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Goodbye Skam

Hello everybody

Since as we all know Skam is ending tomorrow I just wanted to take a moment to write a post thanking all the amazing people I’ve met here and that have made the Skam experience so much better.

You know, I remember the exact moment when my life here in Tumblr changed. It was the day that the last clip of episode 4x03 was about to air. I remember that I had this scene in my head and I decided to write it and post it even though I’ve never really liked to share my writings because I’ve always thought that I’m no good at it. I remember that after that I went to the cinema and when I got out of it I checked Tumblr and I was completely overwhelmed by the support and love you all showed to that drabble. And after that I decided to post another fic and after that another one and another one and another one until today.

Another meaningful moment for me was when I decided to do the Skam Week. I remember being so crashed after episode 5 that I thought I’d never write anything again but when I saw that everybody here in Tumblr was as sad as I was I decided to try to make everyone feel a little bit better and that’s how the Skam Week was born and let me tell you that I can’t thank you all enough for the support that you showed me during that week. Just the simple thought of one person taking the time to read something that I’ve written, it still amazes me.

I can’t put into words how amazing and special this season has been for me. Because I’ve had the chance to live it with all of you and that have made the whole experience a lot better. The excitement I got every time there was an update and I got to share my thoughts with you and you share yours with mine that’s something I’ve never taken for granted and it’s one of the things I’m going to miss the most.

I love Skam as a whole but this season has been special for me because I’ve got to live the full experience, I’ve got to feel the anxiety and excitement while waiting for an update, feel the frustration when the update wasn’t what we expected, feel the joy when it was better than we expected. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve got angry and I’ve got happy and what this season has made me feel no show has ever made me feel. And again, a huge part of that is thanks to all of you who are here every day sharing this experience with me, making me feel part of something.

When things went wrong in my life for whatever reason, when I was overwhelmed or sad I’d just go in here and see your posts and your messages and I would instantly get in a better mood. When I was too tired to even write or to even think I’d tell myself “you have to do this, you owe it to them”.

With all these what I want to say is THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you and a thousand times thank you for being there to share this experience with me, via fanfics, via posts, via direct messages, via anon messages. Everything.

I’m not going to mention all the people that has been there for me one by one because I’d never end but I want to thank each of you who has taken a little bit of your time to read something I’ve posted, being it a fic or not, who has taken the time to like, reblog, comment or send me an ask. Thank you to everyone who has lived with me in my denial island where everything was happy. Thank to all of you lovely people with who I’ve been sharing conversations about Skam and about life via chats, you know who you are and you’re all super important to me. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to translate the clips and the texts because without you, us international fans wouldn’t be able to enjoy this amazing show.

And finally, thank you SKAM.

Thank you because when I say that this show has taken over my life I swear I’m not exaggerating. This show has taken over my life this season and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. And especially Yousef and Sana’s relationship, I’ve never been so invested in a ship in my life because what they made me feel, I can’t even put it into words, it’s the purest relationship I’ve ever seen.

I know that once I watch the last clip I’m going to feel like a part of me has been taken and I know it’s going to be really hard to deal with the loss of Skam but I’m sure that we will survive this because we are a family. And I’d like to take this chance to say that even if tomorrow the clip isn’t what we would like it to be let’s all try to enjoy it because it’s the last clip we’ll ever get and I want us to enjoy it together, no wars, no fights.

Thank you Julie Andem for creating this show, even if sometimes we’ve wanted to kill you, you’re an awesome writer and I’ve never seen a more perfect show in my life. The way this show makes me feel with one scene, with one look, with one sentence, with one song even with one text, it’s something I’ve never felt with any other show.

Thank you Sana Bakkoush for teaching me that hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear. Thank you for teaching me that we have to put other people first and we have to be nice to everyone even when they wrong us. But also thank you for teaching me that we need to speak up for ourselves and fight against the unfair. Thank you for represent all of us who feel like we’re not the main character in our own lives. Thank you for being the way you are and for teaching us to be tolerant and respectful and that we should rather be true losers than fake winners.

Thank you Isak Valtersen for teaching me that we’re not alone. Thank you for teaching me that life is now and that we should rather live a true life than a fake one. Thank you for being the one who introduced me to this amazing show.

Thank you Noora Amalie Sætre for teaching me that everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about and to be kind, always. Thank you for teaching me that people need people and that our body needs potatoes.

Thank you Eva Kviig Mohn for teaching me that our opinion of ourselves should be more important than the opinion people have about us. Thank you for teaching me to forgive and to ask for forgiveness.

Thank you Vilde, Chris, Yousef, Elias, Even, Mutta, Adam, Mikael, Jonas, Magnus, Mahdi, Linn, Eskild and every single character of this show for teaching me what a true friendship is. Thank you for teaching me what true love is. Thank you for teaching me that every story has two sides, two versions, and that we shouldn’t make assumptions until we know all the story. Thank you for teaching me that everyone makes mistakes and that we should learn from them.

