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loopy guang hong has cleared my skin, watered my crops,,,

(AAAAAHHHHH Thank you darling! It was so much fun to do, I think this might be my favorite audio I’ve done.)


Summary: A series of firsts; Betty and Jughead explore the steamy side of being a couple.

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(Warning: MUCH SIN AHEAD! This is a pure smutty fic, way explicit and utterly graphic. It follows Betty and Jughead down the road of testing the waters with each other until the inevitable happens ;) You asked, so I deliver :P I also tried to incorporate it into the plot of Rivedale in order for the story to have a much more realistic sense in a way! Anyway, thank you so much darlings for your compliments and your amazing feedback!! I hope you all enjoy!)

I’m a high school lover, and you’re my favorite flavor

Love is all, all my soul

You’re my playground love

A light breeze caresses the leaves of the oak tree next to Betty’s opened window and twirls inside her dimly lit room to the beat of some mellow tunes that echo lightly from her golden rose laptop. The ruffle curtains sway under the feathery force of the physical change that disrupted the otherwise calm evening, the shadow of the sheer material dancing over the profile of the two teens that are tangled up with each other on the princess-like double bed at the center of the room.  They are in their own world of first time loving and blissful adolescent ignorance, enjoying the momentary peace and quiet of their hectic small town, drama-filled lifestyle, getting lost in the feeling of drowning deeper and deeper in a sea of amour and lust.

Wet sounds of tongues lazily exploring the new-found territory of each other’s lips and steady beating of two Eros wounded hearts are suppressed by the singer’s voice that urges them to carry on in the background and Jughead is ashamed to admit that his mind fails to register what movie that song musically decorated, even though he swears it’s in the tip of his tongue. But then again the tip of his tongue is now being sucked by Betty Cooper’s voluptuous lips and he can hardly pinpoint anything anymore, not even his own name.

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For the 5 ficlet, how about percabeth and the five times one of them tries getting a pet?


Percy was six years old when his mother took him to the aquarium for the first time. Sally and Gabe had gotten married a few months ago and things at home hadn’t gone the way she planned, but she finally managed to save enough money to take Percy out to a nice place.

Percy was more than happy to visit the aquarium, even though he wasn’t sure why he was hearing voices calling him “Lord”. When he told Sally, she just laughed and told him to find his favorite exhibit, Percy didn’t see the worry on his mother’s face.

Percy loved the aquarium, he couldn’t remember the last time he had felt this happy—well, a time when his mother’s cooking wasn’t involved. They stayed there from opening time until closing, enjoying each other’s company and feeling happy to be together, away from Gabe.

“Can we buy a fish?” Percy said when they were walking back home.

“I don’t think right now is the best time to get a pet,” Sally said, holding his hand a little bit tighter.

“I can take care of it, mom!” Percy replied. “Please! I can buy the food with my allowance!”

“Gabe won’t allow it sweetie, but I promise you, one day I’ll get you a pet,” Sally said.

“But mom!”

“I’m really sorry baby, I truly am.” Sally couldn’t look  Percy in the eyes; she didn’t want to see the sadness in them. “But maybe I can bake you some cookies?”

“Can I help?”  

Sally laughed. “Of course you can! You’re my little assistant after all!”

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Dating would include – Twenty One Pilots

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Tyler Joseph:

