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Today is the ACTUAL birthday of anti-support-group, a blog that started off as a private archive but turned into something much, much greater. 

We had no idea people would love this blog as much as they do. We had no idea so many people would interact with us or come to us when The Glitch Bitch himself would show his corrupted face. We had no idea there’d be a discord full of wonderful people who all love the same thing we do. This blog is something we both love very dearly and we love every single theory, every single headcanon, and every single art piece you tag us in. 

 It doesn’t even feel like a year has passed. 

Thank you all so very much for this insane journey and for being here with us. You guys are the one who made this blog what it is. 

 -Meg & Lums

Let me say this.

The newest chapter is one of the most beautiful one i’ve read until now in this manga.

I was ready to fangirling too much about a lot of things, but then I’ve arrived at this quote of Inarizaki’s Captain.

I know this beautiful fandom will give a lot of attention at so many things so I want to focus a little bit on this part, which maybe a lot would just skip at; not acting like a fangirl as I expected. (At least for now, ahah)

This part is beautiful. His though is beautiful and really warms my heart.

> “People who run away will think those people are Geniuses”.

> “There are a lot of people who think of someone like Atsumu as having been great from the beginning, with no reasons.”

Thank you, thank you Furudate because this is the first time you say us so directly that none of the greatest players are born skilled as how we know them today.

Being a Genius” is often a Excuse for most. They almost undervalue the sacrificies of some calling them “good because they are a Genius”.

There’s hard work behind the scenes of the greatest, hard work we can’t even imagine.

The thing that really makes them different is that passion, that fire we can’t even imagine that permitts them to do what others think as impossible.

( > “Everyone thinks that something is impossible until an Idiot arrives and makes it Possible”.)

They just can’t stop loving their passion and that love took them so far.

Yeah, there’s people who have more coordinations than others, a faster capabilities of learn the basics but that doesn’t mean anything.

Some persons see the Genius and think that they “don’t feel tired or get exhausted” while maybe they are the tirest in the team and still don’t give up.

THIS is what makes you the GREATEST.

Don’t give up. Believe in yourself. Believe in your capabilities.

If Furudate gives us some signals of this with Oikawa development, here he’s basically shouting this to all us.

That’s just beautiful. Thank you.

> “Hard Work beats Talent, where Talent fails at Work Hard.”


so i recently hit 1k which is rlly wild !! And what better way to celebrate all my wonderful mutuals and friends than a follow forever 🌹 thank you all so much for hanging around!! ily guys!

if i forgot to tag anyone let me know pals!! 💓

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I was tagged by two amazing women @theweirdgirlthatlikesmetal and @whispers-of-a-rose to post a selfie 🖤
Thank you so much for the tag, I havent taken any pictures recently but this is from my sisters wedding in December!

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Hi, hello, yes, so, uhh, I know you have probably got so much going on with a ton of requests and school (probably), but, uh, your writing is beautiful and I cry literally any time I read it, so I was wondering if you would be okay with writing a story where it's a holiday (probably, like, Christmas or Valentine's Day) and Anne and Philip do holiday stuff? It's probably an awful idea, but it was all I could come up with. Thanks! 💛💛💛~Anon B

Headcanon list time!!!

Or as I like to call it: The Barnum/Carlyle-Wheeler holiday extravaganza

Pure Fluff

  • Phillip and Anne spend every single holiday at the Barnums’
  • Christmas, birthdays, the list goes on and on
  • Phillip brings the girls candy every time
  • He ignores the mother looks from charity
  • Pt is delighted because he gets to steal some
  • Where else would anne and phillip go for holidays?
  • They dont really have anywhere else
  • And same with the other performers
  • So they all go to the barnums for the holidays like Christmas and new years
  • And it’s very calm and relaxed. 
  • Said no one ever
  • Literally, the second everyone walks in the door it’s chaos 
  • Everyone brings weirdly large amounts of junk food and alcohol
  • Lettie gets lit every year
  • One time WD and Phillip had a dance off that PT somehow ended up winning
  • Anne attempts to teach the girls how to backflip off the couch
  • Helen ends up succeeding
  • And somehow the bartender always ends up there, and everyone kind of just accepts it
  • because let’s be honest
  • They've been fucking with his establishment long enough
  • and he’s had to listen to them complain about their problems after they've had seven shots of whiskey
  • so really he deserves to party
  • and everyone just ends up sleeping at the Barnums’ 
  • And everyone is happy and content
  • And Phillip and Anne stay up just a little longer than everyone else
  • whispering about nothing and everything as they try not to wake anyone else up
  • one time they talk about holidays past
  • and phillip admits he never really got anything for holidays until he met the barnums
  • anne’s heart breaks because wd always managed to find her something even if it meant he took an extra job or didnt eat for three days
  • and phillips family had everything but gave him nothing
  • and they just hold each other and suddenly the past doesnt matter anymore
  • and eventually they fall asleep and everything is perfect

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I've loved reading your comments and am always blown away by your insight on so many aspects. I was wondering, is there a moment or detail in the film you consider your favorite?

