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I’d just like to say I appreciate every read and every one of you who takes the time to look at any of the things I write. It means a lot and thank you so much! Anyway here is the list of my works so far! More to come!-Ash

Spencer Reid:

Family Matters: Reader is Spencer’s younger half sister and antics occur!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

A Sign Part 1 Request: Reader is a ASL interpreter who was brought along to communicate with deaf witnesses. Spencer ends up taking a bullet for her and she doesn’t leave his side during recovery. He ends up admitting his feelings for her.

A Sign Part 2

Love Lost: Request: The reader and Spence are best friends and she starts to think that he has a girlfriend ‘cause the way he’s acting but she has feelings for him and is sad

Part 1 

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Cover Your Ears. Request:  Reid is scared of thunderstorms and the reader wakes up in the middle of the night and comforts him.

Never Again Request: Reid x reader where they are married and the reader finds Spence’s Dilaudid stash and starts worry as his mood changes and she feels so bad that to help understand she takes some and Spence finds her collapsed and takes care of her and fluff fluff.

PIP PIP  Request: Spence brings his girlfriend to meet the team for the first time and she’s British, but he never disclosed it to the team so she talks for the first time and they’re all just like whaaat?!

Nightmare  Request: Spencer wakes up with a nightmare in the middle of the night and the reader is out of the room for some reason and he panics and she comforts him?

She  Request: He is in relationship with the reader, but he always hurts her, maybe about his secret about drugs and cheating with Maeve. The reader and Spencer are in love each actually, and I hope for happy ending. (This is a hard one.)

Charlie  Request: They are married and they have a son, but while Spence is away on a case the reader is taken. 

Period Request: An imagine where the reader and Reid have been married for a little while and lost a baby and she finds some Dilaudid in his drawer/bag and confronts him about it and it ends in fluff and she going to rehab with him to help.

Here  ByKara Reader had a hard breakup with her boyfriend a couple weeks ago, and her teammate on the BAU Spencer comes to comfort her.

Moving Day  Request: Prompt List: “It could be worse”. 

Dance with me  Request: From the prompt list, a combination of “Please don’t go” and “Dance with me” with Spencer Reid?

Please   Request: Spencer is upset and refusing to let the reader see him because he’s bald from cancer treatment.

Drink! Request: An imagine with Reid where the reader and him are best friends and the reader ends up joining the BAU.

Librarian   Request: Imagine you’re a librarian and Reid and the team walk in and the books in your hands fall and Reid rushes to help you and you both get all blushing and while they’re going through the security cameras Reid keeps glancing at you and smiling and Morgan and Emily notice and won’t leave until he asks you on a date

Sleeping Beauty From the Prompt List: 6. Fun Fact: Passionate kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute 21. 5 years ago I probably would’ve run from that. 17. I estimate we’ve got about 12 minutes.

Aaron Hotchner:

FBI’s First: Reader is the victim of a cyber attack and a compromising video is leaked of her.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5 (The End)

Alternate Ending

Hotch Drabble  Request: short Hotch Drabble? Be creative :)

67 Minutes  Request: Hotch and the reader where the reader goes into a hostage situation alone and he gets angry at her and shouts after and stuff but she shouts back at him and she cried and then just some fluff.

Prentiss   Request: Hotch and Prentiss fanfiction? Like where she almost dies so he confesses his love to her even in front of the team?

Loving Aaron  Request: another non BAU member and moments she gets to have with Hotch through their relationship. Like him surprising her with breakfast, days at the park with jack.

Back it up by Ironblaze  Aaron takes the team to a concert that stars a new love interest.

“P-Please, just… put that down, and we can talk, okay?”

Shhh Request:  Hotch has a horrible nightmare about his girlfriend so he goes to her for comfort.

Derek Morgan:

Pig  Request: “Dam it feels good to be a gangsta” 😎

Arm Day  Request: She isn’t an agent.They meet up at the gym. She’s a bit bigger but healthy and sees Morgan every now and again, and makes a comment about his comings and goings to where they start flirting and talking.

