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Hi! So I know you wrote "black hairstyles for the apocalypse", but i have a question. my main character is black in my twd fanfic, I was wondering if her asking Michonne if she could braid her hair would be like a stereotypical thing?And is not letting really anyone touch her hair a stereotype? Because I was hoping that the interaction between her and Michonne would be a bonding type thing? (Btw Thank you so much for this blog, it has helped so much)

Black Characters Bonding Over Braiding

Referenced post:  “Black Hair Styles for the Apocalypse”

So I have already talked about avoiding mistaking culture with stereotype:

  • Having braids isn’t a stereotype.
  • Black people braiding each other’s hair isn’t a stereotype.

  • Not wanting one’s hair touched is not a stereotype (especially by strangers and especially when so many feel entitled to touch Black people’s hair without permission).

Please read “Tradition and Culture vs. Stereotype” 

I’d like to emphasize this part:

Now, recognize these things can still be used as stereotypes, especially if you group all Black people as liking and doing the same things. No, not all Black people like rap or automatically should you assume they do because Black. And if they do, that doesn’t mean they don’t wind down to classical music in the evenings! Don’t compose characters based on only what you assume you “know” about Black people. That’s when you’ll get a flat stereotypical character who lacks depth. People are dynamic, and many many things.

How you treat the circumstance is what can make a situation an issue or not. For example, if your character just assumes Michonne can braid because she’s Black and has dreads, that might be awkward. I’ve had braids at numerous points in my life. I suck at braiding. Hey, that’s what the salon is for.

Not every Black woman, man, or person automatically knows how to braid or braid well , even if it is something many grow up learning. Some people, even if they do know how, don’t enjoy it. And of course, some do. Again, Black people’s interests, culture, and skill sets are not one and the same.

In short, I think the two Black character’s bonding over hair braiding can be special. Culture shouldn’t be mistaken as a stereotype.

~Mod Colette

mageheart  asked:

Hey! I LOVED your Nier: Nexus art, its so well done!! I was wondering if the two keyblades in the background are canon ones or designs you made up? I'd love to see the entire things either way ! They're gorgeous ♥

Thank you so much!!! And they’re not canon, I redesigned them as greatswords, based on Oathkeeper and Oblivion :D

Here are the fics that I have either been tagged in, or I caught up on this week.  I love each of these writers so much and I just want to say thank you to all of them for writing such wonderful stories for us all to enjoy! This list is so long because most of these are fics that I missed while I was on hiatus.  Give me about another week to catch up and then this list will only have fics that were released between Sunday and Saturday. These are listed in alphabetical order to make my life and your life easier! 

Fics that are NSFW are marked.

@4theluvofall - I Just Wanna Love YouThe other day I heard Jay-Z’s “I Just Wanna Love U (Give it to Me)” and I got the idea for this. It’s really my first attempt at smut and… truth is, I’m not sure how it is. Your feedback is appreciated! Bucky x Reader NSFW

@annadierSame Patterns Part 4 -  You and your broken heart now live separated from the Avengers. It hurts, and they all try the same thing to make you come back - but when will it work? Bucky x Reader

@asseret-sarimThe past, the present… The future.  -Part 8 -  In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state. Bucky x Reader

@aubzylynn - Control [Part 2 of 2]@blazeshira’s request - “Hi! I saw that you had your requests open and I was wondering if you could do a Bucky fic where the reader was also given the serum & trained with him along with the other winter soldiers but they developed something before she was frozen along with the others & he forgot her until he went to Siberia w/ Steve & he sees her chamber & realizes she escaped before Zemo could kill her so he tries to find her? Fluffy fluff & some angst, please & thank you!” Bucky x Reader

@aubzylynnRoad to Schkeuditz Masterlist -  So much has changed with the Sokovian Accords. The team is divided in half, and you’re not sure where you stand. You know you should sign the Accords, but it doesn’t feel right. After a conversation with Sharon, Steve, and Sam at the prison, you realize that you don’t want to sign them. Now you, Steve, Sam, and Bucky are on a mission to get to the Leipzig airport…in the tiniest car imaginable…so you can clear Bucky’s name. Bucky x Reader