Yo, US Anon!

Thank you so much for reading them, genuinely. Thank you. I talk so much rubbish its nice to know it gets read sometimes. We must be alike, you and I :)

This is a great ask. I have many. Probably something in each and every scene. But I will go with my initial top three. These are the ones that stood out to me on the first watch, not the subsequent in depth analysis.

  1. The end credits. I have been Elio. I have been in a situation where the person I loved, and who loved me, chose another, safer, path. I, too, could not really openly show the effect it had on me. The way Timothee acted that scene was heartbreaking. I felt every shuddering breath right along with him. In fact, in the moment when the title comes up and he juts his jaw out and then exhales? I actually did the exact same thing at the exact same time, which was jarring in the moment but then extremely comforting. I have been there, I know that landscape, I know the pain of trying to hold it together because to completely break down isn’t an option. If you do, you may never piece yourself together again. So yeah, for me this was the best, most validating, moment of the film.
  2. The first kiss. I could watch it for hours. There are too many reasons why it is so beautiful.
  3. Elio’s oral fixation. The ‘acting choice’ for this is superb. I equate it to how a child explores the world – literally every new thing goes into their mouth. I feel like its that way for Elio too. The fact he bites on people, his kisses are always wide mouthed and eager, the biting of the tissue when Oliver massages his foot, the mouthing of the peach before he fucks it (can you “make love” to a peach?), the self soothing of putting his necklace in his mouth when he is waiting for Oliver’s return… It is like he is exploring this brand new world that he doesn’t understand yet and is trying to calibrate it all though taste and sensation.

So there you have it, my top three. I have more moments now that I love but they were the originals and I still love them just as much as the first time, if not more.

thevorpalsword  asked:

I was just wondering: do you have a favorite Sam and Dean hug? What about Dean and Cas? How about overall? I'm with you on Dean just needing some more hugs. Love your blog! Thanks for working so hard on your gif sets and sharing them with us!

Eeek, I am torn between two hugs. This one from season twelve made me so emotional

The way Dean calls him over and tells him to come back and then Sam’s face and the way he’s holding on so tight. It was very much parent sends his child off to war and it broke me. I sobbed like a baby, not gonna lie. But then this one, this one oh man

Dean is totally destroyed and so broken by what’s happening with the MoC and he tries to smile but he just collapses and Sam is right there to not just hold him up but hug him and I tear up every single time. It’s the opposite in so many ways to what’s happening in the 12.22 hug and I love it so much. That’s the kind of hug Dean always needs. Just to be hugged and supported and loved. Okay, this one definitely wins. Best Sam and Dean hug, hands down. 

My favorite hug overall is kind of like this one and it’s awarded to Lisa, because oh man, do I love this hug

The way he buries his face in her neck and she holds him so tight and he holds on so tight and lets himself grieve and she even shushes him oh my heart yes i cry at this one too I love it so very much and I just want him to stay in this hug forever and ever and ever. I love Lisa, have I mentioned?

As for Cas hug, gotta go with the first s12 one

because Cas is just so happy to see him and the way he grabs him up tightly and Dean gives in to that hug too and lets himself relax a little and smile. Yeah, I might have a theme with my favorite Dean hugs. :P I just want everyone to grab Dean up and hug the life out of him. That’s my dream. 

This question brightened up my day, so thanks for that! If you want more Dean hugs, I have a tag of course. I also have sets for each season’s hugs.  

I’m gonna go ahead and give special mentions out to this hug. My heart. He’s so relieved. 

And one for Benny too

Look how happy he is. He’s so happy. And one for Jody because Jody’s always good for a hug. 

He always looks so content to be hugged by Jody. Gotta love that. 

cheshireyuki  asked:

I had received the calendar and Persona artworks yesterday, and I was extremely happy to see them! I absolutely love your art and I plan to hang them up in my room soon! Keep up the good work and I'll continue to support you forevermore! ^o^

♥  aaa Thank you so much too!!!!and for letting me know! I’m glad everything arrived safely!!! and hhnjdfhdkfsl I’m so happy to hear that thank you so much
!!!!!!T 7 T)/////

aloofbooks  asked:

hello!! i absolutely LOVED an enchantment of ravens and i was wondering if you’re currently working on another novel and if you can tell us a little bit about it? thanks so much!!!

Hello, I’m so glad you loved Enchantment! I’m working on another young adult fantasy, and you can read a snippet of the opening chapter here.