Stapler  Request: the team is haphazardly trying to set Morgan and Reader up on a date because “SERIOUSLY YOU TWO, IT’S TIME"

Blurred Lights: Request:After a long, gruesome case, you and Derek finally admit your feelings for each other/ Can you make one where Morgan gets mad at you because you got hurt, and he just really loves you?

We all have Secrets By twinklebug Derek and reader are in love and there is secrets and such!

Valentine  Request: Morgan x Reader. Derek and reader are dating Different women from all over the FBI building are sending Morgan gifts and chocolates (one night stands), and are using reader as the delivery person. Not knowing she’s dating Morgan

Pillow fight  Request: Imagine a pillow fight with Derek before intimacy.

Loving Derek: A lickle Drabble about loving Derek! 

“N-No, idiot! Of course I’m not afraid…”

Mr and Mrs Request: Derek and the agent are married and the agent is somewhat jealous of Pen and Derek’s relationship and you can decide the outcome. 

Wife for a Day Request: A Drabble where Morgan asks reader to accompany him to his high school reunion as his pretend wife and reader is baffled. Real feelings revealed.

Emily Prentiss:

Safety: A teenage girl is rescued from a life in captivity and is taken in by one of the team. I will write this one on request.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Sleeping Stranger: Reader wakes up and heads to a new job at the BAU where they bump into last nights one night stand.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Drugged: Reader and Emily have an argument and the reader goes to a bar in order to get over it!

Drowned Sorrows:  Emily ‘dies’ and you go to Hotch for comfort and he’s the only one who knew about the readers and Emily’s secret love? And maybe the reader drank heavily with Hotch.

Lonely Bride:  From the Prompt list: 7. Every time you do that I think I fall in love a little more. 10. It would be a lot easier if you weren’t so attractive.

Jennifer Jareau:

JJ Reader has a crush on JJ and Morgan and Prentiss find out.

Just a little JJ Imagine Reader finds JJ crying in her office.

Pants-less  Request: 1 shot  where you where JJs roomie and she’s talking bout you always being pantless/etc and Derek says ‘any old photos’ and he wants to know why she calls you flirty nicks about nudity

Penelope Garcia:

Coffee Swap   Request: An imagine for Garcia, her and the reader meet in a coffee shop and they’ve been dating for a short time? Like they’re still pretty nervous around one another! 

Illusions Request: An imagine where reader is the youngest tech analyst in the BAU? (Like she’s in mid 20’s, still in college but super genius like Reid) and everyone treats/thinks of her like sister/daughter, but when working on a case she’s taken by the current unsub.

Illusions Part 2

David Rossi:

The Hunt  Request: Rossi meets a woman about his age who hunts just as well as he does and she takes down whatever he was going to kill to annoy him. Even Mudgie likes her.

Reasons I love You   Request: a David Rossi one, Where the reader is a bit younger than him and he is always avoiding her because he thinks she’s after him for his money and it hurts her, but she explains her love for him and fluffy cuteness 


Old Friend Request: Reader is the top agent and is known as number one in the country for her physical and mental elite ability. She joins the BAU and Spencer feels overshadowed because she is ten times the agent he is. She and Morgan were friends in college so they hang out a lot. Spencer gets hella jealous. {they don’t end up together}

Naked Sunday: Reader is the unsub the team are searching for and um I don’t know…just read it if you want :/

Part 1 

Part 2

Serious Lovin The team debate whether or not Hotch is in a relationship or nah? by Ironblaze

Stripper  Request: an imagine where you have to go undercover as a stripper for a case and you’re waiting around in the bau for your time to go and Derek and reid are staring at u and u jokingly dance and hotch walks in too lmao 

New Girl Request: Can you please do one where when you join the bau EVERYONE is flirting with you?

