thank you thank you thank you i'm so not worthy

You guys are actually unbelievable! Just yesterday I announced that I had hit 200 friends and now you’ve given me 300 friends!! I love you guys so much, beyond words! I’m just a useless human being who’s never done anything right in her life and I don’t know what I did to deserve you lovelies!

Hi, hello! It’s that time of the year again, where I write an essay about how much I love all of my followers!! :’) Except, this time it’s even more special, because I’ve managed to hit 5,000+ followers recently!! Sobs. What an amazing Christmas present! Thank you for loving, following, & tolerating my mess of a multifandom blog! Every like, tag, reblog, reply (when it still existed), & message were all very much appreciated & I definitely felt all kinds of love & fuzzy feels. 

Bolded: The true MVPS; amazing friends I’m forever thankful for. You mean the absolute world to me & I’m so so so so thankful for your friendship & tolerance with me this past crazy year. I love y’all so much! <3 

Italics: Mutuals! Your blogs are freaking amazing, so to know that you follow me back, is truly one of the greatest honors! <3

If you’re a mutual & you’re blog isn’t listed, I’m honestly 99% positive that I forgot so I’m truly sorry & hope you find room in your heart to forgive my clumsy self! Please don’t take any offense and know that I really love your blog a lot okay! <3 

Anyways, happy holidays to all my followers!! <3

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300 Follower Giveaway!

Currently I’m sitting pretty at 245 followers. I’m stunned that the number is anything greater than, like, 10. Hopefully it’s because you like what I post. Maybe you just want more chances at free stuff… Well if that’s you, then it’s your lucky day!

I’m doing another giveaway! I’ll announce a winner once I hit 300 followers.

Reblog this post (do it as a text post please, not a link) and be following me for a chance to win one of the following!

- A Polluted Delta
- A Bloodstained Mire
- Three packs, chosen at random among the three most recent Standard-legal sets. You may get three of one set, or one of each.

One winner will be chosen. One of the three will be given. Whatever remains will be given away at 350 followers and 400 followers. Probably. 

In addition, anyone who replies to this post or sends me an ask with why they follow me and what they like seeing most from me will get an extra giveaway entry! These will persist through future giveaways if not chosen as the winning selection. Currently there are 23 extra entries between five lovely followers. They were awesome and answered some trivia questions rather intelligently, and guessed some of my encoded custom magic cards.

Be honest, by the way. If you’re really just following for the giveaways, I’m 100% okay with that. Hopefully you stick around and enjoy what else I have to offer!

akamenightraid  asked:

first of all let me just you are the true drawing jesus for this fandom thank you for joining this one hell of a fandom thank you for supporting nalu and gajevy thank you for making me laugh with your comic strips thank you for the council!Gale drawings thank you lord for leading me to tumblr so i could see your arts thank you god bless oh wait this is an ask box goddamit okay um how can i be perfect like you

Please stop I’m not worthy for this