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unpopular opinion maybe but…it makes me kind of sad that just because laurent is guarded and emotionally reserved people think damen is always the one to make romantic or intimate or loving overtures. i can see why people think that since we get to see inside damen’s mind for the whole three books, plus the short story, but if you look at the examples from the books laurent isn’t just sitting idly by as him and damen grow closer.

  • he asks for damen’s help with tactical maneuvers. damen’s his only confidant.
  • he makes damen his captain (‘it should have been you from the start’).
  • he sits in damen’s lap at the inn. and laughs against his chest on the balcony.
  • he goes to damen when he’s upset/stressed/sad.
  • he allows damen to calm him, level him out, and help him when he’s losing it, when he would normally shut down and throw everyone out.
  • he initiates their lovemaking all three times. in PG and in KR.
  • he gets damen a towel and water after they have sex.
  • he attends him so sweetly and tenderly in the baths in The Summer Palace.
  • he brings damen sweetmeats in The Adventures of Charls the Veretian Cloth Merchant. 
  • he goes to damen to comfort him after jokaste shows up.
  • he tells jokaste unprompted about him and damen because he’s jealous.
  • he let’s pallas see them together because he’s jealous. he tells halvik that damen is his basically because he’s jealous.
  • he gets on his knees for damen!
  • he sacrifices his life for damen!!!
  • he fights to the death for damen!!!!!
  • he talks to a statue of damen’s mother and tells it how much damen means to him and how he’s going to take care of him forever!!!!!!!!!!

in conclusion laurent is less about words and more about showing his feelings and love through action. but just because he’s not as vocal about how he feels for damen doesn’t mean those feelings aren’t strong and pure and true. 

the end.


Are we going to talk about the fact that Clarke Griffin most likely always associates ‘I love you’ with ‘goodbye’. She told Finn she loved him just before he died, she told L*xa in the COL right before she left, when her mom tells her she loves her in 4x12- she replies with ‘this isn’t goodbye’. Clarke Griffin always associates those two things. But when Bellamy starts with what looks like a confession (‘Clarke, if I don’t see you again’) she shuts him down - tells him they will meet again, that she’s sure of it. She doesn’t want to say goodbye. And the scene in 4x13 also reflects this, the entire episode she’s of the belief she might die, but she doesn’t want to - she wants to go to space, with her friends, with Bellamy. And so when they are about to be separated, she stops him - and it looks like she might confess for a wild second but instead she tells him to 'hurry’. She’s not telling him she loves him, she’s not accepting this as a goodbye between the two of them, that this is the last chance she has to say it - she’s telling him to hurry up, a promise that they will see each other again, that this isn’t the end. Clarke Griffin is terrified of saying goodbye to Bellamy Blake, because she never wants to.

YOOOOO I’m back with another process video, this time for this remadora piece I painted for @sirussly​!

Here are a few things I learned:

1. Painting is more fun when you’re working with high contrast images and interesting textures, wrinkles, and folds. So, painting Remus’s leather jacket was a goood time

2. If you’re going off of multiple reference images (e.g. trying to turn this draco-ass dude into something like @asktheboywholived​‘s Remus), start with pose, complexion, and facial structure, then add/modify the features you want to emulate from your other ref.

Example: Once I had the base from the blond guy down, I modified his chin and nose, and added the hair and toque to make him look more like TT’s Remus. The same went for the blonde girl and features from Jess’s Tonks.

3. If the painting isn’t sitting right and you’re not sure why, think about the situation/story/relationship you’re trying to convey. In this case, I figured out that Remus did not look old/tired enough in comparison to Tonks, so I added shade under his eyes and cheekbones, and started fucking with a beard.

4. Beards are REAL DAMN DIFFICULT, especially if you’re adding them to a painting based on a smooth-shaven ref. I spent way too long trying to figure out what the fuck a beard even looks like and how it sits on a person’s face by creepily stalking TT’s Remus rps and also googling the word goatee

5. If you come to a decision point in your process and you can’t make the choice yourself, I recommend that you: a) Procrastinate b) Ask a buddy or c) Do both. Both is good. Guess which one I chose. (Also thank u to Jess for making the Great 2017 Beard Decision for me)

Total time: ~6hr (yikesss)

Music: Lupin’s Tale (by Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls) 

I Slam Therefore I Am by veronicahague

“Yeah, well his poems are stupid.”

Louis realizes he’s probably said this a little bit too loudly when a hush falls over the campus common area and everyone turns to stare at him. Oops.

“Louis!” Liam whispers frantically, his eyes roving around the room in a panic. “What if he’d been here and heard you?”

Louis scoffs. “It’s not like I said his name.”

“No, but everyone in this room knows who you are. And they know there’s only one other person in this school who you could possibly be talking about.”

As much as Louis hates to admit it, it’s true. For as long as he’s been going to poetry slams and baring his soul to the entire world on stage (okay, fine, maybe just to the poetry club and other random students and staff who were drawn inside by the ‘free Starbucks coffee’ sign), his one and only rival has been Harry Styles.

Louis and Harry are both creative souls but they aren’t friends, not by a long shot.

This is the Rival Slam Poets AU that no one asked for.

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do you know that benjamin steven guy who used to maybe be friends with phil in the early days of youtube and stuff? don't know much about him but i just found a tweet from him to phil talking about dan and he said "fuck you making him popular! he already got 400 subs in a day >.<" and idk why but i'm laughing so much

one last thing: and benjamin tried so hard to get phil’s attention but he failed so miserably, i kinda feel bad lmao BenAndPhilGames is a thing at some alternate universe

I honestly had no idea who this guy was before you mentioned this, so I typed in his name & AmazingPhil in Twitter’s search bar and all these old tweets popped up:

This dude was more thirsty for Phil than Dan was and Phil rarely ever replied

I feel bad for him LOL

again I went the sappy soft route because Keith’s birthday deserves soft, that boy deserves all the soft, so please enjoy this offering to the Voltron fandom. happy bday, space sweetheart.

home isn’t a place

The mission had gone well for once; Keith had slipped under the radar and planted the bug before the sentries had completed their second rotation. All information was being forwarded to the Blade. The trip back to the base was equally quiet, Keith settling in his seat as he set the flyer to autopilot. Another day, another mission, another stretch of time where Keith was left alone with his thoughts. Biting his lip, he flicked on the console, feeding it through a proxy before selecting the Voltron Coalition promotional videos.

The volume was muted, but Keith knew the words anyway. He’d watched the vids near obsessively, though it did little to fill the ache in his chest at acknowledging his team moving on without him. Shiro leapt into frame, striking a silly pose, and Allura followed after. The sequence was one well known: they would soon pick up the boxed forms of the Voltron Lions and defeat a papier-mâché Zarkon. Flashes of light flared across the screen. Keith tucked his feet up on the seat, chin resting on his knees as he took in his team. Exuberant. Content. Hilarious.

He scrubbed at his eyes.

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