SSA’s Got Talent!  Request: a one shot where the reader has to carpool with one of the members of the BAU and it leads to the radio and them singing and them being really impressed so they ask the reader to sing in the BAU and the rest of the team love their singing

Tough Enough  Reader × bau (friendship), where the reader is the youngest out of all the agents and also the newest, but everyone’s kinda rude to ‘toughen them up a bit, even though they all really like the reader. And something big happens (kidnapping, torture, beating, etcetera) because her parents did it to her?

Requests closed…For now!

Submissions open!

Not Enough

@emily-ily2 Hope you’re still in the mood to suffer because here it is! Thanks for requesting this because I’m out of ideas lol. I’m really sorry for this disaster aghhh

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Warnings: Cheating, angst, sadness, yelling (it sounds fun already, I know)

Word Count: 808 (short, i know, i’m sorry)

It was three in the morning when Alexander finally came home. You were sitting on a chair in the living room with no space next to you for Alex, should he try to join you. You heard him unlock the door and clenched your fists, anger boiling up inside of you again. When he entered the room, surprise filled his eyes, but that surprise changed to concern when he noticed you staring straight ahead, not greeting him or smiling like usual.

“(Y/N), why are you still awake? You have work tomorrow.” He made his way towards you, leaning in to kiss your head, but you held up your hand to stop him. “Babe, what…”

“We need to talk, Alexander.”

A brief look of panic flitted across his face before he slowly knelt down in front of you, attempting to take your hand in his, and wincing when you pulled away. “What’s wrong?”

You took a steadying breath before answering. “I met someone today.”

He stood up quickly, taking a step back and shaking his head. “You… met someone? You don’t mean–”

Looking up at him, you nodded. “Oh yes. I was getting coffee and ended up having a lovely conversation.”

Alex looked hurt as you stood up and walked into the kitchen, filling a glass of water and taking a long drink. “I don’t… what…” He ran a hand through his hair, looking absolutely helpless. “What was their name?”

You relished the confusion in his eyes when you responded. “Maria Reynolds.” You watched his mouth open and close, for once struggling to find words. Just as he began to speak, you cut him off. “She was very nice. She had a beautiful smile, and was exceptionally charming. I had a good time talking with her. It seems like she’s quite the girl. She’s going to school to be an architect, did you know that? Oh, and then she told me about this amazing boyfriend she had. Alexander Hamilton.” A look of anguished crossed Alex’s face, but you continued. “He works odd hours, of course, so she doesn’t get to see him as much as she would like, but he’s witty, and smart, and loyal.” You practically spat the last word, watching Alex flinch, and shoving past him as he tried to say something again. But you weren’t done yet. “And of course,” you continued, raising your voice so you could be heard over his protests and heading toward the bedroom. “She’s pretty sure he’s not married. Or at least she’s never seen him wear a wedding ring.”

“(Y/N)…” Alex grabbed your wrist and you turned to him with fire in your eyes, yanking yourself out of his grasp. 

“Do you know what she did then?” You fought back tears and clenched your fists. “She apologized, and she cried, and she blocked your number, and she asked for you to never speak to her again. She was sorry.”

Alex took his chance to speak while you furiously wiped away a tear. “(Y/N), please! We… we can fix this. I messed up, I know, but I’m willing to try if you are!”

His words froze you, and fury greater than any you’d ever know consumed you. But when you spoke again, your words were soft. “Are you… asking me to stay?”

“Yes. Please, let’s work this out.”

But you were already picking your stuff up from the bed–you had packed much earlier in the day. “No,” you breathed as you walked towards the front door. “This can never work, Alexander. Because you, you jump around from one interest to the next, idea to idea, project to project! And do you know what you do with things when they aren’t quite turning out how you want? You forget about them! You set them down and never pick them up again, because you found something better! You found something else that can make you happy! But that never lasts, nothing ever does! I’m sick of being treated like this, like one of your projects! So when you say you want to fix this, when you say we can ‘work it out,’ you are wrong! Because I’ll let you down, I will always let you down. I’m not enough for you to be satisfied!