@avengerofyourheart  - Cheap Thrills -  A bet within the Avengers becomes a battle of the sexes, with you at the center of it. Who will be victorious and could it somehow help you snag the man of your dreams? Bucky x Reader

@avengerofyourheart - Mini Matchmaker Series Masterlist -  Your awful temporary holiday job takes a turn for the better when a handsome stranger enters your life, along with his adorable, matchmaking daughter. Steve Rogers AU. (fluff)

@avengerofyourheart - You are My Heaven Pt 2 [End] -  Falling for a good man, who happened to be her training partner, was unavoidable. What if you can’t stay away, even after heartbreak? Is it possible to be friends with some one you’ve fallen for? Life rarely unfolds the way we hope it would. (Events take place after CATWS) Steve x Reader

@bionic-buckyb - Remember Me: Part 1 -  This is something that just came into my brain literally today, and I got inspired so I decided to write the first part. Bucky is not in this (yet) so I don’t want to trick anyone, but he will be. You’ll see! Let me know if you like it, and if you want me to continue. I love hearing from you all! ♥ Bucky x Reader

@bovaria - By Royal Decree - Masterlist -  Royal AU; you are engaged to be married to the Crown Prince James Barnes. That’s the last thing you want, especially when you meet him and find out he’s the opposite of everything you had pictured. How will you get through it all? Bucky x Reader

@bovaria - Hallelujah -  Through Bucky’s eyes, he falls in and out of love with you. Bucky x Reader

@brighterlights - For Your Convenience Masterlist - To help you finally make a move on your long-time crush, you get assistance from your newly hired co-worker. (Retail/Department Store AU) Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader

@brighterlights - Roommates (New Beginnings) -  When your friend moves out to pursue a career overseas, you find yourself sharing your apartment with a handsome stranger [Modern AU]. Bucky x Reader

@buckyywiththegoodhair - A Lesson in Love Masterlist -  (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance. Bucky x Reader

@buckyywiththegoodhairMinor Details (ALiL Deleted Scene) -  (College!AU) In which a walk with T’Challa makes you aware of some minor details that you missed. Bucky x Reader

@cnoppswrites - Arranged (V) -  You and Bucky Barnes are arranged to be married. The only issue there seems to be is that you two despise each other. What could go wrong? Bucky x Reader

@dabblinginmarvel - Picture Imagine #23 - After the Avengers’ Civil War, you find Steve one day and rip him a new one about how much pain your dad Tony is in because of how Steve took the Accords. Steve Rogers Imagine

@dabblinginmarvel - Picture Imagine #24 -  You go march for science on Earth Day with Tony and Bruce. Tony Stark Imagine, Bruce Banner Imagine

@hellomissmabelLittle Monster part 1 - Little Monster part 2 -  You’re an arts student on the verge of graduating when you get the verdict: either you do an extra year or you take one extra, mandatory course to salvage your reputation. You hold a grudge against history and would rather be fooling around with your boyfriend than sitting in a bleak auditorium listening to some old fart’s war stories. Turns out that fossil isn’t as old as you thought he’d be and soon you’re begging for taste of Professor Rogers, taking advantage of the high life. Steve x Reader NSFW

@hellomissmabelLumen (part 13/ ): Mad intentions -  Iona Cole is a perky, gifted and ambitious assistant to a critically acclaimed professor at a renowned university. That is, until she snaps in the middle of class, the auditorium packed with students on introduction day. Having a long family history of psychiatric diseases, her mother sends her to a private clinic to receive the best treatment. In reality, this institute for people with “special needs” is a smokescreen for the underground operation Hydra is running there.  Bucky x Reader

