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explicitly mentally ill superman > superman that just smiles 24/7

superman who struggles to save a world who is afraid of him and hates him and rejects > superman who has the world falling over in adoration of him

superman who indirectly learns the good of humanity through the people closest to him > superman automatically knowing what is Good™ and Bad™ and what is Justice™

superman whose inner conflict and self doubt comes from his low self esteem/depression/mental illness > superman who questions his self only when he temporarily loses his powers

superman whose lois lane doesn’t love him “despite” his mental/emotional debilitation but loves him WITH those struggles > superman whose lois lane is a one-dimensional love interest

superman who feels so alienated from human beings but couldn’t be more human, whose perspective is told from that of an immigrant’s > superman who is shown perfectly adjusted in society

superman whose social awkwardness is actually a result of his social anxiety > superman whose social awkwardness is part of a ruse to keep people off his scent that he’s superman

millennial superman > golden age superman basically


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Does anyone know/ does commissions of constructing like the one above? I want to commission them to build it! I NEEED it

I’ll pay for the necessary materials as well as the time needed to build it and shipping.

I also have the instructions for it! It can be found here!

Please reblog it to spread it around and please message me if you can/ know anyone!

The Tears Just Don’t Fall

The tears just don’t fall
having already shed too many
nights as dark as moonless skies
days overflowing with emptiness
the rain outside takes the place
of all that which no longer flows
from reddened and sorrowful
moisture laden eyes
I feel this too, I feel your pain
so many promises have turned to lies
yet even as it seems sorrow is here to stay   
while joy has departed for parts unknown
I know I’ve said it many times before
still please remember this dear soul
you are loved and you are not alone

Special thank you to my dear friend Navin for the prompt “The tears just don’t fall”. I kind of had this concept in my head (or heart), and his line seemed to fit perfectly.  Maybe more on a prompt thingy later, love to all, Mike. 

seriousflightrisk  asked:

here's a question: top 10 best taeyeon stage outfits ^3^*

alrighty! a tough question (this will be a long post but I’ll probably make a gifset of this after my exams at the end of this week)

Not in any particular order:

BUT THIS ONE IS DEFINITELY #1: -do I need to say more-

Because damnnnnnn:

This cute little thing: 

Also DENIM: 

It’s the boxers for this one:

Because the skinny tie and how can you go wrong with tae in a suit:

And speaking of suits…

Gotta mention this one too:

Gotta mention my thing for uniforms:

and last but not least this special outfit:

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so as a thank you, i’m giving away!! art! 

a ¾ body of whatever you want!! it can be an existing character or like, i’ll design one for you, idk whatever you want its your prize!!!!! 

just tell me and I will Create for you

I’ve decided since it’s a thank you 4 following giveaway, that it’s followers only but new followers are welcome!

reblog with your username and ID#, likes dont count!

this will end When Starfall ends! at rollover on the 1st!