thank you so much to jess for the edit!!!!

So this happened. It was supposed to become a badass mchanzo drawing.

I don’t even know what is happening on the drawing. It looks like Hanzo is about to kick Jesse’s ass-

Edit: When I woke up this morning I was shocked at how many people liked this sketch. Just, thank you all so much for that small click! It made my day, and it wasn’t even noon yet!


“Let me know what you decide. I like it, it suits you.”

In the end, it’s like trying to figure out if he branded Jesse, or Blackwatch did; either way, the mark stays. [x]

hi everyone!! my best pal @4dcs4 and i are putting together a mcgenji fanzine. we’ve wanted to make this project happen for a while now, and in light of the recent election, it seemed like a great time to get started. all proceeds as a result will be donated to support lgbtq+ efforts in the states. we are looking closely at the lgbtq+ task force as of now but would be open to other ideas!

we hope to celebrate the relationship between mccree and genji while also celebrating happy, healthy and valid queer relationships. we’re looking for submissions that are happy, empowering, and uplifting! this is a positivity zine and we’d like to stay away from things that are a little too sad (because there’s plenty of that in the overwatch canon already, right!?)

if you’re interested in participating, all you need to do is send the following to

name (preffered AND online handle would be great!)

tumblr (for crediting purposes later!)

and one or two sketch ideas of what you’d like to submit to us! they don’t have to be complete but a rough comp is necessary for us to see what we’ve got.

the submission deadline is December 9, 2016 (a month from today!) and decisions will go out shortly after! thank you so so much for your interest. :)

EDIT: i can’t believe i forgot to mention (thanks for those who asked) – we’re looking at a size of 5.5in x 8.5in for both print and pdf. and when you are drawing your image ideas please keep them PG-13 or SAFER. thank you!!

SOLDIER: a jeyna fanmix

i. drops of jupiter (cover) jess moskaluke  | ii. soldier ingrid michaelson | iii. army (live from abbey road) ellie goulding | iv. crash you me at six | v. don’t you remember adele  | vi. one love marianas trench | vii. images ransom collective | viii. say you love me jessie ware | ix. the violet hour the civil wars

art by minuiko ;; edit by completelytwitterpated
[companion liper fanmix]

@xmus replied to your post: is it cool if i make another dumb faith edit that…

jess. jess sweetie. there is no such thing as a ‘dumb faith edit’. it does not exist. anything with faith in it is automatically creative good content that’s just the way it is

reeva… i feel about a million times better now thank you and flying spaghetti monster bless you my friend 


EDIT: Thank you so much for the support, guys!! Preorders are available here, through Sept 22!! ALSO, if you are generous enough to support me in buying these, you pay $3.00 LESS THAN U WOULD AFTER PREORDERS CLOSE. That’s right, the cost will raise to $15.00 after the preorders close!

Ok so remember how I was talking about charms???

I’m gonna do these puppies as 1.5″ sweet sons. If this post gets enough attention maybe I will open preorders?? ;A; please tho these things are expensive


Hey, Danny! I’m not your assistant anymore

charlieweesley  asked:

Hey congrats on 350 followers Kelsey!!! So well deserved and tbh you deserve even more! I think my favourite flower is gardenia they're so pretty and smell so nice! Can I have a 🌻for Jessica and maybe a make me(you) choose between fleur delacour and cho Chang? (I forgot the emoji but 🌸🌺🌷there we go) Thank you and congrats again!!! ❤️

hi jess!! thank you so much love, you’re too sweet. gardenia are so pretty! i love the smell of them too. i’ll start working on that (as soon as my laptop is back), thank you for the suggestion ❤️ name playlist is below, did you want the blog compliment too?

