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allirica’s 2016 Fic Round Up!

It’s been a really rough year for me, but one thing I am grateful of is the amount of writing I managed to get done.

Thank you to everyone who liked, reblogged, gave kudos and bookmarked, and supported and encouraged my writing this year.  Special shout out to @ericadays @inell @queerlyalex @banshee-cheekbones and @sleepy-skittles, thank you all so much! <3 


Teen Wolf:

Untitled Fictlet [Jackson/Kira; tumblr ficlet]
Untitled Drabble [Scott/Stiles/Boyd; tumblr drabble]
Untitled Drabble 2 [Allison/Lydia; tumblr drabble]


Teen Wolf:

Family [Boyd/Erica/Lydia; ficlet; kid!fic] 
Untitled Smut Fic [Allison/Lydia/Erica; smut; BDSM; tumblr ficlet]
Clueless [McHaleinski]
Slipping Away [Braeden/Laura Hale; smut; ficlet]
if you want to go to heaven [Allison/Scott/Kira; smut; ficlet]
Instincts [Stiles/Braeden; AU; first part of a series]
Untitled Fictlet [Stiles/Derek; tumblr ficlet]
the violence in the pouring rain [Stiles/Derek] 
sickly sweet [Stiles/Scott/Boyd]
foundations [poly pack]
Anytime [Stiles/Braeden; angst; blood; injuries]
floral snapbacks and awkward kisses [Jackson/Kira]
love in the stacks [Allison/Erica] 
second chances [Lydia/Derek; prelude to Lydia/Jackson/Derek; kid!fic]
if we’re talking body (you’ve got a perfect one) [Allison/Caitlin]
Put It On Me [Stiles/Isaac; smut; this one was put on ao3 later, but was written and uploaded on tumblr in February] 

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I warned you that I’m a mess. I let you see the mess. hell, people warned you that I’m a mess. yet you decided to stick around and explore the mess a little. you stuck around and made a little space for yourself before I even realized what you were doing. you started picking up the broken glass and piles of trash around you. you started making my heart lighter. you started to make yourself a little space in the mess that I call my life.
—  thank you

anonymous asked:

Skittles Harry Potter AU where half-blood!Stiles meets muggle-born!Scott on the train and Scott is a nervous wreck, sobbing, etc, clearly doesn't want to be away from home, and Stiles decides "This it. This is the precious cinnamen roll I am meant to defend with my life" and plans to ask the sorting hat to put him in Scott's house to protect him, he doesn't plan on the house screaming "SLYTHERIN" at him before he even GETS IT ON HIS HEAD so he stands there and argues with the hat (1/?)

with the hat for a moment, maybe even curses at it in Polish, before McGonogal finally shoos him off, the entire time Stiles is fuming, Scott looks like a terrified puppy across the hall and Stiles is just like “SCREW THIS” and goes to sit at the Gryffindor/Hufflepuff table (because I waver on if Scott is a Gryff or a Puff) and thus begins the most difficult seven years of the lives of any and all Hogwarts staff like omg even Harry Potter didn’t give them this much trouble (2/?)


More fic by anon

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The thing about love.

Cute, cheesy, fluffy Cas x Reader oneshot.

Send in requests guys, I have some time to write this weekend. :)

Originally posted by cgstiel


The thing about love was that it hit you when you were least expecting it.
Like when you were laying on the ground bleeding, staring at a certain angel that was kneeling beside you.
“(Y/N), are you okay?”, Castiel asked and you tried to get yourself into a sitting position, which seemed to be impossible.
“I guess not quite”, you said through clenched tears and Cas stroked over your hair:
“It´s going to be alright. I´m taking you to the bunker. I would heal you, but you know…”
He stopped talking but you knew he was referring to him being human and smiled: “I know Cas, it´s alright. Just get me back home.”
He nodded and carried you to the car.

Two hours later you were laying on your bed, still bloody and dirty, but at least your wounds were patched up and your head wasn´t spinning anymore.

Sam looked at you while he cleaned his hands from your blood: “You got really lucky.”
You nodded: “I know. If Cas hadn´t been there, I would have never made it. Where is he anyways?”
The Winchester shrugged: “He went out to get something, I don´t know what, but I´ll tell him you asked for him when he comes back.”
“Not necessary”, you heard a deep voice from the door and Cas came in, holding a bag from the local grocery store.
Sam nodded at you one last time and then left.

“How are you feeling?”, Cas asked and came over to you, carefully sitting down beside you.
You shrugged: “Well enough. It´s the blood that annoys me, but Sam says I´ve got a concussion and that I should stay down, at least for another few hours.
So no shower for me.”
Castiel got up again: “I´ve got an idea, wait a second.”
He left for your bathroom and when he came back he was holding a wet washcloth.
When he got back to the bed he started cleaning up the dirt and blood from your face very slowly and you closed your eyes.
“Thanks Cas”, you said, your voice slightly trembling.
He took his time with the cleaning and your heart was beating fast for the whole procedure.
When he finally laid the washcloth on the nightstand you felt a lot better without the whole blood on your face and opened your eyes again.

Castiel was looking right at you, smiling: “Much better.”
Nobody said anything for a while and it started to get awkward, so you cleared you throat:
“What do you got in the bag?”, you asked and pointed at the white plastic bag that was sitting at the end of the bed.
He looked at it too: “Oh right, I got something for you.”
You chuckled: “A present?”
Cas nodded: “More or less.”
He grabbed the bag and pulled out several boxes of skittles: “These are for you.”
Your eyes lit up: “I love skittles, thank you so much. But how on earth did you know about this?”
A smile brightened up his face and you would have kissed him right at  that moment if you weren´t feeling as if this simply wasn´t the right time.
“I told Dean that I wanted to do something for you and he said Get her skittles or something, so I did it.”
You laughed, even though it hurt a little: “Oh Cas, I love you.”
His eyes grew big and you immediately regretted your choice of words: “I mean…I mean…”
You stopped talking, partly because you didn´t know what to say, but mostly because he took your face in his huge hands and kissed you.
You were so surprised it took you a few moments to start kissing him back, but when you did, it felt wonderful.
When you two broke apart he kept holding your face and smiled lightly: “I love you too (Y/N).”



Aries : Loki

Taurus : Dr. Laing

Gemini: Capt Nichols

Cancer : Sir Thomas Sharpe

Leo : Freddy

Virgo : Magnus

Libra : Adam

Scorpio : Tom

Sagittarius : Bill

Capricorn : Johnathan Pine

Aquarius : Caius Martius

Pisces : King Henry

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THANK YOU hiddles-and-skittles!!!!!

so as you know egderp asked me for my address so he could send me something, i had already suspected he would send me one of those asian mini candy maker kits, and just as i thought; he did. However..

jesus fucking christ egderp i didnt think youd send me THAT much stuff what the actual everloving fuck