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Blaine's Going On An Adventure. (A Klaine/LOTR crossover)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGNIESZKA! And because you made me such a beautiful piece of fanart for mine, I had to step up my game. So I wrote you a drabble. :) I hope you like it<3 

The shire was a very quiet, peaceful place to live in, Blaine always thought, but he always had aspirations to travel elsewhere, to go on a long, exciting, thrilling adventure. He’d always wondered what it’d be like to go on a treacherous journey across the beautiful terrain or middle earth.

But he was but a simple hobbit, tending to his garden and his ponies by day as he smoked on his pipe, and spending nights at the inn and drinking with his friends. His life was quiet and relaxing, and he was happy with it, and he knew he’d never have the courage to go out into the world alone, and all the other hobbits were adamant to stay in the shire their whole lives, seemingly afraid of the outside world.

So Blaine stuck to his day to day life, letting his dreams just be dreams, knowing he’ll never leave the shire.

But that was before the elf.

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