thank you to the lovely people who made them

To the last girl who tried to love her,

To the girl who was her first love and her first everything. The girl who took a beautiful flower and stuck it in some journal that she threw in the back of her closet and expected it to be there when she returned. The thing you never took the time to understand is that you can’t exterminate something so beautiful, you cannot simply just snuff out the light of someone so radiant, something that bright and beautiful will grow even in the darkest of places. So for all the times you used the words, ‘I love you,’ to keep her around while you added flowers to your collection and she hopelessly waited until you turned back to her page, and the times you made her think she’d be your favorite bookmark you’d place in every book you read but you left her behind?

Thank You.

She’s stronger now and she’s learning that she is her own source of light, she brings oxygen to the people who felt like there was no air left. 
I’ve never been a fan until now, I’ve always loved the color blue.. they were never JUST blue. But her brown eyes shine so bright, it’s as if someone was holding a light behind them making them radiate in the form of a caramel sunset that never ends. I am going to encourage her to be everything she aspires to be even if that means I cannot be a part of it. I guess that’s the difference between you and me. I will not let my own selfish needs hold someone who has so much potential back. I’d take sleepy facetimes with failed attempts of watching GoT, as she sneaks smiles and glances of me as I fall asleep, over all day communication if it means knowing she’s making personal gains.

Thank you for fucking up, so that I have a chance to get it right ,

But I think you’re catching on now, you are trying to throw out all your flowers in an attempt to get this one back.

But sweetheart didn’t they teach you flowers were meant to bloom not be hidden in the depths of a book you forgot was even there until you’re bored and have nothing left but it to read?

—  She may have been your favorite flower, but someday she will be my favorite book… the one I will never get tired of reading. 

gratitude is so damn important guys. thank your teachers for all their work. tell your friends thank you for being there for you even when you were so damn difficult. tell your parents you love them, spend quality time with them. compliment the girl you like, tell her she’s special. be appreciative of what you have, it may not be the same in a year. thank all the people that have made your life what it is, even if it may have felt negative at the time it’s made you who you are today and helped you grow; and that is a true blessing.






Tasty* ~ [1/2]

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Mature - 18+ only
Summary: Reader prepares the last important details of Chris’ thirty-sixth birthday party, but he can only think of one or two ways he’d like to celebrate this day with her.
Word Count: 2.5k
Genre: Fluff/Mild smut
Warnings: build up; mentions of sex/innuendos, Chris being a dork and a butt guy, slight food play/kink, make out session and language!
Author’s Note: I know, Chris’ birthday was yesterday (June 13th), but I actually wrote so much that I had to split this into two parts. The actual smut will be in the last part hopefully up tomorrow. Once again, happy birthday to the Dorito and enjoy! xx

    “Dodger, come here,” you whispered and the dog padded out of the kitchen, stopping at your feet. You bent and patted his back as his tail wagged excitedly.

    Staring back at your reflection in the mirror of the foyer, you smoothed out your dress - the same summer dress you’d wear on your first date with Chris three years ago - and you applied your cranberry lip balm. You weaved a hand through your hair, pushed up your breasts and you picked up the breakfast tray you’d left on the entryway table.

    “What do you think? He’s going to like it, right?” You asked Dodger and laughed at how ridiculous you sounded. My God, I’m talking to a dog.

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    Words aren’t enough to describe how spectacular this weekend was. One of the best experiences I had in my 22 years of existence.
    A huge thank you to the Shadowhunters cast, who were the most genuine and adorable people, and really made their fans happy. Going back to normal life is hard today and I still don’t realize fully that it happened. So thankful for the opportunity. I’ll always remember this. ❤️❤️❤️

    Hello its Maddy aka Legandaryharry. Oh my god guys i finally reached 2k followers. I am so happy and so thankful for everyone who has followed me and seen the potential I have in my blog. I started this blog back in January but didn’t really start getting into it until March. I have met so many amazing people on this blog and made just so many friends, that I love dearly. I plan to stick around on this blog as long as possible and make even more bigger things for myself. Love you all dearly

    So I decided to make a follow forever to show all of the beautiful people that I follow and my mutuals just how much I am thankful for them. 

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    mamajosrefuge  asked:

    Hi! Uhm, I don't know if you can help me, but do you know a cleansing and or protection spell against ghosts? A cemetary is right down the street from my house and I've already had 2 ghostly visitors on Halloween the last couple of years from there (forgot to close the window that night NEVER AGAIN). If not, would it be possible to direct me to someone who would know sth like this? I hope, I'm not too forward w/ this request. Thank you so much and have a lovely day!

