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“22 Years of Skate at One Glance”
Thank You God,
Thank You My Parents,
Thank You My Coach Dad,
Thank You My Teachers,
Thank You My Mentors,
Thank Dear Friends,
Thank You My Most Amazing Fans.
Thank You for The Journey

- Misha Ge on his Instagram (x)



Day 5 - A “Sorry” tribute (Exhibition) 

We all have seen “Sorry” a million times by now 😂 but my favorite moment during the season has been..the ending. I’ve been obsessed with this cute little moment.. Tessa smiles almost right away every time and Scott tries to stay serious as much as possible but at one point he can resist Tessa’s smile and he gives her his special smile.😍 So thank you “Sorry” for your sensuality and the intense looks.

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could you please elaborate on Scott being a gentleman at gpf?☺️🌷 ps I will never be able to thank you enough for sharing everything from that competition and I can only imagine how much work that was and I think you're so lovely and I love your blog in general!

Scott was Scott …. He carried all the luggage (he had 3 big luggages and Tessa only had her handbag), he always let her pass first. When she sign my photo he took all that she carried (Tessa didn’t do it when it was Scott’s time 😋)

And at one moment they had to run to skip fans because they had to eat so Scott said sorry we don’t have time and he took Tessa’s wrist and he said to her : are you ready? And he started to run by dragging Tessa by her wrist 😁😁

Thank you it means so much that you love my tumblr😍😍 and thank you for watching my videos !!! I’m so so so so so so happy that a lot of people like them. It was the first time I film a figure skating competition so I tried my best.
I try to post everything I see on social media and some wonderful gifs make by others tumblr😊

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s lock on the Corktown Footbridge over the Rideau Canal(aka lover’s bridge or w/e its called) in Ottawa, Ontario.

hearts beat as one | a tessa/scott mix {listen}

1. together - the xx 2. never tear us apart - paloma faith 3. two of the lucky ones - the droge & summers blend 4. burn - ellie goulding 5. falling without knowing - tilly and the wall 6. i feel you - depeche mode 7. rainbow - oh land 8. where i sleep - emeli sandé 9. only love - ben howard 10. cheek to cheek - peggy lee

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Stepping away from Scotts hair for a moment because I know you're very upset can we talk about Tess in this video? She is crushing it and I love that Scott is taking a back seat to let her shine

Thank you very much for your words in this moment of darkness.

As for Tessa I agree and agree.

Its obvious that this dance was catered to showcase her whereas the first one was all about Scott. You can tell even in Scott’s dancing, he’s just not hitting it as hard whereas Tessa is going all out.

I mean once again its so obvious how effortless this is for her, she’s floating. She’s so light on her feet. She’s hitting every beat of the song. She’s getting sassy and flirty with it.

I love the end of the video when they’re done and she’s just standing there smiling kind of shyly, like she can’t believe she just did that. But she’s amazing. She’s such a gifted dancer. Lots of good stuff in this.

Tessa and Scott grace the cover of Macleans

My friend’s report/observations  about Tessa and Scott - “SOI Hamilton and London”

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!! *hugs*

I went to CSOI last weekend and here are some things I noticed!

Opening: Even though they’re not always skating together all the time, they still seem to be aware of where each other are on the ice. They had some cute little dancing together moments. Once he was being goofy, and she was laughing at him. While they wait to be introduced they stand there talking and laughing with each other the entire time. At first, when they got into this position on the ice, he pulled her towards him and was saying something into (and/or kissing?) the side of her head very closely. Then they pulled back a little, and it was like they’re having an entire conversation about something, oblivious to the rest of the group or the arena full of people. The look on her face looking up at him was so sweet during that time. Her eyes were “smiling” at him. She looked so happy whenever she looked at him, both then, and other times when they were just skating around, or coming out of a lift. It’s funny when they pretend like Scott doesn’t know Kurt is going to dance with her during the official introduction. Kurt looks over her shoulder to make sure Scott isn’t paying attention before. Then when Scott comes over “mad” and pulls them apart, Kurt acts like he didn’t mean anything and wasn’t trying to cause any trouble. As they were leaving the ice to go through the tunnel, Scott put his hands on Tessa’s shoulders and squeezed a few times, before running his hands down the back of her arms.

