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Prompt List of Sarcasm [2]

Prompt List of Sarcasm: One 

  1. “I just know something bad is going to happen.” 
  2. “You don’t look like an angel.” 
  3. “This is who I am. Nobody said you had to like it.” 
  4. “Don’t talk. Please.” 
  5. “I’ll make my own decisions, thank you.” 
  6. “This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.” 
  7. “Thank you, Captain Obvious.” 
  8. “Whoop! Whoop! Over-reaction alert!” 
  9. “It’s so ugly… I LOVE IT!” 
  10. “You lucky bastard.” 
  11. “We’re young. We’re fine. Let’s do some damage.” 
  12. “Who’s the bitch now, bitch?” 
  13. “I picked a helluva a day to quit drinking.” 
  14. “What’s that? Your stripper money?” 
  15. “Don’t you just hate those things you say that make you feel really blonde?” 
  16. “When I say problem, I mean global crisis.” 
  17. “Well, you don’t need to be snarky about.” 
  18. “If KARMA doesn’t hit you, I’ll do it.” 
  19. “Did you just fall?” “No, I attacked the floor.” “Backwards?” “I’m freaking talented!” 
  20. “Of course I can see you. I’m not blind you know.” 
  21. “The world can be amazing when you’re slightly strange.” 
  22. “Life is too short to wear boring clothes.” 
  23. “You throw punches, I throw insults.” 
  24. “Wow, I wish I could speak whale.” 
  25. “Sometimes I forget my middle name.” 
  26. “Let me just pound your head into the cement quick.” 
  27. “Yeah, I got that from your 600 voicemails.” 
  28. “I love the way your foul little mind works.” 
  29. “Haha, made you look.” 
  30. “Have you ever tried to run in heels?” 
  31. “Oh honey, I have a fake laugh with your name written all over it.” 
  32. “That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard come out of your mouth.” 
  33. “All due respect, but that’s a bunch of crap.” 
  34. “Generally speaking, you aren’t learning much when your lips are moving.” 
  35. “Brains aren’t everything. In fact, in your case, they are nothing.” 
  36. “How did you get here? Did someone leave your cage open.” 
  37. “I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do.” 
  38. “Well aren’t we just a freakin’ ray of sunshine.” 
  39. “I’m the dumbest smart person you’ll ever meet.” 
  40. “You say I’m a bitch like it’s a bad thing.”
  41. “Do you want me to accept you as you are, or do you want me to lie to myself and try to like you?” 
  42. “I could do that, but I won’t.” 
  43. “How come you’re here? I thought the zoo is closed at night…” 
  44. “You’re just jealous because the voices are talking to me.” 
  45. “Oh, honey, don’t feel bad. There’s a lot of people out there who don’t have talent!” 
  46. “I’d like to kick you in the teeth, but why should I improve your looks?” 
  47. “Sorry… I wasn’t born with a filter.” 
  48. “At least there’s one thing good about your body. It isn’t as ugly as your face.” 
  49. “I’d like to see things from your point of view, but I can’t seem to get my head that far up your ass.” 
  50. “People would follow him anywhere, but only out of morbid curiosity.” 
  51. “You grow on people, but so does cancer.” 
  52. “It’s always darkest before dawn. So if you’re going to steal your neighbor’s newspaper, that’s the time to do it.” 
  53. “Always remember that you’re unique. Just like everyone else.” 
  54. “If I throw a stick, will you leave?” 
  55. “Not all men are annoying. Some are dead.” 
  56. “And that’s why women living longer.” 
  57. “Well, this day was a total waste of makeup.” 
  58. “I’m trying to imagine you with a personality.” 
  59. “If we killed everybody who hates you, it wouldn’t be murder, it would be an apocalypse!” 
  60. “This is an excellent time for you to become a missing person.” 
  61. “Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today?” 
  62. “I’m busy now. Can I ignore you some other time?” 
  63. “Don’t let your mind wander, it’s far too small to be let out on it’s own.” 
  64. “Don’t you realize that there are already enough people to hate in the world without you putting in so much effort to give us another?” 
  65. “I don’t know what makes you some dumb but it really works.” 
  66. “Don’t thank me for insulting you. It was my pleasure.” 
  67. “I’m impressed. I’ve never met such a small mind inside a big head before.” 
  68. “You are not as bad as people say. You are much, much worse.” 
  69. “Please keep talking. I always yawn when I am interested.” 
  70. “What do I say?” “I hear “hello” is really popular.” 
  71. “My ex had one very annoying habit. Breathing.” 
  72. “Please don’t interrupt me when I’m talking to myself.” 
  73. “You did what with who for how many muffins?” 
  74. “Heaven won’t take me and hell’s afraid I’ll take over.” 
  75. “I’m still drunk from last night.” 
  76. “I’m sorry for the mean, awful, accurate things I said.” 
  77. “Zombies ear brains. You’re safe.” 
  78. “If only closed minds came with closed mouths.” 
  79. “I’d agree with you, but then we’d bot be wrong.” 
  80. “Babe, if a woman tell you “You’re right” that’s called sarcasm.” 
  81. “Some people just need a high-five. In the face. With a chair.” 
  82. “There’s someone for everyone, and the person for you is a psychiatrist.” 
  83. “I want to say I’m hear to listen to your problems, but I’m not a therapist and I don’t like you.” 
  84. “Your flexibility amazes me. How do you get your foot in your mouth and your head up your ass all at the same times?” 
  85. “I’m actually not funny. I’m just mean and people think I’m joking.” 
  86. “Oh, you don’t like me? Well have a seat with the rest of the bitches waiting for me to give a fuck.” 
  87. “I’m sorry I slapped you… But you didn’t seem like you would ever stop talking and I panicked.” 
  88. “It’s called karma, and it’s pronounced ‘haha fuck you’.” 
  89. “I’m not jealous, I just don’t like the bitch.” 
  90. “Wanna see how far my six inch heel can go up your ass?” 
  91. “Oops, my bad. I could’ve sworn I was dealing with an adult.” 
  92. “You look like something I drew with my left/right hand.” 
  93. “Keep rolling your eyes. Maybe you’ll find a brain back there.” 
  94. “I’ve got a good heart but this mouth…” 
  95. “I don’t have the energy to pretend to like you today.” 
  96. “I take super hot showers to practice burning in hell.” 
  97. “If you don’t like me and still watch everything I do, BITCH YOU ARE A FAN.” 
  98. “Sweetie, I’m gonna need you to put those few remaining brain cells together and work with me here, okay?” 
  99. “Have you ever had those days when you are holding a stick and everybody looks like a pinata.” 
  100. “The trash gets picked up tomorrow. Be ready.”

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Isaac Lahey Imagine- If I Die Young

Anon- Can you do an imagine where the reader is dating Isaac and like they love each other and when their fighting the Nogitsune she dies instead of Aiden and Instead of Isaac being there he would be inside the school with Lydia and the others. Then when Lydia runs outside Isaac runs too and then he sees the readers dead body and you can do the rest? Sorry this is long.

Author’s Note- Sorry if this didn’t turn out the way you wanted it, but I was trying to make it as sad as I could so I focused more on memories rather than the build up of the reader’s death. I also made it so both Allison and Aiden didn’t die. I hope you enjoy x


The last day of your life, at seventeen. Death is unavoidable, but it came too soon for Y/F/N. Of course you knew your time was limited, like everyone else’s on earth and yet still it’s a shock when it happens to us and the people we hold close to our hearts. You never know what day could be your last and sometimes that never quite sinks in.

“I’m here to save my best friend” Allison said heroically, you’d always admire her for her strength. “Remember what we agreed?” Isaac asked sternly. “I’m not waiting in the car, I’m not sitting around doing nothing while two of my best friends are in there dying!” you exclaimed, forever feeling weak. “I promised to keep you safe, get in the car now!” he shouted. “You know what, fuck you Isaac!” you didn’t know where that anger came from, but you knew deep down he was doing the best he could to protect you. Regardless, you stormed back into the car and slammed the door shut, Isaac locking it behind you. He blew a kiss at you through the window, you rolled your eyes but pretended to catch it anyway with an involuntary smile on your face. They all then split off, some to find Lydia and Stiles, some to help fight off the Oni. You were sitting in the car for what seemed like hours, hearing the sound of growls and swords. That’s when you saw Ethan, Aiden and Derek walking towards Void Stiles, who was guarded by more Oni soldiers. “It’s silver, silver kills them!” you heard Allison shout, but you noticed the other three didn’t hear as they began to fight. Without hesitation you began to pull on the door handle but you were completely locked in. You noticed one of the windows at the back was slightly open and so easier to break, you climbed over and began to kick it with all your force until it eventually broke. You then proceeded to climb out, ignoring the cuts you got from the shattered glass. You pried open the trunk of the car and took out one of Argent’s guns and ensured you picked up the silver bullets, you loaded it before following the three of them. “Y/N! Get out of here!” Derek shouted, as a sword sliced his back. You ignored him and ran down the stairs before shooting the Oni in the chest with a bullet and watched as it immersed into green smoke. The four of you shared a small moment of optimism and hope, until the worst thing imaginable happened. “Y/n move” Aiden shouted, but it was too late. They watched as a sword was being pulled from your stomach, before Void Stiles and the remaining Oni disappeared. Derek managed to catch you as you fell to the ground. It didn’t hurt and that’s what scared you. Allison and Kira ran down to you all, both of them devastated by what they were seeing. “Oh my god” Allison gasped, covering her mouth with the sleeve of her jacket as she stood there crying at your motionless body. Lydia’s shill scream echoed through the heads of the werewolves, before her, Scott and Isaac ran out of the building. “No” Isaac said with a weak whisper upon seeing everyone crying around someone. “NO!” He shouted as he ran down the stairs to you. He dropped onto his knees as his heart sank, he cradled you in his arms as Derek stood up. Scott and Lydia walked over hand in hand, joining the others during such a sombre moment in all of your lives. Your shaky hand reached out and cupped Isaac’s cheeks, as his tears dripped down his face. You smiled softly, but this time it was different, your face smiled but your eyes did not. “Please don’t leave me” he cried. “I love you, Isaac Lahey” you managed to say. “I love you” he said softly as you took your last breath. He began screaming your name as your eyes fluttered closed, he clung onto your body until he had to be pried off hours later by the paramedics, but it was already too late. You were gone. 