Thank you SKAM for being the best show I’ve ever watched.

And thank you all for sharing this experience with me.

SKAM will end soon but we will always have it in our hearts and we won’t ever forget what this show has taught us.


And remember


I’m sorry for taking so long ;w; It’s a lot smaller than it looks so smaller pens have to be acquired before any continuation hhh….

I don’t know what you’re going though, but I want you to know that everything will be okay. Friends and family will have their ups and downs, and technology may not always bend to your will, but that’s all okay. Everything will end up alright. I’ve come to earn and live by something my um says a lot when there’s something bothering me; If it will matter four or five years down the road. And I know it’s hard to think ahead when you’re feeling down, but it’s a good question to ask. It’s also okay to think about what happened or why you’re sad. It’s better to think about and accept things rather than push them away. And, you have us here to help and talk things through, so you are definitely not alone.

Stay determined ✨♥✨ Because there are people out there that really care about you. ~M

Response to @shylittlemoosen

OMg- Moosen whyy ;;;;w;;;;…. Why r u always doing this to me- u want me to create a pool of my tears- because this seriously touched me…. now I don’t even know how exactly I can thank u… since u r always doing this to me and u r always here hhhhhhv- this really makes me happy qwq I didn’t expect u sending me this right after I just said I was feeling down- gosh u r really fast.. I was very happy to see this ;w;… I needed to- thank you ♥

And permission to hug? qwq

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235 + Malec?

235. “Let’s go get lost somewhere.”

Magnus finishes up reinforcing the wards and makes his way over to Alec’s office, finding his boyfriend leaning over a pile of paperwork. He knocks lightly, and Alec lifts his head, a warm smile spreading across his face as soon as his eyes land on Magnus.

“I’m all done, Mr. Head of the Institute,“ Magnus says, walking over to Alec, leaning against his side of the desk.

“Thank you, Mr. High Warlock of Brooklyn,“ Alec replies, taking one of Magnus’ hands in his and placing a soft kiss to his knuckles. The phone rings just then, and Alec lets out a frustrated groan. He glances at the screen before opening his desk drawer and throwing his phone inside it, and slams the drawer closed.

“Long day?“ Magnus guesses, and Alec nods, leaning his head against Magnus’ arm.

“Let’s go get lost somewhere,“ Alec says after a few moments. “We don’t even have to leave New York, it’s a big city, surely there is somewhere we can hide from everyone for a while.“

Magnus laughs at that and lifts his hand that isn’t holding Alec’s still to tangle it in Alec’s hair. The softest noise of content leaves Alec then and he nuzzles further into Magnus’ arm.

“You know as well as I do that thing would fall apart without us,“ Magnus says, moving his fingers through Alec’s hair softly.

“I know, but when things settle down a bit, can we go somewhere, just us?“

Magnus smiles, welcoming the warmth that fills his heart at Alec’s words, and says, “I would like nothing more, Alexander.”

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how about a ninoir private eye au?

Oh ho ho…

“Of all the agencies in all of Paris, you had to walk into mine…”

Nino raised an eyebrow at the masked man sitting behind the desk, with the tousled blonde hair and wild grin that kind of made him nervous. He was very handsome, and exuded an aura that warned Nino on a subconscious level to step lightly…but the guy came highly recommended. What else could he do?

“Right…” He cleared his throat. “Listen, dude, I got a problem–”

“Is it that you’re way too attractive, and people just flock to you wherever you go?” The P.I. asked, grinning his roguish grin as Nino’s tongue seemed to get stuck to the roof of his mouth. What in the world…?

“Are you…hitting on me?” Nino asked, uncertain about how he felt about this.

The P. I. known as Chat Noir sat up with a shrug.

“I wouldn’t be a good private eye if I didn’t have sexual tension with my clients,” he said with a wink.

…Ohhh. He was a dork. Noted.

“Whatever,” Nino said with a shake of his head, though he carefully eyed the private eye as he continued, “I’m told you can help with things like stalkers. I’ve got a friend who’s in trouble, and the police won’t do anything, so…here I am.”

This seemed to make Chat Noir shift into a more serious mindset.

“I see. Does your friend know you’re here?”

“Well…no,” Nino admitted with a huff. “And she’d probably kill me if she knew…but I couldn’t just sit around and do nothing, could I?”

Chat Noir gazed up at him, hands folded on his desk, appearing to silently contemplate something.

“…Sounds like you’re a really good friend,” he complimented, a slight smile tugging at his lips. Nino blinked. Was this guy still hitting on him? Or…?

