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AAAAAH hansy for 67. I didn't know where to go. dude I literally had the hardest time choosing your writing is amazing and DRABBLES are life and I'm excited excited excited I ❤️ you 😳

Ahhhh!! Thank you so much!! I’m sorry this took so darn long! 

Pansy stumbled and held her head in her hands. A soft moan escaped her lips as she fell to her knees. 


The voice echoed around her aching head Pansy, Pansy, Pansy… The name repeated with each throb and she moaned again. 

“Shite! Pansy! Answer me! Are you hurt? Were you splinched? Pansy!” 

Warm hands patted down her body and urged her to lay down. The smell of earth and rain wafted up around her and made her gag. 

“Is she okay?” Another voice called, this one was softer, feminine.

“I can’t tell,” the first voice answered. A man. The thought drifted across her mind, quickly followed by another, she recognized the voices. The pressure that had taken residence in her chest released. A feeling of safety washed over her. 

“Pansy, you’re okay. We’re here, we’re here.” 

Rough hands wrapped around her wrists and gently pulled her hands away from her head. Pansy lay still, panting and working on keeping the contents on her stomach in place. The damp smell that still lingered in the air wasn’t helping. A soft caress of her cheek made her will her eyes open, just a crack. The sight above her made her close her eyes tight again, tears escaping the corners of her lids. 



“How the bloody hell did she find us?” Pansy heard the all to familiar voice and worked to keep her face and body still. She wasn’t sure she wanted them to know she was awake yet. 

“She had this.” the woman spoke this time. Pansy heard someone gasp and someone else clearing their throat, the sound almost seemed embarrassed. “It’s a taglock. Old magic. Well, sort of old,” she took a deep breath then continued, “it has your picture and a lock of your hair in it Harry.” 

Pansy heard a snarl, “How the fuck did she get your hair, Harry? Could she have stolen it?” 

Pansy rolled her eyes under her lids, certain the accusing voice was one Ronald Weasley, and the woman’s voice that of Hermione Granger. 

“No, she didn’t steal it.” Harry finally said, his voice soft. Her heart ached and she longed to go to him, have him wrap her in his arms and let her know she was safe. 

Hermione sighed, “Oh, Harry.” her voice was soft, amused and understanding. Pansy stored the information away. Hermione was more perceptive than Pansy had previously given her credit for. 

“Mate…” Ron’s voice was exasperated and she could picture him rubbing one of his large hands down his face. “You can’t just, go around putting your hair in love tokens. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you about the Polyjuice, but people can still track you or even curse you using a taglock.” 

“I just wanted to give her something to remember me by.” Harry’s voice was thick with embarrassment and Pansy stifled a chuckle. She had known it’s potential when he gifted it to her at the end of their 6th year. At the time, she never thought she’d have to use it quite like this. 

“So that’s what she used to apparate to us?” Harry continued. 

“Hmmm, yes. I’d guess that’s why she reacted the way she did. She wasn’t focusing on a place, she was focusing on you. She’s lucky she didn’t splinch herself.” 

“I’m a better witch than that.” Pansy said, calling attention to herself. She pushed herself up on the bed and the blanket that had been pulled up to her chin fell to her waist. 

“Pansy!” Harry stood quickly and made his way to her. “I’m so happy you’re okay!” He sat and pulled her close, her head was against his chest and she breathed in deep, enjoying the comforting scent of him. Even out here he still managed to smell like broom polish. “What are you doing here?” 

Pansy sniffled, remembering the awfulness she had left behind. “I didn’t know where to go,” she grabbed onto the front of his shirt and pulled herself closer to him, molding her body to his. “They… they wanted me to do terrible things. And he was there. Always there. But, they were going to give me to that, that psychopath Rabastan. Just.. just give me to him Harry!” her voice rose an octave and her body shuddered. She maybe could have dealt with the rest, avoided it even, but Rabastan… she shuddered again. “My parents didn’t even try to fight against him. And I couldn’t I just couldn’t do it. I had to get away.” She pulled away and looked up at him. Harry’s face was a mix of rage and sympathy. “Please don’t make me go back.” 