    Not too forward at all! My parents house is actually between a cemetery and a fairy mound, so we were always finding bits or charms people made to keep both at bay. It was an interesting childhood in the garden in that regard. One time dad dug one of them up and discarded it. The streak of bad luck that ensued led to my mother going to the Totally Not Witches in our church to get another one.

    One of the main charms I am aware of for keeping unwanted visitors out of your house is to plant iron around the entryways. Everyone thinks this is always just for fae, but iron is just one of those good, solid, dependable metals for when it comes to protecting the home. My parents have iron horseshoes above the doors. Some people like to have them facing down the way (like a U) because they believe it keeps luck inside your house, other people flip them like an upside down U so that anyone with bad or unwelcome intentions, will feel turned away and be in theory unable to cross the threshold.

    You can also take iron sheers and plant them in your yard, blades open and facing outward so that anyone unwelcome will cut their soul if they try to break in or enter where they are not welcome. You don’t necessarily need to do anything too magical too them either to do this. It’s the will of your intent as you bury them that does most of the work, but it doesn’t hurt to remind them every day when you walk over/past them that they are there to Protect you, and focus a little of your will toward that notion.

    You can also create a protection charm like that out of pretty much anything, iron is just traditional and preferable to some people. I didn’t have any iron when someone tried to break into mine and Etd’s home (except the iron curtain rail I threatened the guy with, happy coincidence) so I actually took my favorite quartz crystals, told them they were going to look after my house now and buried them near the thresholds. Ocassioanly I will rework the charm whenever I am cleaning house, focusing on where I know them to be in the yard, and willing them to be filled with light and the general vibe of “if you’re here without my invitation fuck the fuck right off”. It works well for me. You could also use lemons or something else that is biodegradable, but then you need to redo the spell in full fairly often, which some people like cause it helps them feel protected, and some people don’t.

    I also keep crystals by all the windows which I work with similarly, with the extra notion that I don’t want people looking in and they should feel uncomfortable if they try. This would also work easily for ghosts too. My preference is clear quartz or amethyst.

    I will also once a year, usually on Hogmanay, go around all thresholds and windows with salt, imagining an invisible ward around everything that seals the house from malice or unwanted guests, living or otherwise. I’ll usually do each window individually. Then when I’m done I open them up and brush the salt outwards towards the outside world, as a symbolic gesture of brushing the evil/bad energies out of the home. It’s something my mother always did, which she got from her mother, and it stuck with me. Those are my basic house wards.

    If you feel like your ghost buddies have decided they want to stay and are disregarding the wards, you may need to have a chat with them regarding boundaries. And by chat I mean reminding them this is your house and to kindly gtfo. You can do this with your average cleansing house spell, a million and one of which you can find in Google. But my personal fave is to bang my iron pots and pans together walking through the house saying firmly “this is my space, you’re not welcome here, leave please”. If I’m feeling particularly special I’ll light some incense, but if you couldn’t tell I’m a very “fuck off I’ve not got time for this bullshit” witch.

    Also if it’s just specific to Halloween? Keep candles lit by the windows, or if you can, throw the traditional jack-o-lantern outside with a candle inside, give them something else to focus on, a bit like moths to a flame. But be sure to have your wards in place, you want them to focus on the light, not your actual home. Good luck.

    Beauty and Prince Ben

    A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

    Fandom: Disney Descendants

    Boy: Prince Ben

    Word Count: 3,840

    Warning(s): Fluff

    ‘’You can’t rush love honey. Love takes time.’’

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    i. Someone once told me he was an arctic I lost myself in. I learned how to breathe while frozen, learned to enjoy how the frostbite numbed my fingers, learned to be thankful they were not falling off at least. Someone once told me frozen lobsters can come back to life when unthawed. That without the cold, they can learn to live again.

    ii. When snakes are born with two heads, they fight for food. When twins are born conjoined, they fight for use of their organs until they are separated. You think your bodies are made to fit inside of each other, but darling, soulmate is not synonymous for togetherness.

    iii. You are lightning always competing with thunder, but yelling louder doesn’t mean he’s right. Loving publicly doesn’t mean you love more. Weeping harder doesn’t mean your sadness is stronger. So smile, smile because you have the strength to give up the fight.

    iv. Maybe you aren’t there yet, but recognition is the first step. Recognize that you are fighting a war against the unchanging earth and kiss yourself with a million apologies for every time you put him above your well being. Blink butterfly kisses into your bloodstream until love radiates through the melanin in your skin. Put on your darkest shade of lipstick and kiss him out of every photograph of him kissing you, no matter how numb your tongue is from its inability to sit still without his mouth.

    v. Realize that love has a lot to do with the way he made your tongue move against your lips. It’s late-night tongue wrestling with words so sweet, you spit them out so easily. Now your tongue is bitter like black coffee and it will take some getting used to. Luckily, your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body. Luckily, you can find other people to swirl your words in like galaxies. You can find your own belly so soft, you will never cover it in indigestion.

