thank you so much you are so wonderful!

To think that this very short dating sim by the freaking Game Grumps has made me happier than I have been in a very long time. It’s just.. so nice? And it genuinely gives me hope as a gay man that one day I will find my irl Craig. The messages and lessons conveyed in the game are so important and so thoughtful? Like I’m so happy I spent $15 for this.

;w; Thanks more and clarity~

So I got a huge surge of love and respect that I was frankly not expecting- I want to especially shout out my unanswered asks: @rosfell00 @thatcloverguy @anonymous-154 @doctorbrook @matrixpichu & @spikeramos - as well as any of the comments and stuff-
You guys are genuinely wonderful and thank you so much for so many kind words.

I really wanted to clear a few things up though: I’m not particularly upset at the odd swing of negativity I get. Primarily because what I draw is what I feel and that makes me very happy, but also by sheer numbers the love and respect that I get far outnumbers the bad voices.

Though sometimes it’s easy to think of the negative as some huge force and forget all the love: someone shouting at you eclipses the 10 people smiling.

What I was hopping to address was the amount of pure agitated venom from immature and frankly disgusting people: the uptick of people making long posts about how a ship is “abusive or hurtful”, harassing other users by name and calling them revolting things callously disregarding how people affected might feel on both sides: That hits really close to things said about “Luaggie” in an odd way. I think that’s really not fair. Not every artist can shrug it off and while I firmly think everyone can use a stronger backbone, having people insight a mob on you because you think a bad guy and a good guy should make kissing faces is disgusting and wrong.

Then there are those who celebrate getting artists banned, or having their patreons revoked, or thrill in wanting to dox them- The irony being that most professionals are thrice as deplorable and vulgar as said fan-art accounts. I want to make it clear I respect Tumblr’s TOS, and anyone who wants to play admin is fine by me, I, myself, even find some artwork to be…. very…. not my taste, but I think there is something to be said about a block button and the ability to move on rather than drawing it out or announcing what a hero you are.

At the end of the day it’s fine, people can be people, but it hurts my heart a tad seeing the people I thought where good turn into vindictive trolls– and by all means report harassment and abuse, just…. stop romanticize and idealizing fiction to the point that you must stop the ride for everyone when you disagree with — and anecdotal evidence isn’t evidence….

Thank you for reading this if you did, I’m sorry if I upset anyone, but I really wanted to address these things in a civil way and maybe ask that we make an effort to just be better.

Or not- I promise to resume art now.

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Hi! Sorry to bother you but you're blog is really really great! I was wondering if you would mind doing nsfw(or sfw whichever you're more comfortable with) headcanons for when the reader is training with Hanzo or Genji and the reader ends up on top of them? Thank you so much xcx

Awww thank you <3 There’s a little bit of NSFW so 18+


  • He didn’t mind helping you practice with a bow. In fact, when you told him you wanted to learn he was thrilled 
  • At first to teach you he put a hand over yours to help you pull the bow back and keep it in the proper position
  • His arms felt wonderful wrapped around you like that, and his broad chest against your back had you blushing bad 
  • He spoke next to your ear telling you to adjust your feet and that’s when it happened
  • You lost your balance and slammed right into his chest sending the two of you down 
  • It seemed like everything was ok till you noticed you were right on top of him 
  • You had landed just above his pelvis with your back to him
  • “Oh my god I’m so sorry,” You blabbered, but you stopped when you felt something between your legs
  • You turned to look at Hanzo and saw that he was blushing too 
  • With a giggle you leaned down and said “I seem to have awoken the dragon.” 


