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Bottom right. This is happening


i just told my mom that i think i would really benefit from therapy and she reacted so well and is completely supportive and i’m so happy alncnckxcm i feel like a weight has just been lifted off of my shoulders i literally never thought i would ever be able to ask for help like that @danielhowell literally thank you so much you inspired me to reach out and get the help i need and i truly believe it’s gonna change my life


new theme !

in honor of gintama’s new porori arc !!! and because gintama’s the only thing keeping me alive from school and work. i actually finished this theme when the first ep aired but i never got time to change it lol

also changed my url a little while ago, i was mitsutada.

a smol update about my personal life (if anyone wants to read): 

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Maybe it’s the Long Island talking but I just wanted to say…. thank you so much anyone who has read what I’ve written. Thank you for taking a glimpse into my head at the ideas and thoughts I’ve had. Thank you for taking the time to read and like and comment and reblog. Thank you to anyone who had ever used their precious time to make something for me based on something I’ve written - you don’t know how much it means to me.

Thank you for spending time reading anything I’ve written. You’re the reason why I still do what I do ;;

Inktober is done to me

Guys, I won’t finish Inktober (aaagain) I’m really tired (maybe because I woke up at 4:00 am to watch Inazuma Walker, totally worthy tho) and I have no energy to draw at least today. So it doesn’t make any sense to me to skip a day, maybe next year I can survive a little longer.

I want to thank you all the ones who supported me with your likes and reblogs on my OC, you have no idea how motivated I felt on people liking my original stuff, I appreciate it a lot and I’m so glad I could share a bit of me to you.

I’ll be back drawing inazuma kids soon.


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     thank you to everyone who’s written with me over the years.  you’re truly all wonderful people and i wish you all the best.  i’ve enjoyed our threads and all the times we’ve talked ooc.  to those of you that have followed me since 2011 or those that have just started today, you mean a lot to methe fact that anyone, let alone over two thousand people, would appreciate my writing has made feel so blessed.  unfortunately, i need to move on to bigger and better things.  i’m leaving the rpc and dean for good.  

      this isn’t going to be a character study blog.  it’s just going to be an archive.   this is the very last of valorslainthank you for giving my time here meaning.  if you want to keep in contact, you can find me on discod at bbgreat#9189    

     and so it is time for my swan song.   love always,  lia 

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Hey lovely~ I hope you had a great day and that you can enjoy your weekend ♥ i just wanted to ask you if you maybe can drop some photos of your booboo? I'd really love to see her again ;u; Love you a lot ♥♥

Aww hello sweetness ♥ Thank you so much! You’re always ALWAYS such a sweetheart and I adore you ;; ♥♥ I had a nice day thanks as some friends from London came to visit and we took my boo boo to the beach. So this photo was actually taken today :)

and when she’d had enough walking for one day …


This is still my favourite “Too Much is Never Enough” video.


Oh My Goodness!! I Would have never thought that this day would come!! Today, I REACHED 1,000 TUMBLR FOLLOWERS!! I am so excited and so HAPPY! I Joined this wonderful community in June and Ever since then i have enjoyed every moment on here!! I am so very very grateful to ALL of my followers! I cant thank you guys enough. So, As a gift to my very beautiful followers, I will be doing 5-10 SIM REQUESTS!! (depending on how many i receive) YES!! Here is how you enter:

1. Make a little description of a sim that you want me to create. Please BE SPECIFIC! Make sure to include age,gender,traits,race,body shape, etc!

2. Send me the description in my ask box! I Will not accept sim requests in my message box.

3. If You send me a request on Anonymous the Sim download will be public!! If you send me a request off anon you can either have the download public or private

4. Give me time to complete all the requests! I am only 1 person!!!

5. Don’t let this flop

6. Requests will be open starting Now, and will end when the spots are filled. First Come First Serve, Which means no reserving spots to be fair to others.

Once again thank you SO SO SO Much for all of the support and I am truly grateful for every single one of you!! Have a beautiful day !!

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Role Swap Anon again! (I mean you already know me as C.C but either works) You’ll be getting a lot of headcanons from me sorry hahaha. Okay so I got a few (some might not fit in the ask alone): Hunk introducing himself like “Hi, I’m Hunk; easy to remember cause -heh- I am one~.” *cur groans from Allura and Pidge*. Next: Lance and Keith‘s banter based relationship like “Jeeze mullet, what happened to you in space? Where’d your arm go?” “Probably the same place the fingers on your gloves went.”

Role Swap Anon is your secret identity, C.C.

And why apologize for headcanons?? Those are lovely gifts.

The Hunk one is perfection. Sorry I don’t make the rules.

And the banter between Lance and Keith actually made me gasp aloud haha.

I never really got around to making any Vocaltale art in the past, so while it was on my mind I decided to finally make a fanart! I noticed that out of all the characters, Lily seems to be one of my favorite characters. I don’t know why, but I just can’t help but love her! Not only that, but she hasn’t gotten much fanart from what I’ve seen. So, I drew a thing for you! I was unsure of the outfit, seeing there’s not many Lily MMD models to base her outfit off of, but I tried. I hope you like it!! < 3 

Next up will be that fanfic whenever I get around to it! 








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HC that Will's middle name is Timothy and Grell wants to name their son like that 🙈

Timothy is my HC for him too!💕It’s such a lovely name and fits him so well.
And of course Grell would name their child after him.😍

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Carpooling with Valtteri Bottas


“More than anything else, I just want you to know my sincerity.”
Happy Birthday to the our one and only angel Jimin! ♡


DreamWorks Animation + Villains

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[170921] Happy 25th birthday to EXO’s angel, Kim Jongdae 💚✨