thank you sunrise

Step 1: Take a really long hot shower (use your hands to make bubbles with the soap)

Step 2: Play music and dance while getting dressed even if you don’t feel like it and end up tripping on your underwear.

Step 3: Eat. A lot.

Step 5: Open your journal and close it back because your mind still isn’t thinking in English yet.

Step 6: Realise that you’re also too distracted to count properly.

Step 7: Netflix; until every actor starts to look like him.

Step 8: Journal; take 2.

Step 8: Go to bed but stay awake the whole time.

Step 9: Finally find the words but now you’re too lethargic to leave the bed.

Step 10: Try to pray over the sound of what if what if what if what if

Step 11: Look for the bright side ; realize that the room is too dark. Decide to wait until morning.

Step 12: Blame yourself until even your smile begins to look like a fault line.

Step 13: Cry until it hurts; until your eyes become Sahara; until you feel like you’ve swallowed a cactus.

Step 14: Think about the world without him in it. Or think about nothing at all. Realize they both look the same.

Step 15: Tell the sunrise thank you for coming; hope that he’s seeing it too.

Step 16: Come up with steps that actually work.

—  How to cope when your best friend almost dies (on purpose) // Ceres

Robin Williams July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014
I finally got round to watching this film and I cried through the last 20 minutes. It is heartbreaking to know that there will never be another film with this fantastic man in it. He has been one of my biggest inspirations in acting and in my opinion is one of the greatest performers of all time.
Thank you.

chance-of-chaos  asked:

*mod pushes His shy snek boi infront of Himself and Sugar Orchid (adult) and tells Him to talk to Him* Soaring Sunrise: H-Hi t-there S-S-Sugar aaa n-nice to m-meet you *He goes to try and leave, mod shakes His head and pushes Him back and tells Him to keep going* Soaring: S-So I I was the one w-who sent t-the l-l-letter. (all the while His face gets redder and redder with blush)

Sugar Orchid(18): Th-that was you?.. oh.. well it’s uh… nice to meet you too. *blushes brightly * I.. I really liked your um… your letter… it was really sweet.. thank you. *kisses Soaring Sunrise’s cheek affectionately, then runs off embarrassed by his own actions *

Still feeling so very emotional about all of this

I went out to walk my dog this morning. The songs that kept me company were:

Can You Hear The Voice of Justice?! - Tiger & Bunny


必要なら気付くはずさ だから今日はおやすみ」

‘Don’t forget that, no matter when, you’re not alone

If it really comes down to it, you’ll notice that, so it’s goodnight for now’

'You’re not alone’? Yeah, go tell Barnaby that, Kotetsu, why don’t you.

'Goodnight’. 'Goodnight’. MY FEELINGSSSSSSSSSSS.

Yoru wo Kakeru - Spitz

「転がった背中 冷たいコンクリートの感じ


'As I lie down, I get the cold feeling from the concrete

And I taste you bittersweet tongue one more time’

After the Storm - Mumford and Sons

'There will come a time you’ll see, with no more tears

And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears’