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Victor gazed toward an open window and sighed. When would his siren return from his hunt? Victor missed having those fingers lovingly threading through his hair at nights, braiding it for him. He had found a few little nests tangling his fine strands that morning, every inch of him complaining of Yuuri’s absence.

However, some days, life on the ship visibly wore on Yuuri. His smile faded, his music grew solemn, and Victor would notice him rubbing at his wrists. At the feathers there, until the plumage began to wear thin.

Those days, Victor would rest his hands on Yuuri’s tense shoulders and kiss at the tattoos on his back. Tell him to fly and watch the relief sink through his siren like his siren sunk ships.

Other days, Victor would awaken to the look of longing in Yuuri’s eyes and he would simply nod in understanding. Being able to see how beautiful Yuuri’s wings were when they spread in the sky was always a gift, even if it meant lonely days awaited him.

During the times that the sky was blue and the sea was calm, Victor would leave open one of his cabin windows. A signal to Yuuri, that whenever he needed it, whenever he was ready to return, his nest was safe and his mate would be there welcoming him home. 

Yuuri had been gone nearly a week. He had been gone longer before, but that did not mean Victor couldn’t miss him.

A storm loomed on the horizon, darkness rolling through clouds. Victor frowned as he went to shut the window, lingering there with his hand on the glass. He needed to be on deck, helping the crew prep the ship to head away from the menacing weather, away from the threat of waves and winds and the harpies the thunder might bring with it.

There was still blue in the sky overhead, sun glittering off the water below. Victor sighed, pulling hard on the weight of the window.

The chirp carrying across the water made him stop. He squinted and then heard another, louder. Like music skipping toward him, springing straight into his heart.


Wings broke through clouds and his siren dropped from above. The sight of his smiling, darling face could have brought tears to Victor’s eyes. Yuuri did not do his customary lap around the ship, but headed straight for his captain.

Victor would have leapt from the window if it meant being in Yuuri’s arms a second sooner. Wings spread and holding him steady, Yuuri flew in and grasped at the windowsill with one hand, leaning in and grabbing at Victor with the other.

A kiss had never tasted so sweet as it did through the open window. Victor smiled too wide into it, muttering welcome after sweetname, greeting his siren back to their home. Yuuri chirped against his lips and rubbed the tips of their noses together, until Victor laughed when the siren attempted to pull them closer and nearly sent him falling.

“I missed you, lovebird.”

“I missed you too.”

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waaaa thank you anons so much!! TToTT <3333 uuuu if time permits, I’d love to do more collabs and more starry au but I’m currently dead OTL but thank you so much for your encouragements! TTATT I was really afraid people wouldn’t enjoy it ;7;

more starry au

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Do you have any more serious headcanons about frostmaster?? I love all your HCs of course!! But I really liked what you said before when you went on that small tangent starting with Loki saying “I think I love you.” Do you have any more HCs, maybe more angsty or even just soft fluffy serious ones involving maybe one or both of them catching a couple feelings for each other lol

you want more angst? y’all are wild I love you. of course I have angst headcanons. strap in kids.

  • okay so the Grandmaster is a telepath, and he knows what people are thinking right? of course he thought it was endearing when Loki was planning to overthrow him, and he caught feelings for him when Loki started emitting remorseful vibes, and the whole “i’m going to seduce and overthrow him” commentary in his head began to vanish. the Grandmaster actually started distancing himself from Loki however when he could feel the other man falling in love. Sure he was in love too, but he didn’t want Loki to fall for him. he may not look old but he feels old, and he could ever wrap his head around why Loki feels anything for him at all. he had his fair share of charm back in the day, but he thought it had faded to a dull roar. to see as well as feel Loki fall head over heels for him scares him immensely. 
  • sakaar isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, not for the Grandmaster anyway. he’d actually love to leave, he’s been yearning to for years. but, he is terrified. he’s immortal on sakaar, and he’s a dictator. he fears that if he leaves he’ll lose all of that, all of what makes him important to his society. when he meets Loki, he’s able to forget about that for a while between their shared stories from the universe, and while they slowly begin to fall for each other, but when Loki leaves, the Grandmaster is more than just broken, it gives him incentive to leave. and he does, he needs to at least get back to Loki and tell him what he couldn’t tell him while he was on sakaar; “I love you.”
  • they definitely talk about their brothers. Grandmaster is surprised at himself because Loki is one of the few people, maybe even the only on left on sakaar that knows who his brother is. Loki had never heard of his brother of course, the Collector wasn’t that well-known on Asgard. Loki gets worked up whenever Grandmaster tells Loki about one of his bad stories with his brother, then Loki tells his. Loki makes sure to mention he doesn’t hold too much against his brother anymore, that it was mostly his father he feels resentment towards, but now that his father is dead there isn’t much resentment left. Grandmaster helps him understand that you don’t need to harbor resentment towards anyone to be a successful soul.
  • the Grandmaster has night terrors, it’s do to the countless years he’s lived, the countless lives he’s takes, and the countless loved one’s he’s lost. Loki isn’t usually much of a comforter, but he knows how to comfort the Grandmaster. He knows he just wants to be held and have his cheek stroked. Loki worries his cold skin isn’t comforting, but Grandmaster always argues otherwise telling him that it wakes him up and that since he himself is usually a furnace, it feels comforting to be cooled down.
  • even though the Grandmaster’s favorite color is blue and he loves Loki’s Jotun form, Loki is still extremely self conscious and gets a little bit distant if he accidentally reveals himself. the Grandmaster and Loki only get into arguments about this one occurrence. Grandmaster keeps telling Loki that he loves it, and once said “maybe even more than I like your regular form” which makes Loki leave him for a day or two out of anger, because he works so hard to make people accept his regular Asgardian-looking form. the Grandmaster apologizes when Loki comes back and tells him he just loves him for who he is, etc.
  • Grandmaster has trouble coping when Loki leaves to go back to Asgard. It becomes his only mission, to find him, wherever he is. he pretty much entirely puts sakaar on the back burner of his issues, because he’s distressed as to why Loki left without a goodbye, and he forces himself to not be angry with Loki, because he remembers what happened when he got resentful towards past lovers. And he cares for Loki more than he cares for…pretty much anything else on the planet. 

