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Gods and Monsters Ch 4

The final part guys! I’m so happy how this turned out and thank you for showing me your love and support! Let me know what you think right here!! 

Demon!Dean Winchester and Reader

Warnings: Smut, fluff, angst, character death (nothing too serious) daddy!dean

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Catch Up Here -> Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three

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              It had been eight months since your honeymoon and both of us are still absolutely blissed out. Dean had a talk with the Lisa supporters and of course they didn’t believe she would ever do such a thing. Then he showed them the pictures and the video of what had happened and they were very disappointed in how she handled things. Dean had been working himself nonstop and pushing himself too far to the point of exhaustion.

              It was a little after two when he came in tonight, I could see he was exhausted and I hated that he was practically killing himself. “Dean you can’t keep pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion” He sighed “I know baby, but it needs to be done” He sat on the edge of our king size bed getting his boots off while I grabbed the massage oil and crawled back over. He had his shirt off already, so I poured some in my hands then massaging his tense shoulders.

              I straddled his lap massaging his shoulder, pecks and arms, getting the tension out of his muscles. I could feel him getting hard underneath me, so I took off my nightie revealing to be completely naked underneath. “Use me baby, let me be your stress reliever” He dipped his hand between my legs feeling I was wet and ready for him. He pulled his jeans down revealing his painfully hard cock. Before he could say anything, I gripped onto his shoulders then letting him fill me to the brim. He grabbed my hips holding me still while he thrust up hitting my G spot with accuracy. “Cum baby” I whispered into his ear then biting his earlobe. He held me still as he shook with an intense orgasm sending me into one along with him.

              Once both of us had calmed down, he picked me up carried me over to the bed setting me down then finishing undressing then joining me pulling me to him falling asleep in a tangle of limbs hoping things would get better. I woke up and noticed Dean was missing but I got my answer when he walked out in all his naked glory. “Damn I am one lucky woman” “I think I’m the lucky one sweetheart” he came over kissing me on the lips then finished getting dressed. “I’m going to call Benny and have him whip up some food, so, you can go soak in a hot bath while we wait and it’s already set up” I walked over and kissed him sweetly the going to soak in some nice relaxing water.

              As I got out the water Dean had opened the door letting me know the food was here. I put on my robe and walked out to a table full of food. I sat on Deans lap as we fed each other and just relaxed. It was good to him smile and relax. “Feeling better?” “I definitely feel better! Thank you, babe, you helped me out” “What would think if we started trying for a family?” He smiled “I would love to” I kissed him and smiled. “Good thing I’m already pregnant” his eyes widened as put a hand on my stomach tears building in his eyes. “Dean?” “I’m such a lucky man, I have a beautiful woman by my side and now a child on the way” I hugged him tightly happy that he was absolutely over the moon. “I should get Sam and Cas in here!” “Let’s eat first, I am eating for two now!”

              After finishing the amazing food, I got dressed in a pair of jeans and a concert tee. “Rowena is going to stop by later to check on you and the baby” I smiled and turned to look at Dean watching me with love and devotion in his eyes. I walked over and wrapped my arms around him holding him tightly and sticking my face in his neck. I never imagined I could be happy again, especially with Dean. The day he died then disappeared broke in ways I didn’t even know. When I heard he was best friends with the king of hell though, was what destroyed me completely.

              Now though, this Dean is no different from the Dean I knew but he was a demon. He grasped my face pulling me out of my thoughts wiping tears that had fallen, he didn’t ask he knew what was going through my head. “No more bad thoughts ok? I know what you’re thinking and that’s in the past. Come back to now and to our little one coming.” I just smiled and kissed him once more. “Let’s go tell Sam and Castiel” He nodded and grabbed my hand leading me to the throne room, he made it clear that I was to be with him always giving that he had enemies who would do harm to me and our unborn child.

              We went into the kitchen and found the guys hanging out and drinking coffee. We sat down at the table with them and joined the conversation. “So, I have to ask you guys something. If we told you that there’s a mini-me on the way, what would you do?” Slow smiles filled everyone’s faces realizing what he had said. “Damn chief! You don’t waste any time!” The room erupted into laughter and cheers but was interrupted by a red-headed witch looking for mama bear. She led me into her room and had me sit down.