Isaac slowly approached the front of the church, a crumpled piece of paper in his hand. He unravelled it and swallowed thickly before beginning the speech he never thought he’d have to give so soon for the girl he loved. “The hardest part of losing someone isn’t having to say goodbye but having to live without them. Spending the rest of your own life, trying to fill the void and emptiness that’s left in your heart as theirs stops beating. Before I met Y/n my life was grey and I was lost in an abyss of nothingness, but she brought colour to my life and feelings I thought I’d never experience and now I watch as that colour slowly fades back to grey- because I’m nothing without her. Death no longer scares me, but a life without her does. Believe me when I say, not a second goes by where I don’t think about that day. The day I lost the one person that has loved me as much as I loved them. Y/n gave me so many memories, some of my happiest and saddest but I wouldn’t change a single moment of them. I wish I would have told her this while, while- she was still alive. Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal but love leaves a memory no one can ever steal. I love you Y/F/N, I always have and I always will and I hope you find peace and a way to forgive me” Isaac began to get chocked up, until he couldn’t say anything more. He wiped his eyes and left the stand, hanging his head with the emotions he felt.

When Isaac arrived back in his seat, he zoned out and remembered the exact moment he realised he loved you. His dad had just beat the crap out of him and you heard from next door. You opened your bedroom window and climbed onto the part of the roof that connected both of your houses together. He was already sitting there, his head in his hands. You didn’t need to say anything, you just needed to be the shoulder he would cry on. “Shhh” you soothed as you heard a sob escape his mouth. “I hate him, so fucking much” he whispered harshly. “Come on” you said, lifting his head up. “What?” he asked, looking at you quizzically. “We’re going out” you told. “It’s 1am?” he said confused. “So?” you said with a smirk, taking his hand and helping him up. He shook his head and smiled, before going down the drainpipe. You followed shortly behind and he caught you as you got close to the floor. “Where are we going exactly?” he questioned. “Anywhere” you claimed. After half an hour of aimlessly wondering around the streets of Beacon Hills you came across an empty park, you’d been there a few times when you were little. You guided him over to the swing set and sat down, gently rocking. “Y/n” he suddenly said, you could tell by the tone of his voice that something was bothering him. “Yeah?” you asked, looking at him. “You’re the only person that’s been there for me, through all the shit that’s happened in my life and I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you for it” he rambled. “You don’t have to thank me, because I know how much it means to you” you smiled sympathetically. Sometimes his eyes reflected the sorrow he felt and it was truly upsetting to see. “I’m always going to be here. Forever and always” you continued, a promise you made when his mom passed away. In that moment, he realised something that had literally been staring him in the face. “I love you, as more than a best friend” he randomly blurted out. You couldn’t ignore the goose bumps that rose on your skin or the missed beat by your heart as you stared back at him. “I do too, but-” you began. “But as a friend” he finished for you, as his head dropped. “As more than a friend actually, but we’ll never be anything more” you claimed, sadness in your voice. “Why are you afraid to love me? Because everyone else I’ve loved dies, moves away or ends up hating me?” his biggest fear was always rejection. “I’m not afraid to love you Isaac. I’m only afraid to lose you” you said softly. “You wont lose me, we’ve been best friends for years and you’ve still got me” he cupped your cheeks gently. ”I just don’t want things to change” you sobbed, looking up at his blue eyes. “Change can be a good thing” he barely finished his sentences before you pressed your lips to his and wrapped your arms around his neck, like you were never going to let go. It was worth the wait, but who knew he would be your first and last love?

With the last of Lydia’s strength through all of her hurt, she stood up and approached the front with Allison. You had been friends forever and it was a horrible feeling having to let go of someone you thought would be with you forever, with the supernatural involved or not this was never how it was supposed to end. They began their speech together, taking it in turns to say something about your loss. “Your life still matters, even when you’re gone. Y/n still matters, she always has and she always will.The good die young because God needs them. He needs her. But so do we, I need her. Goodbyes hurt the most when people leave without saying them, and we all have to learn to accept that we’ll never hear one or have the chance to say goodbye for the last time. She was too pure for this hell we call life, but she was also too young to be taken so soon in such a tragic way. Today is one of those days where I wish I was a little girl, who could just crawl into my mother’s lap and cry until the hurt goes away. But I cant and even then I don’t believe the pain will ever go away. Y/n was a beautiful girl, she still is and I know she wouldn’t want to see us mourn forever. She was a firm believer in moving forward and as hard as it is, we have to try and do the same, if not for us, then for her. Her memory will forever live on and a piece of her extraordinary soul will be embedded in each of us. Thank you” Allison and Lydia were weeping as they walked back to their seats. They took their places beside Scott and Stiles and every pack member were met with their memories of you playing over in their minds, for the rest of your funeral.

Four months later

Lydia finished arranging a bunch of your favourite flowers on your grave, before standing up and meeting Allison’s tight embrace. There everyone stood: Scott, Stiles, Kira, Lydia, Allison, Ethan, Aiden, Derek- and Isaac. They visited you every chance they got, sometimes they’d visit on their own and talk to your gravestone for hours or they’d bring a fresh bunch of flowers. “I miss her” Stiles announced. He smiled for a second, remembering the time you would make him dress up as a princess when you were little. “We all do” Scott continued, remembering all the times you’d let him vent his anger to you, just before a full moon, to stop him from doing anything crazy. “Are you guys ready?” Kira asked softly, she hadn’t known you long but you had a huge impact on her life. They all said goodbye to you, before heading back to their cars. “ You coming?” Derek asked, noticing Isaac was still kneeling on the floor. “I’ll meet up with you guys later” he said. He waited until the others left to place a necklace down. Before you died, he had one engraved to celebrate your anniversary but he never had the chance to give it to you. For months it was sitting on his desk, but his grief was eating away at him. He stayed there for hours after. Some people thought Isaac never got over your death, others say he never will. But for now he clung to the image of being reunited with you one day, where you will be together. Forever.

I don’t know if I like this, thoughts? Requests are closed for now x

Audacious~ Brett Talbot

Anon: Can you write a Brett Imagine where the reader really likes him but she’s really shy so she ends up doing something bold like sitting on his lap and kissing him (while at Sinema) to finally get his attention?

A/N: I’d be happy too- here it is! Sorry it took so long!



warnings: kinda smutty?

word count: 1.6k longish..



Oh God, there it was. The voice that can make you go from calamity, to something akin to ten million butterflies fluttering around your stomach. The voice that can make all words you ever want to or even could speak evaporate like water on a hot stove, and there’s nothing you can do about it- or want to do about it. Because while that voice causes tens of thousands of ways to self destruct, it also brightens even your most sour mood, and makes the long days feel a even a little better.

“H-hey Brett..”

Oh God, that was another thing that voice does. It makes your stutter come out full throttle, and you can’t seem to stop.

Not that he appears to mind as he smiles down at you- man, that guy is a tree.

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Em's 2.5k Fic Recommendation

Why hello there! There’s 2.5k people following and that’s absolutely unbelievable. Thank you all for following me, reading and commenting on my imagines, talking to me, or even just being there and supporting me through my time of being a writer. I’ll never forget it. *cue sappy music*

These are imagines that have come off the top of my head, all Teen Wolf related or actors in TW, that have stuck with me through my time on here, stories that I would go back and read through. From me to you, thank you all for being so amazing at writing.

And I probably forgot so many amazing people off this list, but keep up the good work guys. And remember, I’ve said it before; I find it so hard to read Teen Wolf imagines lately - I’m stuck in a world full of Stucky lately - so if you have wrote an amazing imagine within the last little while and it’s not on this list, to be honest I probably haven’t read it (I know that sounds awfully rude, I don’t mean it to come across like that either but it’s the truth)

I had 20+ fics here, but I had to cut it down to 11! because it was just a never ending thing, I hate leaving people out but I’m that nice I would have added every single person I follow

This will, and always will, be the first on my list for any recommendations that I’ll give. This list is not in order of preference, but I’ll say this once, THIS WILL ALWAYS GET FIRST PLACE. This story made me an emotional wreck and it truly is a work of art. Kenzie is so damn wonderful at writing, and if I could reread this story all my life, I happily would. Who doesn’t love a 50 era story though? Slicked back hair, leather jackets.

I sure am a sucker for best friend reader x Stiles, this story was so cute and so well-written. I don’t usually read stories based around the plot line of Teen Wolf but I always make an exception for this one <3

I found this story whilst going through the Theo tag on Tumblr, and I just fell in love with it straight away. I absolutely love the banter between the reader and Theo about the dread doctors, it’s so light hearted and the smut is ace!!

If I could, I would add every single imagine Mal has wrote to this list because her smut is literally the best smut you will need. Ever. This story is just so wonderful and it literally had me shook from the start. And like I mean, I would love to have Stiles wank over me too!

This story was an emotional rollercoster for me. It’s definitely my absolute favorite imagine from Bee. It’s so real, and I would 100% become a makeup artist if I got to fall in love with Dylan. I do love stories based on movie sets with Dylan, he’s just so wonderful just like this story!

I don’t read many Peter stories, I don’t know why, but this one was just so damn cute and amazing. I love a wounded and shirtless Peter, and as always, cocky as fuck. This story made the butterflies erupt in my stomach. It was just do damn good!

Of course I had to add the queen to this list. I was so tempted to tag your complete Brett masterlist *cough* here y’all go *cough*. Joey is definitely the best Brett writer out there, she captures him so damn well! I love the concept of this story and the smut is just squeal-worthy.

If anyone knows me, or if you’ve been following me for a while now, you know I LOVE DEREK HALE. I LOVE HIM. So much, and protective Derek is definitely no different. And when Derek grabs the reader to spin her around, MY HEART it exploded. This story is truly amazing, and I 100% recommend for Soph to write my Derek Hale smut! Plus, I was going through my followers list and Sophie was the FIRST ever person I followed her on Tumblr, so amen to her.