How Will I Know: He likes to run his fingers through her hair and bring it towards his face with his eyes closed (like he’s done before in Hallelujah and ITM). She also had her hand in his hair during the one handed jump lift. In the Ina bauer I noticed she had put her hand on his inner thigh. I was like, oh, ok. Didn’t see that before, lol. The end hug and spin around is cute. It’s like they end with the sad program apart, but that’s not how they want to “end’ it, so they have to hug to make it ok again. When they left the ice, he put his arm around her shoulders, and she put her arm around his waist in that side snuggly hug they do while all smiles to each other.

Intermission: Someone made what I would consider a shippy type video to the Ellie Goulding song used in 50 Shades of Grey, which is played before they come out on the ice. It’s just different shots of them skating from previous SOI shows, but the parts they picked to use are all of their more sensual moments, and whoever made it seemed to coincide specific lyrics to certain movements… lol. Their speech was the normal joking speech they do, but they were still cute in how they play off each other. They left the ice holding hands. Speaking of, sometimes I was amazed at how fast they could find each other’s hand. They would not be touching, and all the sudden they were holding hands and I never saw it happen. They were like magnets!

Hip Hip Chin Chin: This part is so funny. Scott was playing his part so well, and when they stood close together, I know it was just the “choreography” but you could feel the electricity between them. They were perfect for those roles.

Good Kisser: Other than the entire point/meaning of the program being what it is, I didn’t notice anything too different than we’ve already seen. He seems to really get into kissing her neck and upper chest though, lol. More than I noticed before. At the end they actually kissed, not just the faces really close together/not quite kissing, but actual mouths together. Then when they were leaving the ice holding hands, she reached up to grab onto his arm with her opposite hand, and just held onto his arm until I couldn’t see them anymore.

Supertramp: A cute part is at the end, he asks for her forgiveness and she agrees so they hug. This hug looked more like a big classic V/M hug more than in the characters though. Then after the hug, he grabbed her hand to kiss it. She kind of started to skate away, but he was still kissing her hand like skating after her, lol.

Finale: The best part was when the guy partners did their lift at the end with the girls on their shoulders. The other two guys put their girls down, and Tessa started to get down as well, but he wouldn’t let her. She was just kinda hanging there with her legs dangling, and he was still holding her up like he was teasing her he wasn’t going to let her get down, lol. Obviously he did eventually and they did their hug and said a few things to each other before moving on to the next part. It looks like they talk a lot out there to each other in the opening and closing numbers. In part of the bows, they skated to the center of the ice, then she skated ahead of him and he “presented” her. He clapped as she smiled and waved, and then when she started coming back to him, he kissed his hand, and immediately grabbed onto her hand with the one he just kissed, LOL!

Overall impressions: Watching them in person is so much better for everything, both skating and in relation to their interactions with each other. I mean, it’s the normal stuff we see on video, with all their cute little moments, but it’s exponentially bigger in person. You can really feel the connection they have with one another. It doesn’t just look like choreography a lot of the time, or even something that’s just happened from skating together for 18 years… what they have feels so innate and genuine in what they feel for each other by how they look at, touch and interact with each other.

He’s so gentle with her and literally feels like he treats her like a princess. Like she’s the most important thing in the world. He’s completely focused on her whenever they’re out there together. Something I also noticed more watching them live is how much he presents her. He is always making sure she’s in the spotlight. When they’re together, he doesn’t care about himself. It’s all about her, and how she looks and that she’s safe and protected and appreciated. It really is something beautiful to watch.

She also seems to get more relaxed around him, it’s like she can completely let go and just be 100% herself. Yeah, she can still dance around and have fun with the others, but when she’s next to him is different. Her shoulders relax down and expression and demeanor change as soon as they make that connection. And you can tell she completely trusts him, because she knows he’ll keep her safe. It was like she melts towards/into him every time he’s by her. She can be completely confident skating by herself like in the opening to GK… but then as soon as he comes by her, it seems like she just has to be right next to or touching him.

They appear to have some sort of a gravitational pull towards each other. Sometimes it’s like there’s an invisible string connecting them, that keeps them within a certain proximity to each other, and they always bounce back… like a yo-yo. It’s not like any other skating couple I’ve ever watched before.

Some other observations: In London both families (Moir’s and Virtue’s) were there as well. Scott’s parents and grandfather were sitting near the ice,  and the rest of Scott’s family were sitting up in a different section with Tessa’s family.

