thank you to everyone who came to talk to us

I feel like all the people calling Will’s speech “anti millenial” weren’t listening close enough. He didn’t imply anything against younger queerlings, just reminded that we need to remember who and what came before us. Remember how bis were attacked with a certain gatekeeping rhetoric, which was then reused on trans individual, was then used in on aspecs? Ever notice how it’s always the older people in the community who have to remind us this shit has happened before, and when we don’t remember and don’t actively try to prevent it, it creeps back in?

“I just dont want you to forget those who were fighting for rights you don’t even know you didn’t have”

The show said it was going to be tackling more modern queer topics, and face it, our generation not knowing shit about the history of the community until a self described “community gramdma/pa” steps in to teach and remind is something that happens. A lot. It’s not about insulting and disparaging millenials. It’s about appreciating those who came before us for the way things are now, and reminding everyone that there is work we still have ahead of us.

Cherry Flavor

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“Hey, do you um…need a ride?” Connor looked up at the nervous, messy haired boy with a cast on his arm. He took a long sip of his cherry slushee and realized he’d reached the bottom of the cup. He slurped up the last of the artificial syrup and sighed.

“You’re Evan Hansen aren’t you?” He said, evading the question. He’d seen him gawking at his sister during jazz band concerts.

“And you’re Connor Murphy,” he replied. “It’s late.”

Connor was sitting on the curb, shivering in his thin hoodie. In hindsight he probably should have gotten a hot chocolate but he liked the way the cherry stained his mouth.

“Thanks Captain Obvious,” he sneered.

Evan seemed to shrink from him. “So you don’t need a ride or…?”

“Can we just go for a drive Hansen? I’m still kinda high and my parents are pissed off enough as it is.”

“I…um, sure,” he said. Connor got up.

“Do you want a slushee? I’ll buy you one.”

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The actor who played Luke fon Fabre on the Tales of the Abyss stage play we saw on the first day of Tales of Festival (June 2nd 2017) wrote an emotional ramble about the experience on Twitter. My new friend and Tales of Festival buddy Rayna translated it, and I am reposting with permission.

Original Translation Tweet:
Original Tweet from Iwaki Kota:


Thank you to everyone who attended “Tales of the Stage—The Last Score—” at Yokohama Arena.

All of the Tales fans are probably feeling the low that comes when you leave Tales of Festival, and I’m probably going to make those feelings worse by writing this now, but please let me express my sincere thanks.

First off, the fact that we were able to make “Tales of the Abyss” into a stage play and that we were able to perform it for the 10th anniversary of the festival is all thanks to the fans who have loved the series for more than twenty years. Truly, thank you very much.

I had the honor of playing Luke Fon Fabre in the “Tales of” series’ first stage play. Right up until the day of the performance at Yokohama Arena, I continued to reexamine myself, consult with my colleagues about the things that were troubling me, and search deeper into Kouta Iwaki’s Luke. It was the most fulfilling month of my life.

Although I’m a positive person at my core, during rehearsal and even just before the actual performance, there were times when I couldn’t help but feel down. But at those times, I got warm words of encouragement from everyone at my company and the fans, and I was once again able to raise my head and do my best. Everyone’s words were…how should I say it…like “light” to me. So from now on, too, whenever times are hard, when I start to feel down again, I will look at everyone’s words and fight onward!!

Many things happened, and soon the date of the performance at Yokohama Arena arrived. From the moment I stepped on to the stage, the audience’s voice filled my ears. It was incredibly, incredibly warm. I was nervous about performing in front of thousands of people, but strangely, when I looked around the arena, I felt calm. When the light illuminated the audience, I suddenly had the realization that right there, in front of all those people, I was truly bringing Luke into existence. I will never forget the scenery I saw from the stage.

I reflected on each scene and stood with all my soul on the stage. Because this was the only performance in the arena, I thought that this must be what “putting your heart and soul into something” means. While taking in the cheering and intense gazes from the audience to my heart’s content, the arena, wrapped up in the world of Abyss, moved into the last scene. From part 2’s preview, we moved into the curtain call. Many emotions filled my heart…but until the very end, I was able to stand firm and look forward, bringing the performance to the end. I was truly, truly happy. Like it’s written on my profile, I was a railroad/station worker until 3 years ago. I was someone who stood by the ticket gates, but now I’m standing on Yokohama Arena’s stage in the leading role. Funny things like this can happen, I found myself thinking. I have nothing but thanks for my parents whom I’ve worried until now. I said, “I’ll do my best from now own, too!”

After finishing the play, I was really happy when everyone welcomed me back to the stage for the talk show, this time as Kouta Iwaki. During the talk, when Yukana-san said “Don’t overwork yourself,” I became fraught with emotion. When Chihiro Suzuki-san said “Playing Luke and Asch shaved some of the years off my life.” While thinking with awe, “Ahh, me too,” I looked at Chihiro-san’s eyes and could understand his feelings. I flashed back to everything that happened this month and became overwhelmed with emotion. When Chihiro-san gently placed his hand on my shoulder, my delight and sense of accomplishment and thanks gave me a sense of vertigo and I couldn’t do anything but bow to everyone with all my gratitude. Saying “It’s not my fault!!!” together with everyone in the arena will also become a lifetime memory for me.

