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There is a lot of struggling in my household right now, but I want to stay optimistic! I’m very excited to start a new original comic and I can’t thank my Patrons enough for getting me here.

The last couple of months have been very difficult, however. Everything that I make on Patreon currently goes to student loans. Every penny. I work two other jobs to put money away and fund the household, but it’s becoming a lot.

My goal is to make comics and stories for a living and help myself and my family through this tough time. Thank you deeply to everyone who considers, and to everyone who signal boosts this.

Applications have officially closed! 

Thank you to everyone who applied to or signal boosted this event! We really appreciate your helping us make this event successful! Look out for more posts about emails. We will do our best to keep you all updated as we proceed. The final participant list will be published on the 15th!

With Love,

[art by @mikossu]

New commission sheet for 2017!

I’m not working right now and I REALLY need some way to make rent and pay my bills. Rent and vet bills are very expensive for someone who is not working, so you guys are my only hope until I get my hands on a job. ♥
In the past, many have donated a great amount, which I appreciate. You may do so again if you’d like (email is the same as paypal) or commission me! Don’t worry for those who have already commissioned me, I’ll finish yours first!

If you cannot do either, please spread the word. It would mean a lot!

Commission Details:

- Payment after I finish
- Armor, weapons, and the like will cost extra
- Will draw anything, including gore and NSFW
-I allow my OCs with yours - get $5 off 

Thanks so much everyone!!


Wow. All I can say is thank you, thank you for all the kind messages everyone has sent me. Whether it was on here or twitter, I’m amazed at the responses I’ve been getting. The love and support from this community is one of the things that originally drew me in. I never imagined my art would take me here but I’m thankful that I got to be apart of this charity stream. I want to thank all of those who donated or signal boosted the stream in anyway you could. You all helped an amazing cause today. I’m so proud of all of you and what this community is able to accomplish. <3

Abandoned Kitten in Need of Home(CA)

This weekend someone abandoned a kitten in the parking lot of my restaurant. I was out of town that weekend and the other employees weren’t able to catch him. I caught him last night and he is currently with me. I cannot keep him due to already having more than enough cats. Unfortunately I can only keep him until the end of the week at best and tomorrow at worst and then he will have to go to the SPCA. If there’s anyone in CA(I live in the Central Valley in Tulare County) willing to take him in or knows someone willing to take him in please contact me. He is shy but once he’s in your arms he will snuggle and purr in your lap!

If you can’t take him then please help spread the word! I am willing to drive to you or meet you halfway!

EDIT: Thank you for everyone who reblogged this! Kitty boi has a home lined up!

Please help me go to college!

Hello everyone, 

For as long as I can remember I have been one of those kids that does everything they can to get good grades. I don’t know why I am wired this way, it certainly was not my parents putting pressure on me. I haven’t figured out what was my goal when I was younger when keeping straight A’s but these last couple of years that goal turned into going to study abroad. I live in Ecuador, a country that doesn’t really have many job opportunities and certainly not a good place to make a living out of illustration/animation. Besides, Ecuador is a very homophobic country and I can’t be myself here. My goal now is to be able to go to ACAD, an art college in Alberta, Canada and study illustration. I am very passionate about art and I dream of living in a place that will let me explore that passion. I want to be able to create films, graphic novels, illustrate children books, anything related to art. I have been accepted in ACAD already but I don’t have enough money to go because housing and food is too expensive and they don’t offer financial aid to international students. After all the effort I have put these last 12 years at school, I would really appreciate any support you can give me to making my dream come true and being able to move to Canada, be myself, and make art. I always try to give my 110% and I want to give this my best try. Going somewhere where my art would be welcomed and could give me a stable job would make everything I have done worth it. 

Thank you to everyone who can help me!

My dad’s paypal adress:

This is some of my art, if you want to look at more pieces please go to

If anyone donates $50+ I will draw any sort of fan art or portrait as a thank you!


