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Service with a Smile CH 14

A/N: Thank you for the wait.

Okay, but. One–I’m starting to… really question why I titled this “Service with a Smile,” but I’m just gonna live with it, whoops. Two–it has been. So long since I’ve written anything for HTTYD. Forgive me if this is terrible, but it’s also kind of a prelude to the fifteenth chapter. :’) Three–I thank you all for your continuous support! I have more stories in the works! <3

(The events of chapter 13 will be expanded upon throughout the next few installments! Hope that clears any confusion–please feel free to send me any asks. Also… if there are plot inconsistencies, lemme know. I am so out of touch, it’s sad.)

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…We should probably talk,” Astrid had said, after she successfully stood up and wrung her hair out. Water splattered onto the perfectly paved cement of the garden, from both her blonde tresses and the droopy fabric of her dress. He winced, because it was only now that he realized how disheveled they both were after that incident. While he tried to reassure himself that it was a joint effort that got them soaking wet, the way she shivered and held her upper arms and hugged herself concerned him.

About?” Hiccup prompted, despite already knowing the answer.

That. Us. You know what I mean,” she responded, gesturing to the fountain with a vague hand and a quiet huff. Though she showed no signs of regretting the kiss they shared, if their close proximity was any indication, Hiccup still worried. She was obviously cold, too–and the only thing he could offer was a wet suit jacket that would only worsen her condition.

It almost seemed like a really, really fucked up metaphor.

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“”Hey 😊 could you do a dating laxus would include and dating twin dragons would include””

i’ll only do headcanons, bUT AYY THANKS FOR THE REQUEST BRO - bella

Laxus Dreyar:

  • veRY VERY PROTECTIVE !!!!!!!!!
  • loves to cuddle
  • will always go on a misson with you
  • heiGHT DIFFERENCE !!!!!!!
  • always kissing you on the forehead with small ‘i love you’s
  • always lifting you when you won’t listen

Sting Eucliffe

  • always using cheap excuses to see you
  • will literally scream i love you from the rooftops
  • loves to go on missions with you
  • has to be holding you in some way
  • cute neck kisses

Rogue Cheney

  • loves to hold your hand
  • kisses you on the forehead, check, lips and sometimes hand
  • makes sure your always safe
  • will sometimes give you piggyback rides because he likes to hold you

seriously,,, this developing friendship is all i could have wanted,,, thank you so much furudate, they’ve all grown so much as people since middle school, they can finally move on from what happened and have a friendly rivalry,, honestly this is so good i’m tearing up 

32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

frfrdrrr requested: Hello, Sharon! I’m new to your Tumblr page, but I’ve already fallen in love with your reader inserts! You just really keep the characters in character and it’s so great! Do u think u can do number 32 for a Castiel x Reader? Thank you so much! :D

ahh you’re so perfect! Thank you for saying this, this is my favourite thing about writing! I love how I can get into any character I want for just a few hours and to hear that I’m good at it makes it so much better <3 I’m sorry this took me a while, but I hope you’ll enjoy it! <3    Drabble Game Masterlist

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Yasss!!! Omg! I’m so happy you said that. I was grinning the whole time I was writing that part. I came up with the idea last minute and decided to add Jaebum and the gang. 😏 Mad’s last chapter is almost here~ Heheh. Thank you boo!! 💛💛💛

holy  guacamole   —   i’ve  had  this  blog  for  TEN  DAYS,  and  i’m  ten  away  from  200   ?   this  is  one  of  the  fastest  growing  blogs  i’ve  ever  had  and  i  just  needed  to  talk  about  how  appreciative  i  am  of  you  guys.   i’m  so  so  grateful  that  you  guys  have  stuck  around  through  my  shit - posting  and  irrelevance.   THANK YOU  +  ilu.

Happy earlier Birthday, Ink!! :D

This is just a normal where Ink was sleeping after painting the wall.

Error want to mad at him but for somehow,

as he saw a present that close by to Ink. Error is jealous. maybe,idk//slapped//

B-But I hope you like it?? ;u;


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OH NOOOO THATS TOOOO CUTE!! Oh gosh thank you SO M U CH!!! You drew him absolutely amazing, thank you alot for drawing somethiiiing <3333 You’re so sweet thank you!!

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Ch 4: El Nino | Toradora!AU

My slowburn SoMa College/Toradora!AU is back! I’m sorry for making you wait so long, so here’s 9k of content! I also hope you enjoy the new post format.

Thanks to @professor-maka and @makapedia for general revision and feedback. Big thanks also go to @therewithasmile and @l0chn3ss, who helped me write the Halloween party scene in a conscientious way.

Read Update Here: FF.Net | AO3

Read From Beginning Here: FF.Net | AO3

Warnings: Mild alcohol consumption, racist frat boys.

Soul (3:00): how do u feel today

Maka (3:01): I’ve quarantined myself. Not great.

Maka (3:05): Can you do me a favor and get me more iced tea?

Soul (3:08): after class

With a sigh, Soul put his phone face down and rested his forehead on the desk, allowing a jaunty lullaby of Spanish dialogue to drift in and out of his consciousness. The weeks leading up to Halloween were crawling at such an insufferable and lethargic pace that he might as well just sleep through the entire month.

Since that day outside the language building, he and Patty were magnets of opposite polarity, bouncing apart to maintain a constant, unbreachable distance. There was a dull ache that dug its claws further into Soul’s chest when he saw her twirl away when they walked too close in the hall, but it wasn’t anything he hadn’t dealt with before. Now, Patty treated him with the same cautious indifference as everyone else. No big deal.

Well, almost everyone else. Without his usual Spanish partner to whisper to, Soul had struck up a friendship with the pernicious Kim Diehl. He didn’t appreciate her attempts to ensnare him in her latest con (“I know someone who can grind down teeth on the cheap, if you want to fix your face”) or recruit him as an accomplice (“You look like a guy who knows his way around the warehouse district”), but she was irreverent and clever and she helped pass the time during the endless Spanish films that blurred together into a bland cinematic mess.

Thinking once again of that confrontation with Patty and Maka, Soul shuddered and buried his head deeper in his arms.

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