    vi. Before the 17th century, almost all carrots were purple. When you are seventeen, the most important thing is not developing your taste, but finding comfort in things unchanging. Find new comfort zones. Hallow out your backyard until hell looks like home. Until you are thankful that the pain made you who you are.

    vii. This life is for exploring, never for standing still. There are more microbes on your skin than people on this planet. Our bodies are outnumbered ten to one by the bacteria that lives on them. We have so much more to love than just our bodies. We have so much more to scrutinize than just our skin.

    viii. You are taller in the morning than the evening. Our eyes are the same size from birth, but our ears never stop growing. Your eyes can deceive you, so open your ears to knowledge. Learn who you are and wake up each morning stronger-willed, with bigger bones than you thought you could ever be made out of.

    ix. Love him, love him, love him, but never forget to leave him.

    x. Love him because he does not know any better than the fault lines his hands create, but love yourself enough to let go of him anyway.

    —  How to love yourself more than you love him

    anonymous asked:

    Top 5 favorite Tayley gifs and why 😀

    This is like the best anon I’ve ever received *rubs hands together*

    But honestly, just 5!! Come on, anon! I gotta say I’m having a really hard time trying to decide. Can I post like 100 instead? No? Okay, I’ll just stop talking and get to it.

    1. I think this one is like my favorite gif in history. Just look at them. The way they look at each other, how H hugs T. It’s just so adorable and pure. 🤗

    2. I also  like this one a lot because they’re holding hands and do I really need to say anything else?

    3. I love hugs and I love when my faves hug so that’s why I love the next ones. Yes, plural, because I couldn’t choose just one. I don’t feel like I’m cheating..

    4. Aww man, the feels. I really like the next one because I love when they are playful and mess around together. The cuteness tho!

    5. So it’s time for the last one, right? *sighs* I like this one because it’s just Tayor spanking Hayley’s thigh. Nothing more to add tbh!

    And well, after facing this hard decision I feel kinda empty so I’m going to bless you (and myself) with some more random Tayley gifs that I love. Enjoy! *drops mic*

    Credit: Some of the gifs were made by me, the rest were found on google/tumblr/my phone. So thank you to those wonderful people and tayley shippers who made them!! ❤❤

    Journeyman - Chapter 27

    “I don’t want to see people!”

    I wearily rubbed my temples. “Story of my life.”

    It was Sunday and, more importantly, the morning after my wooing of Harry. I wanted nothing more than to be nestled up beside his warm body, a tattooed arm keeping me firmly pressed against him. Instead I was trying to convince a two year old that starting preschool tomorrow was not the end of the world. Neither of us were impressed.

    Read it here

    anonymous asked:

    Do the people who made the show have tumblrs too? I wanna give them a huge thank. It is a lot of work to make a show. You guys are really the BEST. :)

    Unfortunately no. :( But, you can find the creative team on Twitter, like Thomas and Winny! They’re very busy with S2 and S3 amongst other things, but we’re sure they’d appreciate your love and support! 💗

    BTS Reaction To Their S/O Learning Korean

    Anon asked: I’d love to see a BTS reaction to the language barrier between themselves and their girlfriend who speaks english, but is trying to learning korean for them. Thanks!

    Thank you for this request, I enjoyed it! I made it gender neutral though so that a wider range of people can enjoy this post as well. I hope you don’t mind. -Spice

    Rap Monster:

    Since you spoke English as well, he had no trouble communicating with them. Namjoon would eagerly volunteer to help you learn Korean, and would prove to be a very patient teacher.

    Originally posted by parkjiminer


    Seokjin’s English wasn’t terrible, but it was certainly difficult for for him to communicate effectively with you. He would teach you small Korean words that he thought might be useful to you, while also trying to pick up some English vocabulary himself.

    Originally posted by jhopefluxo


    Yoongi’s English was lacking for the most part, and he knew that. He would have a difficult time understanding complicated that you said, and would grow tired of the miscommunication and help you learn Korean. Suga would be a bit of an unconventional teacher since his pronunciation is a little mumbled, but he would try his best o help you learn.

    Originally posted by taestyminsuga


    He was ecstatic to hear that you were trying to learn Korean for his sake. Hoseok would try to help you study the language, but he would prove to be a bit more of a distraction than an aid to your studies. Nonetheless, he tried his best to help you master the language.

    Originally posted by notjhope


    Taehyung would be impressed that you were trying to learn his native language, since he knew how hard it was to learn a different language. He would put more effort into learning English for you sake, so that you weren’t the only one trying new things.