@imaginingbucky - Prompt 41 -  “I came to this city to mend my broken heart. Never imagined I would find you to help me piece it back together.“ Bucky x Reader

@imhereforbvcky - Mirror for the Sun - Masterlist -  (Bucky POV) Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other. Bucky x Reader

@imhereforbvckyWhen Quiet Is Violent - Part 3 (End) -  You’re retired, living a quiet and secure life when your ex, Steve Rogers, turns up on your doorstep with his best friend, seeking refuge.   Bucky x Reader, enhanced reader   

@iwillbeinmynest - A House Divided -  When the team split up again only one will survive…Who will it be?  Avengers x Reader(f)

@iwillbeinmynest​ -  An Owed Debt -  Chapter 16 - When Steve brings Bucky a new assignment, things get a little heated. But he’ll do it to repay an old friend. May might not know the full extent of her powers but she doesn’t think having a babysitter is going to help. Can these two put aside their differences and help each other out? Or is this just an accident waiting to happen?  Bucky x May(oc)

@iwillbeinmynestCool Down - Chapter 6 -  Steve slips up and makes a confession. How will you react? And will it last?  Steve x Reader(f)

@knittingknerdy - Knitworthy -  A little something for all of my knitters out there (and crocheters) Bucky x Reader

@marvel-lucy - Cosplay Confusion -  52 words too long but shh.  I dunno what the point of this is, and it’s the fastest I’ve ever written anything, about 15 minutes, so it’s crap, but have a nice picture of Sam’s biceps anyway.  Sam x Reader

@marvel-lucyROOM MATES AND DOUBLE DATES - CHAPTER 1 -  I started this (and abandoned it) last autumn. Resurrecting it now in the vain hope I can resolve the plot hole I worked myself into!  For info, May looks like Lupita Nyong’o, because oh god she’s beautiful! Bucky x Reader

@sebseyesandbuckysthighs - All My Friends are Heathens (Part 7) - In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems. Bucky x Reader

@serzhantjamesbuchananbarnes - Worth Fighting For Masterlist -  When your brother is drafted into WWII, you do the unthinkable to save him and your family: you take his place, in secret. 40s!Bucky x Reader, based on Disney’s Mulan.  Seventy years has passed and the world has changed. You thought you were moving on until Steve Rogers asks you for a favor which leads to a discovery that will change everything. So much for retirement.   You’ve just begun to settle into life as an Avenger when a mission gone awry divides the team in half, and a familiar face shows up just in time to make you second guess your every choice.  Bucky x Reader

@softcorehipposMasterlist → Chamber of Secrets -  After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state. Bucky x Reader

@tatortot2701 - The Nanny Part 4 -  Hey guys! So here is chapter four. It’s a bit of a filler kinda? Idk it will make more sense next chapter. Anyways, I hope you guys like it. Bucky x Reader

@you-and-buckyHold Me?Wanda is a very important member of the Avengers, and I haven’t written much for her yet, so this one is for her. I hope you like it, and if you have any feedback, please let me know!!! Bucky x Reader

@you-and-bucky - (Y/N) Barnes Series Masterlist -  You are a woman out of time. You fought in WWII with your husband Bucky and best friend Steve. Your empathic powers and strategic brain were an asset. Until Bucky died, and you and Steve sacrificed your lives, waking up in the 21st Century. Bucky x Reader

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a chainsaw? A Freaking Chainsaw!? how do you come up with these awesome and amazing ideas of yours!? what is your secret sensai!? *bows politely like a student to a marshal arts teacher* please teach me your ways oh wonderful lazycat-sama

Oh my goooosh hahahah this made me smile so much hahaha xD well I was watching a horror movie while I was drawing the weapon so it helped with this one (the Texas chainsaw massacre) xD also thank you so much you are too kind really ;///;

yesterday i hit 500 followers, which is crazy since i started this blog only 3 months ago, so YAY!! i want to thank every single one of you for following me, i appreciate it so much. 💖💖

a special thanks to the wonderful people that fill my dash with all the beautiful things they love, you’re amazing and i’m so grateful for you!!