Whatever it was that was happening right now…Nino felt himself warm at the praise. Sure, he liked to think of himself as a good friend, but to have it pointed out by a stranger…

“Uh,” he began, trying to regain his train of thought, looking away from Chat Noir’s eyes. “Right.” He coughed, rubbing the back of his head. “Anyway, before I tell you anything, I want your word that this won’t get out. My friend can’t know I’m here.”

Chat Noir nodded.

“They don’t call me a ‘private’ eye for nothing.” His lips stretched into that wild grin again. “I can keep more than a few secrets…trust me.”

Nino felt himself swallow as he noticed, not for the first time, how handsome this guy was. And he kept flirting with him, but whether it was for fun or if there was something to it, Nino couldn’t tell…yet.

Oh jeez. Just what was he getting himself into…?

no longer accepting prompts; just finishing the ones I have!

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bless my life you're still doing these!! malec + 20? 🌸

  • 20. “I can’t do this anymore.”

Alec was just about losing his mind when right after he and Magnus sat down on the balcony after dinner, Izzy called, saying he and Magnus were both needed in Central Park. He can’t really blame Izzy, or these demons, or anyone really, for the fact that he’s been trying to propose to Magnus for two weeks and something interrupted him. Every. Single. Time.

They leave the loft through a portal Magnus opened up, and they make their way to the location Izzy gave them. The mission ends rather quickly after they arrive, Magnus’ magic and Alec’s arrows an extremely effective, in sync weapon by now, and as Magnus flicks his wrist to somewhere over Alec’s shoulder, killing the last demon, Alec smiles, thinking of the ring in his pocket.

Magnus is borderline burned out, so Alec insists they walk home, where they promptly both just pass out in their bed.

When Alec wakes up, his mind is already full of plans for dinner that night, plans he’s tried executing again and again, but never managed to get to the most important part. He stretches his arms and legs, feeling the soreness of yesterday’s battle, and then he realises he has the room to stretch on the bed, meaning that Magnus is already up.

Alec makes his way to the kitchen, where Magnus is already standing at the bar, reading over a very heavy, worn book. He looks up when he hears Alec approaching, smiling at him. Alec walks up to him, wrapping his arms around Magnus’ waist, before kissing him softly.

“Morning.“ “Morning, Alexander.“

Just as Alec is about to suggest dinner, Magnus says, “I won’t be home for dinner tonight, I’m afraid.”

Alec feels like a bucket of cold water was just dumped on his head, and he just stares at Magnus, whose expression grows more concerned by the moment.


“I can’t do this anymore,“ Alec says, letting go of Magnus and quickly moving to the hallway where he left his jacket last night, pulling the ring out of its pocket. When he comes back, Magnus looks stunned, shocked, and when Alec drops to one knee in front of him, Magnus lets out a shaky breath, hands going over his mouth.

“I’ve been trying to do this for two weeks, even though it feels like longer, because I’ve known I wanted to marry you for months, years, really,“ Alec says, his voice only slightly shaking, Magnus’ gaze filled with awe and love. “I still lose my breath every time you enter I room, every time I see you even, you are everything I’ve ever wanted, and so much more. Every moment I spend with you is precious to me, you are my always and forever. And however long my forever may last, I want to spend it all with you.”

Alec pulls out the ring box, opening it, and Magnus lets out another shaky breath.

“Magnus Bane, will you marry me?“

There is a moment of heavy silence, before Magnus drops to his knees beside Alec, a breathless chorus of yes, of course, I love you, leaving his lips as he wraps his arms around Alec. 

Alec doesn’t know how long they stay there, a tangled mess of limbs, kisses and tears on the kitchen floor, but he can’t find it in himself to care about anything in those moments but the man there with him, the man he’s going to marry.

This is a random call-out post for people who are too sweet and kind: to @mythicalpatterns 💕 and @one-true-houselight 💕 for being two of the sweetest people around here and messaging me when I felt anxious, and to @remembertherandler 💚 and @violetoccurrences 💜 for always thinking of me, and @missingparentheses 💗 for always being there and going above and beyond in the friend department so often for me.

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What're your voice head canons for the skellie boys?

ohhhh anon, anon, anon.

bless you.

… i totally have a thing for voices, talking or singing, so i may… spend way too often thinking about this sort of thing. so! brief disclaimer, these are sort of just my ‘tends towards’ voice headcanons-  there are a ton of super talented voice actors out there, and so whenever i hear a clip i really like i’m liable to think ‘yep that voice = this character’… but, that said, here are some headcanons i like to entertain more often than not, with bonus clips from youtube of the voice/singer (almost all of these are guys singing so yknow, take that as you will).