You had found your way to the front door, and you threw it open, stepping out into the cold. You turned back around to look at Alex, waiting for any final remarks, and silently praying that he would give you a reason, just one reason, to stay.

But you were met with a blank stare, and your heart, which had been falling all day, finally hit rock bottom. “You’re right, (Y/N). You’re just not enough anymore.”

He closed the door, leaving both of you to wonder how anything could ever go so terribly, terribly wrong.

T3Athletics is amazing. He’s innovative, fun, has a wide range of ways to train, and his focus is on the individual.
This video includes Emily Bett Rickards, Cassandra Amell, Mehcad Brooks, and others with Thomas Taylor training (of course).
There’s so much amazing things going on in this!! Thomas focuses on the strengths and interests of each individual as he trains, then develops them from there. He challenges them to keep moving and improving themselves, motivates them, bringing them to really get to the best version of themselves. He’s never focused on weight goals, he focuses on being healthy. That’s really where people become empowered to take ownership in their own inner awesomeness, pulling it out and making that awesomeness bleed into the rest of your being, inside, outside, and into the world around you…so much positive energy comes from being healthy. From being the best you that you can be. I absolutely love this positive and inspiring approach to training, and really anything to life in general.
I’m super pumped watching this video! So much goodness!
“8 years in the making and I’m so proud to announce the new face of T3 Athletics. It’s been an amazing journey and I feel like I’ve been reborn and rejuvenated. The people, the places, the experiences and lessons have all contributed to where I and T3 are today. I’m honored to keep this journey going with all who will let me join. More to come very soon.
🎼'We’ve only just begun…"🎼 - Chubbs Peterson R.I.P
Thank you @moonriderpro for an amazing job on this video.
Shout out to all who helped with their time and wicked energy 🙏: @ianpopoff @meego77 @thatkindofgeek @emilybett @cassandrapants @genieveyoga @janarhn” - Thomas Taylor

I’m also going to post the following from T3Athletics, because this seems like the perfect time to do so…

T3 Athletics MANIFESTO
1. Be Accountable. Our clients and their goals are everything.
2. Experience Over Theory. Never request something of someone we haven’t done ourselves.
3. Be Authentic. Just because a new fad or hardcore workout is the new craze, it does not mean that it suits or is safe for everyone.
4. Appearance is a Consequence of Fitness. We don’t train to look good, we train for health and therefore, we look and feel good.
5. Safety First. Too much emphasis is sometimes put on analytical technical perfection that some people, in those respective sports, have spent years developing. Its important to take into account the needs and goals of each person. We choose when and where to draw the line on form, posture and imbalances to be as safe and efficient as possible.
6. Create, Innovate, and Imagine. Have fun and explore. Introduce various methods of exercise and sport to stimulate, motivate and inspire people to become more physically and mentally healthy. Keep things fresh and varied.
7. Constantly Evolve. Any opportunity to learn something new is imperative to one’s growth in all aspects of life. You stop growing you start dying.
8. Listen Carefully. By listening to the details and the subtlety of people’s needs, desires, or ambitions, we fold their world onto our own. Neither party will ever be the same.
9. Training is Not All Science. Exercise and training principles are steeped in scientific method and analysis. That said, no one is created equal and not every training regime is necessarily going to yield the same results and benefits. Attention to the individual’s abilities and goals must be taken to ensure the most successful outcomes can be achieved.
10. Trust is Earned.
11. Respect Trumps All.

I’m literally planning a trip to Vancouver BC just to take some classes with this guy. It’s gonna happen. It just needs to. And then I might never leave and just become a Canadian-American gym rat.

