thank you space husband!

Thanks for this anon, you didn’t have to get back to me and I’m so happy you did! I loved the gif in question, hence the bitchiness. I get that on the interwebz it’s hard to tell stuff like that.

I like the moon too, and I’m sure in time Spock will come to as well so have this drawing as thanks


Oh no, he’s hot…>/////< ___________________________ Look at Liam face on second screenshot lmao. He’s just like:😕 Liam don’t appreciate another candidate to your LI, lololol:D ______ Aww love this screenshots so much>:3 Thanks, Bioware💜

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New kids on the block!

I meant to draw a little celebration back when we learned the names of the new characters in Episode 7, but hit a bit of an art block, along with holiday madness, and never really finished it… :<

But didn’t want to end the year without trying to push through! I can’t wait to meet these guys in 2015!!

Prompt: We slept in the same bed for space reasons but now we’re just waking up and there’s something about your bleary eyes and mussed hair

Pairing: Space Husbands

Requested by anonymous, thank you! It was nice to write such a tender moment!

Always the first to admit when he made a mistake, always the first to admit he could have done better, Jim Kirk wasn’t prone to excessive pride. However, in this case, he *was* inordinately proud of himself. A whole night, he’d spent sharing a narrow bed with his tantalizingly oblivious first officer, and all night he had kept his hands respectfully to himself, even managed to drift off once he stopped thinking about how good Spock smelled and how warm he was, laying mere inches away. Close enough to touch, to hold, to curl up to, and yet Jim had refrained.

Well done, Captain.

Spock had offered to sleep on the floor, but it hadn’t been his fault that the outpost on this far-off moon didn’t have the resources to support a whole Starfleet landing party. They’d all had to share rooms, all had to share beds, and frankly the environmental controls in this place were astoundingly horrible. Spock could have frozen to death if he’d curled up in a meager blanket on the cool metal floor. Okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic, but he would have been uncomfortable.

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Spirk au with chubby teen Kirk finding a very old artifact spaceship and writing an article for his school theorizing a first contact with an alien species long before humanity even knew they were not alone, identifying human dna coated across the ship along with unknown dna and coming across data within the spaceship that might conclude the potential influence of alien technology pushing human technology, at least covering a significant technological movement (example: the creation of the cellphone, discovery of warp drive, the internet, etc.)

This article was meant for school, however it attracts the attention of a scholarly news press and goes out universally. The spaceship is considered a monumental discovery, and is placed in a museum. On the opening day of it’s presentation one of the set of eyes front and center on the work is belonging to a young scholarly Spock ( who has received much academic praise and is a popular name to drop among science geeks and teachers ) on the brink of his first potential pon farr. Jim is there to smile and take pictures but recognizes Spock along with other scholarly faces. At some point, Spock manages to speak to Jim alone about his findings. Jim may or may not find it cute how Spock gushes in a very formal, vulcan way about the fascinating finding belonging to Jim, as well as the refreshing and new ideas Jim seems to have considered while writing his article. Spock manages to leave his padd’s I.D with Kirk to get in contact with him later, insisting that they discuss Jim’s theories etc.

I want Jim to eat when he gets nervous.

That’s as much as I got, but at SOME point I want to break into the museum, because what is a fic about two nerds if you don’t commit some kind of crime? Anyway, I want Jim to show Spock the interior of the ship, but to be nervously snacking on some cookies only to catch Spock looking at him curiously and literally while he is eating the last cookie offer Spock to try out a cookie. While Spock is obviously like, “impossible, you have just eaten the last” it is imperative they share and awkward chocolatey kiss that night because Spock getting tipsy off of kisses is amazing and I need it in my life.

That’s all I have rn, thank you

Are we gonna talk about the start of The Undiscovered Country and how it is literally just Kirk and Spock having a lil’ Space Husbands lover’s tiff in front of ALL of Starfleet Command - 

Literally the definition of fighting like an old married couple. 


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thank you!!

Submitted by @mendotrash :

Listen. This is no request, but i gotta tell you how incredibly good your stories are! No Shit. You deserve all the recognisen and love from all around the world ‘cause girl you’re doing a wonderful Job! I’m utter trash for Ben and Krennic so please continue and surprise us with fluffly/smutty stories. BUT BOY *inhales sharply* A Ravager’s Love like FUCK YEEES!!! I love YOU. God I need more of my blue space husband in my life. THANK YOU sooooo soooo much for writing this beautiful piece of art, I absolutly loved and enjoyed reading it. I’ll be patiently waiting for more Yondu (no rush. i know you need to finish your other request first) but still A-MA-ZING! This is the shit I need 24/7. Please tag me in all the Yondu smut, fluff, anything.. xoxo

* * *


And YESSSSSSS!!! BLUE SPACE HUSBAND!!😍 More love for Yondu! I’m so freaking happy that they’re so many who loves him! I mean, I felt all alone after the first movie and searched for fics about him but didn’t find any (and I hadn’t joined Tumblr or started writing myself back then) BUT NOW!! Now he’s getting so much love and it’s freaking awesome! He deserves it and Michael Rooker deserves it! He is one of those actors, just like Ben, who almost always gets to play a supporting role (almost always the bad guy/villain) and almost never gets the leading role. BUT BOTH OF THEM STEALS EVERY SCENE THEY’RE IN!!! THEY DESERVE ALL THE RECOGNITION IN THE WORLD!!

So, yes! I’m definitely going to write more with Yondu and I’ll be very happy to tag you in them 😄

Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely words. It means everything to me 😚

no but everyone thinks Vulcan’s sleep like straight and don’t move or anything but imagine if they’re actually really stupid and cuddly and they take a pillow and hug it and they do the leg thing (you know what i’m talking bout) and if they sleep with someone like their mate then they just suck up to them and throw all their limbs over them and they act nothing like anyone actually thinks