  • Feeling a bit bold you asked Genji to teach you some wall climbing skills
  • You thought they would come in handy in the future, and Genji was happy to teach you so why not?
  • He started out by showing you how he does it, then he got you to try it before challenging you to climb three feet above the ground 
  • When you succeeded at that you moved up to five, then ten feet off the ground
  • Although it took you a while to get up there Genji was very proud of you 
  • Your next task was to try for fifteen feet
  • Feeling confident you rushed up the wall, but about ten feet up you lost your footing and fell back 
  • Lucky for you Genji was there to catch you, the force sent you both falling to the ground 
  • When you opened your eyes you realized that he had fallen with his legs spread wide and your face was now in between them
  • Blushing like a tomato you jumped up and apologized profusely 
  • “Ahh Y/N that’s a bit forward of you, going after me like that.” He teased
  • You’d have to get him for that later

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If they male it back to the room without Bucky ripping Tony's shirt off of him they will be lucky. Also thank you for describing polyamory so well. Having been in two such relationships in my life it was always hard to get people to understand how it works. To any wondering it's tough keeping a balance but if you can it is amazingly rewarding to feel that much love . Keep up the amazing work dear!

👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 so glad you appreciated the polyamory talk. I am not currently in a relationship like that, but I have been in the past and while it was lovely and honestly sort of my favorite?? It was SO DIFFICULT making other people understand!!

I feel incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends who are so supportive. My ask box is filled with lovely messages that warm my heart. To @elvhenaniwa,  @thedreadraven, @ratssa, @novamm66, @ma-sulevin, @adventuresinastrangeworld, @airabee, @empresstress13, @thegreatandlovablejohndoe, @cristofalina, @element-104, @elevanetheirin, @long-liv-prairies, @thevikingwoman, @kaoruyogi, @sirinial @enaste-fen, @kagetsukai, and so many more of you who were so nice after that inflow of anon hate - thank you so very much! For every fandom troll out there who tries to ruin someone’s day, there are SO many more people who are warm and welcoming. I love this fandom, and I love each and every one of you who make this such a wonderful place to be. You are all the best!

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Not a question but just wanted to say you guys are absolutely incredible; Fallen London and Sunless Sea are such well written, enthralling and genuinely enjoyable games, and the setting is ever so deliciously engrossing! Really looking forward to Sunless Skies; if that doesn't knock their socks off, what will? Much love, delicious friends :3

Thank you so much, delicious friend. It means a lot to us that people enjoy our games, so it’s wonderful to hear that. Your kind words are making us blush

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First off, I wanted to say I love your art! It inspires me to draw more and improve. I was wondering how long a typical animatic takes to make, sine I want to start making some of my own and want to see how much time one might take. Thank you so much!

haaa thank you!! and about that, it all depends tbh, since im lazy and often procastinates h a it takes me 2 days to do a 3 minute animatic, so if you work efficiently you might finish sooner QvQ 

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Lance D1 keith A3. Ps. i reaaaly love your art and I havent been arround your blog too much so Im wondering have you got a store I would die for some prints of your art or some merch !!! Greetings from mexico!!

Keith A3 and Lance D1

Thank so so so much, you are soooooooo nice<3 and I’m sorry but no, i don’t have a store, I’m just 14 and I can’t begin one on my own and it’s kinda weird to tell my parents to do it… but maybe one day, Anyways thank you for allllllllllllllllllll your support, kisses and hugs from Chile!!<3

Gil x Reader - “I’ve Always Loved You” (Part One)

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Request: “Hi I was wondering if you could do a Gil imagine where your Evie’s sister and when you go back to the isle you and Gil like each other and Evie, mal, Carlos, jay, Ben, Uma, and harry try to get them together and in the end it’s all fluffy thank you so much 😊 and I love your blog so much”

Pairing: Gil x Reader

Warnings: None 

A/N: So I’ve decided to split up this imagine into two possibly three parts as sort of a series partly because I have a lot of requests to do and I want to get out as much content as possible and I want to make this one have multiple scenes to it!

Your POV

“Y/N? Are you even listening?”

You turned and looked toward your sister Evie as she held up two dresses, both blue of course, in front of you. 

“Sorry E, I was distracted.” You blushed turning back to her. 

