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Hi! Congratulations on your 8k followers :) Your art is absolutely amazing and I love that you exist! So, may I request cherik having a breakdown after a huge fight with one another? Sorry I just love angst...

so i’m not very good at angst

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Favourite pharoga head canon?

Thank you so much for giving me some distraction from my currently stressful real life :D. I imagine Nadir is a classical blanket thief at night. So when Erik next to him finally wakes up because he is cold, it is not because he actually freezes, but because he feels reminded of his nights at the circus. NIghts when he had had to sleep nearly naked in a cage where the wind had blown through the bars. So in the moment after awakening and realizing where he is, he panics. But then he recognizes Nadir in the dark, sleeping peacefully next to him and relief and love overwhelm Erik. He never tries to get the blanket back, because he doesn’t want to risk to wake his lover. He just snuggles against Nadir, looping one arm carefully around him. And then he can sleep, finding some peace of mind for the rest of the night.

“In ten years you haven’t changed a bit.”

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I follow you because you like bottom!Erik and it's always lovely to find more of the five of us.

Hi! :)

Thank you so much! You’re so precious. Yes, bottom!Erik is like a unicorn. It’s so rare, but I love it so much. It’s my ultimate weakness. If you knew all the scenes I have in head regarding bottom!Erik and top!Charles…

Attention Pharoga shippers

Following challenge coming up:

Pick your favorite E/C moment from the ALW musical and change Christine to Nadir.

It doesn’t matter which type of art you choose, just post the final result under this post.

In case you are neither able to draw nor to paint (like me), please support this little fun project by reblogging, tagging people who might be interested and spreading it.

The idea for this request rather came spontaneous while having a Pharoga related discussion with a phriend. I really hope it will circulate and bring some interesting new pics for the Pharoga shipping phandom.

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I hope the people I tagged don’t mind (you are the ones I have already seen posting/reblogging Pharoga stuff or I know personally or both). I am still rather new on tumblr, so I could really need your help to bring this post among the people ^^. I’d highly appreciate it! Thank you so much in advance!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me, and your muses!!!!!!

Ahhhhhh! This is so cute! Thank you so much! (LOL at Erik’s face. He’s going to light something on fire in 3…2…1)

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Prompt: Erik can't stand the children coming for trick or treating, Charles loves them

!!!!!! OH NO

(AU where they live in town)



Charles beamed as he handed out full-sized candy bars. The children beamed as they accepted them. Erik scowled as he supplied Charles.

“We could be doing something else a lot more fun,” Erik grumbled as they closed the door again. Before Charles could answer, there was another knock at the door.

“Trick’r’treeeeat!” caroled six little voices.

Charles brightened and grabbed the bucket of candy bars, opening the door and smiling at the costumed children. “Hello!” he greeted them, “My, you’re all quite terrifying tonight, aren’t you?”

The six ghouls giggled and accepted their candy, squealing their thanks and galumphing down the sidewalk. This time Charles didn’t bother closing the door, since a fairy princess and his lady-knight sister were approaching, hands clasped tightly as they walked up the path with trepidation. Charles did not frown at them; he complimented the sparkles of the dress and the realistic armor, and the children scurried away, glowing.

Erik handed Charles more candy. “Don’t give any to the teenagers,” he told Charles.

“Now, Erik, that’s not fair,” Charles replied calmly. “If they’re dressed up and excited, why ruin their fun?”

“Because they’re too old for trick-or-treating.”

“Are not.” Charles opened the door, and smiled at the two bright-eyed teen girls standing there, one dressed as a serial killer from some movie or other, the other as a flapper. “Hello! I love your costumes. Did you make them yourselves?”

They beamed. “Yup! Took ages,” the flapper told him as she selected a Payday bar. “I kept losing beads.”

“The cat tried to eat my fake blood,” the serial killer added with a grimace, taking a Hershey’s milk chocolate. “Thank you so much, Mr. Xavier!”

“You’re welcome,” Charles said warmly.

At 1AM Erik put his foot down and turned off the porch light. They still had candy left, but Charles could take it to class with him and give it to his students. Charles pouted, but he really was tired, so he allowed Erik to shoo him to bed.

“Why don’t you like trick-or-treating?” Charles asked sleepily, as they got ready for bed.

“Because in my town we didn’t have it,” Erik answered. “We didn’t have much of anything for the 31st. Mama wanted to visit Burg Frankenstein someday, but we never had the money.”

Charles nodded, though he didn’t understand why that should make Erik dislike it. Oh well. He was tired, and the bed was warm, and Erik was warmer still. So he slept, and dreamed a procession of children in costumes singing strange songs that made him shiver with delicious fear.