6 Ways To Use Social Callouts

Today we have a really useful post on social sourcing from Serri Graslie, a digital specialist on NPR’s Editorial Coaching & Development team. She’s no stranger to this Tumblr and once again leads the way for NPR. – Wright

In public radio, it goes without saying that the public – our existing audience and otherwise – should be at the heart of everything we do. One way to bring more of those people into our reporting is through social callouts, where we ask the wider world to share their stories, photos and thoughts on any number of topics.

NPR has done a variety of these in recent years and we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. After reviewing some basics, we’ll look at case studies for six different types of callouts.

Making a callout happen

Every callout essentially has five steps.

  1. Hone the question and pick your platforms
  2. Write the pitch
  3. Share it
  4. Review the responses; contact and vet participants
  5. Write the story; think about how to maximize responses on air and online

The first step – honing the question – is arguably the most important part. Be specific about what you’re asking for and set it up with context. Provide examples whenever possible so you can get people thinking in the same vein. Be clear about how you’ll use their answers. And consider how the reader will feel in that moment when they’re deciding whether or not they want to participate.

You should also be thinking, early on, about where you’ll share your callout. Yes, you should hit Twitter and Facebook. But you should also think about the niche online communities where your pitch might land particularly well. Reporter Danny Zwerdling, for example, shared a callout for injured nurses on a couple of nursing listservs. For this story about a corncob pipe manufacturer, St. Louis Public Radio went looking on the PipeTobacco subreddit for someone who actually smokes with one.

When sharing it, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Producer Davar Ardalan has a go-to list of well-connected people she shares her callouts with when she’s trying to reach different demographic communities, like Latinos and African Americans.

The methods for reviewing responses are largely individual. When I’m looking at answers in a spreadsheet, I like to add extra columns that allow me to sort and filter by theme, good answers, etc.

Obviously, the same rules we live with for vetting sources in every other part of journalism also apply to social sourcing. It’s easy to get burned if you don’t do approach it with a critical eye and do your homework.

When it comes time to write the story, think about how you’ll present the responses differently on air and online. Chances are, the same method won’t work well for both. For an example, compare the audio version of this segment on Thanksgiving grace traditions to the Web build.

I also like to use Storify to collect answers submitted across various social sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more (an example here with the “objects that make you feel manly”).

And although it may take a bit of time, always follow up. Thank everyone for participating and send them a link to the final story. You don’t want people to feel like they’ve poured their heart and soul into a black hole.

Read on for case studies of six common callout types.

I’m trying to … find a specific type of source

Source callouts are among the most popular and effective callouts we do at NPR. We’re helped by a large following on Facebook (4.2 million as of this writing). But that can pose a couple of problems, too. 

Sometimes we do callouts that get over 10,000 responses (as we did for this story) and they’re nearly impossible to parse. And as I mentioned earlier, it’s important to consider sharing callouts with different communities. Going beyond Facebook can improve your chances of finding the voices you need by narrowing your callout to communities specifically interested in the question you’re asking.

In one recent callout, however, it was actually helpful for us to target people who are already NPR fans. Weekend Edition Sunday was looking for someone who opposed a terminally ill family member’s wish for assisted suicide. It’s a fraught and sensitive topic and it’s not surprising that the show’s producers didn’t get an overwhelming number of responses when they posted it to Facebook.

But the show did get exactly what they needed. Scott Schwimmer wrote in about his father, Robert, who has pancreatic cancer. Because the family loved NPR, they agreed to come into a studio together for an interview with Rachel Martin. The result is really must-listen radio.

I’m trying to … crowdsource images

Photo callouts can work really well online. They can also turn into good radio segments with a little extra work. We had that experience with the #nprcensus callout for the New Boom series on millennials.

Because millennials are such a large and diverse group, we wanted to incorporate a social project that helped give them a face. Morning Edition producer Selena Simmons-Duffin had the idea for a “census” where we asked 18- to 34-year-old’s to send us a selfie with their demographic categories on one side and the descriptive categories they wish they could use on the other.