As we said farewell in the lobby after the performance, many people came to meet us and said “I was moved,” “That was the best,” “Thank you, Luke,” and many other things, I thought, “My job was able to make this many people happy!” Even though it’s me who should say thank you, I was thanked by a lot of people instead. Lol.

From the next day onward, I shook my light stick as the voice actors and guests did the special skit, talk show, and concert, from beginning to end without losing the excitement. My colleagues and I were flattered as we listened to Chihiro Suzuki-san talk a lot about “Tales of the Stage” from the guest seating. We were also allowed to join them for the cast party, and I was able to greet and talk with all the famous voice actors there. I received many words of encouragement and became a little tense. I was allowed to participate in the 3 day festival…and on the second and third day had the privilege of interacting with everyone at the early ticket sales booth, but I’m grateful that Tokyo and Osaka’s performances on both days sold out. I think those who lined up but were unable to buy a ticket should be able to get an eticket. During the line-up festival, I was able to talk with a lot of people and they were happy with my abs. Laughing and talking with everyone was true happiness. The amount of fans lining up at the booth exceeded my imagination and I couldn’t help but stare. Even though I thought that I would be there with a smile, I was a little moved. I’m thankful to everyone surrounding the “Tales of” series and will do my best to exceed everyone’s expectations in the next performance. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in Tokyo and Osaka. Please continue to support Tales of the Stage from now on, too!

“Tales of the Stage”
Luke Fon Fabre, Iwaki Kouta

Years On.

Klaus Mikaelson!Father X Reader

Word Count: 770

Requested: Anon

Request: Hey can you do a Klaus!father x daughter reader where she was adopted by him kinda like Marcel was and one night Klaus accidentally let’s slip she’s not as good as Hope since she’s not as powerful so she runs on but later they find out she’s a supernatural of your choice and your choice ending?

You were a Siphoner and you were kicked out of the New Orleans coven when you were younger and Klaus took you in on the account that you could incapacitate people just with your touch, he learned that you were nice to have around and kept you even after you served your purpose, but it seemed that the novelty of all of it was wearing off because he had his little girl back there now and you loved Hope but that didn’t mean that you couldn’t hate being compared to her.

You weren’t sure how the argument started but you were finding out that Klaus as fond of you as you had expected. “What do you want from me, I’m sorry that I can’t do what you want, sorry that I’m not as strong as your precious daughter!” You yelled as you flung your hands up.
“No your not! I don’t know why you’re still here!” Klaus yelled back and it seemed like in that moment all the cards were laid out and you nodded.
“Neither do I.” You said softly as you walked up the stairs you packed a bag and then you were gone and in his anger, Klaus didn’t realise that you weren’t coming back.

You ended up back in Mystic Falls in the hopes that you could hide in plain sight and it seemed to work, you didn’t hear anything from them though you assumed that was because they didn’t care if you came back or not, you started working The Grill and came face to face with the Heretic Kai Parker, he had no idea who you were so when he came in he assumed that he would find an easy meal in you, he was wrong. He waited for everyone to leave and then he walked over to you. “Hi, there sweetheart. ” He smiled.
“No thank you.” You mumbled softly as you cleaned the table and walked back towards the bar.
“I thought I would be able to talk you into it but it seems like I’ll just have to take my food.” He glared as he pulled you back onto his chest, you realised what he was and took the time to syphon some magic using it to push him away. “A Siphoner?”
“What’s it to you?” You asked.
“Well, what if I told you there was a way to be stronger?” He asked and you looked at him.
“How?” You asked and lifted his wrist.
“I turn you.” He offered.
“How will that make me stronger?” You asked.
“Well as a Siphoner we can syphon our vampirism so we can still use magic.” He explained.
“We?” You asked.
“Kai Parker.” He introduced himself.
“Malachai Parker?” You asked and he nodded.
“I prefer Kai.” He said and you nodded. “You’ve heard of me?”
“They mentioned you when they found out that I was a Siphoner.” You answered.
“Well, what do you say?” He asked.

Years later and Klaus was getting a call from Damon “What?” He asked.
“Well, I think we found something you are looking for,” Damon said.
“What are you talking about?” Klaus asked.
“I remember you saying that you lost a witch and I think we found her,” Damon informed him.

