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guYS !!! it’s late at night and I’m trying to to scream because ???? I reached 200 followers !!! What the heckity heck, how ?!? Literally just a week ago I made a 100 followers post and now 200 ?? ahhhHhh thank you guys so much !! I definitely don’t deserve this ily all sm :“) alsooo do you guys have any ideas what I should do for 200 ?

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Could I get a K-2/Reader please with 90, 97, 223 also congratulations on all the followers! You deserve them, and loads more!

Characters: Reader x K-2SO

Warnings: none

Prompts: 90: “Are you trying to make me to hate you? Because it’s working.” 97: “When you smile I fall apart.” 223: “I’ve never felt this way before, and I’m terrified to be honest.”

Word Count: 350

A/N: thank u so so much 💛 and i hope this was alright idk if this was intended to be romantic or what HAHHA sorry this is probably really awkward


“That’s not going to work.” 

Slamming your toolbox down on the desk, you looked up at K-2SO. “Are you trying to make me hate you? Because it’s working.”

“I’m simply stating facts, y/n.” K-2 replied, and you rolled your eyes and went back to focusing on the ship you were trying to repair. Bodhi had busted it up pretty badly on the last mission, so you were trying to help out.

“Have you ever tried being nice?” you asked, not bothering to look up at K-2 as you tightened a screw. 

“What good will that do?” K-2 scoffed, and you tossed your screwdriver to the side and reached for your hammer.

“People will actually like you?” you looked up at K-2, grinning, before you went back to focusing on the ship. “Go on, try complimenting me.”

“You’re… bearable.” K-2 said after a pause, and you turned around to glare at him over your shoulder.

“Try again.” you snapped, wiping the grease from your hands onto your pants.

“When you smile I fall apart.” K-2 suddenly said, and you almost fell off the stool you were sitting on.

“That was…” you quickly sat up, composing yourself. “Unexpected.” 

“I read it from one of Bodhi’s stories.” K-2 informed you, and you snickered. You had no idea Bodhi was into love stories. Resting your chin in your hand, you asked, “Can you feel love, K?”

K-2 paused, slightly taken aback by your question. Could he feel love? He didn’t think he would be able to recognize his emotions even if he did.

“Well…” he started. “I like spending time with you. And annoying you.”

“Thanks.” you rolled your eyes sarcastically, but K-2 was deep in thought. He liked spending time with you and Cassian the most, and he felt lost when either of you weren’t around. Was that love?

“Does that mean I’m in love?” K-2 exclaimed, and you laughed. “I’ve never felt this way before, and I’m terrified to be honest.”

“Yeah, join the club.” you snickered. “Emotions are confusing.”

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVE GUYS!!! I haven’t been on tumblr in a while but I come back and have already hit 1,000 followers!!! THATS CRAZY U PEOPLE ARE AMAZING!!!!!!


Rules: Write down your top 10 biases and answer the following questions!

I was tagged by @anayzae AWW thank you! but I swear you just want to see me suffer >.< haha <333 (also this took me soooo bloody long!! I just suffered so much!) 

1. Ummm of course Hoshi!! 

2. Mingyu (just how attractive is he…!!)

3. Kihyun (Monsta X) 

4. Suga (BTS) 

5. JB (Got7) 

6. Taeil (NCT 127) 

7. I.M. (Monsta X)

8. Chen (EXO)

9. Hyuk (VIXX) 

10. Ten (NCT U - lol see what i did there…not funny Luna) 

1. Between 1&4: Who would you rather kiss? 

(Hoshi or Suga) oh shit…can i change the order :O noo gotta be Hoshi!!! 

2. Between 2&7: Who would be your best friend?

(Mingyu or I.M.) I’m pretty sure I would never have a dull moment with Mingyu I mean seriously!! <3 

3. Between 5&10: Who has the better voice?

(JB or Ten) I love how Ten raps… and seriously ‘Dream in a Dream’ is one of my faves…but then JB…mehhh… Ten, I’m saying Ten before I change my mind!! 

4. Between 1&8: Who is the funniest?

(Hoshi or Chen) OH GOD! Hoshi! even though the sass in Chen his hilarious…

5. Between 6&9: Who would you date?

(Taeil or Hyuk) Taeil! I love him, just Taeil the whole way! 

6. Between 9&10: Who would you do a collaboration with?

(Hyuk or Ten) Ten! I mean, I love Hyuk but I mean is there nothing Ten cannot do?! 

7. Between 4&8: Who is the best dancer? 

(Suga or Chen) Suga - mean Chen ily but - have you seen how much Suga as progressed over the years…! He’s so talented it hurts…

8. Between 3&5: Who would you most likely marry?

(Kihyun or JB) oh.shit.the.bed. I feel pain rn…Kihyun, i feel like he’d be quite difficult in parts but he’d make up for it…I mean have you seen how cute he can be!!

9. Between 1&7: Who would you nurse when they are sick?

(Hoshi or I.M.) Hosh ily but I feel like you’d be a nightmare to take care of…so I.M. he seems like the type who’d just get on with it haha I don’t have much sympathy….don’t judge me!

10. Between 2&3: Who has a better smile?

(Mingyu or Kihyun) SERIOUSLY!! Okay…just…I think im going to pick Kihyun…no, Mingyu…no. HOSHI!! lol. Okay - Kihyun just because his whole face lights up when he smiles!