Hey everyone! I decided to update my commission sheet because it was in desperate need of newer examples.
Also, I’m going home for winter break and my job, and only source of income, is on campus. While I’m at home, I won’t have a steady source of income for about a month. I really need to get some money saved for this coming semester, so I hope you might consider my commissions if you’re in the market for some.
Thank you for looking!
Signal boosts are really appreciated if you’d like to reblog, as it helps others see this post who might be looking for someone to commission!

Additional info/rules below – Please read if you’re interested!

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this was a while ago, but im so happy that ppl sent birthday wishes to jim (@jimoghy). apparently his inbox was such a pleasant surprise for him!! tysm to @shylockgnomes, @deancasisendgame, @johnlock-saranghae, @riteofashkente, @no-reason-at-all, @ifyouarelookingforbabynames, @tworidiculousmen, @inevitably-johnlocked, @love-in-mind-palace, and @rday112358 for messages and signal-boosting 💜💜

Sydney Update

 My little brother finally got her to respond, she passed out after she got to the house of the person who was going to take her home. I am thankful that she is okay, and hoping she and everyone reblogging this learns their lessons: Always take a friend if you go drinking, and make sure they can take you home. Please, no matter how well you may know the area, don’t ever trust strangers to take you home. I pray everyone has a safe night, and I thank everyone for signal boosting this. It means alot that everyone was willing to help.

teenage-bookw0rm  asked:

As a hsc geography student who still hasn't received a textbook (everyone borrows them across all the subjects)- despite seeing more than enough for the class in my classroom, I have found this guy called Gregory Sciortino on YouTube who has all the syllabus dot points on Urban Places made into YouTube videos. I have found this extremely helpful in improving my class notes. He has also done it on People and Economic Activity (Dairy Industry). I just wish to let others know about this discovery!

That’s awesome! Signal boosting this for any HSC/to be HSC geography students, thank you for letting me know!

Star Trek Imagine Community - Super Cheesy Appreciation Post

Hi all! It’s me again… 

So after getting some feedback, I started to reply by writing a novel on how appreciative I am for everything. I then decided it’s probably better as a separate post, so here it is!

I just want to say that this Star Trek community is utterly amazing and supportive. As a fairly new-ish blog, I can honestly say never have i felt more welcomed in to it before. I started of as a reader, whenever i needed an escape from the pressures around me I would take to the Star Trek tag, but eventually I found the urge to write myself and give back- hence the creation of this blog.

But I really want to take the time to ‘shout out’ to some of the people who make this community great! (This is just from the top of my head, so if I have missed anyone at all or you have any additions yourself that I might not be aware of, tag them in! they deserve it!)

First of lets start with the writers. There are so many awe inspiring writers which help to fill the Imagine Tag with their creations! Whether they are large blogs and post daily, or smaller and post less frequently each and every one of them deserve some recognition for their posts. Each and everyone one of these people have a talent that they should be proud of, and to name a few that pop to my head (check them out): @outside-the-government​, @fandomheadrush@youre-on-a-starship@mybullshitsensesaretingling@littlecarowrites @carlysenterprise @imaginestartrek @coyoteimagines @startrek-imagines @paigeinastory @musingsongbird @mission-enterprise @trekimagine @bkwrm523 @trekken81 @starshiphufflebadger @anotherstartrekimagineblog @imagineangryspacegrump

Secondly we have blogs such as @yourtropegirl @spnstarships @trekken81 who help to support and signal boost writers by taking the time to create reading lists and recommendations for everyone to see! I can honestly say, that by being featured on a few of these lists my writing has been given a boost! I know you guys probably get it a lot, but thank you for the time you put in to do these, we/I really appreciate it! And if I have missed anyone again: tag them!