Klaus, Elijah, Kol and Rebekah went back to Mystic Falls in search of you and they found you messing around with Kai. Kai was actually carrying you on his back as you were freezing the different members of the Mystic Falls Gang. “(Y/N)!” Klaus called.
“Someone’s in trouble.” Damon teased and you rolled your eyes.
“Hardly.” You smirked.
“Is that the old family?” Kai asked as he turned to look at them.
“It is.” You confirmed.
“I thought they were a bit British for this town.” He joked and you rolled your eyes.
“Shut up.” You giggled.
“(Y/N) what are you doing?” Klaus asked and you glared at him resting your chin on Kai’s shoulder.
“Nothing that concern you.” You answered and he glared.
“Your a part of-”
“Don’t you dare say that I’m a part of the family, I’m not strong enough remember?” You asked and he looked at the floor, he hadn’t told his siblings the reason that you left and now they knew “oh you didn’t know, well let me tell you something, I wasn’t strong enough to be a part of the family and now that I’m a Heretic I am. I don’t think so.” They all looked up at you.
“Did you see that I don’t think they knew.” Kai laughed.
“Well, now they do.” You glared before you were both gone.

*Part 2*

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Out in the Town - Sam Holland x Reader

Oh my gosh I am running late!!!! So, so far this has not been your day. You had been late to you zero period, and got yelled at for carving something wrong on your ceramics project. Good lord!!! Couldn’t you catch a break. You stuck your earbuds in and pressed play on your High School Musical Radio station on pandora. You got to work on your project. You had drawn this nice floral design in your sketchbook. Writing and drawing was a way that you expressed yourself. You continued working on your sculptured tile. Stick to the Status Quo came on. You had never really liked it, you liked all the other songs but just not that one…why cuz’ it’s telling people to stick to one thing. You have never really liked the barriers put on people. You were always looking for different outlets to express yourself but sometimes were too shy to actually go for it. You were usually out going but when you had the opportunity to do something you freeze…something you wished you didn’t do.

The next hour passed by and it was the end of the ceramics class. You were stuck next to these girls that wouldn’t stop talking about their gymnastics like they were the coolest cats in town. (teen beach movie reference…hahaha get it no? Moving on) You met your best friend Alexia at her locker so you could go to the computer center and work on some homework. You met and our conversation started. She was the one person who you felt like you could talk to without being judged and be painfully sarcastic and she would still love you for the crazy kid you were. We had met during soccer… it was the funnest you have ever had!!

“Hey are you going to soccer practice later” you asked.

“Nah got cross country” “EWW!!”

“Your so funny (Y/n).””Thank you I pride myself…hahaha.”

Our playful banter lasting a bit while we did our work. But soon after the bell rung and you went to class. You were working on some lab in chemistry with your new found junior friends. You were smart enough to keep up with their math and stuff, as a sophomore. You had silently prided yourself in the fact that they trusted you with their thoughts and such. They were good people who  got caught in the wrong crowd sometimes. They would occasionally ask you for help on some stuff in math but you usually sat there and quietly listened as they shared their thoughts and feelings on everything.

Your week passed by slowly like this with playful banter with your best bud, and your in depth conversations with others. You waited for Saturday to approach. You were able to go to Downtown with your friends Alexia, America, and Kimberly.

You’ve have been waiting for your girls night out on the town. Your mom doesn’t like when you go out and do things by yourselves there there always is and adult present, which you didn’t really mind, because you aren’t going to do anything bad. We liked to admire different styles and art and expressions. We were kinda like the hippies of campus but 500xs cooler. You had taken your wallet and your mom dropped you off to meet Alexia at America’s house, and Kimberly’s mom was going to drive you guys.

You were talking pictures to make my aesthetic collages for your photography account. You went and enjoyed ourselves. It was one of those stress free days that you wished would never end. Everything was going great until he showed up. You were just sitting there minding your own business until this group of really attractive guys showed up.

“Excuse me miss are you using that seat?” one of the guys with nice dark brown hair asked. He had a british accent.
“Oh no we are not go ahead and take it.” you said with a smile.
“Thanks” said the other one with gorgeous light brown hair flashing me a killer smile.

“Why do you always leave me to do the talking?”
“Come on (Y/n) you are the more outgoing one of us”
“Yeah and look at you…you’ve got an admirer”
”No I don’t”

Sure enough when you look over at their table you see the one with the nice smile and freckles looking at you and smile. There was no way of you denying, he was good looking. But the sad fact was that you would probably only see him today and never again. Little did you know that was our first encounter with the boy.

Later while you were walking by the train station you see a rush of girls waving spider man merch so you can’t help but evade the area. In your little walk around the group of screaming girls you happen to run into someone.
”Oh my holy cheese-its I am so sorry” you start but were cut off by new yet familiar voice. “It’s perfectly fine love, aren’t you the pretty dane from the cafe earlier”
”Umm…hi” good lord my awkwardness is showing…..
“Love you are fine your are not as awkward as me believe me…I’m Sam” he said with a smile.

You spoke your thoughts oh lord cheese-it protect you

“Nice to meet you” and as he said that his voice seemed to double in volume. “And this is Harry…my twin” he said with a sigh.
“That’s cool…I kind of have a twin everyone says that my friend Alexia look alike but we are not.”