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A3 for Robbie and C1 for Marvin, maybe? •3• Btw you're art is so cute I just got finished looking through all of it XD

I know you said it years ago, but maaan, thank you so much! >u< I’m so happy you think they’re cute C:
And here they go :D
Sorry for waiting for that long, still hope you’ll like it! C:

Hey Marv, could you check if everything’s okey with Robbie? 
Man, Marvin always have to do the worst job :v xD
Guys, I drew two characters *^* And it looks better than i though *u* xD

thank you kind anon(s) ;___; i don’t know how i got you guys… i feel pointless a lot and i’ts kinda the underpinning thing to my . well. RL shittiness i guess to some degree and when people tell me my fic cheered them up or helped in some small way it really fucking means a lot. 

going to try update watercast soon I will try hammer it out so we can have a pre-xmas update and maybe an xmas update alsdkjfalkjas fuckkk. ;____; 

Lil break

Dear peeps ! Just to say, cause it’s more polite to do so : To be short, I was very busy these past weeks and had a long week again, I was actually quite sick, especially during the weekends when I was supposed to relax, so… well, I guess I need to slow down a little ?
Just to say that I won’t post a page of the comic Lapstale tomorrow nor next week, but will rather work on lil projects, less exhausting.
So a lil hiatus for the comic during two weeks ! The next page will be posted on December 8th then, when I’ll start drawing it again like usual.
Thank you all for understanding, now I’ll try to take better care of myself !

Hey <3 I wanted to start off by saying thank you to all of you for 3k followers. I never really expected to get anywhere when I made this blog and the fact that this many of you cared enough to follow me means the world. Since I joined in August, I have made unbelievable friends and found incredibly talented people. Below are just some of the bloggers on here I especially love and respect. 

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They’re so CUTE

“It’s not like that!”
We instinctively take three steps from each other as she blushes and I casually throw a hand to the back of my neck; our typical routine to dissuade the prying eyes of bored students and the rumor mill. She storms embarrassed down the hall and I naturally follow behind her as I’ve been doing long as I can remember. Even from behind I can read her like my favorite book, and just like I know every chapter I know something else is bothering her. She feels better when she tells me as if I don’t already know so when we arrive at our spot on the roof I let her take her time.
“My parents were arguing again this morning.”
I feel my heart soften merely at the sound of her voice. There is so much that it holds. In the middle of it all I hear her trust in me call out, binding me to her more and more every day. I’m not particularly a guy of many words so I take my hands out of my pockets and sit by her, offering my ears instead of my voice. She knows she doesn’t have to be anything but herself with me. Honestly speaking, there doesn’t have to be words at all between us for us to communicate.
She leans against me and puts her head on my shoulder. She smells the same as always-home, sweet memories….strawberries.
I close my eyes when she laces her hand in mine and completely ignore the fact that they fit perfectly together- like the spaces in between my fingers were made just for hers. I also ignore the immediate thought
‘I wouldn’t want these fingers intertwined with anyone else’ and the anger inciting
‘God help the person that ever makes her run towards me with that look in her eyes again’.
I try to shake the thoughts away, look up into the sky that’s beautiful because Chaelin’s here and can’t stop the one always in the front of my mind that says,
“It is so like that.”