“As I was saying, which one do you think I should wear to my date with Doug when we get back?” She questioned placing both outfits in front of her figure. You studied the dresses and pointed to the one that was medium length and made of a sort of leather kind of fabric. 

“That one, you look good in leather.” You smiled. She squealed and enveloped you into a tight hug. “I was hoping you’d pick this one! Thanks sis!”

You chuckled softly as she skipped away, eager to start accessorizing the dress. 

Once your sister was out of sight, you went back to watching Uma’s crew train. The swords clashing and sounds of boots pounding on the docks made you smile as you thought of your memories on the Isle.

 Evie was your younger sister by merely a year, she was always the more confident and fashion forward sibling.

 You had taken up the role of being the shy individual who would rather stay inside on a rainy day and read books, much to Evie’s dismay. 

She always tried to set you up with a multitude of boys in Auradon, thought maybe you were more into the prince-y type. But you never found a connection with those boys, because of him. Gil, son of Gaston, the object of your affections and your crush for as long as you could remember. 

Your families had lived across the street from each other, and your friendship blossomed. You had always helped Gil with his homework when he struggled, and he taught you how to defend yourself from creeps on the Isle. 

You had also bonded over being the less favored sibling of your parents. Your mother always resented you for not caring about marriage and royalty, so she gave more attention to Evie. 

Gil was thought of as stupid by his father and was basically shunned for wanting to be a part of Uma’s crew. You snapped out of your thoughts as training had just ended. “You gonna tell her scaredy cat?” Harry Hook grinned as he and Gil walked up to you. 

“Tell me what?” You questioned as Gil’s face turned a dark crimson. “N-Nothing, come on Y/N.” Gil said glaring at Harry and leading you out of the area.

 “What was that about?” You asked glancing back at Uma and her first mate as they giggled in your direction. “Just the usual teasing.” He said with a smile. 

You smiled widely and took his hand as you made your way to “Curl-Up & Dye” to meet up with Mal and Evie.

Third Person’s POV

“So, you think she likes him?” Mal asked Evie once she had explained the situation that had just gone on.

 “Of course! Heart eyes were practically popping out of her head once she saw him training. And they’ve been best friends forever, I know my sister and she cares about Gil just as much as she does me.” Evie answered with a focused expression. 

The pair were currently sitting in Lady Tremaine’s salon while Dizzy was toying around with different shells she had found for her necklaces.

 “Hey guys!” Y/N exclaimed waltzing into the room with her hand intertwined with Gil’s tightly. Mal looked with wide eyes and Evie nodded at her in a sneaky fashion. 

“What’s going on here?” She asked gesturing towards the couple’s hands. Gil and Y/N immediately pulled apart and started shooting down her accusations. 

“Come on E, Gil and I? No way.” Y/N laughed nervously. 

Mal and Evie saw the physical deflation of Gil’s figure as the words left Y/N’s mouth. 

But they knew she didn’t mean what she said, and they were going to need all the help they can get to make these two admit their feelings.

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You know it's bittersweet? The series finale is on my birthday. But I find more sweet than better because it's a nice farewell to a show that has brought me many good memories. With having high functioning autism ,the show brought some great light into my life during some dark times in high school. This show ,taught me to just be myself and grow to be a better person and everything will be OK. So thank you, for this wonderful series of a show.

Happy Birthday Next Week! I hope you enjoy the finale, and I hope a certain song within the finale helps shed some more light on what you’re taking about. That’s some powerful wisdom you stated, it is so important not to worry and to just be yourself— people will love you for who you are, when you love yourself. Props! That’s the answer, at least on of the truths I believe in. Thanks so much.

