thank you so much for beta testing it!

And we’re live!!

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Hooray! The invite emails are going out as we speak, so if you contributed to our Indiegogo campaign, you should be getting an email with your invite tokens any minute. Thank you all so, so much for supporting us on this long journey, and we hope you’ll stick around as we continue to work on the site to make it even better. (If you didn’t get an invite email, check your spam box first– if you definitely didn’t get an email, then contact us at

If you weren’t able to donate to the campaign but are still interested in trying out the site, we will be opening sign-ups for the next (free) waves of beta testing very soon, so stay tuned!

(adm: FINALLY!! The game progress is reaching it’s end! As of today, I have officially completed 100% of what’s been originally done by Tomoyoshi. I have written my ending, and am going to start working my way towards it. I’m now going through my final phases of beta testing and debugging, so I expect to release the full game till the end of November/start of December!! 

Thank you all so much for your patience and support!! It’s helped me a lot on getting motivation to get this far. This will be the title screen [unless I decide to change it later lmao but I don’t think I will] of the game. I hope you enjoy it!!)

An Artist’s Muse

Summary: Phil is a (sleep deprived) artist, and Dan is his muse, though he doesn’t know it (yet).

Word Count: 2.7k

hey this fic is for @vivunt-amant because it’s her BIRTHDAY!! (move aside dan, i’ve got FRIENDS to attend to!!) honestly she’s such an amazing person, a great friend, a fantastic artist, and an always unfailing beta. i’m super grateful to have been able to become her friend, and anyone who enjoys this fic in the slightest should go follow her bc it’s thanks to melea that it’s even here (also it’s her birthday and she’s wonderful so what are you waiting for???)

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We have finally reached 90%!

The time has finally come to announce that we have officially reached 90% in our game completion rate!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

All that’s left to do now is to finish the 5th and last area of the game and our beta testing phase, which hopefully will be done reasonably soon! 

We will be updating our progress more often from now on both on this blog and our official twitter account so be sure to keep up with the news! (´▽`ʃƪ)

Thank you all so much for your support until now, we couldn’t have done it without all of you!!  (★^O^★)

Sims 3 Middle Earth status!

Thank you for staying tuned!
So if you’ve been following @crowkeeperthesimmer you’d know how she’s been buzzing around working extremely hard to finish the last of our upcoming world! You’d be amazed if you knew exactly how much work has been put into this project:-)

So, on the positive side, we now have a BETA! Everything we planned to finish with the first BETA has been built, adjusted and ready to be tested.

We planned on releasing the first version december 2015 but extended the date due to various RL events.

We’re testing the world in game now and are trying to sort out some routing issues before we release anything - it has to be playable, right? ;-)

So once we find the reason for the bit of lag, our world is ready to be shared :-)