UT Sans - JT Machinima’s commonly-used voice! i know he did a specific rap for Undertale, but i particularly like the version he used for Bendy here:

UT Pap - Jack Skellington. YES. DAMMIT. YOU HEARD ME. JUST. okay, keep an open mind, and listen to Jack’s Lament, and then judge me after you think about Pap and his voice some, okay. >v>;;;

UF Sans - crashboombanger. i know, major fandom bias, yadayadayada, but i just love his UF Sans. and uh, the first ever time i tried lip syncing something - Dec 2016, and posted on my old youtube - was with a UF Sans clip he did, and so woops i guess you’re going to see that because i can’t find the original clip on CBB’s blog anymore. (ahhh geez don’t judge the animation too hard, it really was my first lip sync attempt and before i really got into it all;;;)

UF Pap - Dr. Facilier. i know, he has an accent, but… just think of the possibilities. that smooth talking asshole, with a penchant for power and being far more clever than people give credit for…? mmm.

US Sans - Casey Abrams, aka one of my favorite guy singers who works with Postmodern Jukebox! a mix of a deep voice with occasional higher tendencies, but with a certain rich and super-emotive quality that i think fits Blue really well. TvTb

US Pap - Ashe. he’s the one who sung the cover i did that little animation loop with a few days ago, actually! annnd it looks like i’m out of ‘video links’ for this post, so check out Ashe’s cover of I’m Just Your Problem and think about Stretch here. ;D

SF Sans - Brendon Urie (Panic! at the Disco). ahhhh, gods, i debated over him for awhile. there’s actually a few different voices i really like for him, but i’ll stick with Brendon Urie for now, particularly bc i like the pair with SF Pap. check out one i particularly like for him/his voice - a piano version of This is Gospel Brendon Urie did.

SF Pap - Thorin Oakenshield. yes, dwarf king guy from the Hobbit. yessss, with his accent. just… check out this, check out the song from the first movie, and imagine Russ singing it… (and now i’ve given myself Feelings and also chills)

HT Sans - CK9C… a youtube fansong guy, basically! particularly, for HT Sans, the singer in this portion of a Bendy and the Ink Machine fansong he did. oooo, boi howdy. the underlying promise and threat. (the HT bros are the ones i’m least decided on, honestly… outside of this sort of voice, i also like really really deep voices for Axe.)

HT Pap - Woodkid. wanna give yourself some feelings? here ya go, listen to this while thinking about him singing it. i also imagine the accent pulling a bit from HT Paps’ mouth being so messed up… and then i give myself more feelings.

G!Sans- Arctic Monkeys lead… because of course. dammit. no matter what, i like him with an accent from the british isles, just saying. check out this song in particular.

G! Pap- Dan Stevens in Beast form from the live action Beauty & the Beast movie. particularly when he sings Evermore. ffff, i rarely see anything about G!Paps headcanons. i apparently love pain, so i like to think about all the possibilities and heartaches (but then all the soul-bonding happiness potential because i have to have a happy ending for him oh stars please).



I didn’t expect this blog to grab that much attention when I made it yet here I am AAAAAAAAA–

I COULDN’T THINK OF WHAT TO DO FOR A HUNDRED FOLLOWERS SO HAVE SINCERELY THREE ICONS FOR YOU AND YOUR GAY FRIENDS! (the jared is a repost obvs from my old post but it felt incomplete if i didnt put him here)



Jared: …Why did you not expect a blog about me to not get attention? What the fuck, Al?

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HELLO! I think this is you, and if it is, I saw your Moana sketch at The Art of Disney store in Epcot and I have to say that it's wonderful! I loved it! (:

OH DANG! Really!?! 

I can’t believe someone actually saw it!!! 

Gosh thank you so much! ^^

(gosh I have like the most stupid grin on my face now… hah thank you anon!)

Ah shit I wasn’t expecting to get emotional today.

…I have very low confidence in myself, as a writer and as an artist. I am also extremely shy in real life (probably couldn’t tell on here, right?)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve drawn or written something and wanted to share it, only to back out at the last minute. And when I do share it, I’m scared to even look at it again because I think “No one will like it”.

I have some kind of anxiety that just tells me every day that my stuff just…isn’t good enough. That I’m just wasting my time trying. I think that’s why for the longest time, I just stopped. No drawing, no writing.

Villainous helped get me out of a rut that I’d been in for so long. I was having fun creating characters again, giving them backstories and designing them. Doing stupid little comics just to make people laugh. I never expected anyone to like my stuff. I didn’t expect anyone to draw my characters.

Hell, I never expected Carved Rainbows to actually become a thing.

This is going to sound really sappy but I am super grateful for the last few weeks. I’ve been inspired by so much, art and fanfiction a like. I look forward to checking tumblr every morning, just to see what the new day has brought. And the reactions. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t read the tags when someone reblogs the fics.

Just… thank you, guys. You all are amazing.