thank you to everyone who came to talk to us

Shoutan’s Blog Update - 2017-01-08 - Hoshi No Ouji-sama Script Reading Play.

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Script Reading Play
『 Hoshi No Ouji-sama 』

Everyone who came and visited us, thank you very much.

This time, although this work is the first time where I had to carefully… read until the very end.
About other things other than my own Star, about other existence other than my own, exchanges with various things, talking to various people, realising various things.

A Prince like that, who loves and loves characters.

During the real thing, I also gave it my all acting as that innocent Prince.

Did you enjoy it?

Also, singing while listening to the Orchestra’s recitation. While feeling comfortable I also felt nervous.

And, the duet with 『Boku』 played by Toyonaga-san…

With his warm singing voice, the shud and stance of the harmony part, I was able to sing as the Prince like he’s snuggled up.

I was able to sing it, being at peace.

Or rather, I was able to duet with Toyonaga-sannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!


I’m really, really happy.
The whole time the pores of my body was left open.

I want to, do a duet again.

The relationship of all the casts was also very good, the cast set was also really fun,

One day again, it’ll be nice to be able meet this work!

Being Brave

Imagine Dan and Phil getting home and uploading a video called “Being Brave”

Imagine them sitting down in front of the camera and shaking a little, but still bantering a bit about the tour bus and getting the parking ticket, laughing, talking about funny TATINOF moments and thanking everyone who came.

Imagine Dan looking a little nervous and then saying “but, we’re not just here to talk about the tour experience, well we are but there’s something else too.”

Imagine Phil jumping in, noticing Dan’s shaking and saying “yes! The best thing about tour was getting to met loads of you lovely people and talking about everything, and many of you told us about how watching us helped give you courage or make you happy…”

Imagine there’s a jump cut then, and Phil’s eyes look a little red, and Dan saying “but we also know that many of you are LGBT+ and that the world is big and scary.”

Imagine Dan wiping his eyes a little before saying “and if we can do anything to make that less scary we want to. And I know one of the scariest parts of being LGBT is coming out…”

Imagine Phil licking his lips and smiling at Dan a little, encouragingly.

Imagine Dan saying, “so we need to be as big and brave as you all seem to think we are.” Imagine him full on crying how, but laughing a little.

Imagine Phil in the back, wiping his eyes and saying “so we sat down today tell to you all something we haven’t really told anyone.”

Imagine Dan smiling a little and saying quietly, “I’m bisexual.” And Phil smiling too and saying, “and I am too.”

Imagine them laughing full out and saying “holy carp!” And Phil laughing as he wipes his tears. “That just happened!”

Imagine them grinning as they say, “thank you all we love you!” And then glancing at each other lovingly before Phil does his standard goodbye, and the Pixel Pop music plays.

Imagine this time, there are no recommended videos at the end, no DanAndPhilGames logo, no Danisnotonfire link, nothing. Nothing but a picture of them together on the tour bus, Dan kissing Phil on the cheek. And a caption saying “not ironically”

Yuchi twitter 2017.03.21

Today’s show at Shinjuku ReNY was the last from 3-band event sukemerry! Thank you everyone who came to see us!
A photo with my senpai bassist, Tetsu from MERRY! As usual he was very gentle and I could talk with him honestly about anything, he’s a wonderful person! I’m so grateful! And has nice style (laugh).


Baby Shower (Neymar imagine)


I laid down on the couch, exhausted from putting on this dress. You know I never knew being pregnant could be so tiring, I mean I knew but not to this extent. I heard Neymar chuckle, as he walked past me and into the kitchen. “Is my baby tired?”He asked opening the fridge

I nodded my head, “Both of us are tired” I said closing my eyes

“Ah, ah, ah you can’t fall asleep we have to leave in a few” 

I groaned, “Please just let me sleep for at least 10 minutes, plus don’t you guys still have to set up the venue?” I asked

Neymar came over sitting down next to me, “We do ,but I can’t have you falling asleep here. You gotta tell us where you want things”

I looked over to him, “Neymar you do realize that, at the baby shower I’m just going to be saying thank you to everyone who came and talking right?”