I could also see Kaitlyn Lawes from where I was sitting (she was in the same section as Tessa’s family) and she did not seem to be enjoying the show at all. She sat there on the end of the aisle, kind of slumped over, and just drank her drink and watched without smiling. She barely talked with anyone around her, or his family at all. I thought she was friends with some of the other skaters, but I never saw her clap for anybody once. At intermission she stood up while his family was all talking and laughing, but no one was talking to her. She left and came back after their speech with another drink, and sat pretty much the same way the entire second half. She seemed bored. I didn’t even see her clapping at the end. I know she’s been to a few shows, but it was a really good show, and you would think there would be something there that would keep her interest. I was surprised… I thought she would at least clap out of politeness or respect, or at least when it was over, since she definitely did not seem to be enjoying it, lol. I saw her again with his family later, and she looked kind of awkward standing there, with no one talking to her. A few people did every once in awhile, but it seemed like they were just trying to be polite. JMO/observation.

So…this is my very first follow forever! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but i was way too lazy to do it, sorry about that. Now before i start with the follow forever let me tell you that i love every single one of you and i want to thank each of you for following my shitty blog:) Oh and if you ever want to talk my askbox it’s always open

note: the credits  for the picture/edit goes to dallas41chicago88

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sochi tidbits and gpf tidbits

idek where to even start this but i’ve been talking to some people who have spoken to sochi volunteers who worked mainly at canada house and saw tessa and scott “almost everyday”. this is what they had to say about tessa and scott (i apologize for mistranslation bc i don’t speak Russian and google translate sucks ass) the stories from gpf 2012 are from an anon source/another volunteer??

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Imagine: Tessa and Scott practicing a program dancing around Scott’s kitchen.

oh wait-

thank you so much. // [LISTEN] A mix inspired by the relationship and partnership between Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue. Majority of the tracks can be interpreted as you wish, whether it be friendshipy or romantic. Tracks with asterisks edge more on the romantical side so feel free to skip them if that ain’t your thing. It’s called ’thank you so much’ because of Scott’s words to Tessa after the FD in Vancouver 2010 + since this is likely to be their last season, thanks for everything. Lyrics under the read more. 

1. when we’re together - josh radin // 2. me and you - jake bugg // 3. I’m so glad- royal wood // 4. what I wouldn’t do* - a fine frenzy // 5. this thing about you - miracle fortress // 6. nothing like you and I - the perishers // 7. cross that line* - josh radin // 8. to be beside you* - gemma hayes // 9. kids - goodtimes goodtimes // 10. you’ve got a place called home - hannah georgas // 11. we will not grow old - lenka // 12. king and lionheart - of monsters and men

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Virtue//Moir and Davis/White: Polka Comparision - 2013 Worlds

By LadyB

(pic 1)The following are the two last year short dances, the rhythms of the POLKA, I repeat, POLKA, the point considered stronger on Meryl and Charlie.
Tessa and Scott were penalized 4 points below their opponents to a slight error on one of Tessa twizzle (which by the way did not deserve deduction level because the rotations were all there, at maximus less GoE).

I invite you to look at the depth of the edges, the postures, shoes’s distance, coordination, shoulders position, how both pairs are LEANING with the WEIGHT on the EDGES  (= as you incline at left and right).

Then I pointed out with arrows one of polka’s key points. (pic 2) Look at how the two couples are supporting. Their inclinations. The distance of the shoes.
Look at how Tessa and Scott work mechanically in a key point, evidently by repley of the judges, is not considered.
The weight is perfectly downloaded everything on the basins and to the left of the picture, the arrows are synchronous.

The polka is a pattern that is much more “rough” so to speak, in fact has a lot more thrust due to the small hops and hop choreography. BUT, there is a but. The fact that there are choreographic jumps, does not induce the couple to NOT do when the edges have to be made, or in the key points and directional changes (to speak bluntly, going from front to back). I just picked up the screen cap that emphasize these points, in order to understand how Tessa and Scott are always on the edges at points of transition, while Meryl and Charlie not. (pic 3)

1) In the first situation is already very obvious difference: Tessa and Scott accompanies the twizzling, subsisting on a perfect external edge, look at the angle of the body bending the left leg compared to the rigidity of the bust. Tessa on the other hand she is also in an interior, which together to that of Scott form an imaginary semicircle (= edges)

Let us now Charlie: it is argued, right on the vertical part of the shoe has no bearing on any of the two edges. Meryl same thing. This often happens in their polka sequence especially because, as already mentioned several times, they have to keep the speed that generate from hops without using the edges, and this obliges them to remain rights on the vertical part of the foot; however this should be penalized by the judges, because in a sequence, they themselves write that the keypoints are given by the proper use of edges. As we often see in DW edges are not even present.

