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Cherry Flavor

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“Hey, do you um…need a ride?” Connor looked up at the nervous, messy haired boy with a cast on his arm. He took a long sip of his cherry slushee and realized he’d reached the bottom of the cup. He slurped up the last of the artificial syrup and sighed.

“You’re Evan Hansen aren’t you?” He said, evading the question. He’d seen him gawking at his sister during jazz band concerts.

“And you’re Connor Murphy,” he replied. “It’s late.”

Connor was sitting on the curb, shivering in his thin hoodie. In hindsight he probably should have gotten a hot chocolate but he liked the way the cherry stained his mouth.

“Thanks Captain Obvious,” he sneered.

Evan seemed to shrink from him. “So you don’t need a ride or…?”

“Can we just go for a drive Hansen? I’m still kinda high and my parents are pissed off enough as it is.”

“I…um, sure,” he said. Connor got up.

“Do you want a slushee? I’ll buy you one.”

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The actor who played Luke fon Fabre on the Tales of the Abyss stage play we saw on the first day of Tales of Festival (June 2nd 2017) wrote an emotional ramble about the experience on Twitter. My new friend and Tales of Festival buddy Rayna translated it, and I am reposting with permission.

Original Translation Tweet:
Original Tweet from Iwaki Kota:


Thank you to everyone who attended “Tales of the Stage—The Last Score—” at Yokohama Arena.

All of the Tales fans are probably feeling the low that comes when you leave Tales of Festival, and I’m probably going to make those feelings worse by writing this now, but please let me express my sincere thanks.

First off, the fact that we were able to make “Tales of the Abyss” into a stage play and that we were able to perform it for the 10th anniversary of the festival is all thanks to the fans who have loved the series for more than twenty years. Truly, thank you very much.

I had the honor of playing Luke Fon Fabre in the “Tales of” series’ first stage play. Right up until the day of the performance at Yokohama Arena, I continued to reexamine myself, consult with my colleagues about the things that were troubling me, and search deeper into Kouta Iwaki’s Luke. It was the most fulfilling month of my life.

Although I’m a positive person at my core, during rehearsal and even just before the actual performance, there were times when I couldn’t help but feel down. But at those times, I got warm words of encouragement from everyone at my company and the fans, and I was once again able to raise my head and do my best. Everyone’s words were…how should I say it…like “light” to me. So from now on, too, whenever times are hard, when I start to feel down again, I will look at everyone’s words and fight onward!!

Many things happened, and soon the date of the performance at Yokohama Arena arrived. From the moment I stepped on to the stage, the audience’s voice filled my ears. It was incredibly, incredibly warm. I was nervous about performing in front of thousands of people, but strangely, when I looked around the arena, I felt calm. When the light illuminated the audience, I suddenly had the realization that right there, in front of all those people, I was truly bringing Luke into existence. I will never forget the scenery I saw from the stage.

I reflected on each scene and stood with all my soul on the stage. Because this was the only performance in the arena, I thought that this must be what “putting your heart and soul into something” means. While taking in the cheering and intense gazes from the audience to my heart’s content, the arena, wrapped up in the world of Abyss, moved into the last scene. From part 2’s preview, we moved into the curtain call. Many emotions filled my heart…but until the very end, I was able to stand firm and look forward, bringing the performance to the end. I was truly, truly happy. Like it’s written on my profile, I was a railroad/station worker until 3 years ago. I was someone who stood by the ticket gates, but now I’m standing on Yokohama Arena’s stage in the leading role. Funny things like this can happen, I found myself thinking. I have nothing but thanks for my parents whom I’ve worried until now. I said, “I’ll do my best from now own, too!”

After finishing the play, I was really happy when everyone welcomed me back to the stage for the talk show, this time as Kouta Iwaki. During the talk, when Yukana-san said “Don’t overwork yourself,” I became fraught with emotion. When Chihiro Suzuki-san said “Playing Luke and Asch shaved some of the years off my life.” While thinking with awe, “Ahh, me too,” I looked at Chihiro-san’s eyes and could understand his feelings. I flashed back to everything that happened this month and became overwhelmed with emotion. When Chihiro-san gently placed his hand on my shoulder, my delight and sense of accomplishment and thanks gave me a sense of vertigo and I couldn’t do anything but bow to everyone with all my gratitude. Saying “It’s not my fault!!!” together with everyone in the arena will also become a lifetime memory for me.

As we said farewell in the lobby after the performance, many people came to meet us and said “I was moved,” “That was the best,” “Thank you, Luke,” and many other things, I thought, “My job was able to make this many people happy!” Even though it’s me who should say thank you, I was thanked by a lot of people instead. Lol.

From the next day onward, I shook my light stick as the voice actors and guests did the special skit, talk show, and concert, from beginning to end without losing the excitement. My colleagues and I were flattered as we listened to Chihiro Suzuki-san talk a lot about “Tales of the Stage” from the guest seating. We were also allowed to join them for the cast party, and I was able to greet and talk with all the famous voice actors there. I received many words of encouragement and became a little tense. I was allowed to participate in the 3 day festival…and on the second and third day had the privilege of interacting with everyone at the early ticket sales booth, but I’m grateful that Tokyo and Osaka’s performances on both days sold out. I think those who lined up but were unable to buy a ticket should be able to get an eticket. During the line-up festival, I was able to talk with a lot of people and they were happy with my abs. Laughing and talking with everyone was true happiness. The amount of fans lining up at the booth exceeded my imagination and I couldn’t help but stare. Even though I thought that I would be there with a smile, I was a little moved. I’m thankful to everyone surrounding the “Tales of” series and will do my best to exceed everyone’s expectations in the next performance. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in Tokyo and Osaka. Please continue to support Tales of the Stage from now on, too!

“Tales of the Stage”
Luke Fon Fabre, Iwaki Kouta

Moons Secret Talk

Everyone: Good job today.

Osari: Hahaha, I’m so tired.

Masunaga: Everyone, you’ve worked hard! It’s good that we finished the recording early. We have free time until the next interview.

Onzai: This time is also a good song. I’m relieved.

Osari: Of course! It’s because I’m a genius!

