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fic: incalescent
By Organization for Transformative Works

(5,649 words)

rating: nc-17
pairing: harry/louis

The onset of heat is something Louis still hasn’t learned to recognize. [a/b/o. non-au] 

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my friend went to Ariana’s concert this summer and i didn’t get to go bc the day she played was during the only ten days i was away… i was devastated…… and she bought me a tshirt and a bracelet, and she gave them to me today at school… i wanted to cry so much

Thomas Brodie-Sangster puts so much effort and commitment into all of his roles and portraying his characters as perfectly as he can and I think that’s why I love him so much. He’s so dedicated and in love with what he does and he just lights up on screen and you can feel his passion for his work. Short film, full length movie or a small budget film that won’t get many views, he has such a dedication for becoming the character. He’s such a wonderful actor and I love him so much and being able to see him becoming so successful.