He chuckled placing a kiss on my forehead, “Don’t you want to decorate the place?” He asked

I shook my head, “No, I want you to decorate the place”

Neymar smiled, “Okay how about I make you a deal?” 

I sat up, and looked over to him. “Waiting” 

Neymar just shook his head, towards me. “What if I go and help Rafaella, Mae, and Judy set up. And you can stay and sleep, I’ll come pick you up when we finish”  

I looked at him, “Please” 

Neymar pulled me closer, giving me a kiss. “Just think in two months, we’ll have our little princess” 

I smiled, “And I won’t be tired” 

“If it helps, you look beautiful” 

“It doesn’t help at all, I feel hot all the time-”

“But you are hot” 

I gave him a look, “Really Neymar”

He shrugged, “It’s true” 

I shook my head, and sat up. “You better leave now if you want to make it on time” I said

Neymar nodded, and placed a kiss on my lips. “I’ll see you hopefully in a few” 

I chuckled, “Have fun decorating”

Neymar waved, and soon was out of the house. I laid down on the couch, ,and closed my eyes but at the same time the baby decided it was okay to have a soccer match inside my stomach, causing me to wake up. 

I looked around the house for something to do, seeing as I wasn’t going to be allowed to fall asleep now. 

~~An Hour and a Half Later

“Babe are you ready?” Neymar asked walking into the house

I sighed, “I’m in the room” I said

He walked in a smile on my face, “Did you get enough sleep like you wanted?” 

I shook my head, “Missy over here decided she wanted to have a kicking party, right as I was about to fall asleep” I said

He chuckled, “Well if you’re done putting on makeup, shall we head on over” 

I chuckled, and stood up. “It doesn’t look to much does it?” I asked

Neymar shook his head, “No you look perfect” 

I smiled, and we headed outside and to the car. Once we arrived at the venue, there was a line of cars outside due to the parking lot’s being filled. And leading inside to the venue were velvet ropes, but on each sides on the velvet ropes were paparazzi. 

I looked over to Neymar knowing how he feels in situations like this. “It’s okay they’re not harming anyone” I said

He sighed, and we got out of the car. As we walked towards the venue, they had spotted us and all you heard was the clicking of the cameras. “Y/N!Neymar look over here!”

“Do we know what we’re having!”

“Is it another Brazilian Superstar!” 

I had to chuckle at the last one. I held Neymar’s hand, and we walked through towards the start of the ropes. They all continued taking their pictures, and asking questions. “Are you sure you’re supposed to be drinking coffee ?” Neymar asked as he opened the door

I gave him a look, “I need this”

Neymar just chuckled, and he lead me through the venue. Opening another set of doors, I could hear the Brazilian funk music playing as soon as they opened.

When I looked around everything was really cute, it was decorated in a warm theme. And even though we already knew we were having a baby girl, there was hardly pink. “Y/N, how is it that you still look this great?” Rafaella asked smiling

I chuckled, “All of this looks amazing Rafa”

She flipped her hair back, “Well when you have the most amazing person decorating it turns out just as amazing” She said

We laughed, and Neymar shook his head. “Are you supposed to be drinking coffee Missy?” Nadine asked raising an eyebrow

“I bought it for her” Neymar said

She shook her head, “You two are going to have a very active child” She joked

We stood talking for a while before Rafaella took me around the place with Neymar walking behind us. I didn’t know there would be a lot of people here, I mean I expected there to be a lot of family and of course Neymar’s teammates. However I didn’t expect, even his past teammates were here.

From the youth teams he played on all the way to Santos. It was nice to see,most of my family had made it to Barcelona for the baby shower and it was also amazing to see them here. “Look at you, you look so good for having two months left” My cousin Minda said

I chuckled, “Well I feel tired twenty four seven” 

She smiled giving me a hug, the rest of the babyshower was really nice. When we opened presents, we had received a lot of pampers, clothes, shoes, FC Barcelona items, Santos items, and from my parents we got a picture of the first sonogram that I’d taken when I went with my Mom.