Last but not at all least, it’s the readers which deserve a massive thank you aswell! To all the people who take the time to open the fiction and the anonymous prompts, feedback, likes and re blogs- you guys complete the community! Now it would take me ages to tag a bunch of readers, because there are hundreds but you all know who you are! We know as well! I think I can easily name a whole bunch of people who I see read my fictions from the top of my head! Thank you for your time and your support, it really does inspire me as a writer (well all writers to be honest) to continue and to post more work for others to enjoy! We know you don’t need to leave a comment, but the fact you do makes it special.

There we go, appreciation post over! Again If i have missed anyone, its most likely because I have slipped up (there are so many tags) or I might not have discovered you myself yet- So if you feel other people need a big pat on the back and a thanks- tag them! This community is so wonderful, and I hope it grows bigger and stronger in 2017!

Anyway- Back to writing I go! There’s Imagines to be posted!

Quick update

The prompt list will be updated at some point today, I’m working on it right now actually, but I’ll need to leave very soon to take the Demon Spawn to preschool so it may be early afternoon before the list goes live.

I’m very happy to report that there are three new prompts for the list this week (as always new prompts are labelled NEW).

And I just want to say thank you to everyone who has submitted a prompt, was inspired by one, or even just given the list a signal boost.  This project was started on a whim and it never would have grown to this point without your help.  Thank you.

PHEW… I’m back in my blog. To my surprise, I got an email today from some nice people at Nickelodeon putting me in touch with connections they have at Tumblr and voilà—they let me get back in and change the associated email address. 

I know MANY of you are still locked out of your blogs and do not have such a “corporate connection” solution at your disposal. I asked the powers that be at Tumblr to please find some sort of workaround to allow people to regain access. I sincerely hope it ends up working out somehow for everyone affected. 

Thanks to everyone who helped to boost the signal and who followed me over to my replacement blog. I’ll keep that thing as a backup in case any other shenanigans happen. And thanks to the MANY people who have followed this blog over the last 4+ years and who made it a thing worth fretting over losing.

And yes, I am going for that Avatar Wan look.


Hello Phandom. I just wanted to ask everyone with an Instagram to report user howellphan as they are posting private and personal photos of Dan, his family, and his ex girlfriend. There are also people on this page who are trying to find Dan and Phil’s address and are posting comments including the general location of their flat. This is completely disrespecting their privacy, and it will only take a minute to help stop this from continuing. Thank you! Update: The account has been moved to HOWELL.PHAN.

Readings for a Quinceañera

Hey lovelies, I really don’t want to do this but thanks to our new president I have to. My little cousin Vanessa was going to have her quinceañera (it’s like a sweet 16 but for 15-year-old girls in Mexico) in Mexico but now her family is reconsidering due to the recent Muslim ban. Also, since Trump was elected there has been a lot more violence on the border, which is where all my family lives. Vanessa’s family booked a place for her quince already for September but the place won’t give their money back and they can’t go back to Mexico to demand their money back. Her mom, my mom, and all of my aunts and uncles came from Mexico and since even naturalized citizens are getting turned back they don’t want to risk going to Mexico for that and the violence towards Americans. It’s still far into the future but I want to make sure that my cousin can have her quince because it’s so important. 

So I’m going to be selling readings as usual but the money from these will be given to my cousin for her quince. Here is the price list. I do tarot, rune, and pendulum readings. Please don’t ask for a free reading even though they will say they are open on my blog, please consider a small reading if you really need it. Please, I don’t want my baby cousins, the ones that are only 3-10, to grow up fearing to go outside or to visit their family in Mexico and also give up their quince. Trump won’t let us live in fear of our culture. We’ll have quinceañeras for all my female cousins but for now we need to do them one at a time. I only have a PayPal right now and of course you can always donate without buying a reading if you so choose but I’ve gotten many positive results on my readings, check my #feedback tag if you want to see for yourself. If you can’t help please signal boost! The PayPal link is below. Thanks so much to everyone who buys a reading! It means the world to me and my family!


1. I don’t do medical or legal readings

2. I don’t do anonymous readings (normally I do but since only paid readings are going on I won’t do anon)

3. Please be as specific as possible

4. ALSO, please give me a little leeway. Readings are difficult but I have a good trac record. Again please see my #feedback tag to see reviews people have left. 