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That selfie was super cute!!! I admire you both so much ≥﹏≤

Wow thank you. I didn’t expect so many nice comments about it. Mama is wonderful. I am happy to be with them. Can I ask, just because I am very curious, why do you admire us? I sometimes feel that there is nothing good about me. I just wonder 💖

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I can guarantee that once the site goes public, I should have a job and I'll definitely buy chips so I can throw them at all the wonderful creators. I was so pleased to find out about this site. I'll be supporting other creators like I'd hope they'd support me. Thank you for make a wonderful site that I'm very much looking forward to using.

Thank YOU for being so kind! I’m hoping that this sort of belief is infectious!

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im so glad you followed me because otherwise i never would have seen your whole blog which is wonderful. to take in the world at a walking pace & see as much of it as you can & leave nothing but a drawing to prove you've been there is a wonderful way to go through life.

Thank you so much! You understand me!


Four other characters done for the wonderful people who donated! 

Thank you so much for the support, it means A LOT to me <3 

I’m still finishing the requests I have in list, but please be patient if you ordered one cause I’m really overflooded by requests! I’ll slowly get to everyone’s, so please be patient <3 

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Hello! For the flower asks, please for Kaidan and Shepard, if you would be so kind: ulmus, oats and lily. Thank you and have a nice evening. Love, String.

Thanks so much for the prompt! This was lovely to write. The best thing was listening to some wonderful piano music while writing  to give inspiration :) 

Lily: Majesty
Oats: The Witching Sound of Music
Ulmus: Royalty, Strength, Age

Rating: Fluffy
Words: 956
Kaidan Alenko x FemShep

Takes place between ME1 and ME2.

She’s locked in a world of her own, hiding in her safe place far from reality. The aged ivory keys are cool under her slender fingers, music flowing from their tips as a haunting melody whispers across the room. The notes are as ethereal as Shepard herself, skin pale and almost translucent in the light of the moon behind her. 

She doesn’t notice Kaidan’s silent arrival in the room, her mind captured in the moment, lost to everything around her. He doesn’t mind, resting his hands behind his back as he leans against the doorframe. It’s a rare moment for him to catch Shepard with her guard down, swaying rhythmically in her seat in time to the ebb and flow of the song. She’s wearing nothing but his shirt, a red-checked ancient thing that swallows up her slender frame. 

He’d fallen fast asleep after a night of passionate lovemaking, sated and content with the warmth of Shepard’s lithe body safely tucked next to him. It seemed sleep had eluded her, however, given she’d snuck downstairs to lose herself to the music. Here in this haven they’d created for themselves, she was able to do so, to be the woman behind the Commander with no fear of reprisal or judgement. 

Deep in the countryside, the cottage had been in his family for generations. The battered upright piano with its yellowed keys is often used to plonk out merry tunes by drunken guests with little finesse. Kaidan had never thought to experience a concert-level performance from its rickety frame. 

Shepard, of course, proved to be the exception. 

Oh, he knows she plays the piano. She’d casually mentioned it one late night when they’d stood watch together, swapping stories of their youth to pass the time. Naively he’d assumed it was the usual childhood stuff, not the exceptional talent currently coaxing the most extraordinary noises from the ancient piano. He’s also well aware of her love of classical music, always playing when she’s enjoying some downtime in her cabin. 

Shepard leans back, her eyes closed as she continues focus exclusively on the piano. Her hands rise and fall to the tempo, notes rising to a crescendo. Her face contorts with emotion, her breathing rapid, eyes firmly closed. White-blond strands of hair escape the unruly knot on top of her head from the vigour of her performance. 

Kaidan is transfixed by the majesty of Shepard’s performance, a captivating mix of strength and vulnerability. The music has weaved its own spell around them both, Kaidan given a unique glimpse into the very essence of the woman he’s fallen so hard for. She’s alive but broken, fighting but hurting, brave but terrified. He’d not realised it possible for simple notes to convey so much, but watching her bare her soul the only way she knew how, he understands. 

The notes are down to a whisper, Shepard’s face so close to the keys she could kiss them. Kaidan’s almost sorry for it all to come to an end. He could watch this woman forever and learn something new about her every time. If music puts her on the path to healing, then he’ll give her as much time as she needs. 