We received hundreds of responses through Instagram and Twitter. To tie it all back to the radio, I interviewed a couple of them about their varied millennial experiences for a segment to wind down the series on All Things Considered.

(NPR Visuals producer Emily Bogle has many great tips on doing visual callouts here.)

I’m trying to … find story ideas

Sometimes finding story ideas can be as easy as just asking your audience: What should we cover? Former NPR intern (and now Wyoming Public Radio reporter) Miles Bryan did just that in the Los Angeles subreddit last year.

He received a number of interesting responses and ended up pursuing a lead that led to a story about the waiter call systems in Korean barbecue restaurants.

When doing something like this in reddit, it’s a good idea to message the moderators of the subreddit beforehand. Having their buy-in will go a long way toward a having a successful callout. Otherwise reddit tends to be allergic to anything it perceives as self-promotion.

(Kate Parkinson-Morgan wrote a great guide for us about how she worked with reddit’s music communities to build interest in NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest.)

I’m trying to … gather personal stories and ideas

Though counterintuitive, callouts sometimes work well when you don’t know what you’re looking for. That was the case for a series Melissa Block did on trade lingo. She wanted to talk to folks across professions and industries about the weird words or phrases they use at work that outsiders might not understand.

The nature of the callout meant that producers Theo Balcomb and Rachel Rood had no idea what words they might get. So they put out a call using a Google Form (a survey that feeds into the spreadsheet you see below) that was shared on Facebook and Twitter.

The response was excellent. They heard from all sorts of people, including seabird biologists, skydivers and video game designers.

Voicemail or voice memos also work well for this type of callout. Smartphones have made it very easy for someone to record their voice and email the file. (The internal mics tend to be pretty good!) 

I’m trying to … start a discussion

A callout can also be a way to start an open discussion with the audience that informs the direction of your reporting, as well as find sources. NPR’s Identity and Culture Unit recently used a callout like this for conversations led by Michel Martin about the fear of black men.

There are a couple of things to note about this callout. In the survey, Morning Edition producer Jessica Pupovac had respondents drop themselves into different categories (“I’ve been in situations where I’ve felt anxious because of the presence of black men”; “I’m a black man who has experienced the irrational fear of others simply because of who I am”; etc.). That made sorting the responses much easier. She also allowed people to share their thoughts but request to not be contacted. This option likely helped them acquire a wider array of experiences. 

I’m trying to … have fun

And you may want to do a callout just for the sake of having fun with your audience. That was the case with this story Weekend Edition did about music designed specifically for cats. 

Producer Sarah Handel Card asked listeners to play the music for their pets and report back (spoiler alert: reactions ranged from manic to unmoved).

If you’ve done a successful callout or have questions about putting one together, I’d love to chat. Email me:


A/N: A request from @peytonnation for a Spencer x Reader where he asks her to hang out with him at an aquarium because he knows she’s fascinated by marine life. During the day, he admits to her what she means to him. @coveofmemories


“What’re you up to this weekend, kid?” Morgan asked from across the room. He’d invite him out with the rest of the team, but almost every week, Reid decided to go home and Reid. He was the definition of an introvert.

Still in a daze, his head snapped toward Morgan after he called for him the second time. “What’re you doing this weekend?”

“Nothing much. Probably just reading.” 

And there it was. He was so predictable. “Well, if you change your mind, Emily, JJ, Penelope, Hotch, Rossi and I are going to bar tomorrow night. Y/N, you coming?”

“I’m not sure,” you said, walking back to your desk to grab your things for the weekend. “I’ll text you and let you know.”

He gave you a look that said your loss and walked away, leaving you and Spencer alone in the bullpen. “I was actually thinking of going to that new aquarium that opened up a few months ago,” Spencer said without looking up from his desk. He was fiddling with his thumbs. It was like he’d been dying to say that he had other plans but he didn’t want to get talked into doing something else.