I don’t actually think I follow this page, but I got this sent in by @awesomelion and I remembered it straight away. This was the first fic I read when I joined Tumblr and I reread it when I got it sent in, and guys IM STILL SO IN LOVE WITH THIS FIC how many times will I have to cry over it?? I completely forgot what had happened and it broke my heart reading it again.. BRB CRYING

I remember I went into a reading slump and couldn’t read anything and I was scrolling through Tumblr and this came up, and I immediately fell in love with it. I love Jealous Scott, and Alpha/Beta/Omega smut so this story was perfect for me. It’s absolutely amazing and so well written. If anyone hasn’t read this, and is a Scott lover like me, give it a read because it’s so amazing!

This… this is just so perfect. I love it. Everyone knows how much I adore AU and Teacher Dylan is no different. Chloe is probably one of the best writers in the fandom, and even though shes on a hiats at the moment, I;m still excited for Part 4 of this! PLEASE GET IT OUT! But honestly, this story is pure smut but yet somehow still so fluffy that my heart just explodes!

And as well as fic recommendations, I just want to say a quick thank you to all people who give me feedback, like & reblog my writing. I do love writing, and it means so much that y’all stick around.

Sticks and Stones 1/1

Fandom: Teen Wolf.

Pairing: Theo x Liam.

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Angst. 

Words: 1,607.

Summary: Set after 6x14. What if Theo had been there to intervene when Liam was being beaten by Nolan and Gabe.

“See you tomorrow,” Corey said to Liam as they exited the Beacon Hills High School. Lacrosse practice had just ended. It was already dark outside. Liam had changed out of his lacrosse uniform, but his t-shirt and shorts clung to him because of the sweat from practice.

Liam dug his hand through his draw-string bag, looking for his car keys when he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around and saw Gabe, Nolan, and a group of other lacrosse players. Liam waved and smiled at them as he made his way over to his car, trying not to look like he was nervous of their presence. The whole group—but Nolan and Gabe especially—had been stalking Liam all day. They had watched his every move ever since the rumor got out that he was the beast that was at the car crash the night before. Liam was surprised that they found out about it so quickly. He did not mean to shift in front of a large crowd of people, however, he wanted to do whatever he could to save Brett and Lori. Turns out, when he got to them, it was already too late; they were dead, and he had just exposed the supernatural to the citizens of Beacon Hills.

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shaken // isaac lahey

summary ; in which y/n has been invited around for dinner with isaac and his dad and things inevitably take a turn for the worst. [300716]

warnings ; season two spoilers, violence, physical abuse, angst

word count ; 1.7k


stay safe + ily 🍥

You played around with the food on your plate, an uncomfortable feeling settling in your stomach. Making small talk with Isaac’s father around the dinner table always made you want to curl up into a ball and stay there for the rest of eternity. He had that kind of effect.

“Um, so far, it’s an A in French and a B- in econ.” Your boyfriend of eight months said shakily as his dad asked him about school, it made you enraged that the ‘what are your grades right now?’ question always came before the ‘how are you, son?’ question. It was like he didn’t even care about how Isaac was, about how he’s barely coping. 

Sometimes Isaac’s dad insisted you came over for dinner but as much as Isaac tried to discretely tell you ‘say no’ you always cracked under his father’s harsh glare, scared for what could happen if you disobeyed him.

Afraid that if you told him no, Isaac might get hurt.

Isaac glanced at you; you nodded and smiled encouragingly at him. And even though you’d met Isaac’s dad before, quite a couple times; your hatred for him never lessened.

You had tried to get Isaac to tell someone about what was happening at home but he shot down the idea every time. Always mumbling something inaudible about his mom and brother.

“What about chemistry?” His father asked with a hard expression. You shifted nervously in your seat, Isaac took your hand from under the table and you immediately squeezed it to try and comfort him.

“I’m not sure, uh- midterms are in a few weeks so it could go up,” Isaac mumbled, his eyes filtering around the room in desperate need not to make eye contact. You could tell his dad didn’t seem impressed with his answer.

“What’s it at now?“

“Grade?” Isaac asked anxiously, noticeably gulping.

“Well, yeah.” His dad laughed mockingly and you couldn’t help but cough quietly as the tension continued to rise in the enclosed kitchen. His father’s head snapped over to you; he raised an eyebrow in questioning. “Anything you wanted to add, [Y/N]?” 

“O-oh uh, just that we haven’t been told our grades in chem yet.” He had caught you off guard, your nerves being noticeable by the stutters and rough lies you told. He stayed quiet for a while and you couldn’t tell if what you had said had made things worse or better.

“Okay, but Isaac just said that it could go up.” He pointed out and you bit your lip as you realised he may have seen through your lousy lie.

Isaac ran his free hand through his curls as he stuttered out, “I-i just meant, like, generally.”

His father’s eyes drifted to yours as he stared at you expectantly, said uncomfortable feeling in your stomach grew as you gulped apprehensively. “Has Isaac ever told you that you’re a terrible liar, [Y/N]?” He asked casually but you thought it felt anything but casual at this point.

Your eyes darted to Isaac before you glanced back at his dad. “Oh, I-uh.. I don’t-”

”[Y/N] just said that we haven’t been told our grades yet.“ Isaac cut me off with his almost inaudible mumbles but it was so agonisingly and awkwardly quiet that you could hear just about anything.

“Do you want to take this conversation downstairs?” His father asked and you felt Isaac’s jittery hands freeze in fear as he shook his head at his dad.

“I don’t think-” You started but got cut off by him addressing Isaac firmly.

“Tell me the grade, son.” Isaac and his father began talking over one another and you couldn’t help but notice the terrified look in Isaac’s eyes.

You couldn’t count on one hand how many times he had shown up at your doorstep covered with blood, bruises and tears falling too fast. He would cry and you would just hold him tightly until he calmed down.

He would explain what happened and you would continuously tell him to move in with you in your apartment to get away from his dad but he would decline. Saying that he couldn’t burden you like that. Although, he would never feel like a burden because not only was he your boyfriend of eight months but he was also your best friend of about ten years.

Except, you’ve only ever witnessed the aftermath of what had happened, never had you actually seen his father hurt him.

“It’s- it’s a D,” Isaac muttered, defeated. Then everyone fell into silence for a couple seconds.

“Alright. I’m not angry.” His dad said and you looked over at him with a somewhat shocked expression on your face. “Although I am going to need to punish you, it’s my responsibility as a parent.”

Isaac eyed his father nervously before he added, “so tell you what, you do the dishes and clean up the kitchen.” Isaac let out a breath of relief as he looked over at you, you caught his eye and smiled slightly. Maybe everything would be okay.

“Good. Because I would really like to see this entire place spotless.“ He added before the sound of shattering glass filled your ears and you rapidly jumped back in your seat. Isaac’s tightened his grip on your hand and your eyes shot over to him in worry. You were wrong.

His father snarled at you and Isaac before smashing all the glass on the table making you gasp and flinch away from him; your heart thumped against your chest in fear. His dad shot up from his seat, teeth bared and Isaac yanked you out of your seat before he shakily pulled you behind him as you both coward in the corner of the room.

"Absolutely spotless.” He grinned menacingly before snatching a large glass vase from on top of a cabinet. Your eyes widened as you saw him raise the vase above his head, and then everything else happened in what seemed like slow motion.

“Isaac!” You shouted before pushing him with all the strength you had, he stumbled to the side and you were thankful that he did: you didn’t want to witness Isaac’s own father hurting him. The vase shattered against the wall and you tried to cover yourself with your arms but you felt a piece of the glass slice your skin just under your eye.

You winced as you looked up slowly, Isaac’s fear turned to concern as he rushed towards you, taking your face in between his large hands. His eyes darted all across your face as you pulled the fragment of glass out with a sharp breath.

“Well, that was her fault.” His dad’s smug voice was heard from across the room. That’s when Isaac’s concern for you promptly turned to rage as he turned to his father who had a bitter smirk on his face.

“You could’ve blinded her!” He shouted as he stalked closer to his dad.

You swiftly followed after him as you wiped the blood off your cheek, “Isaac! Isaac, it’s okay. I’m alright.” You stood in front of him; putting your hand on his chest in an attempt to stop him from revealing the pack’s secret

“Shut up! It’s just a scratch!” His father rolled his eyes in annoyance and that sparked something in Isaac as his jaw clenched and his eyes started to glow a vibrant yellow. Your eyes widened at the sight as you spun around to see if his dad had seen his sudden eye colour change and you quietly cursed as you realised he had.

“Listen to me, I’m okay.” You whispered as you tried to stop him from losing control. You noticed his claws grow from his fingertips so you discretely took his hand in yours.

“Isaac?” His father asked with confusion but you ignored him, pulling Isaac out the Lahey household and down the path.

“Isaac!” He continued to yell as you pulled him round the corner before stopping him abruptly, you made sure that his father had gone the other way before turning towards your boyfriend who had his eyes shut tightly and was breathing heavily.

“Hey,” Your voice was soft as you took his hands in yours.

“No, [Y/N]. He hurt you.” Isaac growled adamantly as he snapped his eyes open, the still yellow colour glowing and you knew that because he was only just recently bitten that controlling the urges was difficult.

You couldn’t think of anything else to say to stop the process so you took a chance and pressed your lips to his. It took a couple seconds before he started to kiss back. You moved your hands from his hands and put on the back of his neck and the other tugging at his curly, blonde hair.

His hands travelled down before they rested at on your hips, he pulled you closer than thought possible before pushing you against the wall. He tapped your left thigh to tell you to jump but you pulled away, smirking at him before letting out a small chuckle.

“Not now,” You breathed, both you and Isaac trying to catch your breath as he leaned his head in the crook of your neck.

“Thank you, so much.” He mumbled, pressing a quick kiss to your neck before pulling away slightly to face you.

“For what?” You asked with a slight smile on your face at how close you two were. Normally, he hated small spaces because of the freezer situation but when it came to being close to you, he thought nothing felt safer.

“For being there for me, tonight and every night when things like this happen. I’m just sorry you had to see that and get hurt. I hate him,” Isaac announced but you just shook your head, the smile gracing your lips never lessening.

“I love you.” You mumbled and Isaac’s frown instantaneously vanished as he grinned at you; he pressed his lips to yours once again before pulling away just seconds later.