With a final sigh, the music ends, Shepard’s hands lightly resting in her lap as she takes a steadying breath. Kaidan doesn’t move a muscle, not wanting to startle her. He doesn’t need to announce his presence - she already knows he’s there. A slight smile pulls at her lips as her eyes open, her features soft and relaxed in the dark of the night. It’s hard to imagine this beautiful, winsome creature as the hard, ruthless Commander Shepard. What Kaidan’s seeing is the true person underneath the uniform and the legends, the person she could have been if the ravages of war and duty had never been. His heart breaks a little to know that, all too soon, her peace will be shattered. 

But that’s for another night, he vows, as he walks towards her. 

‘Let me guess. Beethoven?’ 

‘Actually, no. Debussy’s Clair de Lune if you must know,’ Shepard replies laughingly, Kaidan capturing her hands in his as he helps her stand. ‘I’ll play you Beethoven next time.’ 

‘I look forward to it. I had no idea just how talented you were.’ Kaidan savours the press of her lips against his, before Shepard quietly rests her head on his shoulder. ‘It’s two in the morning. Did the piano help?’

‘As a child….well, I have to be good at everything I turn my hand to. Success is the only option, including this. But playing - when I’m at the keyboard it’s freedom in a sense, you know?’ 

He knew, all too well. Being bad at something doesn’t compute with Commander Shepard. 

‘It was bliss, truth be told,’ she continues, resting comfortably in his embrace. ‘Thank you for bringing me here. Not just for the piano - all of it. It reminds me of the sanctity of life, of living. Of everything that matters.’ 

Another crack appears in his heart, hearing Shepard so exposed.

‘I’m glad it’s helped you. That I can help you in some way.’ 

‘More than you ever can know. I love you Kaidan.’ 

The world outside fades to nothing as Shepard lifts her face to his for a kiss, this time not breaking away. They stand, bathed in moonlight, the witching soul of music which Shepard created reverberating in the air, cocooning them in a world of joy and pleasure. Both of them forget the terror of the universe outside, a needed respite against the deadly battle they were locked in on a daily basis. For just one night, at least, they are just a man and woman, deeply in love.

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hey! i love your stuff! the sims you have created are STUNNING!!! I envy your skills so much :) i was just wondering where you got those eyes? they are so cute and I really want to get those eyes for my sims :))) I hope you'll get back to me, thanks so much!

Hi there~

Thank you so much! That’s so sweet anon! I just recently updated my resources page today where you can find the only two sets of eyes I use on my sims, all the links are HERE!

Have a great day♥ 

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That picture of you and mama is so cute! You both look wonderful ❤️❤️ How have you guys been?

Thank you so much! Mama is very photogenic and incredibly pretty. We had a wonderful day out in nature. It was amazing ❤️🐤🌱 How are you?

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11:04 and how the heck I was brace enough to make friends with you because you are literally the only person I've tried to initiate a friendship with and even so I was always terrified to open your messages for like 3 months (I still am tbh) but that's never happened with anyone else because anxiety but thank you for being friends with this awkward self because you've given me so much good advice and smiles just wen I need it. And now it is currently 11:10 oops It took me 6 minutes to write this

OMG I’M ACTUALLY GONNA CRY!!!! what on earth did I do to deserve you oh my gosh oh my gosh… :’D 💙💙💙💙💙 i love you so so so so so much, friendo. you light up my life. you’re so sweet and wonderful and amazing. I’m so so so lucky to have met you!!!!!!

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(tw: brief ed mention) hi Najia i just wanted to say your cooking blog helps me a lot. I've had bulimia for four years, and baking and eating the recipes you share is definitely helping me get a better relationship with food. thank you so much!! you are amazing and so helpful in every way.

this is so wonderful to hear! cooking helped me out a lot with similar struggles so it’s great to know that I’m passing it on ❤️❤️❤️