  • He plans a ton of different dates whenever he has time
  • Ever been in a pillow fort? - Say no more
  • “We are the rulers of this fort!”
  • “I even found two crowns for us, my King.”
  • Super sunny day? - Tyler takes you to the park for a picnic
  • “God, you and your Taco Bell addiction… It’s beautiful, Ty.”
  • “Everything for you, [Y/N]…”
  • Tired to go out? - Let’s have a movie night with snacks
  • “Catch, Tyler! … Geez, we need to train that way more.”
  • The two of you keep the public display of affection as low as possible
  • Yes, there are a few kisses now and there and holding hands
  • But the rest is reserved for your time in private
  • “You don’t know how long I waited to have you for me alone…”
  • “Someone is eager tonight.”
  • “How can’t I? You look even more breathtaking than usual, if that’s possible.”
  • Tyler shows you how much you mean to him through other actions
  • The way he presents you to the world and speaks about you in interviews
  • “With [Y/N] by my side I can accomplish everything.”
  • “I can’t live without my better half anymore. [Y/N] is the world for me.”
  • Everyone can see how much he is in love with you
  • Should Tyler be away for a long time, he tries to keep in touch as much as possible
  • In between times he sends you tons of silly pictures and messages
  • But Ty loves to have endless calls with you
  • “How was your day, [Y/N]? I hope good. If not, I’m here.”
  • “I’m not going to end this call until you are asleep.”
  • “I love you so much…”
  • Fights in the your household is a very quiet event
  • Neither of you raise your voice at the other one –not even once
  • The deadly looks you have say more than thousand words
  • “Don’t you dare to give me the "forbidden look”!“
  • But in the end the fight doesn’t last longer than ten minutes
  • "I’m so sorry for everything. Can I make it up to you, love of my life?”
  • And Tyler knows how to push your buttons so you forgive him
  • You know Tyler will be there for you, when you need him
  • He loves to take care of you and making your day better
  • Massages, cuddles, kisses, cooked meals, everything you want or need
  • He always wants you to be by his side, when he writes a new song
  • You are his inspiration – his muse – if you want to say so
  • Tyler cares about your opinion on his music and songs
  • “Wow, feels like pure darkness, but with a tiny ray of sunshine and hope in it.”
  • Once in a while he writes a song about you as a gift
  • When words fail him, the music will talk for him
  • “Oh my god, Tyler. That’s so wonderful. Sweet. Beautiful.”
  • “I would catch a star for you, if you want it.”

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Josh Dun

  • The two of you take care of each other – almost having a sixth sense for that
  • You know exactly when the other one has a bad day
  • So nightly trips to Taco Bell or skating together are usual things
  • “I feel so much better now. Thank you, darling.”
  • After all this time you two are dating, Josh is still a blushing mess sometimes
  • Might it be the way you look stunning in your clothes
  • Or the most adorable compliment he tells you
  • “I am truly dating an angel. How did I get so lucky?”
  • His love to you gets stronger every day he has you by his side
  • Josh loves you to show your happy relationship in public
  • Matching couple shirts during the trip to Disneyland
  • “The Boss” - “The Real Boss”
  • Piggyback rides whenever you want – in the park, in the venue, …
  • “When is my turn to get a ride?”
  • “Don’t give him bad ideas, Tyler!”
  • And tons of vines you two do together
  • “[Y/N] is my favorite person on earth … right after Tyler.”
  • “… Seriously?”
  • He also tries to stay in touch with you, when he is away
  • Your phone is overflowing with messages, pictures and snapchats
  • To be honest you only miss him more  
  • “How is my love doing today? Feel hugged… I miss you, [Y/N].”
  • Of course, Tyler approves your relationship doubtlessly
  • He is thankful that you make Josh happy without doing anything
  • And the support you give him, Tyler and the band in general
  • “Yes, a match made in heaven… Lucky Josh.”
  • Once in a while the two of you fight – barely but you do
  • There is a lot of yelling, because both of you are emotional
  • But not a single harsh word were ever said
  • It’s not your wish to hurt the other one emotionally
  • “Dear Lord! We talked about this, Josh. I’m done with this topic!”
  • “What if I’m not done? It is important for me, [Y/N]!”
  • After a few minutes both of you apologize for your rude behavior
  • “If it’s important for you, then it is for me too.”
  • You never complain about how loud Josh plays on his drums sometimes
  • He just forgets everything around him lost in his music
  • Adoring the – just to mention – handsome smile on his lips is worth the noise
  • That’s what makes him happy so you are happy too
  • Knowing what you endure from time to time he tries to fulfil every wish of yours
  • Neither of you is really the type for big and expensive gifts
  • The little things in life are the important ones
  • “Hungry? Wait, I get you your favorite snack.”
  • “Don’t worry, I’ll do the dishes tonight. Just relax and enjoy yourself.”
  • Josh holds you close to his chest  during the night
  • It’s like the place in his arms is perfectly made for you
  • He literally feels how much you mean to him  
  • Your heart beating simultaneously with his own
  • The warmth of your skin on his
  • That’s pure comfort for him
  • “God, I love you so much, [Y/N]. More than you can imagine.”
BTS when their s/o uses a night light and is embarrassed about it

Hello! First of all, your blog is amazing and your writing is beautiful! I was wondering if you could do a BTS react to their S/O being shy and embarrassed that she uses a night light. Like she would stay up late to turn in on and wake up early to turn it off so they wont know. Thank you and much love to your blog! 😁💙

Sorry you had to wait so long darling, thank you so much~~



He wouldn’t mind the lights being on at night, he just wants you to sleep well and be happy in the mornings. He would be a little confused that you didn’t tell him about your night light though.