Nome: It’s not just you.

Sekimura: Leader, our next interview is about our new song, right? The tie-up* is a new candy?

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Being Brave

Imagine Dan and Phil getting home and uploading a video called “Being Brave”

Imagine them sitting down in front of the camera and shaking a little, but still bantering a bit about the tour bus and getting the parking ticket, laughing, talking about funny TATINOF moments and thanking everyone who came.

Imagine Dan looking a little nervous and then saying “but, we’re not just here to talk about the tour experience, well we are but there’s something else too.”

Imagine Phil jumping in, noticing Dan’s shaking and saying “yes! The best thing about tour was getting to met loads of you lovely people and talking about everything, and many of you told us about how watching us helped give you courage or make you happy…”

Imagine there’s a jump cut then, and Phil’s eyes look a little red, and Dan saying “but we also know that many of you are LGBT+ and that the world is big and scary.”

Imagine Dan wiping his eyes a little before saying “and if we can do anything to make that less scary we want to. And I know one of the scariest parts of being LGBT is coming out…”

Imagine Phil licking his lips and smiling at Dan a little, encouragingly.

Imagine Dan saying, “so we need to be as big and brave as you all seem to think we are.” Imagine him full on crying how, but laughing a little.

Imagine Phil in the back, wiping his eyes and saying “so we sat down today tell to you all something we haven’t really told anyone.”

Imagine Dan smiling a little and saying quietly, “I’m bisexual.” And Phil smiling too and saying, “and I am too.”

Imagine them laughing full out and saying “holy carp!” And Phil laughing as he wipes his tears. “That just happened!”

Imagine them grinning as they say, “thank you all we love you!” And then glancing at each other lovingly before Phil does his standard goodbye, and the Pixel Pop music plays.

Imagine this time, there are no recommended videos at the end, no DanAndPhilGames logo, no Danisnotonfire link, nothing. Nothing but a picture of them together on the tour bus, Dan kissing Phil on the cheek. And a caption saying “not ironically”

this is an older pic… i would take a current one, but it’s my absolute ~faaavorite~ time of month so my face is breaking out rn :) :) :)

  • name/nickname, pronouns, age, country of origin

Echo is my nickname because I was cosplaying that character when I met most my friends lol and it stuck. Lox is cool too though. They/them or she/her. 24. Live in the U.S. (save us)

  • why/how/who got you into Tsubasa

Well, there’re actually two times that I got into Tsubasa :) 

First time: Junior year in high school. Oddly don’t remember who or why. XD Just that it’s exactly what I wanted to read. Exactly.

Second time: literally just a few months ago, i was talking to a friend about past obsessions and suddenly was filled with a dire and urgent need to reread the entire series. It was so sudden. And I’m not kidding about it being a need. I binge-read (and watched) the entire thing within a week or two, against my will lol. (But hey, it brought me back to Tumblr so I can’t complain XD)

But yeah, I think Fai appeals to me so much because I’ve always suffered from depression/suicidal ideation, even though I didn’t recognize it until long after high school. So I related to Fai a lot. His character arc gives me hope. Though as I get older and move forward with recovery, I’m finding that I relate to Kurogane quite a bit too. :) They’re both equally precious to me <3

  • personal hobbies outside of Tsubasa

Hmm, writing is big for me. And sometimes cosplay, too… I play D&D on Sundays with my friends. With appropriate shame, I play League of Legends because it weirdly soothes my anxiety (only arams though lol)… and I love my cat. XD 

  • any fun facts you’d like to share

fun fact about me: I used to have the lazy eye thing (can’t remember what it’s called), but I got surgery for it a couple years ago. :) (The pic of me is before surgery actually–I had really good control over it.)

fun fact in general: kurogane is hawt XD

anyway… thank you to everyone who ran this event! this fandom is legit the best <3 you guys are so awesome, I’m so glad I came back to it <3 <3 <3

Tumblr (Jungkook)

Request:  Hi can I request a sceanio where jk start talking to this girl on tumblr and he Decided to lie about who he is like him being a kpop star and she happens to be at the concert of his so he slightly freak out about this (TT) and she a fan of his group 

Summary: Jeon Jungkook made a Tumblr account and started talking to you. He lied to you and he finds out that he’ll be meeting you during a fan meeting. Yikes, what a turn of events.

Genre: Crack, Comedy

Word Count: 1.3K

Note: It’s a bit strange, this scenario. Well, do try to enjoy it even if it isn’t the best haha. 

Originally posted by sugutie

It was a normal day for Jeon Jungkook, he was on Twitter, scrolling through fan tweets. He had always stumbled upon photo and video edits made by fans and was always amazed at the quality. Today was no different as he clicked on a link that led him to a website he hadn’t heard of before.

The Tumblr page was filled with fan art and stories written about him and his members. Of course he was flattered, as he always was. As he went to the homepage of the website and found that it would be easier if he made an account, so he did. He knew that his name was probably taken, so he came up with something lame, ‘jungkook’s lamb skewers’.

Jungkook went onto the magical website and went to follow a bunch of his fans, which included you. Your account was 100% Bangtan, with no traces of any other groups. You had soon followed him back, just as a courtesy. This led to him opening a conversation with you.

jungkookslambskewers: Hi there!

Jungkook nearly facepalmed at his lameness but kept it in as you had replied.

You: Hi! A fellow Jungkook stan I see.

Fellow? So you were a fan of him too. Jungkook happily continued the conversation, hearing you talk about him and the rest of the members was strangely funny to him as you basically confessed your love for him, well… To him.

You had revealed quite a bit about yourself, your age and your name, but he hadn’t at all. All you knew him by was his screen name.

You: So, what do I call you? Or should I stick to jungkookslambskewers haha

This had tossed Jungkook into a little bit of a panic as he realized that it wouldn’t be a good idea to tell you that you had been fangirling to your favorite idol. He had thought up a quick lie and hoped it would work.

jungkookslambskewers: You can just call me JK.

You agreed to that and continued the conversation for a while more, finding out more about him. The person you were talking to was a male ARMY, from Seoul. That was all you could get from him before you had to bid your new friend goodbye since it was getting late.

