thank you so much waah

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your art has cleared my skin, cured my depression, helped my crops thrive, made the sun shine again,,,, askfdjsf you get the point. happy kallura week!! ₍₍ (ง ˙ω˙)ว ⁾⁾

waah!! thank you so much ( and sorry for the late reply orz;;) it really means a lot~ i kinda fell off for the last few days of the week tho but it was a lot of fun ovo//

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DIS ONE 🍭 besides the fact I really like you and your blog and just wanted to find a way to talk to you 😅

🍭 - Childhood memory?

“Sometimes I wonder why he still wanted to hang out with a kid like me from the start…”


Oh thank you so much! Waah! <3
I appreciate your kind words! You can come talk to me anytime! Trust me, I don’t bite ;0
// Also I really love your work aswell! You and abunch of other artist inspire me everyday to keep doing what I love! <3 //

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Waah thank you so so much for translating Life. I had such a hard day at work and this feels trip was exactly everything that I needed; one of the best cry session I've had in a while and this couple growing old together definitely hit the spot. I'm so very grateful for you guys and the artist >_< gonna try to buy a hard copy in Japanese and it would be nice if I can possibly have some info on where to get it please?

You’re welcome! I’m so glad to hear you’ll be picking up a physical copy (´ω`) I’ve listed all the shops that I can think of below~

Shops that ship overseas: CDJapan | Amazon Japan | YesAsia (out of stock) | (out of stock)

Japan-Only Shops (but with bonuses!): Animate Online Shop (4p Booklet) | Horin Love Books (Bromide + Bonus Paper) | Toranoana (Bonus Paper) | ComiComi Studio (out of stock; Illustration Manga Card + Bonus Paper)

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Hii :D I just wanted to say I stumbled upon your blog just now and your artwork is SO FLIPPIN AWESOME! It deserves more attention!!!!! Anyways as a fellow artist (or at least I attempt to be T_T) I seriously appreciate the work you put in to your work! Hopefully I haven't creeped you out - have a fantastic day *hugs*

waah thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoy my art ;_;

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waah ok ok so before i go to the hell hole known as scHOoL i'd like to request another kabe don situation!!!! (the other just really got to me-waaah so cute~) can i ask the boys (oikawa, bokuto, noya, kuroo, tsukishima, kageyama, and iwaizumi) to be the one initiating/ doing the kabe don to their s/o? waaaah i'm so excited thank you so much!!!! (i rlly love u n ur imagines btw waah you write so well!!!!!)

Woohoo, another kabe don request! Thank YOU so much!! Here’s the first kabe don situation~ 

Oikawa had teased his crush all throughout class, saying things to irk them and making faces at them, and they had eagerly left once class ended. Oikawa was right at their heels much like a lost puppy, though there was an awful grin on his face. “Don’t go~” he whined. His grin widened as he took his crush’s wrist, twirled them around, and backed them against the wall. He placed his forearm beside their head and leaned down, his face just centimeters from theirs—so he really couldn’t blame them when they kneed his crotch in panic and ran away.

Bokuto didn’t know what he’d said during lunch to make his crush so flustered that they left, so he tagged after them while calling their name. He was perplexed that they were running from him, but was still smiling; they were so cute. “Gotcha!” he cheered as he caught their hand and spun them into the nearest corner, slapping both hands on either side of them. “Bokuto, do you know what you’re doing?!” his crush demanded with embarrassment. Bokuto tilted his head, gold eyes wide and merry. “Talking to you?” he replied. 

“Heeey!” Nishinoya called out to his crush as he ran down the hall. His crush watched him propel closer and closer until he nearly crashed into them, expertly stopping himself in time by slamming a hand beside their head. His eyes were ablaze, his grin ferocious, as he suddenly whipped out two movie tickets with his free hand. “Guess who got tickets to the movie you wanted to watch! Yup, it’s me!” Kabe don and a movie date? Too good to be true. Nishinoya may or may not have planned this out.