He chuckled my goodness he is cute. “Hey would you mind taking a picture of us?” some random girl came up and asked “Umm sure…” you took the picture and she said a quick thank you and left. You struck up a small conversation with them and they said they were visiting the states for a few weeks and this was their night out on the town. They talked about how they were visiting their brother who was out here working. Sam mentioned going back to finish school in 3 weeks which is a bummer because he was so sweet. Harry said he was into photography and film and that he writes. They were some talented boys and they were so nice. After about 15 minutes the girls all came back to see you talking to the boys.

“(Y/n) we have been looking for you, we saw Tom Holland and he so nice we got a few pictures with him”

Harry and Sam suddenly went a little pale. They were referring to their older brother…they kinda avoided talking about him because girls would try to use them to get with their big brother.

“Oh well I am sure he was but I was with these guys and we were just chillin’. I think I had some more fun talking to them rather than mobbing the poor guy, he has a life too. I am pretty sure that he wanted a little bit of space to enjoy life like we do. I would have just let him be either way.” All eyes were on you after that statement. Sam and Harry had their signature smirk on. The girls looked down slightly ashamed but still happy they got to meet a celebrity.

“Hey (y/n), Alexia, America, my mom is going to pick us up by the coffee shop she finished her errands.”

“Well I guess we got to go…I hope you have fun visiting the states boys, don’t forget to check out those shops I recommended.” you said.

“Oh love I will for sure… let us at least walk you to the café.”
You guys chatted it for a bit taking you time walking. As you approached where you would say goodbye Sam pulled you aside and said ”Today was fun I hope I will see you again, though the chances of that happening is very unlikely I hope you had fun today because I know I certainly did” and then he started walking away but not without leaving a lingering kiss on your cheek.

Oh man lord cheese-it protect you because this wouldn’t the last time you saw this mesmerizing boy.

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[10/12/17 Tweet Translation]

The second day of Tsukista Lunatic Party has ended! A big thank you to everyone who came today ✨

At last, I was finally able to meet and talk to Taiki-kun!!! I’m glad we took a picture with the seven of us~✨And thank you for the curtain call today! Thanks to Tatsuki-kun as well 😊 lol

Alrighty then, tomorrow I’ll work hard~ (´∀`)


As of tonight, the Matsu Games hub discord has officially been archived, and with that comes the full conclusion of the games. What we mean by archived is, the server is up and will remain up, but nobody is allowed to talk. Your memories are preserved! 

Thank you again to everyone who participated! It was a trial for all of us, but in the end I’m really happy with the community that came together, and I’m really hoping to see a lot of you next games! 

Keep following this blog for more info on that when it happens, though it’ll definitely be a bit. Game Masters have lots of planning to do to make sure next time is even better! (And smoother)

Please enjoy a collab piece made from a bunch of the team leaders, vices, and game masters!

Moons Secret Talk

Everyone: Good job today.

Osari: Hahaha, I’m so tired.

Masunaga: Everyone, you’ve worked hard! It’s good that we finished the recording early. We have free time until the next interview.

Onzai: This time is also a good song. I’m relieved.

Osari: Of course! It’s because I’m a genius!

Nome: It’s not just you.

Sekimura: Leader, our next interview is about our new song, right? The tie-up* is a new candy?

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In my biology class today we had to watch a video of a guy explaining something science related that I’ve completely forgotten by now. Anyway, the guy looked exactly like Sweden!

So I came up with the idea as APH Sweden being the cool Biology teacher in high school that everyone loves

Want to talk about your day after class? Please stop by. Kids call him dad and he is everyone’s local father. 

“I have two kids at home but thousands of kids here. You are important to me”

The teacher who lets people eat in his room and stresses over safety. 

And he totally runs the LGBT+ club

(Thanks to my Biology teacher Mama Miller for giving me these ideas!!)

Mod Sheila


Everyone, I’m very sorry for the long and unannounced hiatus.

My work has been very stressful over the summer and during the last month, it reached a point where I felt too mentally exhausted to do much on this blog. I did not plan to stay away for so long, but every day when I came home the prospect of planning posts and taking pictures seemed too daunting.

Things are getting better now. I have a new coworker to help me and it’s already making a noticeable difference. I’ll also have a week of vacation soon that I plan to use to recharge and hopefully take more pictures to post here.

I’m very sorry if I made anyone worry, and thank you to everyone who stuck around.

Being Brave

Imagine Dan and Phil getting home and uploading a video called “Being Brave”

Imagine them sitting down in front of the camera and shaking a little, but still bantering a bit about the tour bus and getting the parking ticket, laughing, talking about funny TATINOF moments and thanking everyone who came.

Imagine Dan looking a little nervous and then saying “but, we’re not just here to talk about the tour experience, well we are but there’s something else too.”

Imagine Phil jumping in, noticing Dan’s shaking and saying “yes! The best thing about tour was getting to met loads of you lovely people and talking about everything, and many of you told us about how watching us helped give you courage or make you happy…”

Imagine there’s a jump cut then, and Phil’s eyes look a little red, and Dan saying “but we also know that many of you are LGBT+ and that the world is big and scary.”

