint about the person who helped him. As he gets up and walks towards the door, somebody opens the door revealing someone he thought he was never going to see again.

“[F/N] is it you?” He asks with sorrow.