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“Let me know what you decide. I like it, it suits you.”

In the end, it’s like trying to figure out if he branded Jesse, or Blackwatch did; either way, the mark stays. [x]

SOLDIER: a jeyna fanmix

i. drops of jupiter (cover) jess moskaluke  | ii. soldier ingrid michaelson | iii. army (live from abbey road) ellie goulding | iv. crash you me at six | v. don’t you remember adele  | vi. one love marianas trench | vii. images ransom collective | viii. say you love me jessie ware | ix. the violet hour the civil wars

art by minuiko ;; edit by completelytwitterpated
[companion liper fanmix]


When I created this blog, I never thought I’d make good enough friends here, who would care enough about me to actually send me gifts and a heap of good wishes on my b-day last week– which really astounds me and warms my heart. I didn’t ask for the gifts for my b-day and didn’t expect them. But they send them anyway. The gifts in order are from Jess ( books-cupcakes ) who got me a new edition of my favorite book, Deathless. Summer ( buttermybooks ) who sent me a painting she did herself, a book I’ve wanted but didn’t have, a beautiful mug and some tea! Then there’s my darling otter-dragon Brittany ( books-wrote-my-story) who got me a pin of a dragon!!!!!!

You are all beautiful human beings and I love you. Thank you for your friendship and care and love. Thank you for being my friends. 

I do not forget those who sent me jokes, puns, and stories. You are the best of them all because you took a moment out of your day to send me a message and made me laugh. Thank you so much. It really means a lot to me. Thank you.