“Oh, I’ve been wanting to go there!” you cried. As a kid, you’d always loved marine life and had even thought of becoming a marine biologist. Eventually, you decided on law enforcement, but your love of marine life had never faded.

With a twitch of his head, he looked up, opening his mouth to speak and then hesitating. “You wanna come with me?” he asked.

“Yea,” you said with a smile. “I’d like that. When tomorrow? Noon?”

He nodded and walked with you to the elevator, eventually going your separate ways at the parking garage to grab your cars and head home. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that Spencer had just asked you out on a date. He was blushing…wasn’t he?


“We meeting there?” you asked, having called him that morning. You’d agreed on a time, but hadn’t actually said where you were meeting.

Spencer cleared his throat. “If you want, I could come pick you up. I heard the parking over there is horrible, so it doesn’t really make sense to take two cars.” 

“Cool, see you in 15?”

Not even 10 minutes later, Spencer was at your door, ready to go. When he looked at you in your dolphin shirt, which you’d picked out specifically for the occasion, he smiled that little smile he got when people told him he was cute and he didn’t know how to react. “So what are you looking forward to seeing the most?” he asked, driving the 20 minutes to the aquarium.

Hmmm….that was a good question. You’d always loved sharks and dolphins and sting rays, but recently, you’d become really fascinated by jellyfish. “I love dolphins, obviously,” you laughed, pointing at your shirt. “But I also like sharks and rays and jellyfish. I heard they have ones called moon jellys. I just like the sound of that.”

“Moon jelly or aurelia aurita feed on zooplankton mostly and the top part, the bell, can grow to be about 12 inches wide, or the size of a dinner plate. When deprived of food, they can shrink to one-tenth their size to save energy and will regrow when food is available. On top of that, their population used to be kept in check by predators like sea turtles, tuna, and sunfish, but because of the rise in water-based pollution, their predators are starting to die, so jellyfish populations are growing at an alarming rate.” As he rambled on about moon jellys while he drove, you smiled, turning in your seat to watch the expressions play across his face. You’d always thought Spencer was cute - had even thought about kissing him on more than one occasion, but there was something about his face when he spoke about something he knew a lot about (which was most things) that made you exceedingly happy. 

He got off the exit for the aquarium, which was the first time he’d seen your face on the ride there. “I’m rambling, aren’t I?” he asked, quickly stifling himself. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, Spence,” you laughed. “I love all this stuff. So by all means, ramble away.”

The corners of his lips turned up as he pulled into the parking lot. “Thanks,” he said softly. “It’s nice to not annoy someone with my ramblings.” 

It was a good thing he’d turned his head away from you to park the car, because your face dropped. He couldn’t help how excited he got about things, and although everyone on the team tended to be polite and hear him out, occasionally they’d make a comment. At the very least, he could tell that they didn’t want to listen but were just being polite. That was all well and good, but it was nice to have someone actually be interested in what you were saying. “Ready?” he asked. The sound of his voice brought you out of feeling bad for him. Today, you were going to let him tell you all about the exhibits you passed. He’d probably know more about them than the employees would anyway.

After you walked inside, you skipped toward the directory. You needed to figure out where to go first. “Blue blubber jellies,” you said. You imagined your wide eyes made you look like a crazy person. But saying blue blubber jellies was really fun. 


She really was like a kid in a candy store in here. Spencer walked slowly behind Y/N as she looked from the floor to the ceiling and taking in everything the aquarium had to offer. “This is definitely the best aquarium in the area now,” she said, coming to stop in front of the jellyfish exhibit.

For a few moments, he just stared at her awe-struck face. The jellyfish in front of her actually went from white to light blue to dark purple in color despite their name. The reflection of color in her eyes did nothing to lessen how amazed she looked. If anything, they made her eyes sparkle even more than they did naturally. On the way in, he’d promised to tell her all about all of the creatures they’d pass during the day, but he found himself unable to speak. With all of the sea life around him, one would think he’d be fascinated, but he was more than content taking in the joy on her face.