Jungkook hadn’t noticed it, but it was getting late, and he had to go to the airport to fly to his next concert in less than nine hours. He had quickly bid you good night before he shut off his laptop, feeling happy that he made a new friend.

On the way to the airport the next day, Jungkook showed the rest of his hyungs what he stumbled upon the night before, the artworks amazing them all.

“Wow, so they’re the people behind the fan art.” Namjoon commented as he scrolled through Jungkook’s phone.

“Oh, I think you got a message or something.”

Jungkook had eagerly snatched his phone back, seeing that you had sent him a message.

You: Good morning JK! Or night…?

jungkookslambskewers: Good morning Y/N! I’m currently heading to the airport haha. What are you doing?

Jungkook was smiley the whole journey through to the plane as he continued the conversation. 

“Is our baby talking to a girl?” Jin teased, peeping at the conversation.

“No.” Jungkook lied, turning around to hide his phone.

“Yup, he is.” Ji Min said, easily looking at his phone from the new angle.

Jungkook was flustered and resorted to lying flat down on the airport floor to continue talking to you.

You: Oh my god, I totally forgot to tell you. You know the upcoming concert? The one happening tomorrow?

Did you mean the one in the city he was currently preparing to flying to?

Jungkookslambskewers: Yup, what about it?

You: I’m going for it! I’m super excited.

Oh. My. God. Jungkook’s emotion took a 180 turn as he realized that you would be in the same place as him. He then realized that if you were going to the fan meet before the concert, then you would actually be seeing him in the flesh, and so would he.

Jungkook’s panic mode turned on but he kept slightly calm as he still had to talk to you.

Jungkookslambskewers: No way. For real?

You: Yeah! I’m going to the fan meet too. I’m so excited to see all of them, especially Jungkook. Oh my god. Do you want me to tell them something?

Oh my god, he was going to be meeting you in the flesh. The issue was that well… Would he come out and say that he had a Tumblr account and was talking to you? He was anxious now, especially since he lied about his identity, sort of.

Jungkookslambskewers: Help me tell Jungkook 143, and that he should open a lambskewer restaurant with Jin instead of Yoongi.

The moment Jungkook heard this from a fan, he would know that it was you. It was how he would identify you. As he bid you farewell before the plane took off, he was still nervous about meeting you.

The day of the concert came by in a flash, the rehearsals the day before going by with no problem. Jungkook had continued to talk to you as your excitement piled up. The day of the concert led to you talking to him in caps lock the whole day.

Even during the minutes leading up to the concert, you were still messaging him. The rest of the members were all busy getting ready but Jungkook had been glued to his phone, which made Taehyung curious about what the young boy was up to.

Jungkook had quickly confessed his problem to Taehyung who wanted to die laughing at the strange situation. All he said to his dongsaeng was, “Serves you right for lying. You should just come out and say it during the concert.”

Jungkook had taken that into consideration, putting his hyung’s words at the back of his head while he low key panicked about you. The concert began and Jungkook did his best. When the time came for random conversation, Jungkook had confessed all.

“Actually… I’ve been doing something this past few days.” He said to everyone in the audience.

“I made a Tumblr account and I’ve been talking with someone. I lied about my identity though, so I’m sorry about that. I just wanted to say that everyone on Tumblr is amazing at creating things for us and I’m thankful.”

The audience had gone wild at this, especially you. It had suddenly hit you that maybe the person who had randomly started talking to you was the actual Jeon Jungkook, but you highly doubted it.

“The person I’ve been talking to is here too, and I’ll be seeing her for the fan sign later. So I look forward to it.” Jungkook confesses as the audience’s screams become even wilder.

The moment the fan meeting started, Jungkook was on high alert, but he still enjoyed his time with the fans.

When the time came for you to appear in front of the boys, you were overwhelmed. You did your things with the boys but when it came to Jungkook who was last in line, you had remembered to pass the message from JK on Tumblr.

The moment the message hit Jungkook’s ears, he was in awe of how you looked. You were extremely pretty and nervous, as was he, especially once he realized you were the girl from Tumblr.

“Jungkook’s lamb skewers.” Jungkook had stated, effectively revealing himself to a very shocked you.

You were ushered away before you could say anything, but took to Tumblr to yell at him instead.

Once the fan meeting was over, Jungkook had excitedly gone onto Tumblr, only to see that you had cursing at him. He laughed at your words and asked you if you would reveal him to the rest of the community.

Jungkook was genuinely worried that he would get found out by the rest of the ARMYs and that he would get flooded. All he wanted was to enjoy the works fans created, so when you assured him you wouldn’t sell him out, he was thankful.

Jungkook had apologized for lying and told you that he was thankful that you talked to him about… Well, him and his members.

That was the start of a rather strange friendship.


Yudai: Release event for Tonikaku HEY at Kintetsu Passe,
Thank you for so many people gathering  during the hot weather!!!! ^ ^ Next time we come back, it will be for the tour! It is! It is! It is!!!
Please look forward to it! ^ ^ Focus!!


Toru: Nagoya Kintetsu Passe. Thank you very much for coming during the hot weather! It was hot, wasn’t it? As usual, the talk event gave us such a familiar feeling. There were quite a lot of people who came to the live.
I was happy.
It’s going to be my birthday live soon
To be able to welcome the day with everyone makes me feel happy
Tomorrow is the last day of my twenties
I will spend time with members!


Hayate: Thank you for Kintetsu Passe!!!!


Baby Shower (Neymar imagine)


I laid down on the couch, exhausted from putting on this dress. You know I never knew being pregnant could be so tiring, I mean I knew but not to this extent. I heard Neymar chuckle, as he walked past me and into the kitchen. “Is my baby tired?”He asked opening the fridge

I nodded my head, “Both of us are tired” I said closing my eyes

“Ah, ah, ah you can’t fall asleep we have to leave in a few” 

I groaned, “Please just let me sleep for at least 10 minutes, plus don’t you guys still have to set up the venue?” I asked

Neymar came over sitting down next to me, “We do ,but I can’t have you falling asleep here. You gotta tell us where you want things”

I looked over to him, “Neymar you do realize that, at the baby shower I’m just going to be saying thank you to everyone who came and talking right?”