“And I love you, always.”


let me teach you || Damian Wayne

Requested on  Wattpad (I really need to open request somewhere else soon)

Warning(s); nudity. Not so much tho.
Summary; The reader is a werewolf who knows nothing about acting like human.

Damian is in the Teen Titans!


Not everyone met their first love in a school, library, café or any mainstream places people usually think of. It also applied to Damian.

Damian’s first love was… An animal.

Well, it was because you were half animal. A wolf to be exact.

The first time he saw you, he didn’t know should he be alarmed after seeing you since you were covered in blood, head to toe, the blood also dripping down your chin, you were crouching near a dead deer with your claws digging into its intestine as you munched its meat, or should he gapes at you.

Despite the gory thing you did to the poor animal, you were beautiful. Damian didn’t admit it immediately though. His green eyes, that were covered by the mask, were checking out your shirtless figure without him knowing.

He tried to move closer to you, sheathing his sword in an attempt to not make you feel you were in danger. His steps were cautious.


Damian cussed at the twig he stepped on.

Your head whipped around, automatically stopping devouring the still fresh meat in front of you. You growled, baring your bloodied claws and sharp teeth at him.

“Easy,” he held up his hands, showing you that he meant no harm yet you didn’t back down. Damian stopped walking as soon as he saw you backing away, still in your fighting stance. “Can you talk?”

You didn’t answer, your gaze was still on him as you stopped and answered with another growl.

Biting back a sigh, Damian called for his teammates. Usually, he wouldn’t do that. His pride always gets in the way. Not that day though. He felt like he would do nearly anything to get closer to you.

Beast Boy was the first one to arrive, he was thankful yet he didn’t admit it.

“Dude!” Beast Boy chimed, looking at you with such glee you couldn’t understand. “You found a wild werewolf!”

Wild? That makes sense, he thought. “Talk to her, convince her to go with us.”

You did, you followed them to their tower.

Beast Boy was the one who interrogated you if sitting on a plush couch with them circling you as he asked you questions could be called interrogating after they got you cleaned up which was the hardest thing they did aside from their mission.

He asked you for your name as he looked at you squirming. Clearly didn’t like the idea of clothing.

You answered him while you tugged on the fabric, looking at the green boy with pleading eyes to get the shirt off your torso.

His only answer was a shake of his head, then he continued his questioning.

They didn’t get much out of you. You didn’t know anything about your past.

It was months ago.

Now? You’re sitting near Damian, legs crossed, as you watch the TV. You still couldn’t talk but could understand whatever they are saying, you know how normal humans walk, eat, shower, and other basic things after Damian, accompanied with BB, taught you. And boy did they argue. You’re used with the shirts too. You even have your favorites.

Even though Beast Boy was the one who could understand you, Damian was the one who always by your side. So, during the time he taught you everything you need to know about human, you were slowly becoming close with him.

“Hey.” Damian nudged you.

Instead of turning your head, you turned your body around making you completely facing him. Your head tilting to the side, urging him to go on.

He rummaged his pocket before pulling out a chocolate bar. He then offered it to you.

You only stared at it. Sure, you had a few normal food and snacks instead of raw meat, they were surprisingly pleasant for your tongue, but not this one.

“You don’t know how to eat it, do you?” You shook your head, “how about this way.” Damian proceeded to unwrap the sweet treat before shoving it back to you.

You still didn’t take it.

Damian surprised himself for being patient with you, everybody knows that he hates when someone slows everything down. He absolutely hates it when he had to repeat something.

None of you did anything, not even moving until you opened your mouth slightly.

“You want me to feed you?”

You nod.

He seemed to hesitate at first, he raised the treat near your lips, letting you know that it was harmless like he always does before pushing it into your mouth.

You took a bite, a hum of content escaped your throat as you chew on the chocolate and washed it down with water.

“Is it good?”

Damian was expecting you to nod or grin to show him that you enjoyed it.

“Yes.” You spoke.

His eyes widened in shock, lips parting as he stared at you with amazement and surprise.

“Say it again!”

“Da-” you paused, looking at him with a huge smile. “Yes, I liked it, Damian.”

“Can you say any other things than that?” He found himself asking.

You shook your head.

“Let me teach you then.”



I lied

Theo Raeken x reader

Requested: Yes by anon!;

Could you maybe do a Theo Raeken with #5 & #16? If it ends happy I’ll be stoked, if it’s angst that’s cool too.

5. “I can’t believe I fell for you.” “Well, you should unfall for me then.”
16. “Maybe I’m in love with you.” “You’re what?”

Summary: In which Theo had to push the love of his life out because he knew everything will go downhill after his true identity is shown.

Warnings: heartbreak, flashbacks, angsty?

You remember the day heartbreak hit you like a tornado.

You knocked on Theo’s door, wearing a dress that was slightly short. He opened it and his eyes widened.

“Hey Y/n, what are you doing here?”

“I wanted to talk to you.” Thank god, you weren’t the type of girl to stutter near their crush.

“Okay? Come in.” He moved and you walked in.

“Nice place.”


“Where are your parents?” You asked curiously.

“Business trip.” He simply answered. You continued with some small talk before you told him the big thing.

“Anyway, the reason why I came here is because…” You trailed off.


“Look, Theo, I really like you. Like a lot, To be honest, I might even think I’m in love with you.” Theo’s heart fluttered and dropped at the same time. He knew that you wouldn’t love him once you found out. 

“No, no, you can’t love me.”

“What? Why not?” You were completely confused. Theo panicked.

“I don’t like you.” Theo blurted out, instantly regretting it once he saw your face drop.


“I’m sorry, y/n. I don’t have any feelings for you.”

“Okay I see.” She mumbled, getting up and leaving. 

The both of you started crying as the door closed.

You remember the day you found out about him being the villain.

You knocked on Theo’s door angrily. You had just heard that Scott lost his heartbeat for 15 minutes because of Theo. Theo opened the door.

“You piece of shit, I can’t believe you got Liam to kill Scott and then did it yourself once Liam failed.”


“No! I can’t believe I fell for you.”

“Well you should unfall for me then.” 

“Bullshit, that’s literally impossible.”

“If you would just move on! I never liked you!”

“You see Theo. I saw the good in you, just like everyone else. Basically that’s a reason why I fell for you. How stupid of me to fall for a murderer.”

“Y/n. Please.”

“And you know what? Whether you good or bad, I can still manage to love you equally as much as before. I don’t even know how that’s possible! I’m overwhelmed with feelings of hatred and love. I need to hate you but I love you!”

“Y/n! Get out!” Theo yelled, trying to hold back tears.

“Fine! I never want to see you again. It would be better for me!” You stated before leaving. When Theo closed the door, he punched the wall and broke down.

You never saw him again. When you heard he was dragged down to hell, you cried for days.

And now here you were, standing in the middle of Scott’s house looking at the bloodied Theo who sat on the ground, brokenness in his eyes as he looked at you.

“Did you want me to kill him?” Malia asked. You shook you head.

“No, leave him.” You broke eye contact with Theo to look at Liam, who held Kira’s sword.

“Liam… give me a good explanation why you brought him back, or I will punch you in the face repeatedly just like I did when you almost killed Scott.”

“He remembers Stiles! He knows all about the wild hunt! He can help us.”

“Or, he could kill us.” Scott, Malia and Liam argue a bit more before you decided to step up.

“Just let him be. He can help us and then we can send him back to where he belongs.” Everyone agrees. Liam explains to him his plan to capture one of the ghost riders.

“I will if you promise that Malia won’t kill me and I get to talk to Y/n alone.” Liam looked at you and Malia.

“They agree.”

“What? No I don’t.” Malia states. Malia leaves.

“Well you two can get you alone time right now, I’m dropping Hayden off. See ya.” Liam and Hayden walk out. You look at Theo before you slowly walk out, him following you.

“Y/n, please talk to me.”

“I said I didn’t want to see you again.” You sighed.

“Maybe I’m in love with you.”

“You’re what?” You stopped walking and turned to face him. 

“I’m in love with you.”

“No you don’t, You hate me, like I should hate you.”

“No I lied, I do like you. I was just afraid that you’ll stop loving me once you see the bad me.”

“Are you sure you’re the Theo Raeken?”

“Listen to me Y/n.” Theo stepped closer. “I love you, I always have. The only other thing that kept running through my mind while I was in hell other than the fact my sister was torturing me was that I’ll never get to see you again.”

“Your sister was torturing you?”

“Y/n. I love you.” He whispered, stepping closer.


“Please Y/n. Just say something and I’ll leave you alone for the rest of your life.”

“Theo, I never stopped loving you.”


“Yes, really.” Theo leaned in closer, placing his lips close to yours.

“Oh I ever wanted kiss you.”

“Then kiss me.” He didn’t hesitate and pushed his lips against yours.

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Requested by Anon.

Request: Hey! Could you do an imagine where reader was new when Derek was kidnapped in season 4 and ever since she arrived her and Liam were best friends. She loves him, but he’s with Hayden so she’s been distant. She’s a werewolf/jaguar (Derek and Kate’s kid, so that would make her a chimera) and is in the pack. Then when the dread doctors come she is taken because everyone was protecting Hayden.

My dad, Derek Hale, had sent me to a private school in Portland, Oregon, to keep me safe. Of course, when I decided to come home for a little while, my dad had gone missing. I was very distraught and sought out my Great Uncle Peter. He explained the situation, and eventually the whole matter was solved, and after my mom, Kate, was injured, the conflict went away. My dad left with his new girlfriend, and I decided to stay in Beacon Hills.

Now, I know you’re probably surprised, but yes, I am the daughter of Derek and Kate. I am a Chimera, being part werewolf and part jaguar. We had never known where the jaguar side comes from, but after the conflict between Kate and the Pack, it’s pretty clear where I got it from. As I said, this mix makes me a Chimera, so you can imagine my terror when Dread Doctors were kidnapping Chimeras.

In the middle of this, I was in love with Liam, but he was already in a relationship with Hayden. I’m not going to try to break them apart, but I won’t get rid of my feelings. She was a Chimera, specifically one that the Dread Doctors had meddled with. This did not make me hate her, it just made me cautious of her. But now, I realized that the Pack cared for her more then they cared for me.