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You're just so sweet!! ≧▽≦ i've always read the tags and its really made my day !!(๑^ں^๑)💕💕 You're amazing dear (ノ´ヮ´)ノ❤❤ Thank you so much!! (*^ω^*) hope we can be friends!! >:3💕

Ahhhh, thank you for thinking so~╰(*´︶`*)╯ I’m happy to have made your day, you’re very welcome~(♡˙︶˙♡) Of course we can be friends~d=(´▽`)=b Thanks for this, it’s so sweet of you~

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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #44
  • *after some really good sex*
  • Dan: God, that was amazing
  • Phil: I guess you could say that was wonderPHIL

“Plus Ultra!!!!”

Please let my sunshine kid Midoriya brighten up your dash and your day!!!

Painted on PS [2017.05]

I am so in love with this commission made by the wonderful @istehlurvz oh my goodness!!! Thank you so much for this :’) I am truly going to appreciate this…ahhhh!! ; v ;

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Thomas, I have to thank you, hug you, and love you. On a car trip with my 10-year old, I said, "I think you will love this" and had him play your recent motivation video. My ten year old and I were in a car, laughing and talking about your personalities. He wanted to watch more and did, me smiling the whole time because a) I think you're hilarious and so does he and, b) you are someone I can share with my son because you're both hilarious AND clean. YAY. Thank you SO much!!! Also: I HEART JOAN.

Ahhhh!!! I literally JUST answered a question about this!! See, this is what I LOVE to hear!!!! Oh my goodness, thank you for sharing this, cause this warms my heart!! I hope you both continue to enjoy the content!!!

collab with @suguru

it was really fun working with her!

I did the sketch and she lined and colored it!

it’s so late i’m so sorry


(*Holy shit, you’re so beyond sweet!  <3  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I stalk your art constantly because I love the shit outta Frans, so I decided to write you some Frans fluff as a thanks.  Nothing too special, just Frisk bringing Sans some coffee.  I had to try really hard not to go down an angsty path because I HC Frisk and Classic!Sans experiencing shared nightmares over the RESETs and seeking comfort in one another to sleep.  It was fun to finally write some Frans on this blog, though! ) 

A coffee mug clinked down on the edge of the desk, causing Sans to start awake.  He sucked in a deep breath and chuckled lightly, his eyelights turning bright when they focused on the girl standing beside him.  

“Sleeping while you’re supposed to be working.  Why am I not surprised?”

“what can i say?  it’s my dream job.”  His grin widens, and he reaches out to take the mug.  "thanks.“

The brunette smiles, but behind the amusement, he can detect her concern.  Just as she’s known him long enough to realize when there’s more to his grin–and the dark circles shadowing his eyesockets–than he lets on, he can easily read the subtle changes in her expression.  She reaches out and puts a hand on his shoulder, gliding her fingers along the fabric of his favorite blue hoodie to rub his scapula.  Sans tips the mug back and drinks in the mildly-sweet coffee, the liquid warming his bones.  

"Uh huh,” she says, clearly not buying his deflection.  "Are you sure it’s not because you stayed up all night again?“

He watches her over the rim of his mug as her smile fades around the edges.  He takes another gulp, then another; he needs to be alert.  Frisk has always been so observant–perhaps that part of Sans’s personality rubbed off on her–that he knows his pause has given him away.  

So he tries to deflect another way.  He sets the mug down on the desk and snakes his arms around her waist, tugging her closer to him while swiveling his desk chair.  With a gentle tug, he coaxes her into his lap so that she’s straddling him, and she loosely drapes her arms around his neck.  "it’s hard to sleep when you’re not in bed with me.”  

“So, you’re saying you missed me,” she replies, her smile morphing into a smirk and dark hues becoming half-lidded.  Frisk scoots closer onto his lap, her knees pressing into the sides of his pelvis.  His hands skim past her voluptuous hips to feel the soft skin of her thighs, exposed by her shorts.  He can never get enough of the feeling of her flesh, and from the look in her eye, she seems to enjoy his touch just as much.

