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HAPPY FOURTH BIRTHDAY MY BLOG~ Four years and this is the time for me to present you 250 wonderful blogs to follow. Don’t hesitate, really, check their blog. Thank you for your wonderful blog, you’re all doing a so wonderful job!

The bolt ones are my Tumblr cruches ❤💛🖤💛❤

Once again, thank you for your wonderful job and thank you for everything you’ve done for me during this hard year.

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Special mention for @danyanimated, @fyorahime, @sayakamikiii and @zuvaati who are always there for me. You’re just my MVPs this year. Thank you for your friendship ❤

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Wow. I can’t believe that today is finally the day. From hearing the news that a BH6 show was in the works, to seeing information that we wouldn’t be getting a teaser for another year, to the cast being revealed, to rumors of the show coming out in January/early 2017, to the announcement of there being a season 2 (before a sneak peek was even out!), to the intro being released followed by many more promos and finally the announcement of the show premiering on November 20th…

It’s finally here! We’ve all waited quite awhile for this show to be out and now it’s here! I can’t tell you how excited I am to watch Baymax Returns tonight and I’m sure everyone else in this fandom is really excited as well! 

HUGE thank you to everyone who is working on this show! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these amazing characters :) 


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- 우리만의 추억과 열기가 가득했던 팬미팅 함께해서 정말 행복했어😇 다들 너무 고마워요🙌🏻
- Fanmeeting filled with our memories and passion I was really happy that we were together  Thank you everyone Next: Thailand Fanmeeting coming up on 11/26 at 6 PM Thailand Time

So I know we got hit with a lot of stuff today haha buttt….

I hit my next milestone!! Shoutout to all my follower for sticking with me and always being so kind! To all the new followers, bless you! I hope I don’t scare you too much and you stick around! I am such an awkward bean but please don’t leave me okay??!! ;) Really though, thank you to everyone and I am so thankful for every single one of you! Love ya’ll with all my heart!

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short & sweet ♡

a little something for @candlewinds <333 was supposed to be a belated birthday present buuuuut thanks for being such a warm, charming light of a human on my dash :D

We’re very pleased to announce the awareness topic of issue 9 (9!!) of our magazine. Pansexuality! This issue will be the last on our LGBT mini series, and we want to really thank everyone who has supported us.

You can pre-order this issue, as well as lots of other goodies, by pledging to our PATREON by 1st December, this issue is due out in December. 

Raising My Legson: Never Introduce Your Friends

Legdad: Son, where did you learn that?!
Legson: Uncle Jeoncena told me if I do this I’ll lead a fulfilling life *keeps legdabbing*
Legdad: *shakes fist* JUNGKOOK

i dont know what a gluten is and at this point im afraid to ask

My piece for the Style!!! on ICE zine! I wanted to play with some 1950′s fashion and I thought the fun colors, patterns, and silhouettes fit Mila and Sara perfectly. Thank you so much to @styleoniceartbook for having me and organizing this amazing project!! ♡

Don’t be a turd. Tag your Mass Effect: Andromeda spoilers.

All right, it’s time for me to be a grumblebee! 

The early access for ME:A starts on March 16, which means Tumblr is going to be flooded with gifs, squeeing, updates, new characters, and spoilers. I don’t want to harsh on anyone’s enjoyment of the new game, but please be considerate as you play, whether you get early access or not! 

Not everyone will get to play right away, and not everyone plays at the same pace. Tagging your posts and putting major spoilers under a cut/read more will go a long way toward helping everyone enjoy the game! 

Just tagging something as “spoilers” isn’t effective. Something like “mass effect: andromeda spoilers” is much more useful! For reference, here’s my blacklist in XKit: 

I’ll be adding more as they crop up, but please, please, please be considerate of everyone else in the fandom, and tag your posts! No one likes being unwillingly spoiled, so please help everyone experience the game first-hand! 

Thank you all, and may we all get through this last week intact and ready to smooch the love interest(s) of our choice! <3


Wait guys are you really seeing “i love all of you” as castiel trying to cover up the first i love you? That wasn’t a cover up, that was a confession. Let me explain.

Cas says “i love you” and looks down(that is the only time he looks down, except when he’s thinking of what to say), camera cuts to dean and dean is.. a bit annoyed by it?? Because he knows where this is going. Cas loves them and he’s dying and dean is tired of all this saying goodbye crap. He’ glad he hears these words, but why are they always said in situations like these?

bUT THEN MY FRIENDS, cas says “i love all of you.” Camera once again cuts to dean, but this time dean doesn’t move a muscle. There is no need to say it twice, unless you’re one of these two idiots can’t confess their love without getting family in it. But they do say it one way or the other. He realises this is how he said that to cas and now he knows the first “i love you” was only for him. (May i add, i don’t think anybody ever said to cas they loved him except dean and dean said it this way. I might be wrong but..) It honestly looks like he’s caught off guard, he thought the L train has passed(tf am i even saying, but you get the point). And guess what, sam notices too. He’s heartbroken because his best friend is dying,obviously, but he knows cas loves them, he knows cas is family. He also knows what dean means to cas, and cas to dean. He’s spent too much time with them not to know.

Idk, to me it seemed deeper and more honest than cas just hiding love for dean in his last moments. They all already know so what’s the point. I also think this was a response (a very ironic one), to “we need you. I need you.”


So Night in the Woods is rad. Thought I’d make some human-ish designs of the characters for fun. Maybe I’ll do more in the future? Probably.