The Dread Doctors had appeared while we were protecting Hayden, and when they saw me they stopped what they were doing. They forgot about Hayden, who was being surrounded and protected by the Pack. Nobody noticed that I was fighting them by myself. Nobody heard me as I screamed when the Dread Doctors grabbed me and dragged me away. Nobody noticed. Hayden was the center of attention.

It broke my heart, and I cried not only because I was scared of what the Dread Doctors would do to me, but because my friends, my family had abandoned me in the scariest moment of my life. They were no where to be found. I felt alone. I felt broken. The Dread Doctors dragged me into their lair and laid me onto the table. They began to poke and prod at me, and they cut into my skin. I screamed in pain at everything they did. I wish that I had been dead. This torture was too much to handle, so I begged them to kill me. I begged for the hours that they experimented on me. It was after around the seventh hour that I realized that no one was coming for me.

I wish that my dad were here. He would come and save me.

Scott’s POV

“Where’s Y/N?” I demand. “Where did she go?”

Everybody looked around, just now realizing that she was gone. “I don’t know. I thought that she was following us.” Liam explained with his arms wrapped around Hayden.

“Y/N!” I screamed and ran out of the room that we were hiding in. “Y/N? Where are you? Y/N!”

There was never an answer, there was just complete silence other than the echoes of my own voice. Soon, I realized what had happened. Y/N is a Chimera, the kind that the Dread Doctors want. They have taken her. We weren’t there for her. We didn’t help her, and she could be dead now. All because we were too busy giving our attention to Hayden.


The Dread Doctors seemed to have fulfilled their curiosity or experimental duties because they left me alone. I was still on the table, covered in my own blood and wanting to die because of the pain, waiting for my friends. I didn’t think that they would come, after all they did abandon me.

I heard the door slide open, signaling that the Dread Doctors were back, probably to do more experiments. I waited to hear the clicking of them, but I never did. Instead l, my ears were met with the sound of Scott’s voice. “Y/N? Are you here? Please tell me you’re here!”

“Scott.”&#157; I croaked out. I wanted to get up, but I was strapped down. “Scott. Help me.“

Not a minute later, Scott rushed through the door. “Y/N! I’™m so so sorry. This is my fault. We were to busy trying to protect Hayden.”&#157; He confesses as he undid my straps.

“It’s fine. I know that you all like her better than me.”

Scott stopped what he was doing and stared at me. “That’s not true.” But those were not Scott’s words. I turned my head and saw Liam and Stiles standing there. Liam came forward and started helping Scott. “That’s not true.” Liam said. “We love you. I love you. We want to make sure that she’s on our side, that’s all.”

“That’s why you abandoned me? To make sure she was in your side?”

“We didn’t mean to abandon you. I would never purposefully abandon you. I was just so caught up at the moment, that I wasn’t thinking straight. I was only thinking about getting away from the Dread Doctors. I’m sorry Y/N.” By now, they both were helping me sit up, and Scott picked me up bridal style.

“You’re here now. Thank you. Thank you so much.”

“We would never purposely let you down.”&#157; Stiles said.

We walked out into the tunnels when I thought back to our conversation. “Liam?”&#157; I ask. “Did you say that you loved me?” He smiled a little bit and grabbed my hand while having the same pace as Scott. “Yes. Yes I did.” 


Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Requested by Anon

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Word count: 643

Request: Where Y/N and Stiles like each other but won’t admit it. And Y/N is really clumsy and one day she fells down the stairs but Stiles somehow is there to catch her and then they admit their feelings. Thx 

A/N: Yes I got your request, and I’m sorry for taking so long. Hope you like!

”Can you please tell her you like her already?” Scott suggested as he watched Stiles trying to watch you discretely as you were sitting a few tables away with Lydia, but the mix of his anxiousness and affection didn’t fool Scott supernatural senses.

”I don’t like her. I mean, not more as a fr-” Stiles began but got interrupted by the muffled scoff coming from Scott, trying to hide his smirk as he shook his face. ”Whatever Stiles, they’re leaving now.” Scott said as he nodded towards you and Lydia.

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You don't have to be scared -Aiden Imagine

Requested! In which a timid reader is stuck face to face with the terrifying yet handsome alpha (Aiden).

 A/N: I love getting requests so keep sending some in guys! 

 We have just learned that an alpha pack has arrived in beacon hills with hopes of recruiting Scott. We aren’t sure how many are in this alpha pack, but we do know two of them, Ethan and Aiden. The twins go to our school and seem intent on trying to destroy our lives there. What we need to do is figure a way to get them out of this town. 

 While in bio class I was aimlessly doodling in my notebook as our teacher lectured on about something I couldn’t care less about. 

 "Ahemmm Ms. (y/n), I’d appreciate if you actually paid attention to what I have to say. You wouldn’t want to be unprepared for your test next week.“ My teacher snaps.

 I mumble a small sorry as the teacher goes back into his lecture without missing a beat. He has a good point, I should be paying attention. With the late night pack gatherings being a regular occurrence, I have most definitely fallen behind on school work. It feels like ages until the bell rings and when it does I let out a large sigh of relief. While gathering my notebook and other belongings I hear the teacher call my name, and ask if I can have a word with him. Great. 

”(Y/n), your changing behavior has not gone unnoticed. I’m sorry to do this, but I’m going to have to give you a detention.“ 

 "What, Mr. Harris, please I don’t have time to go to Detention. I’m really sorry, I’ll work harder, I promise” at this point I’m practically begging my teacher. I have too much to deal with and adding a detention in there will only make things worse.

 "I’m sorry, but I think it will be a good opportunity for you to try and get caught up on your work.“ That was all he said as he walked out of the class, leaving the purple detention slip sitting right in front of me. As I walk out of the class room I notice Scott, Stiles, and Lydia standing by the lockers so I go to join them. 

 "Hey guys” I greet.

 "Hey (y/n)“ Scott replies. "Hey is something wrong, I can smell the stress all over you. 

 "I’m fine, it’s just that Mr. Harris gave me detention so I don’t think I’ll be able to make the pack meeting tonight." 

 "Really. That’s weird, Isaac, Ethan and Aiden all got detention today too. Hopefully this isn’t some plan of their’s.” Lydia spoke with curiosity laced in her tone. 

 The four of us spoke briefly about any ideas we may have for the alpha pack and then we parted our ways. I shove the majority of my items into my locker and close it with a loud bang letting out all of my frustrations. 

 "Woah, someones not happy.“ The voice was familiar and arrogant. It was a voice I dreaded to hear. Aiden. 

 "Yeah well, looks like I’m just not having too much fun playing all these games against your annoying pack” I retort with aggravation. 

 A small chuckle escapes his lips as he begins walking side by side with me. I quicken my pace a bit to give off the idea that I don’t want to talk, but the tall boy matches me step for step. I stop for a moment and just send him a glare. A smile grows across his face, but fades quickly as he sees his brother Ethan approaching. 

 As Ethan pulls his brother to the side, I take this as my chance to get away from the two who are trying so hard to destroy mine and my friends lives. I hear what sounds to be like an argument through hushed whispers and for once wished I had the super hearing of Scott. Ignoring the conversation between the two boys, I walk over to the library where I’ll be serving my detention. Shortly after I arrive, I see Isaac walk in and give a small wave. At least he’s here with me too. Moments later the twins enter the room along with coach Flinstock. 

 "Alright you delinquents, I know normally this time is spent being quiet and working on homework, but I need you to do something for me. Two of you are going to clean my office, while the other two are going to clean all of the teams padding and practice clothes. So get to work" coach Flinstock says in his usual loud voice.

 With a unanimous groan, we all get up and head towards the boys locker room. Thankfully during the walk over here, coach insisted that I don’t have to clean any of the gross lacrosse padding and that my skills would be more useful when cleaning the office. For once I was thankful for his typical sexism. 

As I was alone in the office I heard arguing outside the door that peaked my interest. I heard the familiar voices of Ethan, Aiden, and Issac, and wondered hat it could be about. I had hoped Isaac would be the one coming in to clean the office with me, but was shocked when I saw Aiden walk through the door. 

“Happy to see me” Aiden says mockingly.

 "If only" I mumble. I begin rummaging through the endless piles of papers on coach’s desk as I feel something draw closer to me. 

 "You know, even though you aren’t a part of my pack, I still hear your heart rate going wild.“ Aiden says amused. 

 "Yeah well that’s what happens when you’re super stressed and trapped in a room with a known killer” I snap back. 

 "Please (y/n), I can also smell your chemo-signals. You don’t have to be scared of me, you know that right.“ 

 "Right, so don’t be scared of someone who kills innocent people and who is trying to corrupt one of my best friends. Great idea. Not to mention I’m some weak and defenseless little human. But sure I won’t be scared of a 5’ 10” monster with fangs and claws" I sass. 

 " I would never hurt you.“ It was a whisper, but even without super hearing I could easily tell what he said. 

 "And I don’t believe you." 

 "I know it doesn’t mean much coming from me, but I assure you, I made it very clear to my pack that we do not harm you. You are to be safe and untouched. I promise” Aiden said, not breaking eye contact. 

 "Why, I don’t understand, you hate me" I say confused.

 "Hate you?“ He questions. "I don’t hate you. Far from it actually. I have feelings for you, (y/n). Feelings that I don’t know how to express. Feelings that could get me killed by the other alphas, even my brother. They tried to warn me of the consequences if I were to do anything with you, but I don’t care. I can’t just act like there is nothing between us." 

 It was in that moment that I’m sure Aiden could hear just how loud my heart was. Everything felt like a blur as I felt his strong arms embrace me and the heat radiating from his body. He looked into my eyes for a moment, almost if telepathically asking me for permission. I swiftly close my eyes as I feel his lips meet mine. 

I have never experience a kiss like this before, in fact, it felt like so much more than just a kiss. It felt as though all of my stress and fears melted away. I felt safe where I was and that this is where I’m supposed to be. The kiss was filled with not only passion but a want for one another. I didn’t know that this was what I needed at first but now that it’s happening it feels so right to me. Our lips depart from one another’s as we hear the door creek open. 

