thank you so much guys

Welp, after…..I don’t know how long, I’ve finished it! XD
What if sparing Sans looked like this?
This idea has been in my head for a while, and I just wanted to get it out, haha.

This is my second time using CACANi for anything and my first time using CACANi for an entire video.

This will be my last Undertale animation for a LONG time, because I’m out of ideas, haha.

I also wanna give a HUGE thanks to Strelok for providing the sound effects and Zedrin and Courtney for providing their voices as Sans and Frisk respectively in this animation. They are all very talented and amazing people, so feel free to check out their channels/Tumblrs if you want:

Strelok’s Channel:

Zedrin’s Tumblr:

Courtney -Project SNT-’s Tumblr:

Programs used:  
-FL Studio (Music)
-CACANi (Character animation)
-Medibang Paint (Backgrounds)
-Sony Vegas (Composition and special effects)

Also on YouTube btw:

So I recently hit 600 followers  Which is absolutely insane. I don’t even know how that came about. (I’M ALMOST AT 700 NOW WHAAAAAT).  I am so so humbled. You guys are awesome and I just want to give you guys all a big hug. Thank you so so much. I couldn’t thank you guys enough. Sooo.. I figured why not do a follow forever (my first ever)- to celebrate all you little nerds. Yaay! I love you guys <3

Also, really sorry if I forgot to mention anyone (I follow more than 700 people, im bound to forget a few). If I did forget anyone feel free to shoot me an ask, and ill add you!

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Well hello everyone. I hope everyone’s doing good. A few days ago, I hit another follower goal. Holy shit 9000 people are following me like I honestly can’t believe this many people decided to click that follow button. It’s so amazing and I couldn’t be more thankful for every single one of you. It’s been a wild ride on tumblr but I can’t thank you guys enough. Thank you for following my blog and interacting with me in every single way. I’ve met so many amazing people here who have changed my life and tumblr will always have a special place in my heart. It’s a little overwhelming that there are over 9000 of you are following my little mess of a blog. But seriously, thank you so much for supporting this blog. Have a wonderfully fabulous day special sparkles.

I wanted to do a mp100 ff but wh00ps (I’m sorry Mob I still love you). Griffith is here to replace that because I recently fell into Berserk hell and you guys should too!! It’s definitely not for everyone but lmao I have no regrets. I love to suffer!!!! and if you love to suffer, check out Berserk :^)

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Hi everyone! So I’m in need of money.. let’s face it, who isn’t? But I’m going to be selling this oil painting of Benedict Cumberbatch as sherlock to try and earn some. It’s oil on canvas and its call completely hand painted with not even a sketch underneath. Overall I’ve spent around 30 hours on the painting and used Windsor and Newton oil paints with linseed oil (congratulations if you get he sherlock reference :3). The canvas itself is 35.6cm x 45.7cm so it’s pretty big and I think that the painting would look best in an oval frame. I’m putting the painting up for £90 (including p&p). If you’re interested, please message me via my blog and we can sort something out through paypal. If not, a signal boost would mean the world. <3 

 Here is a link to the WIP shots. :)


I hit 3k a while back but I couldn’t make a proper post because I was busy fixing and configuring my PC xD Anyway, I am here to thank everyone who hit the follow button on my blog. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I wouldn’t have been here without your support (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚ . And thanks to the amazing people I follow for filling my dash with beauty :D

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Holy Shit.

So that post kind of went viral, I don’t even…

this is hard to deal with because I have never had this much attention in my life, i mean, I have like 6 friends in real life, and 2 of them are my dogs so… yeah.

Anyway, I’m determined to reply to everyone who inboxed me, I apologise now for late replies.

I’m going to skip a few of the anons (yes you, anon who wants me to drink your breast milk) for reasons that do not need addressing.