Edit: I realized that was a very brief answer so here are a few other facts about my next book that I think I can share—

  • It’s substantially longer than Enchantment;
  • It has three central protagonists instead of two!
  • The main character is an apprentice librarian
  • One of the three protagonists isn’t human—and he isn’t a fairy, either, but if you liked the fairies in Enchantment, you might like him…
  • It takes place predominately in a city
  • There is magic
  • Also, there are magical books that turn into monsters

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Hey ! I was wondering if you had any advice on what to do after finishing the outline. Because I just finished it (took me almost a month, so happy, thank you !), and I just want to start writing. But I remember that you said it's good to take breaks between big steps. Between 1st draft and editing for example. Does that also apply between outline and 1st draft ? What do you think ? Thank you so much !

I think you either misunderstood what I said, or you’re confusing me with someone else. It’s good to take a break between finishing the novel and editing it, because it will help to distance yourself from the work and make the errors clearer. It’s not good to take breaks between “big steps” in general. Just that one big step.

anonymous asked:

Oh my god, I saw your face for the first time and I just... You're so... Gorgeous 😳😳 You're stunning! I wish I were as pretty as you 😍😍 (btw I love your blog so much! Not only are you incredibly beautiful, you're equally as talented and creative... Not fair 😂😂)

Awww omg 😳 Thank you so much, anon!! ♡ What a nice message, I’m shook right now dkfjghslkdjfhg I greatly appreciate you making me smile today you lovely greyface! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with amazing Levi content, sunshine, and money :D

Partners In Crime

Jason Todd x Reader songfic

Request: Hello! I just love your songfics and I was wondering if you can do a Jason Todd x reader songfic with the song Partners in Crime by Set It Off. Thank you so much and happy holidays ☺️😘

Warnings: Robbery, Guns, Threats, Improvised Explosive Devices, Suicide.

A/N: Honestly this probably sucks big time, but I totally wrote this how I imagined it in my head while hearing the song; I got big Bonnie & Clyde vibes. Also, I know this took a long time to get out but I want you guys to know that I’m working on something that’ll really blow your socks off, so don’t worry!

Originally posted by now-i-know-how-morrissey-felt

This, the tale of reckless love, living a life of crime on the run,

I brush to a gun to paint these states green and red,

You held everyone at point while Jason did the talking- that was your agreement. Everyone knew who he was, no doubt, the red helmet obvious enough.. you however, you still weren’t sure if anyone knew who you were, but if anything they’d know after this.

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To have the self-awareness and strength st 15 to say "I am not this person amd I can and should do better" is a rare and beautiful trait. From a now adult who once struggled with unhealthy friendships both in person and online and took years to define myself as more than my friends, I commend you. What a bright and wonderful person you are becoming by simply being you.

oh my gosh thank you so much!!! this is so kind

domokunrainbowkinz  asked:

HENLO!!!!!!! just wanted to drop by and say i LOVED your comic in the mafia zine!!! i just got the PDF today so i'm slowly going thru all the wonderful pieces in it :D

HYELLO!!!!! and thank you so much, im glad you like it!!! they are pretty wonderful, i hope you convey your love to the rest of the team too !! @yoimafiazine ty for supporting the project <333<3<3

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Hi! Saw a beautiful sim called Paola on TS4 that you made and I'm wondering where I can find the hair you used for her? Love your cc so much! <3

Hello dear! First, thank you very much! Anyway, there are altogether 6 pictures of Paola on my TSR, and she has a different hair everytime, so…not sure which one you mean. I also share these pictures on my Tumblr, and mostly I include a link to the hairs, you can check her tag HERE, if you still can’t find that hair, please send another ask, with more precise details. :)

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hi!! i love your blog and ur new url omg!! i was just wondering how you got your blog's title to do the colorblock thing?? it looks rlly cute!! thank you, lovely <3

Hi! Thank you so, so much!

The colour block thing was really simple - I vaguely remembered a very old tutorial about something similar, but the actual method I used is really basic. I just wrote my text in that black colour, and using a clipping mask, I just started randomly making colourful squares on top of it with the rectangle tool! I rotated some of them, like on the letter Y to fit its shape. That’s it, I really don’t have a lot of patience, haha.

faerielock  asked:

hey sorry for such a spam, I just got lost on your blog!! all of your edits and Sims (and cc) are so beautiful!! you seem super sweet as well, I hope you have a wonderful day/night!!

AW, thank you so much. So nice of you!! This made me happier today. Have a nice day.

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I just recently started following your blog and I was wondering how Perry got to Eastern Kingdoms. I'm not great with lore, but I think night elves weren't really "discovered" by the humans until the third war?

Hey 💜 thank you for following my blog >v< !
I have answered this a few times before, so… I hope you don’t mind if I give you a little link to read one of those ? ;w; It’s right here in the FAQ ^^ (The resume also says a bit about it ^^ )


is it so wrong of me to be… kinda happy that my tag is filled almost exclusively with kindness cures / kindness campaign response asks? like that is what i strive for so hard in this community. to be that level of positive to those in need. thank you all for being so wonderful and for loving me as much as i love you. 
— xoxo manon ♥