    Originally posted by aestheticvbts


    He’d be the best person to encourage you in your Korean studies, and would congratulate you on every little progress you made. Jimin would be proud of you any time you spoke Korean correctly; even if you didn’t pronounce it correctly he’d still be proud of you attempting.

    Originally posted by bangtanboysloves


    Jungkook would volunteer to help you learn Korean, but he’d slowly get more teasing as time grew on. Eventually he’d just tell you incorrect phrases and laugh that the other boys’ reactions when you spoke these phases to them. After a few pranks though, Jungkook would get serious and teach you some useful phrases.

    Originally posted by omojinyounghobi

    Anyway, I love the Nashville Predators and I am so proud of them. No one expected them to make it out of first round and they made it all the way to Cup Finals. They’ve really turned Nashville into a hockey town and all across Tennessee, people have started to watch hockey. They’ve started a movement and they’re so gracious to the colleges in the area who have D3 teams. Hockey in the South is a thing and it’s here to stay and the Preds are helping make that happen. So thank you, Nashville, from the bottom of my heart. I love you.

    The True Meaning of Shipping.....

    As the weekend comes to a close, I must admit that after a week from hell with work projects, I am feeling quite rested, and a little emotional this evening.

    After seeing the videos of Sam and Cait at ECCC….I am once again reminded why I became a fan of these two glorious people. They have an aura, a goodness, and all around love that makes you see and feel all that is right in the world. And because they were so giving of their time and space, I have decided to allow them their own. Everyone knows where I stand regarding these two beautiful people, and I hope their lives continue to be filled with love, and each other. I will follow them until the very end!

    But, I have also learned this weekend that my “love of the ship ” really now centers around something else, and that is each of you. To all the ladies who shared their stories, pictures, squees, embarrassments and overall fabulous experience…..THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I felt like I was actually attending this con with you, and it has made me smile and laugh to no end. And, I am convinced that if they attend another one , we should figure out how to go as a whole group!! The fact that several of you got to meet, have dinner and just enjoy your experience together is what “shipping” is all about, and all of the Shipsters did us proud.

    Who knows what the future holds for our dreamy duo, but I do know one thing. At the end of the day, it’s not about who is right, who is first, who has the biggest mouth ( we already know that one!😉), or who thinks they know the most…. It’s about finding a place to share, laugh, cry and even snark from time to time about something, or someone who is deserving of that kind of love and acceptance. We came together because of OL, and Sam and Cait. We are now together because of our support of each other, and that is the most beautiful ship of all.

    Much love to all my fellow shipsters. I cannot imagine this place without each and every one of you, and we are the true captains of our own ship! And to those on the other side who cannot understand this level of love and friendship, well they can row right on by on their shaky lifeboats because they simply don’t get it, and never will.

    Happy Sunday to you all, and thanks for a glorious weekend of memories and fun!💜❤💚💙💛


    Request:  Weird request but do you do victorious? Because can you do an imagine where I’m Tori’s twin sister and Beck falls for me, do it so Jade doesn’t love him because I dont want to have to fight her. Jade is my best friend even though she has a like hate relationship with Tori.LOVE YOU THANKS

    I ran, late as usual to Sikowitz’s class. I knew Jade and Tori would be in there and they’d cover for me so I wasn’t too worried. Sikowitz wasn’t the person who made me nervous in that classroom. Beck Oliver was one of the most attractive people I’d ever encountered, but on top of that he was nice and funny, not to mention extremely talented. How could you show that to a girl and not expect them to fall in love.

    I opened the door to the class,

    “Ah the other talented Vega has arrived” Sikowitz shouted,

    “Since when is Trina in this class too?” I laughed sarcastically, I heard Jade chuckle,

    “Watch it” Tori rolled her eyes, pulling out the chair inbetween her and Beck. I bit my lip but took the seat.

    “Hey” He whispered,

    “Hi” I muttered, pulling my notebook out of my bag and onto my lap. I also grabbed my coffee that I placed on the floor for a second while I fiddled in my bag and took a sip.

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    anonymous asked:

    AAAHH, you ship Logurt too, this made my day! :D I love them both way, as best friend buddies and having more between them. And now, thanks to you, I only see Kurt grinning wildly like an idiot when it comes to Logan :D (like Chris did) Thanks for the picture! :D

    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who enjoys that idea!  I think one of the reasons why the idea came to my mind was because Kurt has a LOT in common with Chris Traeger (optimistic, excessively kind and cheerful, relentless people-pleaser, uses his charm to hide insecurities).  Granted, Logan and Andy have very little in common, but the whole scene feels very true to Logan and Kurt to me. XD 

    One of the things that I enjoy most about Logurt is that every now and then, Logan does or says something that seems as if he’s lowkey hitting on Kurt.  And Kurt it totally oblivious to it, haha.