thank you taka i love u


(-^〇^-)Oh wow, I certainly didn’t expect that reaction to my post, I guess you did like it Oh oh and senpai noticed me! Yes! lolygothica reblogged my post and said that I should continue it ( /)u(\ ) Thanks so much guys! Here’s a gift for you as a thank you. Senpai said she smelled KagaKise, I actually love this pair thanks to her (I love Kise being ravished by anyone!) But I plan on doing just a bit of bromance between those 2 cause I think Kise should be comforted by Kagami, and Kasamatsu and Taka-chan and Furi and Himuro. I want to do it with my OTPS but feel free to suggest other pairs and characters, and I will tell you if yes or no.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


alright so i‘ve been procrastinating this for a while but here is my new years follow forever !!!! thank u so much to everyone that made it good! I’ve made so many new friends and mutuals this year and i love u all so much !!! here we go!

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I made these a few months ago.. This is a story how these awsome band saved me..its more like a confession really..

Before knowing them.. I was always lost in life, i took a lot of wrong turns that had caused problems for my parents, family and my close ones..

It keeps on getting worst and worst till i dont feel like i wanted to live anymore.. More problems and sins that i’ve commited the more i wanted to vanish from this world.. Back then i thought there was no way i could get back to where i should and i wondered will i ever be able to find who i really am what really makes me happy..

The wrong things i’ve done are nothing but shame.. I’ve done it all for the wrong reasons no i didnt get into drugs or alcohol (thank god i didnt). I cant really say it but im not glad with it..
There was a time where my family ignored me, kept on blamming me for everything and so..i got really fed up till i really wanted to vanish..

Before i knew it darkness was overtaking me.. I’ve become more and
More painful, tired and etc..

I was like a souless body that was smilling laughing and pretended infront of people that i was fine though i was crushed and broken inside..

my cousin some of u guys might know her (bellenomura) introduced me to one ok rock. [thank u my dear cousin]

Their songs are always hits me right at the spot where i didnt think people would understand and feel.. They gave me hope, calmness and a shield when i hear their songs.. The words from the lyrics that gives me energy, a positive upbeat and reminds me that im not the only one who’s in pain
(I know they are alot of other people who are suffering more than i did but i was blinded to remind my self) and they gave me a feel thats like “this isnt the time to give up..” Or “theres still time to change” or “its ok!! Theres a 2nd chance”

I was played by people..and now im not gonna be their toys anymore..

Oor is like a saviour to alot of us.. I know they are..

This is weird but i have to confess i love taka’s voice so much cause each time i hear it i feel like its hugging me and protecting me like “its ok ur not alone. Im here for u” its weird but yeah..

Knowing them is the best thing that had ever happen to me.. I feel like i owe them my life.. I would risk it for their sake.. I would.. Really..

Without them i dont think i would be here..

And another thing is meeting all of u people here in tumblr who are such nice people.. This is a nice fandom..

So i wanna thank

One ok rock
Taka for ur words voice and ability to inspire and calm us
Toru for bringing the band together and made such an awsome band while making awsome music with taka
Ryota for being such a sexy idiot ;p
Tomoya for being a very happy smiley energy and a punching bag to ur members lol..
Toyota - please do more songs together.. Ur parents needs a lil break
And please dont stop making music
I need ur music and u guys to keep me going..


You guys who are awsome for reading this and being so kind us fandom people…

I love u guys