thank you so much staci

Katja: You haven’t kicked me out yet so I guess you… considered giving me a second chance…?
Stacie: *sigh* I just want you to know that it won’t be easy… getting things back to normal… earning each other’s trust from the beginning…
Katja: I am willing to try.
Stacie: We will see… but yeah, I am willing to try too.
Katja: Thank you. Thank you so much. Do you… want me to sleep on the couch?
Stacie: No, it’s your bed too. Just.. please don’t touch me for now.


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nyx-ffxiv  asked:

✡️ What would your muse consider “crossing the line” morally?

Cyril’s morals are extremely blurred, to put it gently. They’re also extremely situational. He’ll have no problem doing something harmful to someone if they happen to catch him at a bad time, whereas if they crossed paths on the street or in a cafe, he’d likely bear the same person no ill will at all, perhaps he’d even enjoy their company.

Cyril is fiercely loyal to those he’s deemed worthy of his devotion. Namely his crew, who follow him due to his natural prowess as a leader rather than any kind of fear mongering or intimidation factor. (In fact, he bears a grudge against other captains he sees who lead their crew in such a way.)

He’ll never unnecessarily risk any of his crew member’s lives. If a dire enough situation presented itself, he wouldn’t think twice about putting himself in harm’s way to ensure their survival. Perhaps it’s because he believes it the honorable thing to do, or perhaps it’s just cause he’s a cocky bugger who thinks he has a higher likelihood of surviving than any of them, it’s hard to say.

So, in summary… betraying the trust of his crew and/or trust of his civilian friends is something that, ironically, he finds repulsive. Even though if you meet him as a civilian, he’s already deceiving you.

Thank you so, so much for the ask! ♥ Get Semi-Deep With The Muse!