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Zendaya and (future brother-in-law) Maks Chmerkovskiy 😝😝😝😍😍

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A Merik headcanon: Meg isn't used to confide in people. Erik is one of the few in the world - or maybe the only one - with whom she feels she can truly be herself. Even her, without masks at last. Of course, Erik is flattered by the thought; the feeling is mutual.

AWW! Thank you so much for this Val. I stand behind this so much, I think they talk about anything and EVERYTHING!

Thank you for this sweet Meg/Erik headcanon, if you have ANY more send them my way! 

I’m now (and always) accepting Meg/Erik headcanons. Happy, Sad, Funny, or Smut (is accepted and encouraged!) XOXOXOXO

for @zamian347!!!

In which UmiNico lived together for so long that they’re married but neither realize it.


Umi checks the clock.


The time flashes a neon green by the bedside table and in her heart she knows, in five minutes’ time, Nico will rise and get up from under the fluffy covers, leaving her side empty and cold. The clock will ring once, or maybe twice, before Nico moves across their tiny room in a display of agility, practice from years of being an idol.

She hears Nico’s soft breathing by her side and inches a little further, hands placed over her chest as she tries to even out her own breathing. If it wasn’t for saving up the fees spent on furniture years ago when they were students, she would definitely not be sharing a bed with Nico. It is something that she hated to admit, but over time she has gotten used to having somebody sleeping by her side. Nico never fails to warm her side of the bed.

The notion of buying a new bed seems to be put off every time, despite the fact that they had both earned enough money these few years. Too tedious, Nico says, whenever she mentions about it.

And then she got used to it.

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Would it be okay to add art to posts, or to base art off posts and link back? Would you prefer one of those over the other?

yo!! absolutely, n thank you so much for considering to draw art! i feel like it would be best if you made your own post and then tagged us in it, so you, the artist, get the bulk of the notes and visibility. thank you so much again!

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Val is the sweetest of all people. Val is the prettiest, smartest, kindest. The softest. Val is my moon whom I look at with tears in my eyes, because the moon's beauty captives me every time. Val makes me feel like I've never felt before. Val is so precious, and I want her to know that. Val is the best. I love you, Val💜💜💜

This is so cute!!! Omg akjdshsfjl/ghkal :’)


Prompt ( submitted by vnello123 ) The media mistakes Alex for Zendaya’s boyfriend instead of Val. I kind of added my own twist to it, I hope you don’t mind xx. Enjoy

‘Thank you so much for the dinner Val. It was lovely.’ Peta said as herself and the other members of the family round the table finished their dinner.

'You’re more than welcome Peta, Its an honour for me to celebrate with you guys. But let’s not forget the main reason we’re all sat round this table.’ Val replied, beaming at Zendaya who was sat next to him on the table. He kissed her cheek and she held his hand.

'That’s right. Cheers to Zendaya and her new album being released!’ Maks said, raising his glass to make a toast.

'To Zendaya and her ever growing success. May you have many more!’ Everyone cheered.

Zendaya’s second album had just been released a few days ago and was already rocketing the charts. Of course Val thought that this alone needed a celebration so he invited Zendaya’s parents and his parents as well as the Russian Army to a surprise dinner at one of the fancy restaurants in town.

'Can I just say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you guys have given me. Honestly if it wasn’t for all you people I don’t think my album would be as successful as it is… So thank you’ Zendaya replied.

'You’ve earned it love.’ Sharna told Zendaya from across the table.

'Thank you’ Zendaya made a heart sign and blew a kiss to Sharna, which she then returned.

’ It’s getting late, let’s pay the bill and everyone can come round to mine and Claire’s place. We can continue the celebration there.’ Kazembe suggested.

'Sounds like a plan’ Alex replied.

'Alright, well you guys head on out and I’ll pay the bill and meet you outside?’ Val said, slowly rising from his seat.

Of course there were arguments over who was to pay the bill with Kazembe offering to pay half and Maks offering to pay his part but Val insisted and being the stubborn guy he was, he ended up having his way.

Everyone left and it was just Zendaya, Alex and Val left at the restaurant.

'Why don’t you and Zendaya wait outside. I just need to use the bathroom before we leave?’ Val said

'Sure bro, we’ll meet you outside?’ Alex asked.

'Yep’ Val replied as he walked towards the bathroom.

Zendaya and Alex left the restaurant and decided to wait near the main entrance. Just as Zendaya was about to sit on a bench, she saw paparazzi moving towards her.

'Great.’ She muttered under her breath but Alex had managed to hear her.

'Don’t worry Z, I got you.’ Alex took Zendaya’s hand as if to lead them away from the bench, but the paparazzi were too quick for them. Suddenly they were being bombarded with questions.

'Zendaya your new album is a lot more mature than your first one, why is that? Is there a special someone who you’re singing for?’