“Spence?” you said. He blinked, coming back to you after being in a far away land or something like that. “Tell me about these jellies.” Again, you turned to stare at the blobs of light. They were purple when you’d turned to grab Spencer’s attention, but now they were light blue. 

Spencer stuttered as he started, but as he got into telling you all about the jellyfish, he fell into a confident rhythm. “Well, just like the moon jellyfish, these guys feed on zooplankton. They do grow a little bigger. About 16 inches. And they’re found in the coastal waters of eastern and northern Australia. Fun fact,” he said, his fingers fidgeting at the speed of light, “In Asia, they are considered a delicacy, which is somewhat dangerous because if they aren’t prepared properly, they can be deadly. They’re very poisonous.”

After staring at the jellyfish for another 10 or 15 minutes, you began walking toward another area of the aquarium. At first you didn’t notice, but by the time you’d reached the bottlenose dolphins, you were leaning against his arm with your arm looped through his. “You want me to tell you about the dolphins, now?” he asked happily. He was really enjoying telling you all about these creatures.

“Can I tell you about the dolphins even though you probably know all about them already? Because I did a project on them when I was in elementary school and I was obsessed with them. I memorized everything I could.” Now you were rambling. 

“Sure. Go ahead.” He smirked. 

You turned toward the tank, your hands spread wide across the glass as you put your nose up to it to get the best look you could. “So, adult dolphins can get anywhere from 6-12 feet in length and weigh between 400 and 800 pounds. Males are slightly larger than females. Meh. They feed on fish, squid and crustaceans which can be found through cooperative hunting with other dolphins, feeding in association with fishing boats and even digging in the sand to uncover food.” Spencer had been so quiet you weren’t sure whether or not he was paying attention - but he was, he was staring right at you with a soft smile, so you kept going. “They are found in tropical and temperate waters all over the world, but unfortunately, because people suck and don’t recycle or anything, a lot of populations are being depleted. Thankfully, they aren’t endangered yet. But they could be soon, and that makes me so sad. I mean-” 

All of a sudden, you felt his lips on yours before he pulled away again. “I’m sorry,” he said, seeing the stunned look on your face. “I couldn’t help it.”

“You…like me?” you asked in amazement. You could feel your lips curling up into a smile. You’d never expected him to like you. He never really expressed an interest in anybody.

At your question, his own eyes mirrored your look of confusion. “Of course I do,” he said softly. “Why wouldn’t I? You’re smart, and pretty. Funny, and nice. And when it comes to certain things like this, you get like me. Plus, you always seem genuinely interested in what I have to say.” He trailed off, blushing at how much he was gushing over you. 

“Come here,” you said, taking him by the collar and pulling him into you. “Kiss me again.” As you closed your eyes, you felt the softness of his lips again. You could get used to this. “We should do more of this later when there aren’t so many kids around.” 

“Definitely.” His forehead rested against yours for a few moments before he suggested walking over to the giant pacific octopus tank.

You shuddered at the thought. “They’re so cool, but also really unsettling. Good thing I have someone here I can cling to.”

As you walked over, you felt him gather you to his side. You were sure the rest of the team was having a great time together, and maybe one day soon, you and Spencer would join them together, but for now, you were ecstatic you’d decided to ditch them.

my HVFF experience

Guys… how do I even sum this up?  This was amazing. I knew it’d be amazing but it was just… AMAZING. This is going to be long, so I apologize, but I’ll try to keep it as concise as I can and stick to the pertinent stuff.  

We drove down from Reno on Friday, arrived in the afternoon. I had a few hours to unwind from the drive before picking up @lunarsilverwolfstar at the airport. After picking up our badges at the convention center (we won’t speak of the cost of parking for 10 minutes), we killed some time (at Denny’s and Target/the mall… so classy!) before going to pick up @dettiot and dropping the two of them off at their hotel. Then, back to my parents house to sleep and try to prepare for the insanity. 

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