              She did the usual tests and heard a healthy heartbeat, and discovered that I was two months along. She told me my next appointment and sent me on my way, to find Sam waiting for me. “How’s my niece or nephew doing?” I grinned and looked up at him. “Healthy and happy! I’m two months along!” We chatted while we walked down the hall and asked him if he could bring my parents in so I could tell them the news.

              We made it to the throne room, Dean and Crowley were looking over paperwork. I walked over to my husband and wrapped an arm around his waist. “Hey sweetheart! How was the checkup?” I tried to stop the tears but I was so happy and I wasn’t going to be ashamed. “I’m two months along.” He grasped my face wiping away the tears. “Why are you crying honey?” “I’m just so happy!” He just moved his hand down to my small bump his thumb rubbing against it. “Thank you, y/n, you’ve made me so happy! I still can’t believe you’re here with me.”

              Right then I held off a yawn, he just smiled and shook his head. “I want you to go back and get a hot bath then snuggle into bed. Find a movie on Netflix and I’ll grab your favorite Chinese!” I kissed him quickly and walked back to our room with Sam and Cas in tow. We were playfully arguing about names when we stopped in our tracks and saw Lisa standing by the door. “What do you want?” My voice going dangerously low. “I wanted to talk if that’s ok?” I looked at the boys then back to her. “Fine but they stay with me at all times.” She rolled her eyes and that told me right there it wasn’t friendly.

              “Sam get her out of my sight, she’s not here for a friendly talk.” Her face turned red and she got angry. “Fine! I admit it! I didn’t want to talk I wanted to kill! You took everything and I will get it back!” She raced quickly towards me a large knife in her right hand, but I was quicker pulling the gun from Sam’s holster and firing three shots making her drop quickly. My hand dropped to my side and the gun fell to the floor. I could feel the tears filling my eyes not knowing what was going on outside this little bubble. I broke out of my trance to Dean standing in front of me trying to get me out of my trance.

              At that moment, my legs gave out and thankfully Dean was there and caught me then sitting on the floor holding me as I sobbed. Killing monsters never bothered me, but human beings were a different story. I also had to remember that I was protecting my unborn child and that was my number one priority. Sam and Cas sent us home while they handled everything. Dean carried me back to our room as my body shook from the silent sobs shaking my body.

              “You had no choice sweetheart! You had to protect our unborn child, I’m so proud that you stood up for yourself!” He laid against the headboard and pulled me back into his lap holding me closely. I stuck my face in his neck and fell asleep to his quiet but strong heartbeat. The next time I was awake the room was dark and Dean was big spooning me, holding me as close as he could. I turned in his arms to see him in just boxers and ran my hands over his hot to the touch skin. I could feel the flex of his muscles as he pulled me closer making sure I was still there.

              As quickly as I could I took off all my clothes off and reached into his boxers to feel his already hard member. As I lazily stroked it I marked up his neck, showing he belonged to me and only me. He moaned and I could tell he was getting close so I got in between his legs taking into my mouth. I always loved the taste of him, the feel of his velvety smooth skin. His hand went into my hair as I lazily brought him to the edge. One press on his favorite place he shot warm cum into my mouth swallowing everything he gave me until he pulled me up to him.

              “That’s a great way to wake up sweetheart but I think I should get a turn.” I grabbed his head and pulled it back to me kissing him. “Another time, I need you now Dean!” He growled and pushed me to my back then lining up with my entrance pushing in slowly letting me get accustomed to his size. Once he was fully in he started to slowly thrust showing me it wasn’t about the end, it was bringing that connection back. We spent the entire night that way but finally reached both of our endings falling asleep again still connected to each other.

              The next time I woke up the bed was empty but I could hear him talking to someone. I felt the familiar queasiness from morning sickness. I rushed to the bathroom and purged the contents of my stomach then groaning. I put my forehead against the seat taking deep breaths, when I felt a hand rub my back and a deep voice asking if I was ok. “I’m ok babe, just the pleasure of morning sickness.” I sat and leaned back against his strong chest and felt his chest rumbling as he hummed. When I finally started feeling better Dean helped me up and carried me back to bed.

              “You need anything sweetheart?” I sighed and shook my head. “I’m good baby, I think I’m going to get a hot shower and stay in bed today.” He sat me on the edge of the bed and squatted in front of me. “You know it’s not your fault, right? Don’t stress yourself out ok? This little one doesn’t need all of this stress.” He said as he put his hand against my small bump started to perform. I sighed and nodded too choked up with emotions to say a single word. “I’m going to send Sam in with Breakfast, then you and him can hang out ok?” I smiled at him and nodded my head again. “That sounds good, I love you Dean.”