Zendaya hesitated for a minute because her and Val’s relationship was still not public.

'I’ve tried to make music which is a bit more mature because I am growing up and I’m learning new things about life.’ Zendaya answered quickly, hoping the press would leave her alone soon.

Alex could sense the worry on her face.

'Look.’ He said to the head of the team. 'We’re here to enjoy ourselves and I’m sure Zendaya would like a bit of privacy so if you don’t mind could you please go?’

'Oh you’re Russian?’ One of the camera men said.

'There are rumours going round that you’re dating a Russian guy Zendaya. Would you care to enlighten us?’

Zendaya’s cheeks went bright red and the cameraman chuckled.

'Alex and I are just friends’ Zendaya said, but it seemed as if the paparazzi got what they wanted.

Zendaya’s face was panic-stricken. This would be all over the Internet by tomorrow morning. 'Oh god’ Zendaya said putting her face in her hands.

'Don’t worry Z, we didn’t say anything to them, it’ll go down as a rumour, nothing will happen.’

At that moment, Val stepped out the restaurant. 'Is everything ok?’ He asked after seeing the anxious looks on both Zendaya and Alex’s faces.

'Yep, everything’s fine dude.’ Alex replied. 'Shall we head on home?’

'Yeah, it’s getting late and everyone will be waiting for us.’ Val replied. He took Zendaya’s hand and kissed it. 'You good?’ He asked her.

'Why wouldn’t I be?’ Zendaya replied, kissing his cheek. She knew she had to tell Val what happened but she decided to face that problem tomorrow. She didn’t want to ruin the night, especially after he made such an effort to arrange it.

The next morning Zendaya was awoken by someone calling her phone. She sleepily looked at the caller ID and then realised what was about to happen.

'Crap’ she said as she saw Val’s name.

'Hey’ she said cautiously, not sure how he was going to react.

'What the hell Zendaya? Why am I reading articles about you and Alex being a couple? And why are there pictures of you two holding hands? Are you playing games with me?’ Val was fuming.

'Val please just listen to me ok? Val? Val?’ Suddenly the line went dead.

'I should have just told him last night’ Zendaya thought to herself. She lay on her bed, contemplating about what to do.

10 minutes later there was a knock at her door. She knew it was Val before she even opened it.

'Come in’ she said, sitting up on the bed,

Val looked so heartbroken it made Zendaya feel sick. She had to clear this up. Now.

'Val please just listen to me. You know the paparazzi twist things, they were trying to get me to tell them who I was dating. When they asked if it was Alex I told them we were just friends. You have to trust me.’ Zendaya explained.

There was no response from Val.

I can’t believe you think I’m cheating on you.’ Zendaya suddenly cried out.

All of a sudden she realised how much he had hurt her by not trusting her.

'Why were you holding hands in the picture?’ Val asked.

'He was trying to lead me to safety’ she cried. 'The paparazzi were getting too close, he was trying to protect me!’

'That’s my job damn it!’ Val shouted.

'I know it is, but you weren’t there at the time! He was! I can’t believe you don’t trust me!’ Zendaya cried on the verge of tears. She turned to face her window. Neither of them spoke a word.

The sight of Zendaya suffering caused Val to realise how stupid he was being.

'I’m sorry for doubting you Zendaya.’ Val said, breaking the silence which filled the air. ’ I should have never doubted you, I should have known there was an explanation.’

He slowly walked up to her and slipped his arms around her waist, but her body tensed up.

'Z baby, I’m sorry.’ Val said again, praying to get a response from her.

'I think you should go.’ she replied, still facing the window.

'Z, please?’ Val said, instantly regretting his behaviour.

'Just go.’ She said quietly, not turning to look at Val. She knew the minute she saw his face she would give in to him. She didn’t want to forgive him yet. He really hurt her, how could he even think that she would cheat on him.

'Please Val.’ She said once more when he didn’t move.

'Alright, you need time I get it. I’ll go.’ He said.

I love you Zendaya was the last thing she heard before the door closed.

As if on queue, the tears starting to pour down her face. She took a deep breath in and went to the shower. She had an interview that afternoon and she needed to get ready.

'Val will have to wait’ she said to herself, before turning on the shower.

I got engaged last week!


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Thank you all so much for your support!  Val and I both really appreciate it!  I wish I could sit down and reply to all of the congratulations messages but there’s so many I could never get through them all!

So thank you, ALL of you, for all your continued support of myself, Val, and of course our relationship! 

“Thank you SO much Val for creating a dance that I’ll always remember for being fierce and filled with strength. You’ve only been my teacher for this week, but thank you for all the fun and being patient even when you had to explain thing 10 times over! You’re an amazing coach and friend for life” - Bindi

I’m proud of you Bindalinachka :) I’ll be rooting for you beautiful, always. you got an older brother for life - Val