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Imagine, if Erik and Nadir did have an affair in Persia in their younger days. It was the first time Erik ever felt loved or appreciated and finally he felt somewhat human. However, Nadir's inner conflict over his religion, his society, and their relationship finally got the best of him and he called off his romance with Erik. He will always be there to watch over Erik, but never again feels comfortable confessing his love. Erik, however, feels unwanted and resents Nadir for breaking his heart.

This is so tragic, but absolutely possible. And it would explain so much and even fit perfectly into the original story. We don’t get to know what exactly happened in Persia, at least not in the Leroux book.

It would give a reason for their twisted relationship.

Nadir would always be torn by the decision he made while he still loves Erik. But he can’t go back, because his inner conflict forbids it. And yet he can’t bear the thought of leaving Erik alone completely. That’s why he stays around him.

And that’s also why Erik hates having him as a shadow. Because every time he sees or meets him it hurts anew. Brings back the memories of what they’ve once shared and what Nadir has taken away from him. He symbolizes everything Erik wants to forget and at the some time doesn’t for it has been the most precious experience he was ever allowed to make. He as well never stopped loving Nadir and that’s why a part of him; a part he doesn’t want to admit to himself; also likes having him close around, while the rest of him hates it.

None of them can ever get happy again. It’s a yearning for each other that can never be satisfied. They hunger for each other and starve to death, though they are not separated by distance.

This headcanon has so much potential, thank you so much for sending it!

5 years of the selection! (tag)

put when you joined and how the series impacted you!!

Thanks to @krisspiaria and @thedandelioninperspective for mentioning me!

When I joined: Around the end of 2013. I picked up both The Selection and The Elite from Barnes and Noble after seeing them in in like the things Barnes and Noble mails to your house. I marathoned both of the books that same day and have been hooked since.

How the series impacted me: The Selection series are the books that got me into reading ya and the book community. After finishing the books the amount of reading I did increased by at least tenfold. Within reading these books, I found my happy place. A place where I could envelop myself in these worlds and fall in love with characters. 

After months of stalking blogs on here I finally joined January 2016, after the release of the siren. It’s insane how much the people I’ve met on here have impacted my life. I have found so many amazing friends and have found an outlet where I can truly be myself, and that means the world to me. 

People who I love: 

@elains / @kilewoodwork- Livi, ok first off, you are actual goals. You are someone who I feel like I can always talk to if I need anything and you make me feel like I belong. I can’t thank you (and Alex) enough for creating the selection oc, and truly giving me and so many other girls such an incredible time and way to bond. Ilysm 💕

@fangirlingforinfinity - Viv, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! You are always such a positive person who without fail will always put a smile on my face when I see you on my dash. You are literally the best secret santa I could have ever wished for, YOU WROTE A FREAKING SONG!!! I love you so much 💜

@eadlynschreaveofillea - T, you are the person who inspired me to join tumblr. I remember constantly just scrolling though your blog for hours. Till I decided I needed to be a part of this community. Since I’ve been on tumblr, I’ve been blown away by how much you contribute to this fandom. It only takes an idea, and you’re on it, there’s a week for it. Thank you so much for everything 💛

Wonderful people: @krisspiaria​ @prince-consort-erik @prince-consort-lolz @prince-consort-kile @the-selection-bitch @arewesafe @maxon-my-dear @americaleger @america-darling @eadlyns-tiaras @eadlynschreavve @thenewsomelibrary @lucy-leger @schreavetiara @theheirofillea @tuggingmyearmydear @clairesbooklr @a-court-of-books-and-authors @loveisbeautifulfear @queenamberlystationschreave @that-new-book-and-tea-smell @girlonfire64 @keadlyn @a-court-of-fanfiction-and-fandom @thedandelioninperspective

I love you all so freaking much 💛  -  Brooke

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Scenario: Erik dealing with the mc having insane food cravings because of reasons

Erik stared at Mika, his glass of wine hovering in front of his lips for a second too long, before placing it on the table with a bemused smirk.

With one stick of Pocky between her lips and another getting swirled around in leftover dill pickle juice, Mika glanced over at him and narrowed her eyes.

Erik swallowed his gulp of wine and propped an elbow on the table, leaning his head against his hand.

Mika’s gaze flicked back to the pickle jar, munching and stirring away.

Erik said nothing.

As the Pocky stick whittled down to nothing, Mika popped the soaking and lightly pickled Pocky in her mouth. Her brow furrowed.