He chuckled placing a kiss on my forehead, “Don’t you want to decorate the place?” He asked

I shook my head, “No, I want you to decorate the place”

Neymar smiled, “Okay how about I make you a deal?” 

I sat up, and looked over to him. “Waiting” 

Neymar just shook his head, towards me. “What if I go and help Rafaella, Mae, and Judy set up. And you can stay and sleep, I’ll come pick you up when we finish”  

I looked at him, “Please” 

Neymar pulled me closer, giving me a kiss. “Just think in two months, we’ll have our little princess” 

I smiled, “And I won’t be tired” 

“If it helps, you look beautiful” 

“It doesn’t help at all, I feel hot all the time-”

“But you are hot” 

I gave him a look, “Really Neymar”

He shrugged, “It’s true” 

I shook my head, and sat up. “You better leave now if you want to make it on time” I said

Neymar nodded, and placed a kiss on my lips. “I’ll see you hopefully in a few” 

I chuckled, “Have fun decorating”

Neymar waved, and soon was out of the house. I laid down on the couch, ,and closed my eyes but at the same time the baby decided it was okay to have a soccer match inside my stomach, causing me to wake up. 

I looked around the house for something to do, seeing as I wasn’t going to be allowed to fall asleep now. 

~~An Hour and a Half Later

“Babe are you ready?” Neymar asked walking into the house

I sighed, “I’m in the room” I said

He walked in a smile on my face, “Did you get enough sleep like you wanted?” 

I shook my head, “Missy over here decided she wanted to have a kicking party, right as I was about to fall asleep” I said

He chuckled, “Well if you’re done putting on makeup, shall we head on over” 

I chuckled, and stood up. “It doesn’t look to much does it?” I asked

Neymar shook his head, “No you look perfect” 

I smiled, and we headed outside and to the car. Once we arrived at the venue, there was a line of cars outside due to the parking lot’s being filled. And leading inside to the venue were velvet ropes, but on each sides on the velvet ropes were paparazzi. 

I looked over to Neymar knowing how he feels in situations like this. “It’s okay they’re not harming anyone” I said

He sighed, and we got out of the car. As we walked towards the venue, they had spotted us and all you heard was the clicking of the cameras. “Y/N!Neymar look over here!”

“Do we know what we’re having!”

“Is it another Brazilian Superstar!” 

I had to chuckle at the last one. I held Neymar’s hand, and we walked through towards the start of the ropes. They all continued taking their pictures, and asking questions. “Are you sure you’re supposed to be drinking coffee ?” Neymar asked as he opened the door

I gave him a look, “I need this”

Neymar just chuckled, and he lead me through the venue. Opening another set of doors, I could hear the Brazilian funk music playing as soon as they opened.

When I looked around everything was really cute, it was decorated in a warm theme. And even though we already knew we were having a baby girl, there was hardly pink. “Y/N, how is it that you still look this great?” Rafaella asked smiling

I chuckled, “All of this looks amazing Rafa”

She flipped her hair back, “Well when you have the most amazing person decorating it turns out just as amazing” She said

We laughed, and Neymar shook his head. “Are you supposed to be drinking coffee Missy?” Nadine asked raising an eyebrow

“I bought it for her” Neymar said

She shook her head, “You two are going to have a very active child” She joked

We stood talking for a while before Rafaella took me around the place with Neymar walking behind us. I didn’t know there would be a lot of people here, I mean I expected there to be a lot of family and of course Neymar’s teammates. However I didn’t expect, even his past teammates were here.

From the youth teams he played on all the way to Santos. It was nice to see,most of my family had made it to Barcelona for the baby shower and it was also amazing to see them here. “Look at you, you look so good for having two months left” My cousin Minda said

I chuckled, “Well I feel tired twenty four seven” 

She smiled giving me a hug, the rest of the babyshower was really nice. When we opened presents, we had received a lot of pampers, clothes, shoes, FC Barcelona items, Santos items, and from my parents we got a picture of the first sonogram that I’d taken when I went with my Mom.

As it came to an end, there was a lot of cake, sweets , and drinks left over. Rafaella and Gil, stayed along with us to clean it up. “Y/N sit down, please” Rafaella said pulling a chair and making me sit

I sighed, “Rafaella, I’m not going to injure myself cleaning up. Just let me clean” 

She gave me a look, “No, Neymar come and take your wife home before I tie her to the chair” 

Neymar chuckled, “C’mon lady let’s go” 

Momocon 2017

Hello everyone! 

We hope you are having a great week so far!!

We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who came by our table this past weekend at Momocon. You gave us the best convention weekend we’ve ever had! (And we’re not just saying that!) The response we got on our comic and art was so amazing and encouraging! We hope everyone who bought something from us loves it. And please, if you met us at the con (or have been following us online) feel free to message us anytime! We’d love to talk to you :D 

After that awesome con experience we’re even more motivated and inspired to keep working on our stuff! We have so many plans for The Safekeepers as well as our other original projects. And we hope that we’ll be able to continue making an impact with the work we do. So thank you for all the support so far!! We’re thrilled!

We’ll be getting back into regular posting over the next couple weeks! So keep an eye out ~~ The Safekeepers will return and updates will start up again in July!

Thank you again to every single person who bought our comic, bought art, took our business card, subscribed to our comic, and even just stopped to compliment our work at the convention. You are why we do what we do. And the two of us can’t wait to start planning our next convention!

Until next time!!


- Hannah & Amelia


I cosplayed Minato Arisato (P3 MC) on Sat and Sun at Anime North 2017 while my lil sis @itachico was Lisa Silverman from P2 on Fri and Sun!!!!

It was my second time cosplaying at the con and it was amazing because I got so many compliments and pictures!!! Thank you everyone who came by and talked to me~ it made me so happy and I definitely won’t forget this year!!!