              He kissed me on the forehead then leaving for the long day ahead of him, after I got my shower Sam had brought breakfast and kept me company for the day. Throughout most of the pregnancy it was either Sam or Cas coming and spending time with me. As the due date came closer Dean made some provisions so that I was there with him. I was at eight months and I was on the couch resting with Dean next to me going over paper work. He had a soft couch brought in for me so that I was comfortable and near Dean when our little girl decided to join the world.

              I had no clue where he found this couch but I wanted to stay here forever, except have my little girl in my arms. I was exhausted but Dean always made sure I was happy and rested, from rubbing my feet to massaging my back. It was after an argument when I had reminded him that I was carrying a Winchester and with that came the genes of being huge. After that he understood how I felt and made sure things would be better. I must have fallen asleep at some point, I felt a hand touching my face. “Hey sweetheart! Let’s get you back to our room and order some food.” I hummed and slowly nodded, but when I got up I felt a trickle go down my legs, in which a contraction happened after that. “Dean the baby is coming!”

              “Ok sweetheart lets go meet our little girl huh?” I nodded and he helped me up leading me down the hallway to the room we had set up. Sam and Cas were walking our way talking about something when they noticed Dean helping me. “Hey everything ok?” I groaned and shook my head. “Cas the baby is coming! Can you get Rowena while I get her settled?” He slapped Dean on the shoulder and rushed to get Rowena while Sam helped us into the room. Dean got me settled into the bed asking me what else he could do.

              “Just get in behind me please? I need you here!” He took of his boots and socks then getting settled behind me fitting me between his legs my back to his chest. “I hear a wee princess is coming!” She came in and got everything ready, checking me from time to time to make sure everything was going the right way. It had felt like an eternity going through the contractions, but once I heard that beautiful sound it was all worth it.

              She put the pink bundle in my arms and automatically knew what we were going to name her. “Welcome to the world Zahara Veda Winchester.” I turned to Dean to see the tears that had filled his eyes. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him sweetly then putting his forehead to mine. The baby started crying again and Rowena helped me to get comfortable for feeding. She was happy to see how easy it was and left us to bond as a family. I watched her happily and noticed she was a spitting image of Dean. Once she was full she fell asleep and I laughed lightly, she was really like her dad in that aspect.

              “I’m so happy you came back sweetheart! I was so lost withoujt you!” I looked into his eyes once again to see the green I had fallen for so long ago. “I never stopped loving you Dean, always have always will.”

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*SLAPS YOU IN THE FACE WITH A FIC REC* HAVE YOU HEARD OF THIS FIC CALLED HANDLES BY ARCHAICSEXTOY??!??!? BECAUSE THAT IS THE *SHIIIT* It's a military au and sO FUCKING ANGSTY GOD but it's super well written and the writing style is soOOO fitting to the scenery and the general aesthetic of the fic like omfg

Jskskdkzkkskskdkdk I hope you have told @archaicsextoy this as well bc I’m sure she would be thrilled!!!!!!! I read the first ch and a bit of the second on the train and the concept is indeed cool as hell. I do feed off of sweet sweet edgelord angst (the severed leg was a nice detail). I loved rover too, AND CORAN SLDKKDKDJD BEST CORAN OMG I’m so bad at doing coran justice so I always get excited when he is There. Thank u ally for sharing w us 💕💕 I’m a piece of shit slow reader but I am Intrigued!!!!

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Hi I just wanted to say that Dépaysement is one of the best fics I’ve ever read, like plot characters and everything. I love it so much. I only started reading it today but I finished all of the parts you’ve published so far. Like it’s so good I can’t stop thinking about it lmao, anyways thank you for your amazing writing!

Idk if it’s like a /me/ thing or indicitive of growth but when I go back and read dp I find so many things wrong with it that I’m like wow yikes but I leave it up bc people like it lmao. But on that note thank u I’m working on ch 9!

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You updated!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! I love paint so much, man. Whenever I see an update I get so happy ahhh you made my day. I love the humor and the Feelings and just e v e r y t h i n g. You’re such a talented writer!

