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List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether).
See if there are any patterns. Then, tag your favorite authors.

I was tagged by @haikyuuaus​, @giventheocean​, and @astarisms​ im crying thank u guys so much i love u guys 

im gonna tag @soulswimm-r​, @skelegiel​, @natantrash​ and anyone else who likes this! 

I’m gonna be using wips and fic requests and multiple chapters of things, so strap in. 

1. Untitled (wip)  | Satan and Me 

It was funny how one kiss could taste so much like forever.

2. Natan request | Satan and Me


3. For a Good Time  | ch. 5 | Satan and Me

The sunrise grated against Lucifer’s nerves as he squinted against its unrelenting assault through the smallest crack in the yellowed blinds, and he consciously shifted his attention back to Natalie and loosened his grip on the cheap McDonald’s coffee cup he was threatening to crush.

4. stardust (paint the sky in your fight)  | Satan and Me

The vines of the forest parted before him, then concealed the wandering path that he haphazardly cut through the heavy trees.

5. Natan request  | Satan and Me

The cheap motel room smelled like flowers from a can, and the air freshener sitting conspicuously on the TV stand confirmed the theory.

6. Natan request (NSFW)  | Satan and Me

“Wait, wait,” Natalie gasped, grasping at Lucifer’s hair as he kissed his way down her stomach, scorching the skin below his mouth and leaving her smoldering.

7. Natan request | Satan and Me

Lucifer’s head was in Natalie’s lap, listening to the even pitch of her breathing as the summer evening dimmed around them, making the field stretching in front of them light up with fireflies. 

8. Natan request | Satan and Me

She wasn’t waking up.

9.  Natan request (NSFW)  | Satan and Me

Natalie’s strangled gasp was swallowed by Lucifer’s mouth pressing against hers, burning hot in his confidence and as he undid the button on the front of Natalie’s white shorts, he could feel her body tense against his.

10.  Natan request (NSFW)  | Satan and Me

Lucifer curled his fingers around the hair at the base of Natalie’s neck and tilted her face to the side, gently kissing a lazy line down her jaw to her collarbone.

11. Sheipos request | Satan and Me

Sheila’s hands were warm against Ipos’ chest, and the familiar weight of his laughter made her feel like he was fire from within, threatening to consume her with him.

12.  For a Good Time  | ch. 4 | Satan and Me

The sky shattered into a million fragments of light through the clouds that overcast morning.

13. Lailix request | Satan and Me 

Amusement played across Laila’s face as she leaned off the couch to hover over Felix – who insisted, insisted, on sitting on the floor for the movie.

14. Ganthea request | Satan and Me 

Anthea was dead.

15. Natan request | Satan and Me 

Lucifer’s hands curled into helpless fists at his sides as Natalie turned away from him, his previous words biting into her skin like bullets.

16. Natan request | Satan and Me

Lucifer could feel the press of Natalie’s skin against his acutely, like the dim light from the TV was muting his senses along with it.

17. Natan request | Satan and Me 

Lucifer was guarded, always guarded so carefully that Natalie swore that even after all the days they spent together in her tiny bedroom, she never saw the same Lucifer twice.

18. Natan request | Satan and Me

“Come on out, Natalie, you’re my contractee until you decide what’s worth selling your soul for.”

19. Natan request | Satan and Me

Blackness curled in the corners of Lucifer’s vision, turning his previous tranquility to unrestrained fear, and he lashed out, throwing blankets off his lap and onto the floor as he tumbled out of the nightmares that tasted too real.

20.  For a Good Time | ch. 3 | Satan and Me

The muggy humidity of the carefully controlled greenhouse plastered the loose strands of hair that had escaped from the loose bun to Natalie’s face, and she didn’t bother to wipe them away as she crouched over a hanging plant.  

Well for patterns, I guess i either start with description or i start with dialogue lmao 

anonymous asked:

Hi:) l was wondering if you will continue your story Blanked out ? Also please never stop writing Julian fanfics you are so talented. *sends hugs*

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking an interest in Blank Out and I’m so happy that you want to read more of it! Ch. 10 is almost done, maybe I can even get it out today, yay :D Julian is such a delightful, complicated character, and he deserves so much more fics written about him o(〒﹏〒)o 

Aww, thank you so much for the kind words, darling! *hugs back*

liddoboop  asked:

God your art is so lovely and daydreamy, the one you have ok Sasuke and Naruto holding hands, with the pink background, made me so happy and I fell in love and an officially smitten with you style!! Thank you for sharing your loveliness.

!!!!!thank you so m u ch aaa thats nice 

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Wow! Wow! Wow! The ch.33 of BTU is AMAZING! You can't imagine how many emotions did I have while I was reading this chapter. THANK YOU! As always looking forward for the next chapter :)

I’m glad you enjoyed it! I was a tad afraid that things would get overwhelming because s o m u c h h a p p e n s, but it seems like people really like it, so I’m happy~

Thanks for reading! <3

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Hi dHi dear Laura!! Please, I need your help!! I have a youtube channel and someone wrote me this comment ''クラナドってあのシーンキスしたっけ?''. The only thing I understand is ''clannad'' hahahaha. I'd like to answer this comment but, how can I do it if I don't understand it??! I'll understand if you don't want to help me… *sobs* Thank u so much!! I love your blog. PS: I really want to read your thoughs about AkaYona ch. 139!! :-)


So the comment translates as (I think) “In Clannad, did they kiss in that scene?”. I say -I think- because I don’t know the content of your video and I’m not sure what scene they’re talking about, seeing as I’m pretty sure there was no kiss in Clannad? Unless they’re talking about the alternative route anime special episodes…

About AkaYona 139: Sorry for the delay, Anon! My thoughts and the chapter will go up in a few hours. I had work today and couldn’t get to it any sooner! I’ve finished the translation but my phone is giving me hell when I open tumblr (as always) so you’ll have to wait until I get back home. I’ll be home soon! ^^

Happy earlier Birthday, Ink!! :D

This is just a normal where Ink was sleeping after painting the wall.

