thank you so much for this awesomeness

Thank you so much for staying! You guys are wonderful <3

For all over the years that I’ve been in Tumblr, I never felt so grateful that you guys are there, supporting me and became my friends so as a token of my appreciation, I’ll be doing an Art Raffle!

First Prize: Colored Chibi Drawing

Second Prize: Sketch Chibi Drawing

For those who want to enter the Art Raffle:

You have to be a Follower and Reblog this post 8D

Raffle will end in August 19, Saturday. Best of luck to you guys!

It’s been a long time coming but I finally got to commission @projectnelm!

There has also been a lack of pictures of Moro and Solas together so here they are.

Thanks so much again Nelm, you were awesome to work with <3

Also, can we talk about how fucking WHAM you made Moro’s thighs and how happy that makes me XD

asksanchez  asked:

idk if requests are open or if you're considering at all, but i just saw ur rick and morty icons and wOAH that shit was really awesome?? bless. i just wanted to ask if you'd ever consider drawing rick again?? maybe shoulders up cause GSID UR REALLY GOOD!! and i noticed ur GG art too and iDK WHAT TO SAY UR ART IS DONE SO WELL AND I LOVE UR STYLE SoMUCH????? djdjd have a good day :' )))

I made a lot of Ricks! Thanks you so much for your kind words;;

salty-strawberries  asked:

Hello! I'm a new artist here and I saw your art and absolutely fell in love! your art style is so calming and idk it just makes me happy. also, do you have any tips on how to run an art account? i'm still pretty new to all this. thanks, and have a good day~ :)

Oh my gosh, hello! That’s such a kind thing to say, thank you so much, you’re so sweet! 

That’s so awesome you decided to make an art blog! Welcome, friend! As for running an art account, I kind of have a few bits of advice! I ultimately believe it’s how you want to experience and run your own blog, and there’s no ‘correct’ way to run an art blog, but I can still offer some info based on my own experiences! (Other people may have different ones!) These are mostly from my experience running a fanart blog and it might be different with original art or other types of art?

1. Watermark or sign your work! You already do that so you’re ahead of me, and I know this is so obvious but it took me about a year and a half on this blog to realize the importance of it! From reposting, to lessening likelihood of art theft, it is a small thing that shouldn’t be overlooked. I initially never did it because I didn’t believe my work was worth watermarking, but I learned that doesn’t matter, if it’s yours, your name should be on it!

2. Have a tagging/organizing system! This is fairly self-explanatory, but it’s helpful to me (especially if you post a lot of stuff that isn’t your art) to have a tag just for your artwork? And tagging by fandom/content can be extra helpful too, because it appears in the main tag and more people are likely to see your work. And then one for asks/replies - sometimes if you get repeated/similar questions you can find things a lot easier!

3. Art-only blogs: I notice two main types of art blogs - those who only post their art on them, and others who reblog other things but also post their art - often they have an art-only blog as well, where they reblog from their original post. There’s no better way to do this, but observing just from other people, those that also reblog other peoples’ things tend to be more active/gain followers or people meeting them more quickly? But then their art blog is there for people who just want to follow for the content they create. 
Mine is a my-art-only blog for the most part, initially it served as an archive of sorts, but started to grow a bit! It’s a more comfortable choice for me, so there’s no right or wrong way to do this!

4. Interaction: Try talking to other artists - its a lot easier meeting in fandom spaces because you already have some things in common to talk about! But even before, when I was in the Sherlock fandom, I met a lot of watercolor artists (I did only watercolors back then). It’s really nice to have some art friends because you can cry over each others art and motivate and advise one another. I found a lot of motivation and encouragement from my art friends drove me to continue where I would usually just stop making art by now. 

5. Try not to compare yourself to others: Online especially, it is almost inevitable you will end up doing this at some point, and while its fine to use comparison as motivation to continue/inspiration, doing it obsessively can do more harm than good. I read tags on my work sometimes where people say things along the lines of “I won’t ever be as good as this” or “throwing my art away/burning it etc right now” and it makes me sad because everyone is learning at their own pace, and I don’t believe works have more value over another. This is something I’m really ‘passionate’ about because I fall into this trap way too much and have to talk myself out of it (again, having art friends help a lot too). 

6. Having an art blog should be a good experience! It’s a wonderful thing to have, to every artist out there, they are sharing a part of themselves and stuff they worked hard on, and that’s such an amazing thing! It’s brave for you to put your stuff out there! But also yourself and your wellbeing come first, and I know some people can get into negative spins or a lot of stress over their work. I see this in artists who are starting out, as well as those who have had blogs for years. Know it’s always okay to take breaks/hiatuses and whatever you need, it’s okay to ask for help and advice, you have to do what is best for you.