🌻 name playlist 🌻

J - Just Smoke by Mumford and Sons

E - Ease My Mind by Hayley Kiyoko

S - Settle by Vera Blue

S - St. Jude by Florence + The Machine

I - I’m A Mess by Ed Sheeran

C - Caravan by Passenger

A - Angela by The Lumineers


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I know it's like a reply and comment thing but let me tell you why I followed: you and Jess are literally friendship goals. That and I've seen your edits and writing all the time and it's so impressive what you do. That's why I followed and while we don't talk much, you're awesome. Don't forget that.

Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much I’ve enjoyed your blog since the follow. @bullshitreigned? Jess? Who is she? Don’t know her. Jkjk ❤❤❤


Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family), Bradley Whitford (West Wing), Max Greenfield (New Girl), Simon Helberg (Big Bang Theory), Pablo Schreiber (Orange is the New Black) and I (the Internet?) chat about auditions, emmys and our various TV shows for Variety’s Supporting Actor in a Comedy Conversation. There was a bunch more we chatted about, including when I asked The Whit about West Wing walk and talks, but here’s a fun edit of all of us chatting. Thank you to Variety for including me in this amazing group! Was so much fun.


and you’ve heard the stories, everyone has, how those who try to reach the moon end up scorched by the sun instead

for jess, plinys, who put up with me for the aosholidayexchange even though I know nothing about ao3. happy holidays!


big thanks to @yohood for making the bottom edit for me it’s just what i always wanted :)

happy holidays! given that it’s christmas i thought i’d make a follow forever bc i love you all and don’t say it nearly enough

shoutout to my ride or die’s my true loves yall know how i feel about feelings so lets give this a go:

rachel @jinglebellcalum: i love you my beautiful texan nugget thnx for always being there for me i appreciate the heck out of you

missy @simmerdownirwin: i miss you so much my heart could burst ur beautiufl and strong and wonderful i love you so much

jess @elfdaddyluke: listen i love you and the fact that you need just as much attention as me and you’re always willing to cuddle

iris @muketrash: i hate you but i dont hate you ya feel? thanks for always coming over to eat and suffer with us and cuddle 

ellie @irwingroupie: ur the worst but so am i which is why we’re married i guess

beth @mukearemydads: im so glad you’ve joined this disgusting trash site so i have more means to annoy you :) but ur the bestest roommate/arch nemesis ever 


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EXCITED to announce that our first collected edition of AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE (titled ESCAPE FROM RIVERDALE) debuted at #3 on the authoritative NYTimes Best Seller list in the GN Paperback category! That’s pretty huge, specially for Archie Comics which sees this the first of their book ever making the NYT top ten list.
And if that wasn’t enough, AMAZON declared AFTERLIFE Vol.1 their BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR (so far) in Comics and GN category!

THANK YOU SO MUCH, everyone, for making this magic happen! :)

Roberto, myself, Jack, Jon, Mike, Jesse, Alex, and everyone at Archie are ecstatic about all this success and are committed to bring more scares (and quality stories) in the upcoming issues (wait to see #6).

Meanwhile you are gonna get a free B/W edition of the now sold out #1 this coming October as part of Halloween ComicFest (cover pictured on top of this post)

Again, thank you thank you thank you - stick with us and you are in for a helluva fun ride :)



Happy Birthday Jessica Jung…

All of this years of following snsd, all of this years of having you as a role model, teaching me so much, I am so grateful of having you in my life, without knowing each other, you’ve changed me. When I think about you I think about many things in my life. Thank you for giving me the chance of being a sone, thank you for being yourself, all the time and thank you for existing. We all love you, remember that Jess…You are loved.

new studyblr !!

hey guys, im jess & welcome to my blog :-) 

im starting 10th grade + I’m from Australia !! 

so I joined this awesome studyblr community so it could motivate & inspire me to be more productive in school and studying. btw I’m currently on summer break, so once school is about to begin i’ll post original content !!

since I’m relatively new I need more blogs to fill up my dash so like/reblog this and I’ll check you out ??
much love (◕‿◕✿)

EDIT: thanks so much for the support everyone!! I’m rlly busy right now, but I’ll check out everyone’s blogs asap X