Again, thank you @rattile for helping me while we were at the con!!! ( I can’t believe that we spent almost 2 whole days walking around)

The highlight of this year was Minato surrounded by bags of anime goods and Lisa finding Ginko lol

Also if anyone has seen us or taken pics we’d love to know!!!

annanguyenny  asked:

CAUGHT IT OPEN HA YES Can i pls request GoM+Kagami showing off their s/o to their teammates, family, friends, coworkers, whatever, etc. bless ur soul sam

bless ur soul

AKASHI: It was incredible really. No one thought that Akashi could boast this much about anything. But when he talked about you. Wow. Everyone turned towards you when you walked into the office, bowing in respect and shying away. “What did you even tell them about me?”

“I told them you were an absolute goddess and how perfect you are. You are perfect, you know that? I talk about you all the time, I think everyone knows you by now. It’s quite nice.” You groaned, “I told you to stop talking about me like that.” Akashi just didn’t have a clue.

AOMINE: “Hot right?” He smirked, introducing you to the rest of his team. The others laughed at his comment and how whipped Aomine looked because Aomine never looked that smitten. But his eyes lit up in excitement. “Perfect. My lover is fucking perfect.”

You gave yourself a mental slap when you heard from them that Aomine talked about you all the damn time. And he would over-share! That included about your private endeavors in bed. Goddammit, Aomine. You smacked him with a blush. He grinned unapologetically.

KAGAMI: The blush that quickly spread across his cheeks was enough of an indication of what Kagami talked about whenever you weren’t around. His team crowded around you, chattering on about how he’d brag about you and everything you do and like all the time. You turned red with the attention.

Kagami jumped into action, wrapping his arm around you and shielding you away from his teammates. “I know my partner’s perfect and cute and all and it’s fun to tease and just so great…” He trailed off as his blushed deepened. “But don’t harass please! Space!”

KISE: “Cuuute. Always soooo cute.” He cooed, pinching your cheeks. You blushed and smacked away his hand. “You’re so cute, ___-chi. Cute right, guys? So cute!” Kise continued to grin and tease. You had to struggle to get him off and all his coworkers just laughed.

“He does this all the time so no worries.” Your eyes widened before you threw a glare at your boyfriend. “What? I like talking about you. Because you’re so cuuuuute.” He grinned again, poking your sides. His coworkers just smiled, patting your back sympathetically. “Kise is Kise.”

KUROKO: At first you didn’t understand the slight stares when you stepped into the classroom. Kuroko was working as a part-time teacher in this school and everyone was starting to stare. From teachers to students. You found Kuroko’s class and smiled at him.

He instantly lit up, approaching you. “Wow, you went all this way for this. Thank you so much.” Then he turned to the rest of the class, who were all students, and bounced on his feet. “Everyone, this is my lover. Great right? Amazing.” He looked at you with such love that the class started cheering. Oh my God.

MIDORIMA: No one in the team ever expected Midorima to be one to brag about a lover. But he was very proud of you and apparently chatted about you often. “Ah you must be Midorima’s right?” A first-year came up to you and you raised an eyebrow. “How did you know?”

“He talks about you and shows us pictures all the time.” The kid chuckled only to receive a slap from none other than Midorima himself. His cheeks were tinted pink as he told his junior to run a few laps to warm up. “He’s lying. I swear. I don’t talk about you… that much… sometimes.”

MURASAKIBARA: “Atsushi, please just stop.” You huffed. Murasakibara had been dragging you around the room the whole time, introducing you to all his coworkers, bosses, subordinates. Everyone he could lay his eyes on. “You don’t have to let everyone know that I’m you—“

“Nonsense.” He spotted another person and approached them. “Meet my future fiancé.” You choked on your drink. What the hell? “I will marry you someday so might as well start introducing you as that now.” “Dammit, Atsushi, no,”

Shoutan’s Blog Update - 2017-01-08 - Hoshi No Ouji-sama Script Reading Play.

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Script Reading Play
『 Hoshi No Ouji-sama 』

Everyone who came and visited us, thank you very much.

This time, although this work is the first time where I had to carefully… read until the very end.
About other things other than my own Star, about other existence other than my own, exchanges with various things, talking to various people, realising various things.

A Prince like that, who loves and loves characters.

During the real thing, I also gave it my all acting as that innocent Prince.

Did you enjoy it?

Also, singing while listening to the Orchestra’s recitation. While feeling comfortable I also felt nervous.

And, the duet with 『Boku』 played by Toyonaga-san…

With his warm singing voice, the shud and stance of the harmony part, I was able to sing as the Prince like he’s snuggled up.

I was able to sing it, being at peace.

Or rather, I was able to duet with Toyonaga-sannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!


I’m really, really happy.
The whole time the pores of my body was left open.

I want to, do a duet again.

The relationship of all the casts was also very good, the cast set was also really fun,

One day again, it’ll be nice to be able meet this work!

Closing the Box

Heyoo everyone!

The chit chat has come to a trickling stop, so I’m going to call it a quits for tonight and officially close the box for Free Throw Sunday. Thank you to everyone who came by to talk with us!

Don’t worry if you haven’t seen your FTS answered yet. They’re all sitting in the drafts waiting for Admin 707 to answer. Our drastic time zone difference is both a blessing and a curse~

Until next time!


[Translation] Kamisato blog 09272016 (Graduation)

Graduating from Tenimyu, and connecting.

Good evening! This is Kamisato Yuki.

Allow me to announce once again - all 48 tours of Tenimyu 3rd Season Seigaku vs Hyotei are completed.

There were live viewings in Osaka, Aichi, Miyagi, Fukuoka, and Shanghai Grand final, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude towards many people who have supported us in Hyotei performance.
Thank you so much to those who have supported us during Hyotei performances!

Next up, Rokkaku performance…
…as much as I wanted to say that
but I’m no longer there.

In the performance the day before yesterday, Seigaku 8th has graduated from Tenimyu.
No longer could I perform again with those members.

To everyone who was involved in Tenimyu, and my dear fellows,
thank you so much for supporting Seigaku 8th.

I’ve graduated. And I must move forward to the future.
I kept saying this to myself since yesterday.
But it is strange - I want to swing the racket and wear Seigaku jersey.
I’m overwhelmed with such feeling right now.

It’s something I’ve never experienced. Very mysterious indeed.
Perhaps this emotion emerged because
right now I keenly feel how dense, and how blissful it has been for the past two years.