Thank u dude! I’m so glad we’re halfway through 4/8 chapters, this is kind of an exhausting fic, not gonna lie like I will be super relieved when it’s all done and posted and wrapped up with a pretty lil bow. And I already know that 55k words was a very conservative estimate, this is going to be well over 60k. But I’m already raring to go on that fuckin jinkook i’ve got lined up but I’m trying to be good and just finish this damn thing first!!

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Ummm can i just drop off here and say that I reaaallly love The Royal Affair? I love the atmosphere that is created there and it's actually kind of fun how the characters have like completely different roles and relations there than in canon. And also the plot twists are amazing especially the one in ch. 11! I hope that hater won't stop you from keeping your work up because u should be allowed to write about whatever the fuck u want!

You can TOTALLY do that, anon!

Edit: TUMBLR DELETED THE REST OF MY RESPONS E I’M SO PISSED OFF What I said was thank you. Thank you for reading my story and thank you for taking time out of your day to let me know how much you like it. It means more to me than you can ever imagine - I got the biggest smile on my face reading this. My life has been up and down and sideways the past year or so, and writing - along with the response I get - has been the only way I’ve managed to deal with everything and keep me going. I love writing - I love creating and plotting and sharing it with you guys - and it gets so much better when I hear such sweet words as yours. So thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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Hello baby bean bun, how are you feeling? I hope you're okay and taking care of yourself 💖💖💖 Also just wanted to say Paint and Inc. have brought me so much joy (esp. paint. Seeing my sexual identity being so nicely represented makes my heart clench in the sweetest way possible) Have a good good day loins-ie

u called me…. baby bean bun……..thats.. so cute nobody calls me cute shit because i’m a mean looking grownup…. so thank you for THAT. 

AH brah dude that makes me feel good thank you…. it’s really important to me that i try and represent queer identities well so. i really hope that’s what’s happening. thank you man, this is so nice!

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OMG!! Thank you so much for updating “Secret Santa” Love that story, have 2say it’s 1of my top lovable stories. Even though u have a busy schedule u took time 2 update the story n 4 that we appreciate you. 2-questions when ur schedule lightens up, will you update 1 more ch of SS? I mean, will April get her dream wedding? No rush, ur school comes 1st. Please, as I always tell my son that, so please study and do well on ur exams!! Excellent job on “Secret Santa” n “Good Luck” on ur exams!!

Awww THANK YOU💛 it’s an honour to hear you say that. 🙈 I will upload one more future shot, I think. I’m not sure when that will be, but hopefully soon. :D Yes, my studies will be hectic but hopefully I’ll have some time 😊😊 Thank you for reading💛

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1. hey your chapter 7 is amazing ! I don't know how but your writing style make pictures of the scenes very clear in my head, i could see all the action goin thrillin (the scene that Waverly shoots revenants while facing Nicole on the horseback is super badass) 2. i saw a typo here "If someone is willing to dig up a *live* Earp, what would they do for a live one?" in case u didn't see that :D 3. I'm going off to continue reading on Ch.8 now ❤️ ty

You’re so sweet! Okay,

1. Thank you so much! The action scenes are always what I’m super nervous about. I’ve never written action before so I’m thrilled that you could see it in your head. And thank you, I really want to put that in a movie or comic someday. Just some bad ass chick riding a horse backwards with her bad ass gf and shooting bad guys.

2. THANK YOU. Omg I’m the worst at missing typos because I hate reading my own stuff so I skim it and I just type stupid fast and miss everything. So thank you. I shall fix.

3. Gah! I hope you like it. Thank you for taking the time to write me about it.

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We talked about this before, but def can see you rp'ing as Claire from Resident Evil! 8) you show charisma and wit in your selected characters so far and def can see you working the same attributes and SASS for Claire!

what other characters would I write well ? accepting !