Error want to mad at him but for somehow,

as he saw a present that close by to Ink. Error is jealous. maybe,idk//slapped//

B-But I hope you like it?? ;u;


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OH NOOOO THATS TOOOO CUTE!! Oh gosh thank you SO M U CH!!! You drew him absolutely amazing, thank you alot for drawing somethiiiing <3333 You’re so sweet thank you!!

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Hii~ I just wanna say ur bog is literally the best! Ur always so happy and excited in the tags and it always cheers me up and gets me PUMPED for wrestling lmao 💖


thank you so mu ch?? i’m weeping as we speak this is the sweetest ask i’ve ever gotten i cant believe my inability to shut up is a positive thing to u TvT 

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hey sweetie <3 thank you so much for upload got7 ch+ contents! really appreciate you taking the time to do us ahgases who can't afford ch+ this favour :D just wondering, if you could upload bambam's ch+ exercise video if you've time? if it's too long then don't worry. thank u once again!! <3

The Bambam excercise vlive is 50 minutes ;_____; I’m sorry bb

Living With 5sos

U: Why can we never have fucking peace and quiet in this house?!

U: Calum! Stop banging the pans together!

U: Luke! What the hell are you crying about?!

U: Ashton! Michael! Shut the fuck up! Is that really worth fighting over?

M: But we should have pizza for dinner!!

A: No! Spaghetti!!



C: I’ll get it!

U: No! Now sit your ass down!

U:*opens door* Oh no! Not you guys!

L: Who’s there?

H: Hey guys!!

N: How ya doin’?

U: Please go. We don’t need anymore-

M: Do you guys wanna play FIFA?!

N: I’ll play with you Michael!

A: Hey do you guys want any pineapple?

LT: Sure I’ll take some!

U: Luke stop raiding the fridge! We aren’t going to have any food for later.

L: Harry and Liam said they were hungry.

U: Fine. Whatever. But when you’re hungry later, remember this.

Z: Why is it so loud in here?

U: I wonder the same thing every freaking day Zayn.

H: Hey y/n! Come in here!

U: What?

H: Damn. She be sexy!

U: Shut the fuck up Styles!

LP: Oooooo the last name comes out!


N: YEA!! Scored one-zero me!!


N: Did not!!

M: Did too!!

N: Not!!

M: Too!!

N, M: Y/n!!!!!!!

U: Can you guys stop being so loud? Please?

M: But Niall cheated!

N: No I didn’t!

U: Whatever! Just score more goals than him Michael.

U: Hey Calum, do you know where the headache medicine is?

C: It’s in the bathroom I think. Let me get it for you.

U: Thank you.

A: Ahh! Fuck you Louis!


A: Louis started it!

LT: Ashton threw pineapple at me first!

U: Just don’t argue and clean it all up. Please.

L: Y/n! Harry’s bullying me!

H: I’m just being playful with you dude. Chill.

U: Guys, please stop.

C: Here’s the headache medicine. Do you need me to get you some water?

U: Yes please. Thank you Calum.

C: No problem y/n.

L: Awe are you okay y/n?

U: You guys give me a headache.

H: Doesn’t surprise me.

U: The five of you added to it.

LP: Do you need a break from babysitting these lads?

U: And who’s going to do as good a job as I do?

L: No one. You’re the best y/n.

C: Kiss up.

U: You always were my favorite Luke.

L: I knew I would be.

C: You’re such a kiss up Luke!

L: Fuck you Calum!

U: Guys! Shut up!

A: We cleaned up all the pineapple.

U: Thank you.

M: Niall won.

U: Awe it’s okay Mikey. You’ll beat him next time.

M: I hope so.

U: Hey lets watch a movie. Try and keep you guys quiet.

C: Of course. Lets do it.

U: Which movie?

M: Frozen!

U: We watched that yesterday.

M: And your point is?


M: okay…..

Z: How about The Lion King.

L: sounds good.

A: I’ll put it in

U: Finally. You guys are settled down.

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Living With 5sos

U: Guys you have to be on your best behavior.

C: Do I look stupid in this tie?

L: Yes

U: No you don’t Calum. Shut up Luke

U: Where’s Michael and Ashton?

C: Still upstairs

U: Michael! Ashton! We are going to be late!

A: I’m coming, I’m coming

U: Don’t jump down the last few steps

A: Sorry.

U: It’s fine just don’t do it again bc you almost landed on us.

U: Michael!!

M: I’m coming!

U: What’s taking you so long?!

M: I have to fix my hair!

U: Hurry up!

M: I’m here. Geez

U: Lets go

*at the wedding*

L: *whispers* Who’s wedding is this again?

U: *whispers* My cousins. Now stop talking.

U: *whispers* Michael! Don’t hit Luke!

U: *whispers* Luke! Don’t hit Michael back!

U: *whispers* Do I need to separate you two?

A: *whispers* Y/n, Calum’s being mean to me

U: *whispers* Luke and Calum, you sit on one side of me. Michael and Ashton, you sit on the other side

L, C, M, A: *whispers* Got it


U: *whispers* Calum, whatever noise that is that you are making is freaking me out

C: *quietly laughs and whispers* Sorry

L: *whispers* Thank god. It was creeping me out too

*the after party*

U: No Calum! You can not twerk!

U: Luke! That is way too much punch you have been drinking!

U: Ashton! Do not touch another beer!

U: So far you’re my favorite today Michael

M: Yay!

U: Awe no don’t ruin it!

(Another request! I’m trying to do all of them!)