“i’m just saying that sleep is something i’m great at, so we should do it together.”  He grins wider, and she laughs (a light sound that always makes his SOUL soar), while her arms tighten around his neck.  

“I sleep with you plenty.  Maybe I’ve just spoiled you.”  She flicks her fingers across the spinous processes of his neck, raking her fingernails along them in a way that made Sans melt.  "I find it hard to believe you stayed up all night thinking about me, Sans.“

His smile tightened ever-so-slightly.

He can envision her perfectly with bright-red, empty eyes and a smile to match his.  

He can envision her coated in dust and rotating the handle of a knife in her palm.

And he can envision her dying, over and over, impaled by a bone, charred by a Blaster…

All of it is fresh, remnants of nightmares he can never quite shake, despite how many years it’s been since the last RESET.  

"it’s the truth, kiddo,” he claims, her old nickname having become his pet-name for her over the years.  

Frisk kisses him suddenly, closing the last few inches between their mouths by simply tightening her arms and dragging his face to her.  He responds immediately, his kiss tinged with desperation as his tongue manifests to slip between her lips.  She tastes vaguely of blueberry muffins, he notes, and it pairs well with the coffee flavor lingering on his tongue.  He hears her gasp softly in the back of her throat, a pleasant sound building over the tingling feeling of his magic.  

When she pulls back, her forehead is against his and both of them are breathless.  She realizes that he’s holding back, but she also knows not to press him.  Sans opens up when he wants to, and forcing him doesn’t work.  "Okay, now I can believe it.“  She cups his face in both her hands, holding his gaze.  "Wanna make up for last night and go to bed?”  Her brow quirks suggestively, and he chuckles, his grin relaxing into something more genuine.  

Sans stands up, and Frisk wraps her legs around his waist.  He carries her down the hall with ease (the ease of cheating with magic, that is).  

“you don’t even have to ask.  you’re my dream girl, after all.”  

and I promise if I take you home, I'll sing you a song; never leave me alone

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For @amalasdraws, inspired by her Hip Hop AU!! Ahh you are great, thank you for all the AU FEELS, the screaming, everything!!! You are great, I love you and your AU!

Oikawa can’t help the smile that lights his face when he gets to talk in interviews with Iwaizumi.

It’s not just that they’re together now, in a relationship.

Okay, so, yeah. That part is pretty fucking fantastic. They’ve come so far from where they’ve started, overcome so much shit that Oikawa doesn’t even want to think about anymore. It really doesn’t even matter that they’re not out to the world because they’re together.

But… it’s still so much more than that.

It’s the fact that they’re a team, here. The music that they make together is so much better, so much more inspired than anything they have ever come up with alone.

Oikawa’s never worked so closely with the same lyricist for so long. Usually it’s a couple of songs, or he works out a few beats for someone else and isn’t really involved in the rest of the process. It’s… hard, really, to share so much with someone else, because music is his life.

It’s not just a job; it’s a passion. A dream.

It’s huge to have it be so intricately intertwined with someone else’s work, but honestly? Now that he’s here?

Oikawa can hardly imagine things working out any other way.

On their own, they were good; but together, they’re great. He’s so proud.

Oikawa looks over at Iwaizumi on the other end of the couch, biting his lip to try and keep himself from smiling too wide. He listens to Iwaizumi speak, answering the interviewer’s question with ease, arms moving around as he talks. It’s what always happens whenever gets really excited about what he’s talking about. He talks with his hands, and Oikawa couldn’t be more pleased with the fact that he knows Iwaizumi well enough to recognize this.

“Well, Oikawa? What do you think?”

Hearing the interviewer calling his name, Oikawa turns his attention back to him and hopes he wasn’t staring too hard.

“Uh, can you repeat the question?” He asks, grinning a little. Iwaizumi just laughs and shakes his head, adjusting his hat. He must have realized Oikawa was staring at him, but his smile tells him he’s been doing the same thing.