I feel like this is getting long, but it was really interesting to talk about! I’m still growing and learning as an art blog! In short, it’s ultimately about what you are comfortable showing/doing, and running an art blog should be a good experience. Your work is so beautiful by the way! You have a great eye for color! It’s so awesome you have started an art blog, and I hope you will continue to share your work, I look forward to seeing more of it!

111 follower art raffle!

omg guys than you all so much, you’re all awesome



I will give out 3 prizes!

1rst prize: Full body(1 or 2 characters) (COLOURED & SHADING) + simple background


2nd prize: torso (1 or 2 characters) (COLOURED BUT NO SHADING) + simple background


3rd prize: Full body (1 character) (coloured) in traditionnal art + no background



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anonymous asked:

Um.. I love your art so much and i want to can be good drawer just like you. Your art is so beautiful. But i have no idea what editing software or pict to draw digital art. Bc im only can draw just with pencil, that's so tragic :'' would you mind to give your tips? :)

Ohh thank you so much!! <3

I use photoshop and a wacom tablet, but pencil is just as good! Honestly, I only make art digitally because it’s convenient– it’s just nice to have all your tools in one place with no mess. But I actually like the look of pencils and traditional paints much better, so I spend a lot of time buying/making digital brushes that behave like them :’)

But anyway, pencils are awesome! I always carry around sketchbooks and my pencil case everywhere I go, and use them to (sloppily) sketch out ideas or thumbnails for bigger projects. 

On the right I just put a little chart so you can see the different number pencils I use (although I do love regular old mechanical pencils, too). 2B is the most common pencil weight, but you can get harder (H’s look lighter/finer) or softer (B’s thicker/darker) for different effects when drawing. I also LOVE watercolor and gouache when I get the time to sit down and paint. 

(^ these pages are from an original story I’ve had bouncing around my head for the last few weeks. maybe I’ll share some digital paintings of them soon. sorry it’s so dark in my room btw lol)

My number one tip for getting better is just to get yourself a sketchbook and practice your ass off. Get obsessed with it. Draw and write down everything, study the way people’s bones and muscles form their bodies, move their faces. Watch tutorials on youtube. Try new materials (pencils, markers, charcoal); even if you don’t know how to use them, you never know what will strike a chord in you! 

Digital is fantastic, and hopefully some day you’ll be able to get into it, but by no means is it a quick way to get better. There’s no magic button that makes you good. It’s just another medium to work with, and you still have to be able to draw and paint and understand basic art concepts. So if pencil is all you’ve got right now, kill it with those pencils! You’d be amazed by what you can do with them when they practice hard enough :’D 

capshino  asked:

Hello! how do you feel about Nietzsche? I've been trying to red some of his work lately, and I value and trust your opinions on philosophy and politic, so i was wondering if you'd have any feedback! Was also wondering, if you have any recommended reads on similar subjects to what he writes about? Thank you so much for your time, have an awesome day~

hey! Nietszche has some really interesting ideas, especially in terms of the way that morality is not inherent to the unvierse, but rather is a human creation- however his analysis of the processes that create morality focus too much on the individual, in my opinion, in the concept that morality is shaped by Great People, ubermensch, who are able to re-shape morality because they rise above the <edgy teen voice>herd of sheeple.</edgy teen voice>

and that’s just. wrong lmao.

like, observably, the people who serve this role are often very average people, who just happened to get caught up by a sociological current, oftentimes largely by luck. in fact, it can even be their very status as an average, unremarkable person which can allow them to become a conduit for a sociological current. for example, lets say, hypothetically, that the current social order is unjust. and it is unjust in a way which is harmful to average people, and a lot of people are experiencing discontent over how they’re being harmed- but this discontent hasn’t been put into words yet.

and then, one day, someone says “hey, wow, this fucking sucks.

not a remarkable person- not some ubermensch genius- just a person who happened to put a widespread discontent into words. 

but they’ve opened the floodgates on this current of discontent. their verbal expression of this discontent is a #relatable meme, and it quickly goes viral. everyone around them says “hey, wow, yeah, this does suck” and once this current grows to a sufficient strength, it overturns the existing value system. a nietzschean analysis would hold that the person who first voiced this discontent must be an ubermensch, and that their ability to change the social fabric resulted from their inherent Uber-ness. but material reality shows otherwise- this isn’t about great individuals, this is about powerful social forces which people end up channeling. sure, it’s possible to develop the skill of tapping into these currents, but anyone who’s spent any time doing this knows that doing this doesn’t mean you control the zietgeist, merely that you ride it. nietzsche is like someone who thinks the surfer creates the waves.

