thank you streetlight manifesto


i know i sound like a broken record when i say this.. but.. THANK YOU STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO. i can’t say it enough. you guys never fail on putting on an awesome show. it was a pleasure to talk to some of you and jenny after the show! and survive the pit for my very first time. (shoutout to jacob for being the whole reason i survived and protecting me from foots to the face) also let it be known that i have a picture of mike brown and i dabbing. i will respect the man’s wish of not posting that picture anywhere, but the people need to know that a picture of mike brown dabbing is saved in my camera roll. THANKS AGAIN I LOVE YOU GUYS. HEART EYES FOR MY GUYS.

lunseb  asked:

how bout L? i mean, i'd give you my whole name (Luna ;)), but i wouldn't wanna bother you...<3

lately- shapes and colors
life is beautiful- sixx: am
lost boy- five seconds of summer
loving someone- the 1975
the love club- lorde
the littlest things- streetlight manifesto
thank you for asking!!!

Matt Stewart from Meatbeat Manifesto is one of my favorite members of the ensemble. Not only is he extraordinarily witty and intelligent, but also provides Tallslink Slamdunkfesto with a deliciously well thought-out trumpet solo whenever they need one.

I, for one, believe that Matt Stewart, along with six others, is the most important person in Steelwheel Granturismo.

Thank you, WhiteTide Manbreastfeedo.


Finally, videos from the Toh Kay show back in December are uploaded on Youtube. THANK YOU MAT