Now I thought of it, Tenimyu stage was one of my dream when I entered this world.
When I wished every day that someday I would achieve this goal
it became a reality before I realised.

At first, I was so overjoyed that I could portray Fuji Shusuke, the genius.
However, it wasn’t that easy.

The weight of Fuji’s batons across generations, the weight of so-called Tenimyu, the weight of 3rd season
There were so many things that made me realise the truth that
it requires not just ordinary effort to shine on the stage

There were times it was so painful that I wanted to run away.
There were also times when I seemed to overcome with such weak feeling.

It’s my first stage so I don’t know anything, but instead of just words, Seigaku 8th extended their support for an inexperienced person like me.  
At that time I thought
“Ah, perhaps that’s what Seigaku is.”

Even without saying, we make every endeavour to work harder in the shadow while helping each other to aim for higher.

Troupe leader Kazuki, who never goes off his course, but cares deeply about his fellows.

Captain Zaiki, who gave strict criticisms to people around him, but even harsher to himself and never let people notice his heavy pressure.

Those two in particular had a strong presence amongst us.

And so I spent everyday searching for what exactly “Fuji Shusuke” is. And I spent two years walking along with Fuji Shusuke.

Fuji Shusuke-kun is really difficult. Difficult as in how he is not obsessed with victory, and how he doesn’t show his real self and limitless strength - yet with an overwhelming presence.

Seigaku fights in anticipation of victory, but he doesn’t about it that much. Then, how should I sing and dance during Seigaku’s songs or full cast songs? I feel like the lyrics aren’t quite linked to Fuji-kun himself. Yet I must live on the stage as Fuji Shusuke. Then how should I portray Fuji?

I feel like Fuji Shusuke gave me a lot of challenges to work on.
What is “Fuji Shusuke”? I don’t know the answer. But is that okay? I thought there was a meaning to continue exploring what Fuji Shusuke really is.

So I have decided that instead of just finding the answer, I should never stop exploring.
Perhaps there’s a day when both Fuji Shusuke and I will change. (referencing Boku wa kawaru)
I myself can’t feel that as Fuji Shusuke, but it is very fun to think a lot and find answers to questions I can’t answer.

However, Fuji thinks a lot about his fellow teammates, so there must be many times when he is noticed by his fellow teammates too. Especially when it comes to Taka-san and Tezuka.
I have also cherished this part of feeling as myself. I’m not good at talking, and I probably haven’t told anyone. But I really Seigaku 8th!

I am glad to have encountered Fuji Shusuke-kun in my life. It wasn’t just about tough times. I’ve also felt blissful things from it too. I feel lonely that I can’t portray you, because I really like you. But I have no regrets. It was a lot of fun. I was very happy to have met you, thank you so much.

Before I knew it, Tenimyu has become a part of life and I felt that having Tenimyu is a matter of course.
During Hyotei performance touring around different cities, I started to feel that this is not a matter of fact, but a happy and blissful time, and performed on different stage with a renewed understanding.
Savoring this happiness and not paying much attention to graduation, I just lived on every single performance.

And then, the grand final two days ago.
After singles 2 match with Jiro and I returned to the wing of the stage, I felt, “Ah, this is over. I can’t have matches anymore.”
It felt a bit like the burden on my shoulder was relieved. Everything was completed.
It was a relieved feeling that I have never experienced before, like, I have put everything forward.
There was still the third act so I quickly switched back.

And then
Singles 1 match, Tezuka x Atobe
Perhaps it will become the legendary match in Tenimyu that will be passed down to future generations.

In an instant, I grasped what was on Tezuka’s polo shirt. Immediately, I thought “Zaiki, is he alright?”

There was nothing we could do.
Could this continue?

In a few seconds, there were many things occurring at the same time,
but the most surprising thing was that
Zaiki was Tezuka.
“He is real.“

Despite how this action could influence and control everything,
Zaiki never released himself being from Tezuka,
and naturally I continued watching Tezuka’s match as Fuji Shusuke.

I wonder if everyone on the stage felt the same way.
How Zaiki’s dialogues are linked to Tezuka.

It was a match that I’ve never seen before.

From wanting Zaiki and Tezuka to forfeit the match,
to hoping wholeheartedly that Zaiki and Tezuka will go towards "victory.
It really moved my heart. Perhaps, Fuji-kun would as well.

Of course, it was until later that I firmly understood how it was the weight of Tenimyu that made Zaiki to continue in such situation, but also perhaps it wasn’t something he wanted to show.
After all, he was the captain.

Hiroki didn’t discard his Atobe side too, and the match became more heated.

It really felt like an amazing performance on the stage until the last minute.
It was a match I would never forget in my life.

But above all, it ended well.
It was relieving that we could end this without losing even one person.
all 12 of us have successfully graduated.

Even after wriitng this long, I wasn’t sure if I could convey this properly,
but as I wrote
the real feeling has emerged.
Please allow me to say that again.

7 members from Fudomine, 7 members from St. Rudolph, 8 members from Yamabuki, and 9 members from Hyotei,
all of you are the best rivals. Thank you so much for your occasional support.

Seigaku 8th.
Because we spent together more than a family, it would be lonely to depart from you all, but we have shared painful, fun, tough, happy times together. I’m glad that such members could work together in 3rd season. We will continue our own paths from now on, but let’s work hard! If anything happens, let’s chat and have fun in group talk.  It’s the best to have all 12 of us graduate together without losing anyone. Thank you so much, everyone.

Dear staff members.
I cannot thank enough for so many of you putting enormous time and effort into supporting this musical in places that we couldn’t see. Sometimes we received your strict criticisms, small chat, and even laughing moments. I am full of gratitude that you always come and pour love into this. Thank you so much.

Everyone who supported us.
It is because of everyone who came all the way to the theatres, that made us able to come all the way through. And it was truly wonderful that I was able to meet all of you. I’ve never seen the grand view in Dream Live with the stadium filled with blue colours. The applause and cheer during the performance. And sometimes even letters and present too. How happy it was for the past two years. Thank you so much.  

Although I can no longer wear Seigaku jersey, but I am sure that the next new Seigaku, and Fuji as well, will become the best team. Please continue to support Tenimyu 3rd season.

And for Fuji Shusuke-kun.
There’s only one word I have to say.
Thank you.

New Seigaku Fuji Shusuke actor   Sadamoto Fuuma!

Fuuma, go enjoy it (^^)

Kamisato Yuki will also fly towards the future.
I’d be really happy if you can continue to support me!

It’s really a blessing to be involved in Tenimyu once in a lifetime.
Thank you, thank you so much.

Seigaku 8th Fuji Shusuke - Kamisato Yuki.

Shoutan’s Blog Update - 2016-12-13 - Smile Mermaid Complete

*Do NOT repost*

Stage Play 『Smile Mermaid』
Tokyo performances, Osaka performances…
All performances have safely finished.

All the wonderful performers
Wonderful costumes
Wonderful music
Wonderful stage set
Others too
All the wonderful staff
Wonderful director
Wonderful dance teacher

With many people’s coorporation

And, everyone who supported us, everyone who came to the theatre.

Once again, thank you very much.

Now, continuing from Prince Kaguya from last time
This time’s Mermaid Princess.

How was it?
Did you enjoy it?

This time’s stage play.
The ending, I’ll leave it up to everyone who watched it (to decide).

Each person, won’t they all have a different interpretation? Is what I think.

Everyone how did you see it in your eyes? (*^_^*)

There is only one thought for me,
This time I was allowed to handle Smile Mermaid’s draft but…

We won’t talk about this from now on right.

I would like everyone to make an ending they think, and want.

This time I had an amazing encounter too.
The cast, everyone in the ensemble
Without this assembly, Smile Mermaid would never be completed.
That is what I feel.

This time there is my parther’s role Kento Ouji.
Araki Hirofumi.
He himself, has a lot of atmostphere or aura
No matter where you look he’s a prince.
Araki Ouji.

But, while I talk
The contents of our conversation gets stranger and I start to smile.
I fall in love with Kento as Marina, and at the same time
Without knowing I was facinated by Araki-san himself. Without Araki-san, this time’s Marina would not have been completed either right.

I’m really happy, that we get along.

The goodness of all the casts’ relationship

Really it’s the bonds that make the stage, I really felt it.

Koodai too.
He practiced the whooooooooooooole time.

Even after everyone had left he was being shark shark the whoooooooooole time. (He plays the Shark Prince after all XD)

He’s serious, straight forward, not just a bit, an idiot.
That kid can do it. He will do it.
I’ll support you.
That’s why I gave you my hat  Laughs (Shoutan gave him his beanie with the fluffy ear muffs)

I still have a lot of things that I want to write but.
I’m really happy that, everyone got to see Smile Mermaid.

One day again… please look forward to

A new SHOWTA-im!

Zoom-in of Marina’s scales!

Isn’t it wonderful 😻

Keep reading

161020 Shinwon Fancafe Update


Today as well, thank you for coming and also thank you so much to you who watched the stage at home~~
Today I specially appeared as kkanshinwon but I don’t know how was it ㅋㅋㅋ Today, fans are so lovely!
Is your throat okay? I was looking at fans so I didn’t look at camera properly ㅎㅎ Please look after us in the future too ㅎㅎㅎ I’m very proud, see you tomorrow and also next day! Wooseok said he came back from school ㅋㅋ 에헿헿 Finally on sunday!! Fansign!!!! What should I prepare?? I’m waiting for it so much. Nuaang dughun dughun I will meet you soon, let’s talk a lot. Everyone worked so hard for today, PENnight goodbye.

Trans: PentagonUpdate

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Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now
Chapter Two

Things went into a lull on the ward after the new boy disappeared into his room. Danny announced he was going to feed the ducks until next group. Tix offered her services and both turned to Rae. She smiled slightly, but shook her head and pointed to her door. The pair nodded at her and off they went, Rae watching them with a wistful look.

She went towards her room, determined to rearrange her posters and shuffle her CDs around, according to her mood. Sighing, she walked to the right of the nurse’s station, first door on the right. She hesitated slightly, as she felt someone’s eyes on her. Mind flashing to the cute new guy, she turned around with a hopeful look, only to snap her head back and march full-speed towards her room, slamming the door quickly.

A quick series of knocks was heard almost immediately. “Rachel, may I have a word?” A pause. “Please open the door, Rachel.”

Rae smacked her forehead against the door with a hard thwack! She rested there for a beat, before stepping back and into the middle of her room. “Enter.”

“Rach-” Nurse Bore started, but Rae snapped over her.


“Rae. We have a new person who will be staying on the ward with us.” Nurse Bore smiled, indulging Rae’s request, which took Rae aback. “I’ve explained the rules and expectations as best I can, but he didn’t seem very receptive.”

Eyebrow raised, Rae crossed her arms giving the nurse an uninterested look. “So? What’s that got to do with me?”

“I’d like you to keep an eye out for him, if you wouldn’t mind.” She replied pleasantly, arms laced behind her back.

“Me? Why me?” It was out of her mouth before she could stop it and she mentally berated herself. ‘She wants me to watch a cute boy, stupid, not perform open heart surgery!’

“Well, you know your way around the place, having been here… awhile.” Nurse Bore ended hesitantly with a quick eye-shift, before back to business with a beam. “Please, Rae.”

“Yeah, alright. We done here?” Rae noticed the look and needed the young woman to leave her room now before damage was done and she was stuck in solitary.

“Yes. Thank you.” She continued to look at Rae, until Rae bit out a, “You’re welcome.”

Nurse Bore pranced out of the room, air smelling of Elizabeth Taylor and shooting Rae with a pang of homesick feelings, before she walked towards her door and slammed it again. “Bint.”


A few hours later saw Rae lounging on her bed, the latest copy of NME open in front of her. She was just getting into an article on an upcoming show she wanted to see when a couple knocks resounded through her room. Her head shot up and her eyes softened when she noticed who it was.

“Hey skinny, it’s tea time. Do you want to walk down there with me?” Tix pulled on the sleeves of her sweater, a nervous habit she did before every meal. Rae’s eyes followed Tix’s hands and she smiled sadly at the frail girl.