“Do you think you’ll keep working together for a while?” The interviewer asks again, leaning forward in his seat, awaiting his answer.

Oikawa just grins.

“I’ll keep making his beats as long as he’s still spittin’,” he replies, shooting Iwaizumi a look before looking back at the interviewer. “And I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

Iwaizumi hides his smile behind his hand.

The interviewer laughs, clearly pleased by the conversation; they wrap things up, saying their goodbyes and making their way out of the studio. Oikawa’s tired and wants nothing more than to curl up back at home on the couch, but he has to wait.

Iwaizumi must know, or at least he wants the same thing, because he doesn’t seem surprised when Oikawa joins him on his way back to his apartment.

Okay, he must want the same thing. Oikawa keeps looking up to steal looks at Iwaizumi only to find that he’s looking back.

So cute.

Thankfully the trip back isn’t long and as soon as the door slams closed, Oikawa’s kicking off his shoes, tossing down his bag, ready to flop.

Iwaizumi laughs, watching him fumble with his shoes. He tries to step out of his right shoe but it refuses come off properly. He resorts to shaking his foot, groaning when his shoe flies across the hall and slams into the wall. Oikawa fidgets like he wants to go and grab it but ends up just shrugging it off, waving his hand dismissively.

“Tired?” Iwaizumi asks, stepping close enough to rest a hand on the back of his neck. The soft hairs at the base of Oikawa’s neck tickle his fingers and Oikawa sighs into the touch.

“Mhm,” Oikawa hums, letting his eyes flutter closed, “Well, didn’t get to sleep much last night.. By the time I got home, it was pretty late… and besides…” he sighs when Iwaizumi dips his hands under the neck of his sweatshirt, cold fingers pressing against his bare skin. “It’s harder to get to sleep when I’m by myself.”

“Were you lonely?” Iwaizumi grins, but it’s lacking his usual attitude, coming out soft. Sweet. Oikawa smiles, turning to press their lips together for a single chaste kiss.

He tastes warm and sweet, like those candies he was eating on their drive home, like the warmth of the cuddles they share at three in the morning after a long day of recording, when they get silly and snuggly and Oikawa doesn’t even want to get up for food-

Okay, that last part is definitely Iwaizumi projecting, but whatever. He still licks his lips when Oikawa pulls back, cheeks flushed, smile burning wide.

Iwaizumi immediately wants more of it.

“Yes,” he admits. “Your bed’s comfier. Or… maybe it’s just that you’re there. I dunno.”

Iwaizumi chuckles, but allows it when Oikawa presses their palms against one another, fingers lacing together. He tugs, and Iwaizumi lets Oikawa pull him down the hallway, heading straight for the living room. He knows where they’re going, but he still lets Oikawa take him there. It’s much more fun to have Oikawa leading the way, whining when Iwaizumi slows down, making his strides shorter, purposefully drawing out the walk. He laughs, but succeeds; Oikawa reaches for his other hand, pulling him along by both hands until he trips backwards over his feet and they land on the couch in a heap, laughing and snorting.

Iwa-chan,” Oikawa whines, trapped underneath him. Iwaizumi’s landed pretty much on his lap, straddling his waist, and Oikawa pouts at the restricted movement.

“Yes, babe?” Iwaizumi grins down at him, brushing some hair off his forehead, thumbs lingering on his warm skin. Oikawa looks up, a little surprised, still in their public mode - hasn’t moved over to how they can act in private, the pet name making him blush, goofy grin lighting up his face.

Iwaizumi sighs. He’s too damn cute for his own good.

“I can’t kiss you properly like this,” Oikawa says, proving his point by trying to arch up against Iwaizumi and failing. He pouts pathetically, too tired to really put any effort into trying to push Iwaizumi off of him, settling for resting his hands on Iwaizumi’s hips. He digs his thumbs under the fabric of Iwaizumi’s jeans, rubbing circles on his bare skin. It’s nice, light, relaxing; teasing, almost, but really just affectionate. It sends little sparks of warmth up his back.