Imagine Dan wiping his eyes a little before saying “and if we can do anything to make that less scary we want to. And I know one of the scariest parts of being LGBT is coming out…”

Imagine Phil licking his lips and smiling at Dan a little, encouragingly.

Imagine Dan saying, “so we need to be as big and brave as you all seem to think we are.” Imagine him full on crying how, but laughing a little.

Imagine Phil in the back, wiping his eyes and saying “so we sat down today tell to you all something we haven’t really told anyone.”

Imagine Dan smiling a little and saying quietly, “I’m bisexual.” And Phil smiling too and saying, “and I am too.”

Imagine them laughing full out and saying “holy carp!” And Phil laughing as he wipes his tears. “That just happened!”

Imagine them grinning as they say, “thank you all we love you!” And then glancing at each other lovingly before Phil does his standard goodbye, and the Pixel Pop music plays.

Imagine this time, there are no recommended videos at the end, no DanAndPhilGames logo, no Danisnotonfire link, nothing. Nothing but a picture of them together on the tour bus, Dan kissing Phil on the cheek. And a caption saying “not ironically”

PART 1.5 College AU, Where Hobi and jimin help out y/n with her crush.

It was almost 8pm which meant Hobi was gonna be coming any time to pick you for the party. “Ugh what to wear…simple and comfy or cute”
After what seemed like forever you decided to just go with something simple yet cute, after all it was just gonna be a party with Namjoon and the boys, or so you thought.

*phone rings*
“Oh hey Hobi,”

“Hey y/n I’m outside”

“Alrighty, I’ll be right out”
You grabbed your bag and phone and walked outside and got into hobi car.

Time skip~~

When you guys get to Namjoon’s house your shocked by how many people are here.

“Y/N! Omg how have you been I haven’t seen you in a while!” Namjoon said while giving you a huge hug

“I’ve been good, just school aha same old thing. How about you and the boys?”

“Well I’ve been good, Tae and Kookie have missed you a lot and Jin has embraced the chef life”

“That’s great! I’m glad to hear, are the boys here I’ve been dying to say hi to them”

“Yea actually Kookie And Tae are in the living room playing Overwatch and Jin well he’s in the kitchen”

“Haha of course they all are”

“well have fun y/n its really nice seeing you again, come by more often!” and with that Namjoon left to greet the rest of his guest while you and Hobi went to go look for the rest of the boys. of course when you walked into the living room you spotted Jimin with Jungkook and Tae playing Overwatch. “well what do we have here? the three youngsters play videos games, geez how things never change” you say and Jungkook paused the game and got up to greet you along with Tae. They gave you huge hugs and kept going on about wanting to hangout again after the party, you agreed and left to greet Jin in the kitchen.

“hey there chef Jin, whats on the menu tonight?”

“y/n long time no see!” he said while pulling you into an embrace.

“aha yea quite a while, so i hear your a chef now”

“ haha yea I’m trying to save up right now to open up my own restaurant!”

“omg thats amazing I’m so proud of you, making your dreams come true!”

“what about you miss? hows the music career coming along?”

“its going really good actually, i should be graduating this year and hopefully ill start making more music than i already do”

“thats great to hear, don’t forget us when you become famous y/n”

“i would never!” you and Jin continued talking about what happened while everyone was apart, “hey y/n can you get me a drink?” Hobi came in and ask, you excused yourself from Jin and left to go get Hobi a drink, while walking back to Hobi you accidentally bumped into someone.

“omg im so sorry i didn’t mean too” without looking the boy said it was okay and then you realized who it was just by his voice.

“oh y/n thanks for my drink, i see you ran into Yoongi. Young this is y/n.”

“haha yea I know y/n were in the same Music Production class at school” Yoongi replied back. at that moment all you could do was just stand there while Yoongi and Hobi had a conversation. you were to nervous to even look up from the ground, next thing you know Yoongi said goodbye and it was just you and Hobi.

Part 1

Weddings // Liam Payne imagine

Titel: Weddings// Liam Payne imagine

Summary: Liam and Y/N are at a wedding of a family member and Liam has a surprise for her. 

Warnings: none. 

Masterlist ( Only laptop)

‘ Congrats!’ You said to your older niece, who just got married. ’ Thank you. We are very happy’ Your niece said, smiling at her new husband. ’ You should be. The ceremony is beautiful as well’ You said. Your niece thanked you once again and you walked over to the table where your family was sitting. ’ This wedding is beautiful. What do you think Liam?’ Your mother asked your boyfriend. Liam and your mother got along pretty well, something you were glad for. The relationship between you and Liam wouldn’t work out if a family member didn’t like Liam. ’ Yeah, it’s nice’ Liam commented. Normally, Liam would have praised the couple but now he seemed to be a little off. You didn’t know why and you wanted to know it but didn’t push it. Your mother looked at you but said nothing about it. The guests were talking and dancing, but when the groom stood up, everyone went silent and you felt Liam’s hand around your shoulder. ’ Thanks, everyone who came today. We are very glad everything went as we planned and right now I wanna make a toast. On us!’ The groom cheered. ’ On the couple!’ You looked over to Liam, who smiled nervously. ’ Is everything okay?’ You asked worriedly. With the break coming up, Liam’s future was quite uncertain. ’ Is it something about the break?’ You added. ’ No, I’m fine. Really’ Liam said, his brown eyes looked in your eyes. You knew something was up with Liam, but what was still a mystery.