2) the same situation to the next directional change. Scott argued inclined, Charlie vertically.

3) the situation three I put in to show the precision on directional change between Meryl and Tessa. Meryl is very detached from Charlie and takes more time to get closer, turning first with a sell. The two busts are not the same. Tessa with the same selling is already in position, aligned to Scott.

4) is very large the distance between Meryl and Charlie shoes , and, especially, the distance between their basins. In addition, the direction of the two feet is angled differently between the two skaters.
Look at the two attacked basins of Tessa and Scott, perfect center of gravity, supported edges, exactly parallel. The up leg is the last thing to look at because it is very consistent with what I said: if the base is solid, the position of the torso and leg extension are secondarily spontaneous.

5) different distance between bust and shoulders. Also note how Tessa and Scott bent their neck back and forth, emphasizing the theme of their Short Dance, and adding difficulty (by moving the center of gravity of the balance).

6 and 7) the same situation: while Tessa is able to sustain herself on the bust, Meryl is driven by Charlie. The fact that is bent due to the fact that she has to balance with the body not having proper support on the edge. I would also emphasize how the arms of Tessa and Scott are perfectly inclined than Meryl and Charlie. Another consequence.

8) This is a simple cross over but I would like to see how even a basic step, Tessa and Scott have more width, more extension of the legs, pelvis split into more open, and always those neck movements that add difficulty.

9) I do not think that here there is much more to be added. Feet distance, torso angle, resting on the edges by extremely different between both couples.

The second image that I have outlined above is more to see one of Polka KEY POINT, a key point, which is one of those steps that cause the polka to reach the full level (to understand how the hard-fought chactaw the rumba, for those who know what I mean)
It’s clear that even here the difference is disarming in Tessa and Scott is a clear support on the edges, much greater inclination, corsets that create gravity on the basin, a crazy cleaning, is an emblematic image that really makes you realize how this couple is higher in position and in skating skills. I did see this in many of my friends who skate and they also agree that the difference between the two positions is disarming.
This is because the first thing they teach you when you start to skate and is the first thing that judge: how you use the edges.
Tessa and Scott have always been praised for their skating skills phenomenal, already when they were kiddies. And there are unfortunately ignorant fans that right now, they think that Tessa and Scott have worsened even in this, where, unfortunately, for these fans, they remain the best.
It’s also true that, right now, the judges, sadly analyzing replays have come to a different conclusion.


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what are your favorite Top 5 or 10 cutest Tess/Scott moments?

It’s so hard to pinpoint just 5 or just 10 because literally everything they do is just filled with so much love and tenderness and respect so augh here’s 10 off of the top of my head, in no particular order:

  1. their favourite part of every day is skating with each other.
  2. because they’re always a ‘we’ and tessa doesn’t even have to think twice about it.
  3. just every single time that scott cradles tessa’s head and kisses her forehead/top of head.
  4. the distance of two chairs in the k&c were just too unbearable for them so they just had to bring themselves closer to each other (featuring an adorably embarrassed scott moir)
  5. giggly tessa (I swear it’s some inside joke between them involving the word ‘strong’) with scott trying to step in and be serious for her in the interview… and failing because he’s so happy that she’s so happy. 
  7. Scott wrapping Tessa’s arms around him during the Sochi Gala practice.
  8. Placing hands over each other’s hearts before skating their Olympic FD in Sochi.
  9. thank you so much.
  10. literally whenever Scott can step in for Tessa when she blanks on an interview question about herself (like her fav kind of music or tv show) and vice versa. 



ITM ( getting cloooser) usually Scott has one hand on her waist and the other squeezing her arm…but now he reached for her back so he could get close and kiss her nose

Seriously you two!! R u trying to give us a heart attack?!!!

(Credit to owner) – thank u very much for capturing this ;) hope you had an awesome time at the show, and how lucky you are to have seen this :)


spfsc_skating we are so privileged to have the amazing @tessavirtue17 and @scottmoir14 come and perform for us, and especially help us with our skating skills we thank you all very much

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wanna hear a cute story tho? at stars on ice last year, during the bows and stuff scott skated up to a little kid in the audience who was eating candy and took a couple of pieces out of his bag and ate it, then skated up to tessa and stuck a piece in her mouth lol




Thank you so much for sharing, my love—you are an ANGEL. x