 "Oh come on guys, this is not what detention is supposed to be.” A blush filled my face as I hear coach’s voice. “Aiden, next practice you’re doing twice as many laps as everyone else, and as for you Ms. (y/n) you can help me with grading some of my Econ class assignments.”

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Summary : after Peter see y/n with a blackeye and finds out her boyfriend hit her, he can’t hide his real feelings when it happens again Warnings : domestic violence (towards reader) swearing, Soft Peter (with reader) Angry Peter, (with reader bf) Pairing: reader x peter hale a/n this is my first story/imagine please let me know what you think. Story : Peter was outside the high school when he saw y/n in her car. You was fixing you makeup, thinking about the fight you and your boyfriend had last night it was the worst one yet. You look in the mirror putting on sunglasses hiding the bruise make wasn’t hiding, it wasn’t the first time you had done it, cover up a cut or mark left by your boyfriend. “Hiya (y/n) ” peter said with at annoying but sexy smile. That you secretly loved. But Peter was a little older then you and had never shown much interest as a friend never mind anything more but still you used to have the biggest crush on him. “ what do you want hale ” you said back hoping he wouldn’t see how upset you really was. But it was no use with his wolfie senses. “that’s not nice” he said in a teasing way. But you ignore him. Peter watched as (y/n) got out the car. He could smell the salt from her tears and noticed a bruise on her wrist. He instantly knew the was something wrong with (y/n) Peter followed you a little before you heard him call you. “what’s happened y/n” he asked in a caring, soft tone. Your heart began to race “nothing” you lied realizing he could tell. “oh really y/n, you have been crying I can still smell the salt on you, there are marks on your wrist and finally its cloudy and you have overly large on” as Peter said sunglasses he lifted his arm to move them but y/n flinched. Peter jumped back and sat on a bench apologizing excessively. You sat next to him “please tell me what’s going on” he asked now scared. Peter had seen changes in y/n she wore longer sleeved tops. She’s screw her eyes when she’s lift her arms or turn to much. She had told the group it was from training when stiles had noticed a bruise on her a week or two ago but Peter knew y/n was lying but didn’t know how to ask her. knowing he saw your reaction to his arm rising, that would only cause him to have more questions and if you didn’t answer he would tell Derek or Scott. “promise you won’t tell the others” you ask Peter agrees, lowering your glasses to show a large purplish bruise by your eye. Peter gasped when he saw this “was it that omega did he do this to you” the was hate in his voice but his eyes where kind and worried. You couldn’t answer you didn’t want to lie to peter. He wanted to hold you take you away from him. “I could go kill him if you want me to” peter calming said, making you laugh. That was the thing about Peter although everyone thinks he’s a bad, he could always make you laugh even if you didn’t want to, this was one of the reasons you’d had a small crush on the former alpha when you had first met. “no but ill keep it on mind if he pisses me off” you smile at him. Your eye stinging as you do. “if he dose it again I promise even you can’t stop me from ripping him limb from limb” he said this time more serious and full of venom in his voice. Then smiled making you blush you look down thinking about it, “it was kind of my fault” you start looking at the floor “we was arguing and I went to hit him first. He stopped me by grabbing my arm them smacked me back, I got up of the floor and started to throw things at him. He ‘wolfed out’ (as you called it) and hit me again and again he stopped when his phone rang” you explain. After telling Peter step by step of your night you involuntary let out a few tears, Peter cupped your cheek using his thumb to wipe them away. You wince when he comes into contact with the swollen bruise. He closed his eyes, you see the black veins in his hand as Peter takes the pain away. Peter wanted to tell (y/n) she was wrong he’s vile evil monster but wasn’t that what the town thought about him. It was one if the main reasons he couldn’t tell her his feeling for the human girl she alone with everyone else saw him a bad guy, Instead he kept quiet tried to comfort you just make you smile, that sweet loving smile that made him feel vulnerable. Then put his arm around your back gently pulling you into a hug. Your heart and stomach both Start to do back flips under his touch. Something you had once dreamt about before you met the lone wolf who was now called you boyfriend. After talking for a bit about pack stuff and anything but your boyfriend, Peter looks at you “he doesn’t deserve you (y/n), you know that right. I wish you would leave him for someone better” peter said still hugging you tight but looking into your eyes with that smile you loved. You feel weird Peter had never been this close or kind with you or anyone before. Sitting up you ask “someone better? Like who?” Peter bit his lower lip then leaned in next to you ear “me” he whispered spending chills down your spine. You was about to lean in to kiss him. “y/n” the sound of your boyfriend. You quickly put the glasses back on you and push away from Peter. Your happy relaxed state now stiff and nervous. “where have you been you didn’t come to English? ” He asks in that mean tone you knew meant he was mad. He didn’t take his eyes from Peter. Waiting for your answer. “ we got talking about pack stuff ” you told him before turning to peter" thanks I gotta go to class" he gave you last hug in a hushed whisper told me “remember my promise” the winked as you left with your boyfriend Once round the corner out of sight you felt your body slam into the wall. “y/n what was that all about, why was you talking to peter hale,” he asked you with pure hate in his eyes. Pushing him back but he still had a grip of my wrist tight making you wince in pain “nothing we was just talking I let go of me I don’t wanna be your girlfriend anymore” I said, knowing Peter was right I had to leave him. “your not going anywhere” your now ex boyfriend said. The more you struggled the more his eyes glowed blue and his fangs showed scaring you. His claws pierced your skin. As his other hand lifted over his head swinging it down towards you. Peter hadn’t left instead he stood waiting and listening worried about the girl he’d fallen for months ago. He heard y/n end her relationship making him smile even if y/n was never his girl he didn’t want you to be with a guy like that. He heard the lad tell you it’s up to him if y/n can go before hearing a sound he knew to well the sound of a hand hitting skin. Followed by a whimper from y/n Peter ran round the corner looking at y/n holding her face “he did it again didn’t he” peter said changing into his wolf side running at the boy with his claws slicing the young omega until he was nearly dead, you scream for Peter to stop but in his rage he didn’t hear you. You put a hand on Peter’s shoulder saying stop again, this time he changes to his normal human side hugging you hoping he didn’t scare you make you think he was as bad as the abusive omega on the floor. “I’m sorry y/n ” he whispers" I couldn’t let him hurt you again I love you too much" you look at him shocked by his words “y…. you love me” peter smiles holding your hand “I always have y/n” he leans down to kiss your now swollen cheek. “maybe when your ready I can show how a real man treats his lady” he whispers hoping. You look at him and nod yes, he puts his arm around your shoulder walking you away from the toxic relationship you had finally left.

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“Tell everyone,I don’t care.”-Theo Raeken

Request: “Can you do 15 with Theo?” #15: “Tell everyone,I don’t care.”

prompt: theo is kind of the tough but as you get hurt he gets really angry and Stiles catches him having feelings for you

pairing: theo x reader

A/N: Theo is in season 4 in this one (and he’s nice) // I hate myself it’s almost 4 am

request teen wolf prompts

Originally posted by infernal-banshee

You sat at lunch with your friends,stabbing your food with the fork you held in your right hand,but not eating anything. In your mind,you replayed the events that happened the night before. 

You and the pack were on your way to school,looking for Derek who was,thanks to Kate,a teenager again. You didn’t know what Kate wanted there,but you wanted to make sure Derek was safe again. 

So Scott wanted the whole pack to come with him. He also called Theo,a boy that wasn’t really in Scott’s pack and was a little too arrogant for you. While you went with Scott,Malia and Theo,Stiles and Lydia came a little later and searched for Derek somewhere else. 

You were looking into every corridor to find Derek that you didn’t notice Berserkers suddenly appearing in front of you. You,being the only human of the four of you,knew you had no chance at all. 

“Y/N,run!”Scott shouted,not wanting you to get hurt. You wanted to help your friends so badly,but you didn’t even have a bat like Stiles. You turned around,but another berserker refused to let you through. You stopped dead in your tracks.

Before you knew what you could do,the berserker basically threw you against a wall. Your whole body hurt,expecially your head. Theo suddenly got even angrier,attacking the berserker that hurt you. And that’s when you passed out.

You didn’t really know everything that happened afterwards,but you knew what you heard what Stiles said to Theo earlier. You didn’t want to listen,but you did anyway.

“You have a little crush on Y/N,don’t you?”,you heard Stiles saying. “Oh,shut up.”,Theo said and you could hear that Stiles was getting on his nerves. “No,seriously dude,you like her right?”,Stiles asked. “Mayb,yeah.”,you heard Theo saying,making you smile. “Do you want me to tell her?”,Stiles asked. “Tell everyone,I don’t care. Not anymore. I know I like her,a lot.”,Theo said and after that,you finally left the locker room.

You looked up as Theo got up,ready to leave the cafeteria. Lydia looked at you,nudging your side with her ellbow. She knew what you had heard and she wanted you to talk to him.

You looked back at her,looking quite helpless until you finally decided to get up too and follow him. You looked around the hallway until you saw Theo leaning against his locker. Slowly,you approched him,not really knowing how to start a conversation.

“Hey.”,you said,making him look up from the book he held. “Hi.”,he said,smiling. Silence. What the hell were you supposed to say in such a situation? ‘uh,hey. I listened to your conversation with stiles and is it really true that you like me?’ Definitely not.

“You know it,don’t you?”,he suddenly blurted out. You frowned,not really knowing what he was talking about. “What do you mean?”,you asked back. “You know that I like you.”,he stated,not giving you any chance to give a normal answer. “Uhm,yes. If that’s true.”,you said,looking down at the ground awkwardly. 

He made you look up to him as he slowly took your hand into his. His beautiful eyes looked back at you as he pulled you to him. “It is true. I like you. Very much.”,he said. You were now so close to him that your noses almost brushed.

And,much to your surprise,you were the one to close the gap between the two of you. His lips met yours in a swift move and they moved onto yours carefully. You placed one of your hands behind his neck while he lay one of his on your hip,still kissing. 

After you placed another short kiss onto his lips,grinning,you pulled apart. “I might like you too,Raeken.”,you whispered as you pulled in for another kiss.

2K! - Blog Appreciation Post 2 (Part 1)

God, I am actually shooketh

I’ve been here about 3 months and when first starting I honestly thought that anything I did here would be hidden beneath piles of much better work. I thought i was completely irrelevant.