“You could have just asked me, love~ And by the way, I thought I was your sunshine, why can’t I be your night light?”

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He needs his precious sleep! When he first woke up from the light, he would be a little bit annoyed and turn it off. The two of you would find a compromise- The lights stay on until your asleep, but after that he turns them off.

“Why the hell are the lights on…? What do you mean you can’t sleep without, your my s/o after all?”

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He also wouldn’t mind your night light, but he would be a little disappointed when he first found out about it. Why didn’t you just tell him? However, he might accidently sweep it off the table when sleeping.

“Jagi I'm totally fine with it, but you can ju- Oh sh*t, I think I just broke it…”

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“Why is it so bright? Is Jesus visiting us? Is it already morning?”

-you tell him you turned on the night light-

“You can’t sleep without a light on? Ahhh that’s so cute, come here squishyy~~ By the way, I know ways to make you so exhausted that you’ll sleep without a night light…”

(from Tae Tae to Taehyung in 0.1 seconds)

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“(Y/N), why are you still awake? Your always staying up so late…”

When you tell him the reason for that, he’s so confused. Why would you keep this a secret from him when he already knew you were a cute little fluffball?

“Next time just tell me, dummy. Go to sleep, we’ll let the night light on. And if it’s because your scared, don’t be, I’m there~”

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You actually woke him up while trying to turn on the night light. He just watched you, wondering if you did that often and how he didn’t notice. The next morning, he’ll talk about it with you. He has a light sleep and lights do bother him a little bit, so he’d try to make you hot milk with honey in the evenings as It’s known to help falling asleep fast.

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When he noticed your sleeping habit, he would ask you why you couldn’t sleep witout the light. He would prefer darkness while sleeping, but he wanted you to be comfortable. The next night, he would just try and snuggle up to you to prevent you from turning on the lights- maybe him cuddling with you would help even better.

“No, I won’t let you go. No, you can’t stand up either. Come on, just cuddle with me, sweetheart~”

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Yay, finally I had time to finish this request~ I hope you like it!

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promised word vomit, featuring nb!alex: it's not really that noticeable when she's young. her full name grates, as does stereotypical girly-ness, but mostly she's ok. puberty is unwelcome and unsettling, making her feel like a stranger in her own skin. but kara overshadows everything and eliza's criticism, her expectations, get a hundred times worse + she doesn't have words for this and so, except in snatches of conversation with her father under the stars, alex ignores, ignores, ignores. 1/6

alex meets actual trans people for the first time at stanford and the box she locked everything up in (gender and sexuality both), after jeremiah died and she fought with vicky, starts to surface. but she quashes it down. hard. because she knows she’s not a trans man, no question, and she still doesn’t know nonbinary genders are a thing yet. by the time hank rescues her in grad school, alex is drowning denial. 2/6           alex cuts her hair off short when she starts training and tells herself it’s just because it’s practical, even as a sufficating weight falls off her shoulders. alex is friendly wth vasquez and tells herself the reason they aren’t friends outside work is becase she’s being professional and not because she’s jealous, jealous, jealous that vasquez is out and proud as genderqueer. 3/6         and figuring out her sexuality? dating maggie? the rest of it gets knocked loose somewhere along the way, and once alex finally puts a name too it she’s scared again. because alex has no idea how out-and-proud-for-ears-and-years-lesbian maggie sawyer will react to the knowledge her ‘girlfriend’ isn’t quite a girl. and alex is afraid this will hurt BOTH of them. but she can’t lie, so she tells. 4/6         and maggie? oh, she wasn’t expecting this. it’s not a dealbreaker (she’s dated aliens, understandably they didn’t all have gender identities that matched up anywhere near perfectly with ‘human female’), but she’s surprised and a little scared she’ll mess up. she does her best to put aside her own nervousness, though, because alex is tense, race raw. so maggie pulls alex into a hug and kisses her (their? god, she needs ask about that) neck, says “it’s ok, ally, i’m ok with this” and it’s only 5/6            

^^ I think tumblr ate the last one, but I understand why because this is one of the most amazing things I have ever, ever read.

