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Hey guys! As most of you may know I’ve been accepted into the Disney College Program Spring 2018! In January I’m heading down to California to work as Disneyland for a few months on an internship and I’m trying to save up some money!

I’m super excited to go, but I’m worried. I’ll be staying in their housing which is crazy expensive in Anaheim (Cali in general) so my paycheck won’t be high. Normally it wouldn’t bother me but I still have my car and phone bill to pay and my current job doesn’t pay much to save money with so here I am! Any little bit would help!


Just as you see up there:

  • Sketches (only in full body) $5
  • Colored Sketches (Upper body) $5
  • Colored Sketches (Full Body) $10
  • Fully lined and colored commission w/o bg (only full body) $20

Every extra character will cost half the price of the original price. Example: Colored sketch +1 character would be $15. ($5 rounds up to $3 when halved)


  • Furries
  • NSFW (sorry not this time)
  • Heavy Armor
  • Offensive Material 

I only accept paypal! Payments upfront! ♥ Shoot me an ask or message me if you’re interested! It would really help a lot!

((Holy moly you guys thanks so much for 3.5k followers?? Sorry I haven’t been here as often, school’s been keeping me busy…!

The ask box is still open, so you can send in more asks if you’d like!! If there’s anything you think can be answered through text post go for it, it’s quick and easy to respond to those!

And I’m always chatting/posting art over on my personal, @shima-draws so if you miss me I’m very active over there lol

Thank you guys soooo much!! If I have time this weekend I’ll definitely draw a celebratory post and answer some more asks!! Love you all ❤️))

i’m going to end this wonderful, incredible, extraordinary birthday with this picture of me currently lying on my floor in a sea of emotion due to the fact that i a.) got my wish of jonny dming me fulfilled, b.) was told by him personally that he is coming to the states next month, c.) learned that he enjoys my subtle deacon cosplays, and d.) have been blessed to have an actual conversation with mutha'uckin’ jonathan brugh!!!!!


so, where do i even begin?
today i met Troy Baker. one of the most prevalent voices in my life from when i got heavily into video games. his roles have done more for me than ive been able to explain, and today, i managed to meet the man himself and tell him the impact he’s made on my life
he recognised me from the front row of his panel (which was really amazing and inspiring and his words ill carry with me forever) and said “oh yeah i remember you sorry i didn’t get to your question”. i dont think he recognised me from the photoshoot bc i was McCree then and had changed into 707 because i was just dying of heat and anxiety.
and i just started saying “okay, so uh…” and he looked at me so intently. he’s so engaging and he really wants to listen to what i have to say. and i was like “i never thought you’d be here i never thought this would happen i never thought you’d be in scotland” and i could feel myself starting to get choked up and then i was like
“so i’m a transgender guy-”
and i like? immediately started crying? and i was like NO RHYS STOP but i just ended up sobbing in front of him and trying to talk while crying? but he was so so understanding and gentle he was like “it’s okay, it’s okay” every few seconds just so reassuring.
And I told him that my favourite roles of his were Rhys from Tales from the Borderlands and Joel from the Last of Us, and how those two characters had such a strong bearing on my life and coming to terms with my identity, to the point I even named myself after Rhys in Tales because he resonated so much with me. And he was just so sweet and lovely and I just was such an emotional mess and he said “You’re so strong, I’m so proud of you”
and he stood up from his table and HUGGED ME. Like so tight and it was such a long hug? and i was like crying on troy’s shoulder and he just held me and patted my back.
and i told him how the last of us came into my life at such a pivotal time. and joel and ellie’s journey put so much into perspective for me, and everything in the game holds so much meaning and depth in my heart, and how it had such a huge role in my journey of self discovery. and he was thanking me so sincerely for my support and such
and he was asking me how my family were with me coming out and so on, and then once i wiped some more tears away he then started telling me about how ancient greeks had certain maxims (this guy is super smart and learned, he used so many analogies like this), the first of which is “Know Thyself”. and he was like. “you’ve got that one down, brother. you’ve come to terms with yourself and you’re in touch with who you are and thats so amazing”
and then i told him he’d made my day and this was the best day of my life and he wrote on my last of us case, as you can see in the photo, in reference to the “know thyself” maxim.

“Rhys, 1 down bro.”


So, yeah, I was gone for a week, come back, and… well, I got over 1000 followers! O_O 

Like, wow, guys! Thank you SO MUCH for liking my blog! <3 

The thing that bothers me, though…I don’t really know you. And that’s sad. I know you share and like (sometimes even comment) what I post, but, well, I have no real clue who you are. What you like, what your OCs in this fandom look like, what made you join this fandom in the first place, your favorite characters, what you like about this blog, etc. 

Soooo, because I really want to change that and connect with you, I opened submissions. Submit your fanarts, tell me about your best Dragon Age moments, share something about yourself and it doesn’t matter how small or ‘mundane’ it may seem! :) 

I would love to get to know you!

OMFG guys I didn’t think I’d get this much followers with how long I upload stuff like holy heck y’all have amazing patience.. (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

I’m still working on that silly little comic, but I may have put too much effort on the backgrounds. You’ll see what I mean soon. I’ll also be opening commissions as soon as I finish my new art samples. I have tons of WIPs that need to be done so please bare a bit more with me here..

Again, thank you all so much for the support!! 


happy birthday to our sweet namjoon!
thank you for being our galaxy