Kuroo had only meant it as a joke, pushing himself off the wall to face his crush. He exaggeratedly slammed his hands on either side of them, wriggling his eyebrows. “You make me feel things,” he whispered hotly into their ear, choking down his laughter. Thirty seconds later, Kuroo was left keeling against the wall with a sore stomach and a red hand print on his cheek; his friends would later unanimously tell him that he totally deserved the slap and kick. His creepy actions would not go unpunished.

“Oi, don’t try to leave when I’m still talking to you,” Tsukishima said, stepping in his crush’s way yet again. They griped that they were going to be late for class but there was still five minutes to spare; five minutes for him to muster his guts and ask them out. “Can’t you tell me later?” they asked, stepping to the right. Tsukishima mirrored them and calmly placed his arms on either side of them, caging them against the wall. “Nope,” he answered pertly, smirking at their furious blush.

Kageyama was going to confess; it was now or never! Yet he’d been tripping over his words for the past five minutes, bless his soul. “It’s okay, Kageyama, you can tell me another time. I’ll be glad to listen,” his crush said, stepping aside to leave except they couldn’t leave because it was now or never! With a splutter, Kageyama shot out a leg, his heel crashing into the wall. A beat later, he shot out his arm as well, and then spread his other arm out in the other direction so that he looked like an awkward starfish. Now his crush couldn’t leave!

It was after club and Iwaizumi had parted from his friends to meet up with his crush. They talked side by side, leaning against the wall and watching the sunset; one was oblivious, one was fighting back a nervous heartbeat and trying to gather the courage to say what he’d been planning to say for months. Iwaizumi suddenly stood in front of his crush, unknowingly encasing them against the wall with his arms. Red-faced and refusing to fully meet their eye, he asked, “Will you go out with me?”

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Good god almighty, your drawing of Undertale are incredible! 😍👏🏼💕❤️ Are you planning on animating the scene with Ultimate Asriel, not the whole part just when the flashback hit and Asriel remembered the good in him and started talking to Frisk on why he keeps doing all this, up to where everything turns white? Maybe one day?

Waah thank you so much!! (*/∇\*).. ohhh…… I would totally love to do that one day!!! I’m drawing a similar scene actually right now… something emotional and exciting with Asriel… gyah… (T^T) my heart always cries…

Ishida-sensei's replies to fans - part 1

because he’s just so sweet.

A fan tweeted some clay figures (Kaneki, Naki, an edamame, and Anpanman) she had made with her children.

Ishida: They’re very cute! The edamame is especially well made… Tell them hi for me!

Fan: Waah, thank you very much! ✨ We’re so happy, we danced for joy. Thank you taking the time out of your busy day to reply to us. (*^▽^*)  I feel energy coursing through me!( • ̀ω•́  )ヨシッ✧

Fan: Ishida Sui-sama!! Please forgive me for the sudden intrusion. The date has just changed but today is Koori-kun’s birthday right? I’ve been waiting for this day since I bought the tankobon! I’m really happy Koori-kun has been appearing a lot in :re. I’ve re-read it so many times (lol)

Ishida: Woow, the cake looks delicious, thank you!

Fan: I tried to draw a scene in Anteiku mimicking your style, and after a total of 30 hours of this university applicant’s time and passion trying to make it work this was the result. An university applicant’s precious time is stored here. Please accept this.

Ishida: 30 hours! Thank you university applicant, I am honored to receive such a gift.

(Fan: Waaaaaaaaah thank you very much (*´∀`*) I’ll give it my all in my studies I’m cheering you on too volume 4 was great jfhabuehnamskjdcn)

I’ll do a part 2 later.^^

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Hello! Just wanted to say you're a huge inspiration to me!! I love everything about your art (。>ω<)。 I hope you will eventually draw other characters like Undyne or Papyrus because I'm sure they would look awesome in your style! Have a nice day~ ヾ(。^ω^。)ノ

Waah thank you so much!! (*/∇\*)I loooove Papyrus and Undyne!! I have plans for them!! I just have to many things I want to do always, haha… (TqT) I need more time to invest in drawing. (:3_ヽ)_