I am so here for nb!Alex, and was actually planning on writing some this weekend – should I still?

Because this just… is perfect. Like… wow. Thank you so much for sending this in, darling <3 <3 <3 <3 <3          

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Hux taking kylo to his nest for the first time.........

thank you so much for this ❤️

Kylo doesn’t know what planet they’re on. He isn’t even sure the little backwater moon they landed on even has a name but Hux had piloted their shuttle here without a hitch, expertly so. Like he’s flown this route dozens of times before.

The forest is densely thick, the high canopy shields them from the sunlight, creating a chill in the air. Kylo stretches out with the Force, sensing no threats or dangers of any kind but he frowns regardless. He sticks close to Hux, unknowing of where his omega is leading him to but Hux’s scent is incredibly soothing, calmer than Kylo has sensed it to be in a long time.

“You do know where you’re taking us, don’t you?” Kylo eventually says, unable to keep his jitteriness to himself.

Hux turns to look at him, his expression filled with derision. “Yes, Ren. I know exactly where I’m leading us to. Relax. This place is safe. We’re almost there.”

The mated pair trudge through the woodland for only a few more minutes before Kylo begins to notice that the canopy above them is thinning out, allowing the warm sun to beam down on them. Stepping into a small clearing, Kylo blinks, having not expected to come across a small, oddly-shaped house nestled in the glade, its wooden exterior helping it to blend in among the surrounding scenery.  Its slanted roof gives it an off-worldly feel, like such architecture doesn’t belong on such a backwater planet, but Kylo finds it oddly alluring, and oddly familiar.

Hux steps through the tall grass that brushes against his knees to walk up the steps and onto the porch of the house. Kylo follows, noting the nostalgic smile on Hux’s usually-stoic face. From the pocket of his non-uniform trousers, Hux pulls a silver key into his palm, admiring its shape for a second before he unlocks the door, looking over his shoulder to his alpha with a wild admiration in his green eyes. Still frowning and still confused as to what this strange little house is, Kylo follows Hux through the door, though he’s immediately hit with Hux’s scent, though it’s not emitting from his omega’s body, it’s in the very air around them.

The lights flicker on, engulfing them in a warm glow. It’s extremely cosy, decorated intricately with possessions that clearly have a lot a value; paintings and old books and pottery. Kylo can feel the emotional charge radiating from the very walls.

“What do you think?” Hux asks, shedding his jacket, hanging it on a hook on the back of the door.

Kylo closes his mouth, not releasing that it’d fallen agape. “It’s…quaint. What is it?”

Hux inhales through his nose for a few seconds before exhaling calmly. “It’s my nest.”

Kylo’s confusion dissipates in an instant as the puzzle pieces seemingly fit together perfectly now. Omegas nest; create a safe haven for themselves where they feel protected, surrounded by items that they draw comfort from. And this is Hux’s. And Hux has willingly brought Kylo, his alpha, into his nest, his safe place, a gesture of tremendous trust, Kylo thinks. He feels his heart flutter, their growing soulbond manifesting as a flame in his mind, growing fiercer by the second, as though affirming itself, growing stronger the longer Kylo stands in the place where his omega feels most protected.

Grabbing hold of his alpha’s hand, Hux leads Kylo away from the hall and into the room on the left, opening the door slowly to reveal a messy-looking room, a bed in the middle of the mass of blankets, clothes and old, fabric-bound books.

“But why would you choose a forest planet for your nest? You hate the outdoors,” Kylo asks, obviously puzzled by Hux’s choice of location.

“I didn’t choose it because I liked it. I chose it because it’s safe. And the fact that I very much dislike woodland areas makes it safer,” Hux says, sounding impressed by his own logic. “This little planet is practically the opposite of Arkanis. Green, bright, secluded. Ideal, really. ”

Kylo’s eyes graze across the room, noting a piece of worn, black clothing folded neatly and resting atop the masses of blankets. He frowns, knowing that Hux wears no such clothing.

“…Hux. Is that my robe?”