italic: mutuals
bold: absolute faves

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@therealjacksepticeye, congrats again on 15 million subscribers! As a community, we always want to let you know how much you mean to us. And so, I came up with this project idea! Thanks to many JSE community members, this video was made possible! We love you, Jack <3

Thank you to these wonderful people:

@alietteangielolle @amyrosemartin42 @antiisepticeye @arandomczechperson @avatareagleflight @blazeingecho @boopymooplier @candylani18 @crlexi @ebonywoods @emeralddoesthings @gamingdemon666 @geekygirl0816 @hi-im-autistic @hufflepufftrax @imaphangirl-frens @ithunderstorm @j-u-s-t-sam @jeanmarie504 @justacomicreader @justsomeshittydrawings @lyssadee @madiesunny @madebyrosie @markiplierfarmiplier @markislovejackislife @mikaylaseptic1 @nerdqueeniplier @odia13 @ordinarygurldoingordinarythangs @phan-is-our-resistance @pinetree2003 @puk128 @razztube @rebehxa @rosespedicyeye @sam-septic-girl @saziedaisy @septic-greenbean @septic101 @septishar @skyekyyuu @thatgirlintheglasses @theyoutubersart @the-geeky-ragdoll-blogger @tinybox-anj @whovian1077 @xxmess-of-fandomsxx I hope I haven’t missed anyone! <3

It was absolutely awesome to be able to be a part of this and to include you guys in something special for Jack! It was so cool to see so many community members around the world! And finally I feel like I’ve really started to give back some of the happiness to Jack that he deserves for making me so happy - hopefully he’ll see this! :D

I’m Here - Justin Foley Imagine

Justin Foley x reader

Request: I was wondering if it’s not to much trouble and you’re not too busy if you could write Justin Foley fluff where he gets into a fight with his mom and comes to you and you guys cuddle? Thanks so so much ily 💖😊


I lay down on my bed watching Family Guy as I stuff my mouth with popcorn. It’s a Saturday night and I’m pretty sure my boyfriend Justin is at a party. I don’t care that he goes to parties cause I trust him with anything and he knows that I’m not the partying type. The last time I heard from him was about an hour ago and he was at Zach’s house. He’s barely at his house and I don’t blame him. His mom and her new boyfriend is an ass-whole and they don’t deserve such an amazing boy like him. It’s almost 2 in the morning and my parents are away on some business trip which means I have the whole house to myself. I told Justin that he can come over if he likes and that if I’m sleep he can just get the key from under the mat. 

I was close to dozing off when I heard a knock at my window. I jumped, almost spilling the popcorn on my as I stare at the shadow behind my window. When the person knocked again, I see a hint of blue and know exactly who it is. Justin. I know that blue varsity jacket from anywhere. I jog to my window, a little cold from only wearing a tank top and shorts. As I open the window I was about to make a joke about using the door when I say tears on his face as climbs in. Worried, I immediately asked questions.

“Baby what is wrong” I ask as I put my hand on his shoulder.

“M-my mom” he choked as he looked down. Anger filled me that she made him cry like this. He looked broken.

“What happened.” He didn’t say anything, he just cried and I let him. I threw my arms over his neck and pulled him into a hug. He gripped my waist and put his face in the crock my neck, wailing. I hate that she made him this way. I hate that she hurt him so much. He didn’t deserve this. He deserved to be loved, not only by me, but by the woman he needs it from the most. His mother. And she is lacking in that. I just let him cry as I rubbed his back telling him it’s okay.

“S-she j-just looked at me babe. I-I c-called out for h-her and she just looked a-at me” He say as his voiced cracked. I shushed him as I kissed his check. 

“She doesn’t deserve you as a son baby” I whispered, “You are the best human being and anyone should be lucky to even know you. I am.”