I hit 2k followers and I honestly can’t comprehend how amazing that is! I decided I would do another blog appreciation post but this is only the first part because I honestly love everyone and I’ve met so many friends and lovely people through tumblr. 

NOTE: I have cleaned out my requests. I’m really sorry and I genuinely feel awful but I’ve been struggling and I feel like I can’t get anything from them. Don’t be discouraged though, they were awesome requests and other Writers will interpret them perfectly. I’ll reopen requests soon, after Escape The Night pt 1. I did keep @sarazzprime‘s archie request though because I genuinely adore it, I’m just not in the right mindset to write it right now <3


@mrsjugheadjonesthethird - Jayde. I love you so so much! My angst buddy, my chummy. You’ve honestly been there for such random chats, about mini egg cannibalism and all sorts of shit. Supportive and beautiful and I loveeeee you <3 - Jellyegg

@betty-coopers-number-one-stan - Sam. God I need your confidence when it comes to your image. You’re actually gorgeous and have eyebrows that I would murder for. I adore your blog and all your writing and aaaah. And of course, SadBreakfastClub

@kingpendleton - Aimmeeeeeeee. Writing skills to die for. Beautiful. Great taste in musicals. Sad Breakfast Club. Love you.

@satanwithstardust - Olivia. The first person to ever proofread anything I wrote, honestly so encouraging and a little role model for me. Gorgeous and talented. Sad Breakfast Cluubbb

@crankpendletonplays - Hannah! Looks so good in a flower crown. Amazing writer. OUAT buddy. WHY DON’T WE

@jvghead-jones-iii - Britney <3 I freak out everytime you post something because ily. Supportive and lovely

@thesuitelifeofjughead - Ashhhhh. BETTYYY <3 Amazing writer and Ed Sheeran is life. Kind and lovely

@sincerelystiles -  SOPHIE. STETTY. WE STILL NEED TO DO THIS!!! AND THE BELOVED BRITISH HOE SQUAD! I seriously love you though. The holy queen of smut. Still waiting on some of that serpent jughead goodness iykwis ;)

@mrs-jughead-jones - Rose. Honestly, so encouraging. She was the reason I wanted to keep writing as well as providing motivation from her own pieces because they’re sooooo good!

@tasteofswallowedwords - Ash. LMAO DS’S HAVE 2010 TWITTER ON THEM, IT’S STILL REALLY FUNNY TO ME. Shook by your writing

@writing-obrien - Chlloooeee, happy birthday! Probably the first Stiles writer I fell in love with. Inspirational and funny

@dumbass-stilinski - The first person I spoke to on tumblr. I turn to her fics for help whenever I see these new teases of FBI Stiles and Mitch

@itstenafterfour -  Ten! A new friend! THE NEW TEEN WOLF TRAILER THOUGH. Also Escape The Night hype <3

@jugandbettsdetectiveagency - Anna! Another new friend. We were able to be truly British and complain about the weather and heatwave with one another


@jugheadxreaderinyourhead - Supportive and always popping up to ask if I’m okay which is honestly what I need some of the time so thank you <3

@writing-in-riverdale: Rosie! <3 Bless Rosie. Such a good writer and deals with a lot of anon hate for some dumb reason. Strong and kind 

@vegaslodge -  Cat. We’re married. Enough said.

@stilinski-jpeg - Nia! I was so happy when we talked because i’m low-key fan trash


@lusterrdust - Tori! Such a pleasing blog to scroll through, I really hope we get to talk more in the future and I also LOVEEE your writing 


@thatsadbreakfastclub -  i LOve you (ahahahaahaa)

@protectjugheadjonesiii - AMAZING FICS. I always freak out when you reblog anything I post because I literally idolise you

I promise I’m not a creep

@darkforsythe - Brook. brooky brook brook. MAKEUP = 10/10 

@lilireinhart - My inspiration. Honestly such a role model and I adore her more than she’ll ever know. I just wish I could reach out and hug her and personally thank her for the effect she has on me and how I view myself

@full-dark-no-starsxx -  MY MOTHER DEAREST

@cherxnica and @chxronica - You can bet your ass I’ve mixed these URLS up more than once BUT I LOVE THEM BOTH SO WHATEVEERRR

That’s only half


I am also sorry I haven’t wrote anything in 10 years. THAT WILL CHANGE VERY SOON MY FRIEND… hopefully


Requested by @thatgirlwiththeblackglasses​: Hii! Would you like to write a Theo Raeken imagine Where Y/N gets hurt in a fight and he saves her life? So they get feelings for each other?? Sorry this is trash 😂. Love you!💗💗💗💗💗

A/N: okay so this turned out a lot longer than I expected but I loved this idea a lot and I enjoyed writing it so much! So thanks again for the request! I hope you like it :)

Words: about 3760.
Warnings: cussing.
Pairing: Theo Raeken x reader

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naepoohxd  asked:

Hello love could you do an Isaac imagine where you and Isaac are more than friends but less than a relationship and you get jealous when you confront him he acts like a dick but later comes to fix what he did? Thanks btw I really enjoy your work 😍

Hi hun, I would love to write it! And thank you for one of the biggest compliment you could give me! Hope you like and enjoy it! :) And sorry for the late respond, I was kind of busy. :/

“Just Friends Don’t Get Jealous.”

Isaac Lahey - (Y/N) One Shot/Imagine
Word Count: 1.004

  • Requests are still open and you can always follow my Instagram @diariesstydia​.
  • Yes, Isaac is a complete dick in this one because well, I could.

Jealousy can be a b*tch, maybe even worse than karma. It will reveal what you feel and how you feel wheter you want it or not. But sometimes it can be a good thing, just like the time my jealousy first became my enemy and later on became a good aquintance of mine.

Originally posted by alfatwolf

When people asked me about if I were single I wanted to say no but actually I was. But the problem was that my heart belonged to Isaac Lahey, and even sometimes my body belonged to him too. Everytime we were alone together, the rules of friendship didn’t exist between us and we acted like a couple. The only difference was that we weren’t one, or at leatst not a official one.

“Have you seen Isaac?” You asked Scott as you both walked into the raven being held in Beacon Hills. Parties didn’t occur that much here but when it did, everyone went. At school it would be talked about for a while so you were stupid if you missed the hot topic.

“Well, no not really,” Scott said, looking down at his shoes and shuffeling them. Both of you pratically grew up together. Together with Stiles, Scott and you were The Three Musketiers so you knew when lied to you. And this was one of those times.

“Scott, I know when you’re lying,” You responded to the teen wolf standing near you.
“Please, tell me where he is.”

After Scott let out a sigh, he pointed his finger towards Isaac dancing with Erica as well as Jackson. Seeing how close and into Isaac was dancing with Erica, made you jealous. You wanted to dance in that way with Isaac.

“(Y/N), don’t do it,” Scott said and tried to stop you. But before he could, you already stormed off to the trio. Even if Isaac would want to, Erica wasn’t going to steal your ‘almost boyfriend’. You had already fallen too deep, too fast, to let her take away Isaac.

You grabbed Isaac’s arm with all the strenght you got - he could handle it, he was a freaking werewolf. Both Erica and Jackson stopped dancing for a few seconds but eventually continued again when you pulled Isaac with you to a more quiet place.

“What?’ Isaac asked with a annoyed tone in his voice. Was he seriously going to pretend why you pulled him away? Eventhought you hadn’t told him how you precisly felt, you knew that he knew it. Everyone knew and saw it by the way you acted towards him and how you looked at him.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know, Lahey,” You answered him fiesty. Never had you been the type to let anyone just wals over you so you weren’t going to let it happen to you this time.
“You know exactly why I pulled you away.”

Isaac rolled with his beautiful, brown eyes. And that hurt you even more than seeing him dancing with Erica. He didn’t even care enough to listen to you or pretend that he wasn’t slightly annoyed at what you did.

“Well, have you considered that I did what I did because I don’t feel the same way?”

“If you don’t feel the same,” you said trying to sound as strong and angry possible instead of weak and hurt like you actually were. When you met Isaac and you became something more than friends, you never would have thought that he would break you heart like this.
“Then you’re a complete dick, Isaac,” you finished.

You turned yourself around, but before you could actually walk away, Isaac stood in front of you again and backed you up to the wall. He stood there with the smirk you once adored but now found disgusting.

“Come on, (Y/N),” Isaac said. “Don’t try to deny you loved the no strings situation,” he said while coming closer to you to kiss you. But before his lips could touch even a millimeter of yours, you kicked him right where it hurts and left the party. Maybe it would have been the best if you had missed this party.


- Isaac’s P.O.V. -

I woke up with a terrible feeling. This feeling made me feel guilty, angry at myself and dissapointed in myself. Why had I done those things to (Y/N)? And more importantly, why had I said those things to her? I had hated the no strings situation because I wanted it to become something more and I actually felt something for her. During the past months, I had completly fallen for her but for some reason last night I didn’t show any of those feelings. On the conterary, I acted like a complete asshole who had deserved the kick in his balls.

As fast as I could, I put on some clothes without even caring how I looked in them and went to (Y/N)’s place. I needed to fix this and I didn’t to do it now.

With trembling hands, I knocked on her front door. What if she wouldn’t forgive me? I mean, I wouldn’t forgive me if I were her.

“Isaac,” Mrs. (Y/L/N) said to me with a suprised look on her face. (Y/N) looked really much like her mother but her character was something she mostly had from her father.

“Mrs. (Y/L/N), could I please see?” I asked while my heart was still racing like crazy. 

Mrs. (Y/L/N) looked at me with a empathic expression which means she probably knew what happened and how hard it’s going to be for me to ever make it up to her daughter. 

“Of course, Isaac,” (Y/N)’s mother said. Since the first moment I stepped foot into her lovely home, she has always liked me and she had always wanted (Y/N) and I to end up together.
“I’ll pray for you that she will forgive you.”

I thanked the lovely woman and then immediatly ran up to (Y/N)’s bedroom. I had been here so many times that I knew every corner of the house.