When the groom and bride had their first dance together, you teared up. This was such a special moment, for everyone who was watching, but also for themselves. It was a slow love song. It was simply perfect. After the dance was over, everyone danced along with the new-married couple. Not everyone, of course, but the most of them. And so did you and Liam. You wrapped your hands around his neck. His eyes stared in yours. Liam was so glad he had you: You kept him down to earth, you were very supportive and, after all, you made him happy. When the song ended, you decided to dance with your dad. Liam looked around like a lost puppy, but someone caught his attention by giggling. Liam turned around and smiled slightly when he saw your sister. ’ What’s the matter?’ She asked. ’ Nothing, I’m just a little nervous’ He said. ’ For what?’ Y/N’s sister asked Liam. ’ Fine, I will tell you’ They continued talking, meanwhile, Y/N was still dancing with her dad. ’ So when are you two getting married?’ Your father said, a teasing smile on his lips. You looked at him, shocked. ’ Dad! We aren’t even engaged yet! You said, pointing to Liam. ’ So he is the one?’ Your dad said, looking at his daughter. You thought about the answer for a while. You and Liam had known each other for three years and been a relationship for two. He made your very happy, but you also got a lot of hate. Although Liam had sort of forbidden you to read the hate, sometimes you did. ’ Well… yeah he is. He is nice, he cares a lot about me and is funny sometimes. I like that’ Your father smiled at you. ’ I like him too. I know he treats you right and that what’s matters’ Your dad said. You could see how honest he was. He never wanted you to get hurt, especially not by heartbreak. 

The wedding was almost over and right now, everyone was eating their meals. The ceremony was mostly inside, but the dinner was outside. You remember how much your older niece was outside when she was younger, so it didn’t surprise you at all. There were two long tables with food standing on it. Everyone could grab it from the plate and put it on their own plate. So you and Liam did. When everyone was done with eating, the conversation began and everyone was now talking. You talked for a while with your sister, then with your mother and at last with the friend of your aunt. By the time you had turned your attention back to Liam, you were exhausted of telling the same story all over again. ’ I’m tired of telling the same story all over again’ You said to Liam. Liam laughed. ’ Which story? Maybe I wanna hear it’ He teased you. You slapped his arm playfully. ’ Wanna go out for a walk?’ Liam suddenly asked you. ’ Yes. I’m not sure if that’s possible though’ You said. ‘I’m gonna to ask the planner’ Liam said and left to find the planner. Within two minutes, Liam was back. ’ We can' 

You didn’t know why Liam wanted to take this walk but agreed on it anyway. The people were nice, really nice, but sometimes they were so loud. Too loud for you likely. ’ Why are we here?’ You asked. Liam walked behind you, so you had to turn around to face him. ’ Because… I wanna show you something’ You frowned at Liam, mostly because you didn’t expect he would answer like that. He was mysterious today and normally, he wasn’t. You two walked together in silence until you saw a lake. The water of the lake was crystal blue, it was beautiful. You turned around when Liam caught your attention.                                                         ’ Y/N, I love you. I love the way you make my happy, I love the way you are supportive of me and the boys, but what I most love about you is the fact that you don’t care that I’m in the biggest boyband in the world. You had said so many times that you love for who I am, not for the fame or the money. We had been together for two years and they had been the best. The best memories of my life had been with you. Normally, I’m not good at speeches so I’m just gonna ask it,’ Liam went on one knee and you covered your mouth with your hand. ’ Will you marry me?’ You gasped and the tears were forming in your eyes. ’ Yes’ You whispered. You smiled as Liam put the ring on your finger and you smiled when Liam kissed you softly on the lips. This was the best wedding ever, by far. 

Mytic messenger first year anniversary

Warning: Spoilers of the anniversary chats, Sappy.

Note: I haven’t gotten ALL of the anniversary chats, so this is just based on the ones I have gotten.

It’s the one year anniversary since You have joined and the RFA decide to throw a party for just you all to celebrate. 

Unfortunately, no could stop Jumin from buying a building for the occasion. 

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Tumblr (Jungkook)

Request:  Hi can I request a sceanio where jk start talking to this girl on tumblr and he Decided to lie about who he is like him being a kpop star and she happens to be at the concert of his so he slightly freak out about this (TT) and she a fan of his group 

Summary: Jeon Jungkook made a Tumblr account and started talking to you. He lied to you and he finds out that he’ll be meeting you during a fan meeting. Yikes, what a turn of events.

Genre: Crack, Comedy

Word Count: 1.3K

Note: It’s a bit strange, this scenario. Well, do try to enjoy it even if it isn’t the best haha. 