He sniffled into my neck and I led us to my bed, laying us down. He laid on my stomach, a little more calmed down, but still crying. His arms was wrapped around my torso while I rubbed my hand through his hair.

“W-what’s wrong with me babe” I sat up and grabbed his face, making him look at me. He would not talk about himself in this way. 

“Absolutely nothing Justin. You are the best thing that could happen to anyone. You are the best thing that happened to me. If someone doesn’t realize that, then they need to wake the hell up. You brighten up everyone’s day and without you, I don’t know what the hell I would do. Nothing is wrong with you, something is wrong with everyone else that makes you feel this way. I love you Justin, and please remember that. It might not be the love you want, but it’s all the love I have and then some.”

I was almost out of breath from saying all of that, but I needed to say it. He needed to hear it. He needed to hear that he wasn’t a waste of space in this messed up world. He looked up at me with such admiration in his eyes and came up to kiss me passionately. 

“No your wrong love, your love is all I can ever have and want. And your wrong about one other thing.”

“What” I said smiling.

“I’m not the best thing that happened to you, your the one and only best thing that has ever happened to me.” I smiled and smashed my lips against his again. For the rest of the night, we cuddled watching Family guy and we fell asleep while I thought the whole time that I really love this boy.

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What are your top 5 ships? (Could be from anything not just anime) Also I'm sorry for you losing followers because you need to take time off for yourself. I just want you to know that me and I'm sure others fully understand and support you. 💕 Thank you for keeping us updated instead of just going mia. I hope you have a wonderful day 💕

Hi, thank you so much for this sweet message! You’re so kind :) I’m not too bothered by people unfollowing me because I fully considered that happening when I thought about this hiatus. But I am so grateful for your support and to know that there are people like you who support me through these decisions, people like you are the true MVPs. So, thank you for this <3

Without further ado, my top 5 ships! Thanks for sending this in! ^_^

1) TsukkiKage (incredible twin smirks and character development hehe)

Originally posted by tsukishiina

The rest are in no particular order, by TsukkiKage is my TOP FAVE.

2) KageHina (I love ships in which the two characters grow together)

Originally posted by mahoomii

As you can guess, I also like TsukkiKageHina hehe (Kags, Hinata, and Tsukki all deserve so much love)

3) Victuuri (another example of mutual growth)

Originally posted by thranduilings

4) TsukkiYama (two individuals with the ability to bring one another to their senses? YES)

Originally posted by remember-kneepads-then-shoes

5) KuroTsuki (Nerds being nerds appreciating each other’s good qualities and having witty conversations as well as nonsensical banter? YES)

Originally posted by saltasaurus-kei

And also BokuAkaKuroTsuki ^_^

Originally posted by randomyelly

As you can see, I ship Tsukki with EVERYONE (he is such a relatable and lovable character in my opinion)

Thanks, and have a lovely day! 💕💕💕

Ask me my Top 5 anything!

mrri  asked:

I feel like we've gotten so little info from JK about Sirius' tattoos and what they were, so in relation to that and your (and TT's) absolutely brilliant thread Twelve, I was wondering: Where did you find inspiration for the tattoos, and would you mind sharing what all (or some) of them are, and their meaning in relation to Sirius? xx

(( OOC: Thank you so much! And thank for the interesting question, I love discussing questions like these. I did blab on for way too long about Twelve and some of my head canons behind the tattoos here and here.

In terms of inspiration for the tattoos - the majority of them were lifted directly from the movie and copied directly on to myself. It took me way longer to do than I care to admit. However, I did add two tattoos of my own…. the first, a pair of antlers.

And the second, which appears at the end of part 1 as the twelfth tattoo Sirius receives… a moon.

As I discussed previously, I feel the tattoos were not only a reminder for Sirius of the years that were passing, but also the people she had left behind. So it was obvious to me that she would have one for Prongs and Moony.