Without saying anything, I opened the white bedroom door and I immediatly saw (Y/N) laying on her bed while she was watching The Vampire Diaries. How many times I had complained that she forced me to watch it with her, now all I want is to watch it with her.

“Lahey,” she said with a montone tone while she paused a episode of her favorite show. Everytime we had watched it together, we laughed at the werewolves and how they were portrayed in the series.
“You have come for some no string sex?” She asked me, piercing a arrow right through my heart.

“No,” I immediatly respond as I walk over to her bed and place myself next to her on the edge of her Queen Size bed.
“I have come to apoligese and to say what I have wanted to say for a while now,” I continued.

“Go ahead, Lahey.”

“First of all, I am immensly sorry and hope that you’ll be able to forgive me,” I said. “Second, even if I loved the no strings situation in het beginning I don’t do anymore. (Y/N).” I grabbed her hand and she didn’t pull back. Maybe she could forgive me and maybe it wasn’t a lost cause after all.
“During our ‘more than friends but less than lovers’ fase, I have fallen completly in love with you. And when I woke up this morning, I felt stupid and regretted everything I said more than any other regret I had,” I finished.

At this moment, (Y/N)’s face didn’t contain any emotion. When that happened there were two possibilities: she was still progressing and was goign to forgive me or she was so extremly pissed that she didn’t even bother to show some emotions. To be honest, I liked option one a lot more.

Suddenly, (Y/N) leaned forward to me and crashed her lips into mine. After being stunned for a few second, I kissed her back and it was the sweetest thing I had ever felt.

After a few moments, we both pulled back, smiling at each other like complete dorks. This kiss had felt different than all the others and this one had meant something more, we both felt it and we were both happy about it.

“You had me at:’Are you hurting? Because I smell blood when I am near you.’,” (Y/N) said, making me smile even more. That was the first thing I had ever said to hurt, back when I had just turned and she had her period when I bumped into her in the hallways of school. How happy am I that in that moment I had asked the world’s stupidest question to the world’s most beautiful girl.


Lydia x Reader

Be careful, that’s what you’d been told. Don’t let the Banshee’s find you, it won’t end well if they did. But you couldn’t help it, you felt the pull of her the moment you saw her, felt the silent pain she was echoing around the halls.


You wanted to help her, to make the pain stop, it was what you were good at after all. Don’t, don’t, don’t, you muttered ton yourself when you almost followed her into the bathroom. You said nothing as you stood at your locker, watching her re-emerge, red hair a mess and eyes puffy as she ducked her head and hurried through the halls.


“I can’t just leave her like that.” You mumbled and pushed off the lockers.


When you found her she was reapplying makeup and gave you a withering glare before continuing. She was quickly joined by several boys and a girl, most of whom smelled like wolves, instantly you backed away wondering if the girl had ever been sad at all.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any trans Stiles? It could be mtf but I would love it if you could do ftm. Thank you, I love your blog!

😇👍🏻 thanks love! Have a look at those!

When All the Pieces Fit

Summary: “Does he even realize? With the cooking and cleaning andandand—now this fucking baby?” Isaac fumes.

Said baby waves its fist in the air, and Stiles bends to haul him onto a hip. The baby babbles something and Stiles nods his head with complete seriousness, as if everything out of its mouth is perfectly sensible and coherent. Then the kid starts mouthing at Stiles’ nipple through his dress and everyone goes dead silent.

“I’m going to wife him so hard,” Ethan announces, and they all break out into argument over who has the best chance at mating the boy in the river.

Read Here!


Bloodsport (Brothers)

Summary: “Uncle Derek, swans only have one partner their whole life,” Junior explains as Derek pulls on his clothes. “If their partner dies, they can pass away from a broken heart, you know.” Derek looks down at the kid through the mirror as he brushes his teeth. He spits into the sink. “Wolves also mate for life, Uncle Derek. And Mommy’s not a swan or a wolf, but he’s an omega, and sometimes I think he gets so sad that Daddy’s not here anymore that one day he might not wake up.”


In which Derek is an ex-fighter, ex-con, ex-brother. And then Stiles and his rambunctious sons crash into his world and make everything a helluva lot more awesome.

Read Here!


Dude, bro

Summary: “It’s Mister Stilinski,” Stiles repeats. “That- uh. There’s a mistake. On the paperwork. It’s Mister.” That was all it was. Just a mistake on the paperwork. On the school records and his birth certificate and his social security card. On all the paperwork. But still, just a mistake. That’s what his therapists said. His cells had made a little mistake but it isn’t disgusting or wrong or sick. He isn’t a mistake. Just the papers. His body.

Read Here!


Not Stella

Summary: Stiles isn’t Stella. He never was. Not even when people thought he was. He’s Stiles.

His biggest hope is that his soul mate’s wrist says his name.

His biggest fear is that his soul mate’s wrist says her name.

Read Here!


The Parts and the Whole

Summary:Derek accidentally finds out something about Stiles.

Read Here!


A Blessing and a Curse

Summary: “Won’t you tell me what’s wrong, Gizheurann?” Mom asks when she finds you sobbing beneath the apple tree. The sound of your name only makes you cry harder. You hate it, like you hate everything about yourself, right now.

Stiles has always thought he was under a curse. Fortunately or unfortunately, he’s not the only one.

Read Here!

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“Fight Back” (Part 1) - (Isaac Lahey)

Originally posted by poseyparadise

(not my gif)

REQUEST: Stiles has a little sister who dated Isaac when he was around and when Isaac left, (Y/N) was very distracted for a while, like wouldn’t talk to anyone, heartbroken. Eventually, she moved on, and started dating Liam. They are in love and stuff. Then, the beast stuff happens and instead of Mason being the beast, Isaac is the beast and kind of similiar to the scene with Lydia and Jackson when he turns into a werewolf.

“It’s good to see you smiling again.” Stiles told his sister as she was waving goodbye to her boyfriend, Liam Dunbar.
(Y/N) closed the door and sat next to Stiles at the kitchen table.
“Thanks. I feel great.” (Y/N) said, smiling.
“I never thought Liam could make you this happy.” Stiles laughed. “I’m gonna have to thank that idiot.”
“Come on, I know you like him.” (Y/N) declared.
“I’m just watching out for you. I don’t want him to break your heart like Isaac did.” Stiles said, more seriously this time.

(Y/N) was dating Isaac before he left Beacon Hills. They were deeply in love, or at least that’s what (Y/N) thought. She was really hurt when Isaac left town. He said Beacon Hills was too dangerous and cursed, and that he didn’t want to watch more people die and didn’t want to be killed either. (Y/N) thought that if Isaac really loved her, he will stay, but he didn’t. It’s like he vanished into the thin air, because (Y/N) never heard from him again.
(Y/N) had spent following the weeks locked in her room, refusing to talk to anyone. Even Stiles, her brother, couldn’t get her to talk to him. He was very worried, (Y/N) would hardly eat and she didn’t leave her bed for days.
But eventually, (Y/N) had moved on. She was now dating Liam, whom she really really liked, and Liam made her happy and complete again. Stiles was so happy to see his little sister smile and laugh again, that he could’ve kissed Liam.

“You’re so overprotective.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes, but smiled at her brother.
“Deal with it.” Stiles said, as he winked at her.
(Y/N) finished her diner and sat down on the couch. Stiles was about to join her when his phone rang. He paced up and down the kitchen during the whole conversation and then came back into the living-room, looking deadly serious.
“What is it?” (Y/N) asked him, concerned.
“It was Scott. Apparently the beast is going to use the lacrosse game to kill people.” Stiles declared.
“What? But the lacrosse game starts in less than an hour! We don’t know how to stop the beast, how are we gonna protect all these people?” (Y/N) asked, slightly panicked.
“Lydia and Malia are looking into it. We’ll find something.” Stiles stated. “Come on. We gotta meet everybody at Scott’s house.” He added.
(Y/N) got up and they both drove to Scott’s house.

When they arrived, the rest of the pack was already here. Lydia was deeply focused on the open book set in front of her while Malia was briefly looking at the pages over Lydia’s shoulder. Scott was on the phone with the coach of the lacrosse team, apparently trying to convince him to cancel the game.
“Coach! If you will just listen to – Hello? Coach?” Scott threw his phone on the table. “He hung up, again!” He said.
Liam was speaking with Mason in a corner of the room, but when he saw (Y/N) walk in, he joined her.
“Are you okay?” Liam asked, worried.
“Ask me again after the game.” (Y/N) replied.
“Have you guys found anything yet?” Stiles asked as he walked over to Lydia and Malia.
“Don’t ask me. I don’t understand any of this crap.” Malia said, frowning.
“There is nothing in there. None of these books are helpful.” Lydia sighed.
“Maybe there is no way to kill that thing.” Liam shrugged.
“There has to be. There is no way Coach is going to cancel the game tonight. If we don’t find something, everyone will die.” Scott declared.
“Nice pep talk, buddy.” Stiles said with his usual level of sarcasm.

The pack left Scott’s house to go to Beacon Hills High School, which is where the lacrosse game would take place in a few minutes.
The boys went straight to the locker room to change into their lacrosse clothes, but also to try one last time to convince Coach to send everyone home. He laughed at them and repeated that the game will happen and that they’d better win.
The girls found seats in the bleachers and sat there, feeling quite anxious. Lydia was still going through a massive book that she had brought with her. Malia was distracted by the two teams warming up on the field and (Y/N) was trying to take her mind off the possible events of the night.

“Stilinski! What the hell are you doing?” Coach was yelling from one side of the field. “You’re supposed to catch the damn ball, not run away from it!”
The game had started a few minutes ago. Beacon Hills was losing, Stiles and the rest of the boys were too distracted to score a single goal.
The girls on the bleachers were as nervous as the boys on the field. (Y/N) was biting her nails – which is something she’s never done before. She knew something bad was going to happen, and she hated knowing that the only thing she could do was just wait for it to happen, it made her feel useless.

As she sighed, her surroundings were suddenly drowned in darkness. She looked around alarmed, and realised that the spotlights around the field had been switched off. (Y/N) felt Lydia grab her arm and dragged her on the field. (Y/N) felt a lump in her throat.
‘This is when things go wrong’, she thought. ‘This is when people start to die’.

                                           to be continued…
                                                 (PART 2)

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