Originally posted by sugutie

It was a normal day for Jeon Jungkook, he was on Twitter, scrolling through fan tweets. He had always stumbled upon photo and video edits made by fans and was always amazed at the quality. Today was no different as he clicked on a link that led him to a website he hadn’t heard of before.

The Tumblr page was filled with fan art and stories written about him and his members. Of course he was flattered, as he always was. As he went to the homepage of the website and found that it would be easier if he made an account, so he did. He knew that his name was probably taken, so he came up with something lame, ‘jungkook’s lamb skewers’.

Jungkook went onto the magical website and went to follow a bunch of his fans, which included you. Your account was 100% Bangtan, with no traces of any other groups. You had soon followed him back, just as a courtesy. This led to him opening a conversation with you.

jungkookslambskewers: Hi there!

Jungkook nearly facepalmed at his lameness but kept it in as you had replied.

You: Hi! A fellow Jungkook stan I see.

Fellow? So you were a fan of him too. Jungkook happily continued the conversation, hearing you talk about him and the rest of the members was strangely funny to him as you basically confessed your love for him, well… To him.

You had revealed quite a bit about yourself, your age and your name, but he hadn’t at all. All you knew him by was his screen name.

You: So, what do I call you? Or should I stick to jungkookslambskewers haha

This had tossed Jungkook into a little bit of a panic as he realized that it wouldn’t be a good idea to tell you that you had been fangirling to your favorite idol. He had thought up a quick lie and hoped it would work.

jungkookslambskewers: You can just call me JK.

You agreed to that and continued the conversation for a while more, finding out more about him. The person you were talking to was a male ARMY, from Seoul. That was all you could get from him before you had to bid your new friend goodbye since it was getting late.

Jungkook hadn’t noticed it, but it was getting late, and he had to go to the airport to fly to his next concert in less than nine hours. He had quickly bid you good night before he shut off his laptop, feeling happy that he made a new friend.

On the way to the airport the next day, Jungkook showed the rest of his hyungs what he stumbled upon the night before, the artworks amazing them all.

“Wow, so they’re the people behind the fan art.” Namjoon commented as he scrolled through Jungkook’s phone.

“Oh, I think you got a message or something.”

Jungkook had eagerly snatched his phone back, seeing that you had sent him a message.

You: Good morning JK! Or night…?

jungkookslambskewers: Good morning Y/N! I’m currently heading to the airport haha. What are you doing?

Jungkook was smiley the whole journey through to the plane as he continued the conversation. 

“Is our baby talking to a girl?” Jin teased, peeping at the conversation.

“No.” Jungkook lied, turning around to hide his phone.

“Yup, he is.” Ji Min said, easily looking at his phone from the new angle.

Jungkook was flustered and resorted to lying flat down on the airport floor to continue talking to you.

You: Oh my god, I totally forgot to tell you. You know the upcoming concert? The one happening tomorrow?

Did you mean the one in the city he was currently preparing to flying to?

Jungkookslambskewers: Yup, what about it?

You: I’m going for it! I’m super excited.

Oh. My. God. Jungkook’s emotion took a 180 turn as he realized that you would be in the same place as him. He then realized that if you were going to the fan meet before the concert, then you would actually be seeing him in the flesh, and so would he.

Jungkook’s panic mode turned on but he kept slightly calm as he still had to talk to you.

Jungkookslambskewers: No way. For real?

You: Yeah! I’m going to the fan meet too. I’m so excited to see all of them, especially Jungkook. Oh my god. Do you want me to tell them something?

Oh my god, he was going to be meeting you in the flesh. The issue was that well… Would he come out and say that he had a Tumblr account and was talking to you? He was anxious now, especially since he lied about his identity, sort of.

Jungkookslambskewers: Help me tell Jungkook 143, and that he should open a lambskewer restaurant with Jin instead of Yoongi.

The moment Jungkook heard this from a fan, he would know that it was you. It was how he would identify you. As he bid you farewell before the plane took off, he was still nervous about meeting you.

The day of the concert came by in a flash, the rehearsals the day before going by with no problem. Jungkook had continued to talk to you as your excitement piled up. The day of the concert led to you talking to him in caps lock the whole day.

Even during the minutes leading up to the concert, you were still messaging him. The rest of the members were all busy getting ready but Jungkook had been glued to his phone, which made Taehyung curious about what the young boy was up to.

Jungkook had quickly confessed his problem to Taehyung who wanted to die laughing at the strange situation. All he said to his dongsaeng was, “Serves you right for lying. You should just come out and say it during the concert.”

Jungkook had taken that into consideration, putting his hyung’s words at the back of his head while he low key panicked about you. The concert began and Jungkook did his best. When the time came for random conversation, Jungkook had confessed all.

“Actually… I’ve been doing something this past few days.” He said to everyone in the audience.

“I made a Tumblr account and I’ve been talking with someone. I lied about my identity though, so I’m sorry about that. I just wanted to say that everyone on Tumblr is amazing at creating things for us and I’m thankful.”