I imagine the antlers were one of the first tattoos to appear, and probably one of the most painful to bear, as Jamie’s death is the most stark loss for Sirius. I made the moon tattoo the twelfth and final tattoo to show how close to freedom she was, and to represent the person still waiting on the other side of that prison wall. ))

Dear Followers !

friendly reminder that i read all the asks you send me :) 
they’re wonderful and i love them. 
but please have some patience on waiting for my answering , because i would like to create an equilibrium between the asks and the comic pages
so don’t feel bad if i answer your asks after 3 or 4 days :) 
again , thank you so much for reading this comic , you are all amazing ! 

glitterific-karen  asked:

I Really Like Your Style! It's Super Cute! And Detailed. It Makes Me So Happy Seeing Your Art When I'm Bored Or Down I Just Scroll Threw Your Page All Day Haha<3

Thank you so much!!! >w<
It makes me so happy that you like my style ;w;
I wonder at times if I even have one you know? XD
Awwwww, thanks for your kind words ;A;
I’m so thrilled that my stuff is even good enough to be looked at more than once, let alone scrolled through!

anonymous asked:

Hey, I've never worked with deities in my craft before but lately I've found myself increasingly drawn to Hermes to the point where I'm considering incorporating him into my craft if it all works out. I am a little hesitant to work with a deity but I feel like Hermes makes a lot of sense to me. So I was just wondering if you had some resources for beginners and maybe some tips for success with Hermes.

Hey Anon!

Thank you so much for your question! I’m really excited to talk about this because Hermes doesn’t seem to come up much when it comes to magick, and I think that’s such a shame!

Hermes is a super versatile God which makes Him perfect to incorporate into your craft. Building a solid relationship with Him has enhanced the effectiveness of my spells and manifestation by over 200%. Literally everything in my life flows better with Hermes in the mix!

That doesn’t mean things always turn out as I expect or plan, though. If you ask Hermes for help, He will take the reigns entirely and do what He feels is best for you.

A fun fact, He is also the consort of Hekate, the Goddess of witchcraft, which I think is so freakin’ beautiful.

Anyway, here are some ideas of how to include Hermes into your practice!

Hermes is the God of astrology and can aid you when reading star charts, horoscopes, working with the moon, practicing cosmic witchcraft, and maintaining balance during retrogrades.

(I’d also like to note that “worst” retrograde is Mercury retrograde, and Mercury is Hermes’ ruling planet. In astrology, Mercury is also the planet of communication. Hermes is the God of communication. It all connects so perfectly and somehow it doesn’t seem so bad when I know it’s in His control!)

Ask Hermes for help with writing spells, affirmations, mantras, and instillation of positive thinking. Words cast spells, that’s why it’s called spell-ing. Literally everything you speak and think will create your reality. When you speak, you are speaking over your life. There is no better deity to aid with this than the God and creator of language Himself.

Ask Hermes for help with mediumship, channeling, telepathy, sigils, symbology, ancient languages, and sacred geometry. Through Him you can obtain clearer messages with less interference, and His constant loving protection.

As Psychopomp, Hermes is a great liaison between you and your ancestors or deceased relatives. This is super effective because not all spirits have enough energy in our Earthly dimension to communicate effectively the way Hermes does.

As God of currency, merchants, trade, there is no better deity to aid you with prosperity spells. As God of thieves, He has the ability to protect you from theft.

Hermes is, hands down, the best deity to ask for protection. First, as God of Trickery, He has the ability to create an illusion thick enough to hide you from enemies.

Second, He is the God of travel, and not just in the sense of cars and airplanes. We are constantly moving through this journey of life. Nothing truly stands still. The Earth is in constant motion. The cosmos are in constant motion. As it is above, so are we below; in constant motion. Even when we think we are completely still, breath moves through the nose and into the lungs, and blood still flows through veins like rivers.

And lastly, as Psychopomp, He knows when our time on Earth is up. When our vessel dies and our spirit ascends to the next dimension, Hermes will be there for guidance. So you see, with Hermes, you are always safe.