ch arisma, wit, AND sass ?? (・ε・ʃƪ`)you know me ♡ you just made me s o happy with this i love claire so much but have always doubted myself when it came to her. now that you sent this i’m even more tempted to try writing her c:<

my thoughts while watching the amnesia video
  • [x]
  • it leakED?????????????
  • whoa this isn’t even crappy quality
  • [screams silently] YAAAAASSSSSSS
  • bike bike bikE
  • ashton’s air is on point i dig i dig
  • why is this SO HOT
  • someone PLEASE tell me he’s gonna say “you came to the wrong neighborhood today motherfucker”
  • i never knew i needed ashton on a bike in my life until now
  • is that someone choke-crying or a dog barking
  • AMNESIA (bubbles)
  • nah it’s a dog 
  • there better be crying in this video i want to FEEL THE PAIN
  • ashton’s hair looks like iced tea i’m -
  • *guitar starts*
  • *sees ash putting the tape on his drums* AW
  • [house hunters voice] i love this lighting in this place
  • did ashton just do the dramatic drum hit like in the slsp video i’m gonna P ASS OU T
  • CAL UM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • station wagon!!! broom broom
  • they’re all packed in a car with their friends……this……….they’re reenacting my life
  • ooh there are cute girls in this one
  • *pauses to look at the girl* she cute
  • group picture i’m g ona n
  • sad michael looking into the camera
  • ok i’m less than a minute in and ready to write a THESIS
  • contemplative ashton i can’t wait to see you in gif form
  • golf on top of a car??????
  • i love all these close-ups 
  • who did their hair, makeup and styling for BOTH 5sos and the girls
  • i want 2 thank u 
  • for everything
  • *sees luke’s swing* AWFUL 
  • you have an AWFUL swing but i love you
  • also luke you should be STU DYING 
  • can you stop looking pensively and deeply into the camera
  • it gives me shivers in a good way and i feel like you meant to do that
  • manipulative and also really hot jerks
  • hasn’t luke worn this star shirt like 78 times already
  • grocery carts yeA
  • yo where are these girls clothes from
  • ICE 99c 
  • what lipstick is michael wearing
  • i think that girls top is from brandy melville pretty sure i have the same one lemme check
  • why are 5sos so obsessed with bananas that’s the real question
  • band practice blah blah blah blah (i love it)
  • why is michael such a dork
  • ashton is so HANDSOME when did that happen
  • luke GOOD CATCH
  • bruh
  • *thinks about how much michael loves throwing things into luke’s mouth*
  • any wAY
  • thinks really hard about the lyrics of amnesia and how they’re incredibly thoughtful and profoundly sad and really relatable and just beautiful
  • *SOB S*
  • only 1:30 has passed are you kidding me
  • ok can one of these guys just take one for the team and wrap their arms around one of these girls shoulders that would be super cute
  • also crying
  • i want to see more cryinG
  • [whispers] where are the poc??????????
  • ok that looks cool underwater but that was 100% a bellyflop 
  • ashton is wearing tinfoil on a hot summer day
  • you’re not an astronaut i could fry an egg on your costume
  • michael “well anyway here’s wonderwall” clifford playing guitar on a car hood
  • calum’s tatts look so NICE i want my name tattooed on your arm thanks
  • *sees calum swimming down towards the camera* is he ben howard
  • they’re playing cricket 
  • all i ever needed
  • CALUM IS SO HANDSOME even when he’s pouring cereal on luke’s face
  • they’re all just REALLY HOT 
  • *sees girl do a handstand and notices how the camera is pointed at her butt* ASS ASS ASS 
  • where do they find all these props seriously what even is that mouth thing
  • they’re all so handsome and this video looks kinda indie it’s everything i want and need and hoped for
  • this is basically a photo shoot but a video
  • *falls in love with 5sos even more if that’s even possible*
  • i love michael everyone loves michael i want to be his girlfriend so much 
  • *thinks about how good of a boyfriend he would be* *whimpers*
  • they’re all so pretty 
  • ashton IRWIN you should not be riding a bike into a pool i am genuinely concerned for y'all’s safety
  • ok luke it was a little lacking in terms of facial emotion to match the emotional raspiness of the track but overall i give it an 8/10 
  • they look like they’re having fun!!!!
  • *thinks about how amazing it’d be if i were in the video*
  • *thinks about how much behind the scenes flirting potentially went on*
  • ………..and luke’s golf swing still hasn’t improved
  • this video is beautiful who was in charge of cinematography you go dude
  • “"my child is an honor roll student” I ’M -
  • sad looking away from the camera and into the distance along with mellow guitar strumming and nice group shots by the car
  • i don’t know who i want to date more
  • this video has ruined me
  • [landscape shot] *u*
  • [faints]

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Living With 5sos

U: Why can we never have fucking peace and quiet in this house?!

U: Calum! Stop banging the pans together!