It really hits home now, how important this is to him. How good it feels… How right.

With a hum, Iwaizumi moves to shift off Oikawa. “Okay, fine.”

Oikawa laughs happily when Iwaizumi flops down next to him on the couch, wasting no time in curling up to his side, hands working off all those clothes that he’s still wearing for reasons unknown - but not for too much longer. Oikawa makes quick work of that. He unzips Iwaizumi’s hoodie, moving it off his shoulders, tossing it down to the floor. His shirt is next, soft fabric sliding over his head before it too is tossed away. Iwaizumi just watches with an amused grin, letting Oikawa move him as he pleases. He unbuttons Iwaizumi’s jeans, too, guiding them off his hips and down to the heap of clothes on the floor, looking quite satisfied now that there are markedly less layers between them.

He loves it when Oikawa is like this. So focused on what he wants, knowing exactly what they both need. He works his way out of his own hoodie, lifting it over his head, grumbling when he gets suck and flails around a little bit before Iwaizumi helps him out of it. He guides it up and off his frame, offering Oikawa a smile once he’s free. Oikawa smiles back, all warm and sweet and Iwaizumi just loves that smile.

A whole hell of a lot.

Oikawa’s too busy watching Iwaizumi, gaze shifting from his face to his strong, broad chest, so Iwaizumi helps him along a little. Unfastens his pants, helps slide them off. Reaching behind the couch for a blanket that he knows Oikawa is going to need.

As soon as he turns back, Oikawa drops back to his side. He hooks his legs over Iwaizumi’s, sliding a hand behind his back, worming his way in close. Iwaizumi chuckles, not moving until he’s sure Oikawa is comfortable.

“Good?” He asks, before draping the blanket over the both of them. Oikawa hums in approval, so Iwaizumi slides his arm around Oikawa’s shoulder, burying his fingers in his soft brown hair.

Oikawa’s quiet, for a moment. He rests his head on Iwaizumi’s chest, eyes fluttering closed, until-


Iwaizumi moves his hands in Oikawa’s hair, fingers curling in the soft hairs at the base of his neck.. “Hey.”

Oikawa sighs happily at the touch. “You know what?” His voice is light, airy.

Iwaizumi can’t help but smile. “What?”

“You were so great in the interview today…” Oikawa presses a tiny kiss to his neck. “I love listening to you talk about your music-”

“-Our music,” Iwaizumi interjects, which makes Oikawa get all silly and cuddle in closer.

“Yeah. Our music.” He grins, almost in disbelief. “I feel so lucky… you know? You were amazing… you’re so passionate… you always bring your best to the table…”

Iwaizumi squeezes him a little tighter. “So do you,” he says, kissing the top of Oikawa’s head, feeling the shiver that trails down Oikawa’s spine. “You gave so many amazing answers. You’re so good at what you do… and you love it so much… I could feel all of that in everything that you said.”

Oikawa tucks himself in closer, burying his face against Iwaizumi’s neck, mumbling something quietly that Iwaizumi can’t make out.

“I can’t hear you,” he says, nudging Oikawa with his nose to get him to look at him properly. “Getting shy all of a sudden?”

Oikawa chuckles, moving enough so that he can talk, but Iwaizumi still can’t see him. He can imagine how his cheeks are flushed, just like always do when he gets real honest. “I’m just…” Oikawa starts, hesitating a little, which isn’t quite his style, so Iwaizumi doesn’t press. He lets him go at his own pace. “I’m just really happy. I wanted… for so long… and was never sure if-”

“Me, too,” Iwaizumi interrupts, “I know. All that - that’s in the past now, though, okay? I’m not going anywhere.”

Oikawa nods, voice wavering, “Okay.” He turns back against Iwaizumi, and his skin is so warm to touch. The skin on skin contact feels so much better, and like this, Iwaizumi can hear Oikawa’s heartbeat.

Slow and steady; rhythmic.