OMG!!!! I REACHED 5K FOLLOWERS!! WHY DO YOU GUYS WANT TO FOLLOW ME??! I didn’t ever think when i made this blog that i would reach 5k followers! Thank you guys so much!!! You all mean so much to me! I don’t deserve any of you guys! This community has been there for me when i didn’t have anyone and i just don’t know what i would do without you all! Especially in these last few days, i have been getting a lot of anon hate and you are all there to support me and make me feel loved! I can literally tell you guys anything. I have met so many wonderful people in this community! Some who i hope we can be friends in the near future and some who i am glad to call a friend! Thank you for being a big part in my life! Thank you all for everything! I love you all so much <3 *hugs*

anonymous asked:

Heyy so I have a question.. I've identified as lesbian for some time now (never had a gf or had sex or anything tho) but reading your blog I'm starting to think I'm more like homoromantic asexual. So I was just wondering what would be the "short" version of saying it? Would I still be called lesbian ace or something else? Thank you very much for answering!!

Both homoromantic ace and lesbian ace would work, it entirely depends on which you’re most comfortable with! And if you don’t mind which is used, you can use them interchangeably, because they both mean the same thing:) 


crookedboredom  asked:

Hey! I'm sotry to bother you. I'm sure you're getting this a lot by now, but I seriously am in love with your mafia AU! I love your art especially! I mean I've seen a ton of mafia AU's by now, but yours is just so perfect!! Haha ^^ anyways, I was wondering what you draw with/on? Thank you so much!

No bother at all!!! O3O
and like, I’m always super happy to hear you like the Mafia AU X3
It always makes me feel super flattered when ppl say it’s a pretty good one too! ;A;
Cuz, I know I’m def not the first to make a Mafia AU, but, it means a lot when I hear it’s an original enough one to catch a person’s eye :’D
And I use Clip Studio Paint to draw the AU ^w^
I have a pretty awesome cintiq that I use too o3o

anonymous asked:

All your hair cc creations are gorgeous!! You are so talented! I was wondering if you ever thought of making male hairs too?

hi :D thank you so much! well I have been asked a lot about it and I always try to convince myself to make some male hairstyles, though I find them kind of boring. I really enjoy making the female hairstyles and I always find some cute one and I just put myself with it :D 

anonymous asked:

Heeeey I love all your smuts, whenever I'm having a bad day I just read one of your smuts and I'm already fine, thank you so much!!! However, my bias is Jin, and I was wondering if you're planning to write any mor Jin smuts because there's only two now and they're also oneshots, don't get me wrong I love oneshots but Jin is my bias and I would love to read some smuts including him! Thank youuuuuu❤️

Thank you for this message, that was really sweet of you :) There are a lot of Jin smuts around, so I’m sure you can find something. I write the stories I get some kind of inspiration for and that rarely happens with Jin. I’m sorry about that, but it’s not something I can control. I would write more about someone if I got an idea for a story or some inspiration for it. Lately, all I get inspiration for are Jimin stories, and that’s what I’m writing. If I force myself to write something else, it won’t turn out good and I won’t post it because I don’t post something unless I’m happy with it. I’m working on a Jin story, but it will most likely be a long oneshot, because that’s all I have inspiration for right now. I’m sorry about that! I know it sucks when you can’t find stories about your bias. I recommend @floralseokjin because she has the best Jin stories around :)

illgiveyouahint  asked:

Oh damn, some anons can be so rude. Don't worry darling and take all the time you need 💖 We will be here patiently waiting for whenever you finish writing your chapter. In the meantime, we will be here for your fluffy aus and future aus and university aus and elevator aus and anything else you decide to write. Take care of yourself first and if you need a break we understand. We appreciate that you're doing this in the first place. You're an amazing writer <333

you’re a wonderful person and ilysm. thank you for taking the time to send this message to me, it means so so so much more than you can imagine ❤