11. Between 6&8: Who would you vacation with?

(Taeil or Chen) Okay. Taeil would be so cute - but Chen I mean seriously he’d be so funny to take on holiday! So CHEN baby!! <3 

Okay so this was torture if you didn’t guess. 

My tags are (if you haven’t already done it!!! soz if you have…do it again extra torture ;))  @seventeensvtseventeen @boomboombitches @talkwith13 @svtgot7reactions @slayhunnie @dirtydirtychimchim 

Tagged again

I was tagged by @bookwormhalloween to answer these questions 

Name: Grace

Nickname: Gracie by some people, duckling by @wow-very-emo-such-bands and multiple swear words by @n3starion56

Gender: Female

Height: 5"4

Star sign: Pisces 

Sexuality: Bisexual

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Favourite animal: Panda’s and cats 

Average sleep: About 6 - 8 hours

Dog or cat: Cats I love them

Blankets I sleep with: 1

Dream trip: Japan its really beautiful  

Dream job:  A singer still in by band or/and an alternative fashion designer 

When I created my blog: 19th September 2017

Follower count: 308 thank you lovelies so much xx

Why I decided to have Tumblr: its cooler than any other social media 

Reason for my URL: the black parade but I was writing a song so I changed parade to melody 

Also I tag @wow-very-emo-such-bands @emopotato7 @n3starion56 @crow-black-dream @simplyemoquartertrash @marlenahd @gerardway2004haircut and @bvbally also sorry if u were already tagged 

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ur art style gives me life!! ur art is always v sharp and bold imo !! when i see ur art i always know it's yours bc the style is p distinct from other artists i follow :0 basically ur artwork is rly good and i hope u continue to make it and it continues to grow 💕💕

Omg!!! Thank you so much!!! It’s nice to know that people can recognize my art despite the changes it’s been though!! It makes me super happy bc I look at it and wonder if people are able to distinguish my style from others TT v TT love ya! 💕💕💕

short & sweet ♡

“..Please, don’t take her away.. “

DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE ELSE without permission. thank you.

Ok, so, I finished V route last week and… I cried a LOT, it was.. omfg hOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME, WHY MY CHILD, MY POOR CHILD, DON’T TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME STOOOPPPPP. 

So yeah, I was basically sad all day bc of that. :( 

Cheritz it’s like -”Oh okay, let’s do V route, any ideas?”.. Oh! “Let’s give them V route but also let’s do Saeran more sweet so tHEY CAN SUFFER WHEN HE DIES”. 

OMG, IT’S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I POST SOMETHING HERE. ;; A ;; MISS U ALL GUYSSS!!! I’M SORRY!! It was really hard for me to take time to draw something. But now, I finally got my laptop back (Even if it’s broken lmao) to doddle some things. WE ARE NOW 600 FOLLOWERS! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! ♥ I really promise to be more active these days :) I’ll try my best!! Also, send me a message to my ASK if you want me to draw something you like ^^ 

Thank you so much again, see you next time!  

thank you so much for sending me all of these wonderful fat pikachus out of nowhere???! i feel like i’m covering people’s entire dashboards with just fat pikachus (which is great) but some of my followers might soon have enough and find me in real life and stab me, so i will have to stop reblogging them for now!


im still in shock tbh!! thank you SO MUCH everyone, i appreciate you guys so much for supporting my art ;u; SOOOOOO as a thank you, im hosting another give away!

There will be two winners for this give away!


1st place:

  • 1 keychain
  • 5 stickers
  • 1 print (8.5x11 in.)

2nd place:

  • 1 keychain
  • 3 stickers

I have more sticker/print options to choose from, the ones shown here are just a few examples! The winners will be shown the full selection and may pick whichever they like :D (and yes, i can ship internationally!)


  • must be following me!
  • must provide a valid shipping address
  • to enter, just reblog this post! 1 reblog = 1 entry, reblogging more than once will not count
  • likes do not count!
  • deadline to enter is 11/15/17, winners will be announced and contacted the following day. please have your messages open so i can contact you!

that’s it! good luck everyone, and thank you again ♡♡♡


i literally never, ever imagined that my art would reach so many people! i cant tell you how much all of you mean to me, and knowing that you enjoy seeing my art that much makes me SO HAPPY!! 

thanks for sticking around and sending me super dynamic requests, a ton of fun asks, and so many incredibly sweet compliments! i cant wait to keep talking with u all and continue sharing my art!!! 💗💕💞

gratitude (gift pack)

I hit 3k followers this week and of course I had to make you all a gift pack!! Basically what u see is what u get! The La Flor top is a simple off the shoulder top with the lace up pattern from my bound shorts going up the side. The Extra Shorts are…..extra. And my Bass Suit Jacket just gave me gossip girl vibes tbh so i named it after chuck bc even tho i hate him he’s iconic. hope u enjoy and thank u SO MUCH for supporting me! :o)

  • I used @citrontart‘s neutrals on the la flor top. my gelato palette on the extra shorts. and the bass suit jacket’s swatches are pulled from EA.
  • these all are properly tagged and have custom shadow maps; disabled for random
  • all of these are base game compatible 
  • let me know if anything shows up funky in your game!