Erik opened his mouth, then closed it again, stifling a chuckle.

Mika finished the Pocky and sighed, looking quite tired. A curious glance back at the jar, and she dipped her finger in the juice to lap up.

“Pickles,” she grumbled. “It’s always pickles. Every single story I’ve heard, it’s pickles. Can’t be anything normal like a donut craving or ice cream.”

Erik closed his eyes and smiled, taking another slow sip.


Erik hummed through his sip and put the glass down. “A little bit, yes.”

Mika huffed and ran a hand back through her hair. “I’m hungry.”

“Hmm,” Erik smiled and stood, pacing into the kitchen. “Perhaps I can whip up something for you.”

Mika cocked a brow and watched him go. “Like what!?”

“Suivez-moi,“ his voice rang.

Mika pouted and followed behind him. Erik was leafing through one of her grandfather’s dessert cookbooks.

“Mmh…” Mika glanced away. “I appreciate the gesture, Erik, but… dessert feels too sweet right now.”

“I suspected as much,” Erik said. “You recall how our cuisine from home differs from humans’ in flavor choice?”

Mika paused. “Yeah… the whole sweet-savory thing… what are you suggesting?”

“Well, one of my many favorite dishes was a kind of tart casserole… Ah! I knew humans had it… Napoleon cake! We made it with pickle pudding and cocoa thins, however.”

Mika slapped a hand over her mouth. “That’s…. awful, was it good?”

Erik chuckled. “Oh, it was transcendent… though, very much a local sort of specialty. Perhaps you would like to try it, Princess? I can very easily prepare it with what we have on hand.”

Mika clutched at her stomach and bit her lip. “God…. yes, please. I can’t believe I like the sound of that right now… please…”

Erik slid an arm around her waist, smiling, and kissed her forehead. “Lie down, my sweet; you need not tax yourself like this. Allow me to take care of you.”

Mika melted against him, hugging his chest. “You’re too good to me, Erik. Thank you so much…”

“Ah ah,” Erik leaned back to look her in the eye, thumb to her chin. “No need for thanks. My princess deserves only the best. It is my duty to deliver.”

Mika couldn’t hold back the smile she felt brimming, and leaned up to kiss Erik right on the lips. He returned the kiss with a sigh.

“Make that Pickled Napoleon cake, then,” Mika murmured against his lips. “Make it the best meal your princess has ever had.”

He smiled, felt her breath mingle with his. “As you wish.”

nextraordinaire submitted: here’s the smol!charle for you! i am the slowest there is this is a week late but–

*tries to lean against door jamb but slips and falls out of frame*

Later on, when the initial panic had died down to something more of a simmer, Hank would admit that there had been a ( – only theoretical, very remote, not likely at all, it really shouldn’t have gone so far, I don’t know why – ) risk of this happening.

The serum was meant for an entire body. So the formula had to be a strong one, even in small doses. It was also initially a two-stage deal – first regressing the effects of his ‘cure’, then returning his feet to a human shape. From the beginning it had been in two separate doses, but pretty early on, Hank had combined them into one due to a low-level fear of needles, and increased the concentration in the process.

Here was the thing though: Charles may have lost his legs at twenty-seven, but his telepathy had been with him from the very start. Too weak for him to really notice, he’d passed it off as as tinnitus until the white noise turned into actual voices.

The thing was also that Hank wasn’t aware of this fact.

But the most important part was probably that Charles hadn’t bothered telling him before he injected the serum into his arm.

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If you're ever in the mood for more Gorillaz, eyebrow Murdoc is my absolute favourite ❤️ (maybe in 51?) You've quickly become my favourite artist, by the way - I'm so in love with all your skeletons (and Phantom of the Opera - ahh the Eriks!!)

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! That is so incredibly nice of you! (Really? Me? [Runs around in circles]) Pretty much everyone I’ve met in this fandom since I joined have been really, really awesome. Y’all are good people.

And I am ALWAYS in the mood for more Gorillaz. Aaaagh Browdoc especially.

for the prompt “wore matching halloween costumes to this party (by coincidence) au” from this post.  

dedicated to my love of Dadneto and Halloween.


“Pietro! Get back here!” The green blur skidded to a halt, turning and coming back at a much more sedate pace to Erik’s side. “What were the rules for tonight?”

His son looked up at him, the nose of his costume lying across his forehead almost completely hiding his eyes. “No running ahead and no leaving Dad’s sight.”

“Good.” Erik nodded, taking his hand. Wanda was quiet on his other side, her small hand limp in his. Erik gave her hand a squeeze. “This will be fun.”

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