U: Luke! What the hell are you crying about?!

U: Ashton! Michael! Shut the fuck up! Is that really worth fighting over?

M: But we should have pizza for dinner!!

A: No! Spaghetti!!



C: I’ll get it!

U: No! Now sit your ass down!

U:*opens door* Oh no! Not you guys!

L: Who’s there?

H: Hey guys!!

N: How ya doin’?

U: Please go. We don’t need anymore-

M: Do you guys wanna play FIFA?!

N: I’ll play with you Michael!

A: Hey do you guys want any pineapple?

LT: Sure I’ll take some!

U: Luke stop raiding the fridge! We aren’t going to have any food for later.

L: Harry and Liam said they were hungry.

U: Fine. Whatever. But when you’re hungry later, remember this.

Z: Why is it so loud in here?

U: I wonder the same thing every freaking day Zayn.

H: Hey y/n! Come in here!

U: What?

H: Damn. She be sexy!

U: Shut the fuck up Styles!

LP: Oooooo the last name comes out!


N: YEA!! Scored one-zero me!!


N: Did not!!

M: Did too!!

N: Not!!

M: Too!!

N, M: Y/n!!!!!!!

U: Can you guys stop being so loud? Please?

M: But Niall cheated!

N: No I didn’t!

U: Whatever! Just score more goals than him Michael.

U: Hey Calum, do you know where the headache medicine is?

C: It’s in the bathroom I think. Let me get it for you.

U: Thank you.

A: Ahh! Fuck you Louis!


A: Louis started it!

LT: Ashton threw pineapple at me first!

U: Just don’t argue and clean it all up. Please.

L: Y/n! Harry’s bullying me!

H: I’m just being playful with you dude. Chill.

U: Guys, please stop.

C: Here’s the headache medicine. Do you need me to get you some water?

U: Yes please. Thank you Calum.

C: No problem y/n.

L: Awe are you okay y/n?

U: You guys give me a headache.

H: Doesn’t surprise me.

U: The five of you added to it.

LP: Do you need a break from babysitting these lads?

U: And who’s going to do as good a job as I do?

L: No one. You’re the best y/n.

C: Kiss up.

U: You always were my favorite Luke.

L: I knew I would be.

C: You’re such a kiss up Luke!

L: Fuck you Calum!

U: Guys! Shut up!

A: We cleaned up all the pineapple.

U: Thank you.

M: Niall won.

U: Awe it’s okay Mikey. You’ll beat him next time.

M: I hope so.

U: Hey lets watch a movie. Try and keep you guys quiet.

C: Of course. Lets do it.

U: Which movie?

M: Frozen!

U: We watched that yesterday.

M: And your point is?


M: okay…..

Z: How about The Lion King.

L: sounds good.

A: I’ll put it in

U: Finally. You guys are settled down.

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Living With 5sos

U: Guys you have to be on your best behavior.

C: Do I look stupid in this tie?

L: Yes

U: No you don’t Calum. Shut up Luke

U: Where’s Michael and Ashton?

C: Still upstairs

U: Michael! Ashton! We are going to be late!

A: I’m coming, I’m coming

U: Don’t jump down the last few steps

A: Sorry.

U: It’s fine just don’t do it again bc you almost landed on us.

U: Michael!!

M: I’m coming!

U: What’s taking you so long?!

M: I have to fix my hair!

U: Hurry up!

M: I’m here. Geez

U: Lets go

*at the wedding*

L: *whispers* Who’s wedding is this again?

U: *whispers* My cousins. Now stop talking.

U: *whispers* Michael! Don’t hit Luke!

U: *whispers* Luke! Don’t hit Michael back!

U: *whispers* Do I need to separate you two?

A: *whispers* Y/n, Calum’s being mean to me

U: *whispers* Luke and Calum, you sit on one side of me. Michael and Ashton, you sit on the other side

L, C, M, A: *whispers* Got it


U: *whispers* Calum, whatever noise that is that you are making is freaking me out

C: *quietly laughs and whispers* Sorry

L: *whispers* Thank god. It was creeping me out too

*the after party*

U: No Calum! You can not twerk!

U: Luke! That is way too much punch you have been drinking!

U: Ashton! Do not touch another beer!

U: So far you’re my favorite today Michael

M: Yay!

U: Awe no don’t ruin it!

(Another request! I’m trying to do all of them!)