2 Card Spread: $3

3 Card Spread: $5

4 Card spread: $6

5 Card Spread: $7

6 Card Spread: $8

7 Card Spread: $10

8 Card Spread: $12

9 Card Spread: $14

10 card spread: $20

Anything more: please PM me


2-3 Runes: $4

4-5: $7

6-7 Runes: $9

9 Runes: $10

10 Runes: $12

11+ Runes: $15 minimum, plus more depending on how many you ask for


More than 3 questions: $2

If more than 5 questions please PM me


This is my younger cousin Jessica McCarthy, who has gone missing after arguing with her mother January 12. As far as we know, she has run away, but every attempt to contact her has come back with no results. She is a sixteen year old who has gone missing in a not-so-nice part of Germantown, and my entire family is desperate for some kind of help. At this point, the fears that she may have been hurt or taken is starting to get worse as time goes on.

Jessica is a sweet and artistic girl who has gotten into a bad crowd multiple times and has had thoughts of suicide in the past. We are terrified for her, but the police can do minimum with the amount of proof. Right now she is categorized as an endangered teen, but none of us know whether or not she’s staying away by choice at this point.

Please, I know about the fears of predators using this kind of thing to find someone in danger, but this beautiful girl is like a little sister to me. I can hardly sleep or eat right now I’m so scared, and no one seems to know where she is.

Please, I’m begging you. If you need a picture of me with her so you know I’m not some creep trying to find them, I’ve got plenty from over the years.

UPDATE: Jessica is home safe now, thank you to everyone who helped


Hello, fellow Black Sails fans!

I’ve recently made a few posts (x and x) suggesting the use of positivity tags for the women of Black Sails in general, and Eleanor Guthrie in particular, considering some of the double standards present in the fandom that lead to a variety of hate directed at the ladies.

The goal would be to create a safe heaven for all BS ladies’ lovers to be able to talk freely about them and make hate free analysis of their characters and actions. I suggest you read the posts linked above for a better understanding of the tags’ purpose.

Without further ado, I propose the use of these specific tag:

for posts related to all/any of the female characters in Black Sails.

#eleanor guthrie defense squad 
for posts related to Eleanor Guthrie.

You can use these tags on any kind of post related to the ladies/Eleanor. Be it gif sets, graphics, fanvids, fanmixes, text posts and others. Everything is acceptable as long as it is not mindless hatred. Remember to place these tags within the first 5 tags on your post, otherwise people won’t be able to see it.

Please signal boost to spread the word! If you have any questions feel free to drop by my ask box.

Finally, I’d like to tag everyone who liked/reblogged/replied to the 2 original posts. Thank you for all the help and the support! :) And I’d like to apologize to those that tumblr won’t let me mention because it sucks. I hope you see this any way.

@queerpyrates; @bisexualcyborg; @momecat; @omgmassivebouquethideout; @ladyofglencairn; @rocheforrts; @pirate-nonsense; @jackandmaxanne; @minathevampireslayer; @manjusaka; @melis-ash; @arcadiaego; @sabrinushka; @the-sage-empress; @itsniqueg; @dreamingpagan; @maxaholic; @professional-superhero; @nymeriaandlady; @woofety; @rokkatanskie; @iwtv2007; @princessciri; @teamrebecchi; @williamanderly; @summerseachild; @flawlesslexa; @pasikonik; @filantestar; @daryl-dixon; @flintxhamilton; @bronzebonny; @captalnflint; @elvensorceress; @bjornstark; @klainestillsucks; @deifysam; @hiddencait.

I cannot begin to say thank you to everyone who is donating and helping me out! I have cried numerous times and had to touch up my make-up! Thank you all so much! You have reminded me the world isn’t too bad.

I am working on my college application right now! Thank you all so much!!

If you want to help me out still and missed my first post my PayPal is!!