“Sure thing, fatty.” Rae sat up, bookmarking her stopping point before grabbing her blue flannel shirt and pointing towards the door. “Lead the way, madam.”

They walked into the hall, stopping when they heard a commotion from the boys’ rooms. A magazine was on the floor and a male orderly was frowning, arms crossed. Upon closer inspection, Rae noticed it was the door Nurse Bore lead the new boy through.

“Finn.” The orderly picked up the magazine and held it in the doorway. “Throwing things is against the rules. It’s time for dinner. Your presence is mandatory.” Rae struggled to hear the response, but assumed it was the right one, as the magazine was snatched by a bandaged wrist and the orderly smiled in satisfaction.

“C'mon, skinny. It’s cheeseburger day.” Tix smiled meekly, tapping Rae on the arm once, short and quick. Rae turned towards the small girl and nodded her head in agreement. Once again, Rae motioned for Tix to walk ahead, so she could give one last look to the boy lingering in his doorway. Shrugging, she followed her friend to the dining hall.


Danny was already in line when the duo got there, plate piled high with chips. Rae grabbed a tray, prompting Tix to grab hers as well. They went through the line, Tix grabbing an apple and a packet of crisps, Rae getting a cheeseburger and chips. They turned around when someone bumped into Tix, making her shriek and drop her tray, eyes closed and backing away from the offending person.

Rae set her tray on the counter and spun around to tell the person to watch it, when they beat her to it.

“Watch where you’re going.” Rae stood in shock momentarily at the heated snarl coming from the gorgeous face, before she adopted one of her own, protective instinct for Tix taking over full throttle.

“YOU watch where you’re going, why don’t ye? We was here first, you know!” Rae snapped, bending over to pick up Tix’s dropped items.

“YOU bumped into ME. And what’s her problem?” Rae growled at the harsh words, about to retort when she looked over and saw Tix with her eyes closed, tears leaking steadily down her cheeks.

“None of your business.” Rae hissed venomously, body shoving the boy out of the way and standing in front of Tix. “Tixy? Tix, it’s Rae.” Tix blinked her eyes open miniscule, hands shaking. “Can I touch you, Tix? I’ll lead you away, if you’ll let me.” Rae searched Tix’s entire form for an acceptance, sighing in relief at Tix’s slight nod.

“Hey-” The boy held up his hands, trying to get Rae’s attention, but she was done. She spared one glance at the stark white bandages she noticed covered both wrists, before turning on her heel. She laid a soft touch on Tix’s shoulder and started walking her slowly to the entrance and back to the ward.


“Skinny, I’m fine. Honest.” Tix watched Rae march back and forth in front of the sofa she was laying on, hands in her lap and finally still. Rae turned around and nodded at Tix, before she stared off and started ranting again. Somehow, Tix knew this wasn’t just about her anymore.

“How dare that boy just - he was all - and we have the problem? HA!” Rae stopped suddenly, eyes downcast and cheeks pink. “But Tix, that boy is the most delicious thing I’ve found since I first discovered biscuits. A total dickhead should not look like that.” Tix rolled her eyes slightly, cottoning on to Rae’s real dilemma.

“Rae, it’s his first day. You remember your first day.” Tix chided the tall girl, who closed her eyes with a grimace and head shake.

“Low blow, fatty. He’s still a dickhead.” Rae sat down on the couch next to Tix. She grabbed a throw pillow, shoving her face in it. “A really fit dickhead.” Tix leaned her head close to hear that mumble and bit back a laugh.

Both heads snapped up when the door to the ward opened. A group of people entered the room, Danny in front chatting happily away. “There they are! Tix, Rae!” He waved at the group and walked over to his friends. Rae scanned the crowd for the object of all her thoughts, but came up short. “Are you alright, Tix?”

Tix smiled, looking down at her hands. “I’m fine, Danny, thanks.” Danny scanned Tix for a minute before nodding once, satisfied with what he’d found.

“Alright then!” He clapped his hands together, turning his attention to Rae. “I saw the whole thing. Your crush on the new guy gone now?” Rae glowered at Danny, who held up his hands in surrender. “He’s a defensive thing, isn’t he? Got real quiet after you left. Ignored everyone who tried to talk to him. Then again, first day jitters, ya know? None of us are peaches on our first day.”

“Yeah, I got it, thanks.” Rae snapped, moving the pillow to set between her and Tix. Danny beamed, chattering on with Tix who Rae knew enjoyed the conversation. She shot her friends a tender look, before letting her mind wander.

'First day nerves? Maybe. I wasn’t exactly a happy little elf my first day. I’m still not, not really. It’s this place. It screams at us to recover, repent, and change our ways, but the resentment from everyone bleeds on to everything. You could touch a wall, and if someone angry touched that wall before you, you can absorb its anger… Heavy stuff, Rae. Move on. Remember Dr. Khan. Stop focusing on the negative.’ Rae outwardly scowled at herself for even getting in that mindset in the first place. 'You are worthy. You are loved.’

The door to the ward opened again and the new boy sauntered in, hands in his pocket, frown etched on his lovely face. Rae stared openly at him trying to read his thoughts. As if sensing her eyes, his own shot up and locked, his brown meeting hers. He froze in front of the nurse’s station, caught by Rae’s stare. Rae’s breath caught in her throat at the look on his face. He looked… troubled? Of course he looks troubled, dumbie! He’s in a mental ward, ain’t he?

A hand waved in front of her face, blocking Rae’s vision and forcing her out of her holding pattern. “What’re you thinking, Rae?” Danny returned his hand to the coffee table he was sitting on, looking at Rae expectantly. Rae blinked a few times, looking up only to see the back of a white T-shirt and the lines of tension she could sense underneath.

Rae was confused and switched to the defensive before she could help herself. “Are you my therapist now?” With that statement, she shot out of her seat and headed straight to her room, ignoring Nurse Bore’s announcement for their group activity for the night.

“What did I say?” Danny frowned, staring after the retreating girl.

Tix smiled sadly at him. “Oh, Danny…”

To be continued. :) xx