The audience had gone wild at this, especially you. It had suddenly hit you that maybe the person who had randomly started talking to you was the actual Jeon Jungkook, but you highly doubted it.

“The person I’ve been talking to is here too, and I’ll be seeing her for the fan sign later. So I look forward to it.” Jungkook confesses as the audience’s screams become even wilder.

The moment the fan meeting started, Jungkook was on high alert, but he still enjoyed his time with the fans.

When the time came for you to appear in front of the boys, you were overwhelmed. You did your things with the boys but when it came to Jungkook who was last in line, you had remembered to pass the message from JK on Tumblr.

The moment the message hit Jungkook’s ears, he was in awe of how you looked. You were extremely pretty and nervous, as was he, especially once he realized you were the girl from Tumblr.

“Jungkook’s lamb skewers.” Jungkook had stated, effectively revealing himself to a very shocked you.

You were ushered away before you could say anything, but took to Tumblr to yell at him instead.

Once the fan meeting was over, Jungkook had excitedly gone onto Tumblr, only to see that you had cursing at him. He laughed at your words and asked you if you would reveal him to the rest of the community.

Jungkook was genuinely worried that he would get found out by the rest of the ARMYs and that he would get flooded. All he wanted was to enjoy the works fans created, so when you assured him you wouldn’t sell him out, he was thankful.

Jungkook had apologized for lying and told you that he was thankful that you talked to him about… Well, him and his members.

That was the start of a rather strange friendship.

You know the feeling where there is this mental itch and you can’t help but have to scratch it? Once more, we are speaking up and share our thoughts on the latest developments concerning the departures of DDK and Grace Park. Don’t worry this is not going to be the never-ending story. For us, it means coming to a closure with it. 

Remember last year when a great guy left our beloved show? Masi Oka took us all by surprise when he opened up about his departure from the show. “I just thought the character went through a major journey,” he told EW. “Character-wise, I felt like Max had done too much of everything he can do.” Masi had nothing more to add to it, and the plot had come full circle. With teary eyes, we saw him depart in episode 7.13. It was a proper wake for a guy so humble and endearing. His character, coroner Max Bergman, often made us smile with his quirky sense of humor. It was a pleasure watching Masi Oka breathing life into this character in each episode. When he left, it happened quietly. He didn’t brag about his production company or the upcoming projects he already had in the pipeline. For me, Masi left like footprints in the sand being washed away by the sea. He was truly a class act. We still miss you, Masi. 

And then, there were the departures of Grace Park (Kono Kalakaua) and Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho Kelly). These departures caused an outcry in an already troubled fandom and shocked most of us to the core. According to VARIETY, CBS offered “large and significant salary increases” to keep Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park in the cast of Hawaii Five-0 after Kim had said via Facebook that he was unable to come to a deal with CBS to return to the long-running series. 


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Thanks to everyone who came to today’s doodle pile! Apologies for the technical difficulties, I’m going to see if I can work out how to use drawpile or some other alternatives in time for next Thursday when, all being well, I plan to try this again! 

Featuring art by @bopdiddley, @malengold and @mobpsykek100

this is an older pic… i would take a current one, but it’s my absolute ~faaavorite~ time of month so my face is breaking out rn :) :) :)

  • name/nickname, pronouns, age, country of origin

Echo is my nickname because I was cosplaying that character when I met most my friends lol and it stuck. Lox is cool too though. They/them or she/her. 24. Live in the U.S. (save us)

  • why/how/who got you into Tsubasa

Well, there’re actually two times that I got into Tsubasa :) 

First time: Junior year in high school. Oddly don’t remember who or why. XD Just that it’s exactly what I wanted to read. Exactly.

Second time: literally just a few months ago, i was talking to a friend about past obsessions and suddenly was filled with a dire and urgent need to reread the entire series. It was so sudden. And I’m not kidding about it being a need. I binge-read (and watched) the entire thing within a week or two, against my will lol. (But hey, it brought me back to Tumblr so I can’t complain XD)

But yeah, I think Fai appeals to me so much because I’ve always suffered from depression/suicidal ideation, even though I didn’t recognize it until long after high school. So I related to Fai a lot. His character arc gives me hope. Though as I get older and move forward with recovery, I’m finding that I relate to Kurogane quite a bit too. :) They’re both equally precious to me <3

  • personal hobbies outside of Tsubasa

Hmm, writing is big for me. And sometimes cosplay, too… I play D&D on Sundays with my friends. With appropriate shame, I play League of Legends because it weirdly soothes my anxiety (only arams though lol)… and I love my cat. XD 

  • any fun facts you’d like to share

fun fact about me: I used to have the lazy eye thing (can’t remember what it’s called), but I got surgery for it a couple years ago. :) (The pic of me is before surgery actually–I had really good control over it.)

fun fact in general: kurogane is hawt XD

anyway… thank you to everyone who ran this event! this fandom is legit the best <3 you guys are so awesome, I’m so glad I came back to it <3 <3 <3