thank you to my friend john for making it happen


Ok, I am on my way home so I kind of have to make this quick.
But I have to tell you what happened. First off, my daughter and I had to stand for about 2 hours before Jeff came out, we did make a few friends, including a couple of John Winchester girls! 😊

Anyway, getting to the good stuff. 😂. I’m thanking my lucky stars for purchasing the JDM VIP package because once Jeff came out we were rushed to the front of the line

There was about 10 people in front of us. We were standing close enough to hear the guy working with Jeff (his assistant or publicist?) start screaming at the volunteer to make sure the hundred or so people waiting would not ask for a personalized auto. “We’ll be here till midnight!” That dude scared the shit out of me, I was waiting for him to bring out Lucille! 😂

We have to run what we are having signed by this dude, so I just gave him photo op, keeping the messages until Jeff was finishing up the auto. My daughter was excited because Millie Bobby Brown was signing next to him, and Jeff loves Stranger Things, so she asked him if he had met her. He goes, “I did! In fact, I guess we were on the same plane coming here!” 😊

So I took this as the chance to slip him the letters. He asked what it was and I said that a group of his biggest fans heard he was getting hate and we wanted him to know how much he is loved and appreciated. He said “Aww, no! I’m ok, I can take it!” He laughed, then said, “Wow, this is great!” And he leaned over the table and hugged me! Dear God, I nuzzled his freaking scruff! 😜😍
By now, I was on cloud 9, and started to walk away and he added “I’ll take this home!”

I am so so over the moon!

I also have to say what happened at my first auto with him. When I asked if he could sign “Look at my dirty girl!” nasty dude shot it down very quickly. Well while Jeff was signing his name, he said “what was it?” I repeated it and he started writing it! He then whispered “Don’t tell anyone!” So I got that and I’m getting it tattooed! 😊

God I love that man!

Person: *Casually mentions the possibility of Jedi Finn

Me: *snaps to attention faster than light speed & screams*                       “HAVE IT WE MUST!!!!”