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i went to starbucks after work a couple days ago and i found something ive literally only ever come across at the lighthouse before, and even then quite sparingly

brailled business cards

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Girl, That Night Was Just Like You

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written by: Meghan / @meghananna

prompt: Hello all!! First, thank you so much for everything that you do. I absolutely love this page and I can’t thank you guys enough for taking the time to keep this up, I know that it’s not an easy job. Second, I was listening to Unforgettable by Thomas Rhett and I couldn’t help but think that it would be so perfect for Bellarke. Thank you again, you guys are amazing!!! for @kenziel18

word count: 2277

“How did the two of you meet?”

“Oh, we’re not together,” Clarke answers quickly, unwinding her arm from around his. “I mean, we’re here together, but we’re not together together. Not like that.”

Bellamy looked at her as soon as she answered—so quickly, it hurt a little—but as she continued talking, he couldn’t look away. She’s right—they’re not together like that—but, still…

“But you did have to meet sometime, right?”

Bellamy smiles tightly at his colleague—an older woman he’s only spoken to a handful of times in the hallway. “Mutual friends,” he explains, letting Clarke off the hook and ending that line of conversation in one swoop. He’s not lying, but he’s not telling the whole truth either.

“That’s nice,” she says, mercifully, before walking away to talk to someone else.

Clarke reclaims his arm and he studies her, but she’s not paying attention to him, instead looking at the table of food across the lawn. “Hungry?” he asks and she smiles at him.

“I could eat.”

“Let’s go.”

He invited her to his colleague’s party, celebrating the end of the school year because he wanted to make sure he had someone to talk to. And, since Clarke is his favorite person to talk to, it just made sense to ask her. Plus, he knew she’d get along with the other teachers at his school and she’s much better at making friends than he is. He’s only been there for one school year and he needs all the help he can get.

It’s not weird that someone would ask how they met. They are at a party together, stuck to each other’s sides, like always. People ask him about it all the time and he just always assumed they asked Clarke, too. But no one’s ever asked them when they were standing together, for whatever reason. He never imagined it would be such an awkward question. He always tells people it was through mutual friends and that’s always been enough to please them.

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So you know how waayy back when DRv3 was first shown we all kinda started to ship who is now known as Kiibo and Momota together but now as a thousand more things have released we have started to stray away from that ship and started pairing Kiibo with Ouma (in game interactions) and Momota with Saihara (Official art and merch put them together)? I thought because of this, we should have all four of them be a group. Double dates. Hanging out. The SQUAD. All friends. Happy. What are your thoughts?


Hy Charity! I saw on your personal page that you watching The Crown. I like the show so much… But what do you think about they real life MBTI? Are they different type in real life? (Queen Elizabeth II, Duke of Edinburgh and the others) Maybe you can add the younger member of the royal family too (Prince William, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle). Thank you so much!

I love it. Everyone else in my life finds it boring. Peons. =P

I’ve read quite a lot about some of them, not so much about the rest; but based on what I have read and interviews I’ve watched, I’d say:

Princess Margaret: ESFP

Queen Elizabeth II: ISTJ (why does the internet say she’s Fe? she ain’t)

Prince Phillip: ESTP (still aggressively pursuing new sensory experiences)

Prince Charles: ISXJ, I lean ISTJ (maybe with an amiable Enneagram type-9?)

Princess Diana: ISFP (NOT INFP, zero Ne and an Enneagram 2)

Prince William: ISFJ (here’s your Fe / “we” dialogue, folks)

Kate Middleton: XSFP (Fi/Te axis + sensor, probable extrovert - ESFP?)

Prince Harry: XSFP (impulsive but hard to read emotionally / detached)

Meghan Markle: ESFJ, good lord this girl can Fe/Ne

- ENFP Mod

PS: Will update later if I change my mind on any of them.


So I finally managed to work out my printing kinks, the final versions are very close to the original images. I think they look pretty rad! There will be a minor arcana deck fairly soon as well, so keep your eyes out for that! 

These will be for sale for $65 CAD, or whatever the American equivalent is if that’s where you’re ordering from, which is $48 USD as of this post. Shipping is already calculated into the price if you’re within the US or Canada! Right now I’m accepting PayPal as the preferred payment option, although I can also accept Interac e-transfers if PayPal simply isn’t an option. Please send me an email first so I know who is paying for what, and where to send the deck!


PLEASE let me know if you’re going to be ordering from somewhere outside the States or Canada, so we can discuss additional shipping prices. It likely won’t add more than a few dollars, but it’s best to know these things ahead of time!

They are 3.5 x 5.75 inches, full colour front and back! 

If you would like to order the major arcana Walking Dead tarot card pack please email me at with the subject “Walking Dead Tarot” so we can further discuss your order! 

Thank you all so much for your support! 

I started working at a soup kitchen in Skid Row of Los Angeles when I was 13 years old, and the first day I felt really scared. I was young, and it was rough and raw down there, and though I was with a great volunteer group, I just felt overwhelmed.

I remember one of my mentors (Mrs. Maria Pollia) told me that “life is about putting others’ needs above your own fears”. That has always stayed with me.

Yes, make sure you are safe and never ever put yourself in a compromising situation, but once that is checked off the list, I think it’s really important for us to remember that someone needs us, and that your act of giving/helping/doing can truly become an act of grace once you get out of your head.

I am self-sufficient and a go-getter, so often times I have to remind myself to take a moment to just breathe. My brain is always going, but at the end of the day because it is all stuff that I am passionate about, it’s easier to not feel exhausted as I squeeze it all in.


— Meghan Markle 

Game Changers: Success Secrets From 40 Women At The Top: How To Become A Fearless, Fabulous Girl Boss (by Samantha Brett)


Thank you so much for submitting us this! It’s a wonderful quote from Meghan.-Rachel 


I had a great time meeting Loey Lane and Meghan Tonjes this weekend at Playlist Live DC!

I will be posting my vlog from the weekend tomorrow as my Tuesday video! This was such an amazing experience (even for an introvert like me) and I feel determined that making videos is something I want to do with my life. I hope you all will join me on this journey!

Thank you so much for your love and support xx

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I love your blog on my fave royals. Do you have anymore hc on baby sussex? Imagine the playdates with George, Charlotte and Louis. Or watching Harry at polo matches brb crying.

You’re adorable, my dear!  Thank you so much!! 

If Baby Sussex and Meghan go with the Cambridges and Meghan to watch William and Harry play polo, I might spontaneously combust.  Could you imagine?  G&C running around the outskirts of the field while Catherine and Meghan wrangle baby Louis and Baby Sussex all at once… my heart.  I don’t think I could deal.  

I have a new nickname for her, Meghan Scissorhands, since she cuts everybody out from her life.

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Meghan Scissorhands!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