also his analysis of master/slave morality is pretty incomplete. hegel, and later marx, analyzed the way uprisings of the underclass shift societies value system, and did so in a much more complete and nuanced way, and also acknowledged that this is a good thing, which should happen more.

aside from the aforementioned hegel and marx, i’d also recommend deleuze, particularly anti-oedipus: capitalism and schizophrenia”

anonymous asked:

Hey Peach it's the human-to-bot anon again! Could I have some headcanons for how TFP smokescreen, knockout, and ratchet would react to their human s/o becoming a smol predacon, like TFP arcee's height? (Btw Thanks so much for the awesome headcanons and your time!)

Awww no problem, thank you ^^

Smokescreen TFP

Unless he sees you actually turn into a predacon, he won’t believe it’s you at first. And even after he does realize it’s you, there’s at least ten seconds of back and forth screaming because holy shit how did this happen how do we fix this

Depending on how long it will take to get you back to normal (if at all), Smokescreen does his best to make you feel better. Because that’s one hell of a switch and as much as it freaks him out, he knows you must be feeling worse. Unless of course you react really well in which case his job is much easier

Knockout TFP

He straight up screams and hides behind something until he realizes it’s you. How did this happen? Why do you look like that? He’s not very good at keeping you calm, he’s too busy freaking out 

Once he does calm down, he’s kind of rude about the body change, but does his best to make sure you’re ok. He spends the majority of his time looking for a way to switch you back 

Ratchet TFP

Definitely the best at handling this situation. He’s shocked, but his first priority is to make sure you’re ok. After that, he tries to figure out how this happened

If the reversal process takes a while, he tries to spend more time with you to cheer you up. Unless you’re taking it well, then he just shakes his head and lets you be 

yumeless  asked:

There also this thing that Donald does ALL the time in CoM. Use him against Larxene and he will use thunder... AND THAT GIVE HER MORE HP !!! It was sooo frustrating when he did that! (Also, your comics are awesome. I can't stop laughing at the humor and the art is 10/10. Making comic is long and tiring so don't forget to take break and to rest!)


And thank you so much. That’s so so sweet of you to say. :>

anonymous asked:

Hey! It's awesome how much you interact with readers so thank you for all your work! Scenario: The detective is sick and has lost their voice but comes into work regardless. How would Unit Bravo react and who would be most annoyed by the note scribbling/rapid arm movement of a detective trying to communicate?

I love hearing from you guys and interacting! Adds some fun to my day and keeps me seriously motivated to keep moving forward with the game :D

A would probably be most annoyed that the MC was in work rather than getting better… not that they would admit that!

N would keep trying to help the MC, bring them tea with honey, maybe some throat medicine. Something to bolster them a bit :D

F would find it hilarious, mainly because they would probably try to interpret what the MC was saying very badly. Such as:

MC: *Tries to gesture that the planned course of action is very bad idea.*

F: *Purses their lips and cocks a head to the side* Uh huh… They say it’s an excellent idea and they’re all for it!

MC: *Groans*

Lol :D

M… well, give M a reason to ignore the MC further and they probably will. If the MC tried to communicate on a notepad, M would ignore it, and probably be thankful the MC couldn’t speak for a little while. Give them some peace and quiet… always such a lovely person is M!

Thank you so much for the lovely message, and the ask :)

sailor-moon-turtle  asked:

Hey! This is @marchingbandrules! I can only ask asks from my main blog sadly. I just wanted to say you guys are awesome and should keep doing what you're doing. 😊❤️

Ayyy.  I consider you lowkey our sister blog because we have similarities on our accounts lol.  But thanks so much!  I appreciate the comment!  I’m sure you’re doing amazing on your account as well! :>


jimijimbap  asked:

Hi I was wondering if you could recommend any shy!baek or protective/possessive!yeol fics preferably with smut somewhere in there, I don't care which one it is but if both that's awesome too also thank you for all your hard work <3

hello anon! thank you so much, here are some of our favs:

Not a fairytale (Possesive!Yeol/Shy!Baek, NC-17)
The cute Omega across the hall (Possesive!Yeol/Shy!Baek, NC-17)
Bonded for life (Possesive!Yeol/Shy!Baek, NC-17)
Not Intended (Possesive!Yeol, NC-17)
(Baby, We’ll) Make This Work (Possessive!Yeol/Shy!Baek, PG-13)
Summer Sunshine (Possessive!Yeol/Shy!Baek, PG-13)
And Then He Said (Possessive!Yeol, NC-17)

happy reading!! 

- Admins Ellen and Summer