As it came to an end, there was a lot of cake, sweets , and drinks left over. Rafaella and Gil, stayed along with us to clean it up. “Y/N sit down, please” Rafaella said pulling a chair and making me sit

I sighed, “Rafaella, I’m not going to injure myself cleaning up. Just let me clean” 

She gave me a look, “No, Neymar come and take your wife home before I tie her to the chair” 

Neymar chuckled, “C’mon lady let’s go” 

I really want to give my thanks to everyone who came over the last three days. Thank you so much. To all the staff members who always labor for the sake of our concert, all the staff and cameramen, the backstage staff, and Jaewon hyung who produced it all, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And thank you to the interpreters who let us talk comfortably. Today, right when I came out, I saw [fans spell out a message with light sticks]. And when I saw it, seeing it up close - and, that’s why, and seeing the fans cry… I don’t normally tear up very well? But I really teared up today. I’m really happy, and. And when you get home, please rest and eat something good. And please be careful of a cold. Thank you very much!
—  Kyungsoo’s ending ment, 151108 (EXO’s last day at the Tokyo Dome); fans’ message
301 - Kickstarter and Joey Richter
Shipwrecked Comedy
301 - Kickstarter and Joey Richter

Welcome to the return of the Shipwrecked Comedy Podcast!!!!

Today, @sineadpersaud and @marykatewiles discuss how the Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party Kickstarter came to be, and then talk with special guest Joey Richter, who will be playing Ernest Hemingway.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach our halfway point in only 5 days! You guys are the best!!

Spread the word:


Day 20 was our fan meet-up and it was mind-blowingly awesome. Seriously. It was so surreal for us to hang out with Fablers in person, and we all had a blast talking about characters and Season 2 spoilers and set anecdotes. Many selfies were taken. 

Thank you so much to all the Fablers who came to hang out with us today. It was so beautiful. We love you!

150314 SHINeeTokyoDome
  • Minho: Everyone.. the fact that we filled up this place is really.. waaah~ To all those who came!
  • Minho: Does anyone know the same of our band?
  • Fans: SHABAAAND!
  • Minho: Onew named it~
  • Jonghyun: Shaband shaband~~
  • Jonghyun: Everyone.. um Shaband has been with us all through this concert with great energy. We have a song!
  • OnJongMin sang the Tokyo Dome song as a thank you.
  • Key: Everyone, what was the best performance? Ahhhhh Key's key's key's!!!! (Squeaks) Thank you!!
  • Taemin: The stage is really big. I wasn't sure how to fill it since legends have performed here.
  • TM: everyone, what was the...
  • Key: Key's! Key's! Key's!!!!
  • Totally stopping TM from talking
  • JH saying MH's performance was so cute and made MH do cute poses. And Onew was doing it at the side too
  • TM said he also thought MH was very cute and MH gave him a big hugㅋㅋ
  • Onew: This will be a great year for us. What could that mean~~?
  • cr: ipipie,jongtaewar

Sherlock/Halmet Meetup Photos Batch #1

Sorry it took me so long to upload these. Thanks for everyone who came along for it. I anjoyed the day immensely, and I hope you did, too! Feel free to link us to your photos of the day.

The photos in front of Speedy’s were taken by Chris, who was secretly happy that not all 32 people who had announced that they would come had shown up :)

The other photos are from the talk Maria and Ardy gave on Hamlet and Sherlock Holmes. We had the lovely spot right accross from the Globe theatre, and I think quite a few tourists also listened to us from above :p


Sherlock/Hamlet Meetup Photos Batch #2

After the talk we made our way to the Sherlock Holmes Pub, where the ever patient staff managed to work around cancelled orders, surprise additions and strong heat (the search for the one perfect spot under the AC became the staff’s sport that day). They were, to say in short, absolutely lovely considering our excited group :)

We also had some lovely prices for our quiz, including a copy of “The Return of Sherlock Holmes”, signed by Mark Gatiss and Benedict Cumberbatch (special thanks to khorazir for braving the Barbican crowd for that one), several pastiches and wallpaper/Always 1895 swag. I think everyone was happy in the end. It was a super lovely day and I am so pleased with how it all went, despite the incredible heat that day and a few lovely people who didn’t find us for the talk.

I want to thank everyone who came along for the whole or parts of the meetup. It was a pleasure meeting you guys.

xx Maria