thank you sydney for putting up with my bullshit


ok so while everyone in the gm is making these heartfelt emo posts that are making me cry, i did what i do best and made this one year anniversary of the gain train video; aka a giant shitpost

please note that we make really crude jokes and none of this is serious!!!! if we offend anyone it was not intentional!

the squad:

@eddiekaspbraks @richies-tozier @bill-denbroughs @stevenrogers @protectmike @shesavedus @cloeggo @themikewheelers @flea-and-the-acrobat @the-weirdo-on-maple-street @eggogorgon @strangerwhee11ers

happy friendiversary, lovelies! i have so much love for all of you and i’m so grateful to call you all some of my closest friends. thank you all for showing me what it means to have friends that are truly there for you, and for putting up with me. i appreciate it more than all of you really know. 

cheers to another year of our bullshit!  ♡