Huge thank you to everyone who followed me, and if our blogs share similar interests I will most definitely follow you back! :)

thanks again guys :)



Thank you so much for 1,000+ followers! I never thought, that I can reach such huge number. So, thank you all for that! I drew some of you, sorry to them, which I didn’t draw, but I’m thankful for every single follower that I have! <3

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thanks for help x


hello 2014, goodbye 2013 ♡

i have finally made a follow forever after 6 months on tumblr! i have never imagined that i will reach this many followers well not as many as the rest of my followers/following and i appreciate each and every one of you ♡

also, i have made a lot of friends and met a lot of new people, new friends. i’m really thankful for each and everyone of you even though we have never talked to each other and i could never ask for more. 

to people who i follow and follow me back, thanks so much for following me, bearing my unbearable edits ಥ_ಥ

i love you all ♡

and to the rest of my followers, here are some fine ass blogs for you to follow (〃^∇^)ノ

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once again, i’m thankful for each and everyone of you ♡

have a great 2014 loves ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ


I hope you’re as excited as I am in this humble event of mine~

So first and foremost, thank you so so so much for the following me, without you I would just be a Hide trash o(-(

As my way of thanking you guys for all of the support and cheers through my ups and down times, I would like to create a giveaway event! :D

So in this giveaway, I’m going to give:
3 HIDEKANE PAIR keychain to 3 DIFFERENT USER! So there will be three winners yeah? ;D

Now to join this giveaway, you will need to be:

1. Following me ;D because this giveaway is for my followers yeah? ;D
2. Reblog this post and put in the tag #soumeki3kgiveaway on the reblog tags.
3. Mention me because I would like to know who’s participating yeah? ;D

This giveaway will end at 15 oct 2015 :D

Again thank you very much for following me all this time and I hope that you can enjoy this giveaway! >_


Hey, how are you? I wanted to thank everyone for following me, since I recently got to 3k… Sorry for not keeping a lot of contact, but I have much affection for everyone here ^-^ 

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I’m really really happy holy shizz!! I’ve grown so much since i started this art blog and i really didn’t think i’d make it so far so soon.

To commemorate this,

I’m doing a shmoof pile!
draw yourself onto this next to me! (you know the drill!)

like one of those sans/gaster/asriel/asgore/whatever piles

here’s to my great friendos, and many more years of art and sin and friends to come!

I recently reached my goal so I wanted to do a follow forever! Thank you so much to those who follow me and to those who have stuck with me despite my blog changes. 

bold=mutuals :^)


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I can’t believe i’ve reached 5 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS. Thank you so much. I love everyone of you. It means a lot for me. Also I’d like to say thanks to all these people who keep my dash alive and  make it better. You’re all flawless, perfect and beautiful. I love you to the moon and back!!!! ♡♡♡ 

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You might be wondering why I’m calling this a Thank You Note instead of a Follow Forever, but I feel like ‘follow forever’ doesn’t quite encapsulate what I want to say… This blog is now a little over a year old! Although it’s only been exo-centric for about 8 months. So allow me to be mushy and say thank you for 6k+ followers! It’s been a great year here, and tumblr’s become a stress reliever when real life gets stressful. This blog was started just as a place to vent my own overwhelming kpop feels — little did I know how much more fun being a kpop fan is in a tumblr community that laughs, cries, and drowns in feels with me. I’ve made some awesome friends here as well — you guys are the best for talking to a girl who’s mostly too chicken to talk to people first. So here’s a huuuuge THANK YOU! to every single person who’s made my tumblr experience so wonderful <3

To my beautiful followers

Thank you so much for liking my blog enough to follow me <333 for liking and reblogging my edits even though I’m still learning ps – you guys give me a lot of motivation to keep making stuff. Thank you for all the sweet messages and lovely words, they really make my day each and every time, to know that someone appreciates my blog enough to come to my ask and say something nice :A; <333 To those of you who started talking to me, you don’t know how grateful and happy I am, I’m terrible at approaching people first T.T

To the beautiful people I follow

Thank you for making me want to set my laptop on fire because of your beautiful edits and gifs. Your posts fuel my procrastination everyday make everyday more enjoyable <333 here’s a special thank you to some blogs I really love/wanna reblog in its entirety/wanna steal—you guys put wonderful things on my blog:

Bolded = mutuals

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To yixing blogs

You guys fill my dash with so much yixing, and I really can’t ask for more <333

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And finally to the poor souls who put up with me in real life

Thank you for being there irl and I’m sorry for spamming your dash :P <333

bigcitybubbles | margiezrx | mykpopmusingsss

And if you read all the way till here, I’m sorry for dumping a crapload of cheesiness on you, you deserve a standing ovation ♥♥♥