A beat that he will never get tired of hearing.

HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY! I’m extra happy because it’s also my birthday today, and I just got back from an awesome lunch with my parents. Enjoy the boys in bunny ears - I know I do.

also YO WHAT UP WHAT IS UP WITH 1800 FOLLOWERS????? There were only like 285 of you in January you guys aren’t making very good decisions I have no idea where I’m going why would you follow me? Just kidding ahhhh I love all of you thank you so much! I hope you continue to stick with me in the coming time! Thank you!

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"I'm not worth your time" Iwaoi

“I’m not worth your time.” As soon as he says the words, Hajime feels his heart sink with regret, because he knows exactly the reaction they’re going to cause, but he can’t stop.

“But… Hajime?” Tooru’s voice is filled with concern, and he steps closer to reach out and touch Hajime. He gets as far as cupping his cheek, rubbing a thumb over his jaw, before Hajime shrugs off the touch.

“We shouldn’t be doing this anymore,” Hajime insists, turning his face so that he doesn’t have to look at Tooru’s expression fully. “You shouldn’t have to deal with this. I… I’m never going to be normal. I’m just not. But - you? You have potential. You could really be somebody.”

Tooru doesn’t respond, so Hajime keeps going. “You have your whole future ahead of you… you shouldn’t be chained down to your high school boyfriend who is so damn needy-”

“Is that really how you see yourself?” Tooru interrupts, voice rising. Hajime has to look over at him, and he has tears in his eyes, but he looks fierce. “My high school boyfriend? That’s it? That’s all this is to you? Some high school relationship that you’re gonna grow out of?” Tears pool at the corners of his eyes, but Tooru wipes them away with the back of his hand before they fall.

Hajime just stares at him. Is that all they are? A phase? Something they’ll outgrow? 

No… They’re not. He loves Tooru. He loves him from the bottom of his heart. He has ever since he found those old poems stashed underneath Tooru’s bed. Ever since Tooru cried when he confronted him about them - ever since he whispered I don’t just like boys, Iwa-chan. I like you - and Hajime realized that it was okay. That he was allowed to love Tooru.

“Did you mean it, then? When you told me that you loved me-”

“Yes, of course I meant it!” Hajime shakes his head - no, this is wrong, this is so wrong-

Then why!” Tooru bites his lip hard enough to draw blood, and Hajime can’t look away - it pearls on his lower lip, before Tooru bites down on it again and the blood slides down.

“Because- because I love you!” Hajime didn’t want to yell, he came in here wanting to be calm and rational but there’s something about Tooru that just makes him lose all sight of reason. “I feel like we’re making a mistake… holding on to each other too tightly… I- I don’t want you to pick me over your future.” 

At that, Tooru freezes. “This… it’s about the college, isn’t it?”

Finally, they look at each other. Really look. Beyond the surface - digging deeper than they’d dared to in the last few weeks, seeing each other for what they really are, seeing them for what their relationship really is.

Hajime nods slowly. “Yeah.” He lets out a sigh, looking down at his hands. “I think you should take it, To. I wanted to keep my opinion out of it - I wanted you to pick on your own, but… you have to. You can’t stay here. You have to go, learn, meet new people, spread your wings - be you.” He draws in a breath, “You can’t do any of that stuck here with me.”

Tears finally spill out the corner of Tooru’s eyes, despite his best efforts to keep them back. “Then… then talk to me, baby…Don’t just… We can work through this… Even if I go… I want to come back to you.” He takes a step closer, tentatively, slowly - afraid.

Hajime meets him in the middle, and their hands find each other.


“Can we?” Hajime asks, his voice low and unsure. He knows that he would wait a thousand times over for Tooru - but he’s not so sure that Tooru won’t leave and finally find someone who is as amazing as he is.

Tooru nods, drawing him in closer. “We won’t know unless we try.” He swallows, and presses his forehead against Hajime’s. “What do you say, Hajime?”

What do you say?

Super Angsty Sentence Starters (ask box open!)

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