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Henry’s Unfortunate Ink-antation [Part Two]

[submitted by: @the-elusive-blue-skittle]

Ink steadily flows from a small, two-ounce bottle and onto the wooden floor.

“Now, Henry,” Bendy grabs the new toon’s attention, tossing the empty bottle behind himself. “This! Is an ink pool.”

Henry nods, placing a finger on his chin. “I see that. So what?”

“So what,” the little devil mocks. “Watch and learn, fresh meat.”

Bendy proceeds to dump another bottle of ink about twenty feet away, on the other side of the room. “Stick yer arm into that puddle.”

“What? Why?”
“Just do it, Henry.”

Henry follows Bendy’s orders and sticks a gloved hand in the puddle of ink. Nothing happens.

Bendy whispers to the massive wolf standing next to him. 

“Uh-oh… He isn’t getting the gag. What are we gonna do?”
“Gee, I dunno, Bendy…”

Suddenly, a lightbulb appears over Henry’s head. “Oh, I think I get it now,” he exclaims, trying again at sticking his right arm through the ink puddle on the ground. With some effort, he manages to have the other arm pop straight out of the second ink puddle. Henry grins a big, goofy grin, giggling to himself giddily. The ‘toon mindset’ is getting to him again.

“This is real neat!”

Bendy grins with his creator. “Good! Now try jumping through the whole thing!”
“Bendy, I don’t think I can fit..”
“That’s crazy talk!”

Boris decides to butt in. “That’s not crazy talk! THIS is crazy talk!“ 

The wolf proceeds to make a variety of babbling noises, accompanied with raspberry sounds with his tongue. Bendy is provoked to smack his best buddy upside the head to get him to stop.

“Do me a favor and shut up, will ya?”
“Aw, but why? Look, he’s laughin’!”
“… Really?”

Bendy looks across the room at Henry, who is covering his mouth and giggling like mad. He never found that stuff funny before! In fact, it’s a rare sight to see Henry smiling at anything at all! He’s usually got a bored, unimpressed expression plastered on his face.

Boris looks so pleased with himself, too.

Henry stares quizzically at the puddle on the floor. “Maybe we should add more ink.. Yeah, that’s gotta be it!”

“NOW we’re talkin’,” Bendy exclaims with a mischievous smile, as he runs over to Joey’s desk to retrieve another bottle of ink. “This should do the trick!”

The little devil quickly dumps the contents of the bottle on the floor, making the large puddle even larger. “There we go! Try now, Henry.”

Henry hesitantly dips the tip of his shoe into the puddle, as if testing out the waters before jumping into a swimming pool.

“Gee, fellas, I don’t know about this…”
“It’s totally fine,” Bendy confidently states, placing his hands on his hips. “I’ll fish ya out if you get stuck!”

“Well, okay,” Henry mutters, wringing his hands nervously while staring at the puddle. “Here goes nothing..”

The new toon plugs his nose and hops in the pool of ink, disappearing from sight.

He doesn’t come up for a while. The other boys look at each other with concern, then back at the puddle.

“Should I take a look in there, Boris?”
“I dunno, Bendy… Henry’s a pretty capable guy..”

A loud SPLASH sounds from the other side of the room as Henry attempts to pull himself up out of the ink.

“Fellas… A little help here? I’m kinda… Stuck.”

Bendy runs over and takes Henry by the hand, hoisting him up out of the pool of ink. “I gotcha, Henry, don’t worry..”

Henry wipes imaginary sweat from his brow.

“Phew… That was a close one,” the new toon exclaims, flicking an ink drop from his shoulder in a way that shouldn’t be physically possible.

“It’s not too much to worry about, pally. Like I said, if ya get stuck, I’ll always come to help ya.”

Henry smiles at his toony pal. “Hahah… Thanks, Bendy.”

“Now let’s try it some more around the studio,” Bendy cheers, pumping his fists above his head in excitement.

“Well, alright, if you say so…” Henry smirks playfully as he follows the other boys to the music department. He’s getting a lot more used to walking with the goofy gait of a real toon.

The trio soon reaches the music department in the basement of the studio, where Sammy is peacefully writing music in his office. Bendy ruffles through his sudden pockets for another vial of ink as Henry looks on at Sammy’s door nervously. What would happen if they all got in trouble? What would Sammy do to them? His teeth begin to chatter as his legs wobble underneath him nervously. Boris gives Henry a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Henry. If Sammy says anything, we can just explain what happened and-”

“That’s not what I’m worried about, Boris. So far, the only ones who have seen me like this are you, Bendy, and Joey.. And you KNOW how Sammy laughs at anyone and everyone's misfortune…”

“Aw, you’re afraid of him laughin’ at you? Why, that’s no big deal at all!”

“Maybe not to you, but this is just… Really embarrassing to me, you know? Maybe I can just hide until this is all over..”

“Aw, nonsense, Henry! Who cares who’s laughin’ at you if you’re having a good time?”

“Well, you’ve got a point, there, buddy..” Henry smiles up nervously at the wolf, tugging at his tie to find something to do with his hands. “I guess you’re right..”

“I’m ALWAYS right.”

Bendy finishes up pouring ink all over the place with a smile. “Now THIS is what I call a training field!”


Sammy pauses in the middle of his yelling to snort loudly. Uh-oh. Here it comes.

“HAHAHAH! Henry?! Is that really you down there?”

Henry crosses his arms and pouts, looking in the opposite direction with a ‘red’ face.

“Shut the heck up, Sammy..”


Henry slowly begins dribbling ink from his form, small glops of grey ink splattering on the floor as Sammy starts to simmer down from laughing his blackened lungs out. The tiny toon chooses not to say anything, wiping his face with a goopy sleeve.

“My LORD, I haven’t had a laugh like that in ages!

“Hey, Sammy? News flash. You’re only supposed to laugh if he does something funny. Not something he can't help,” Bendy sneers, rolling his eyes. “You wouldn’t like it very much if it happened ta you, would'ja?”

“Tch. He’s tough. He can get over it.”

“Lookit ‘im! He’s a literal mess over there,” Bendy points back to the new toon, who is now kneeling on the floor with one hand pressed to his face, the other helping him keep balance on the floor. “I suggest ya get back ta work b'fore I tell Joey about this.

Sammy swallows hard. He NEVER likes when ‘Joey hears about this’. It usually ends in him getting threatened to be fired. Sometimes, he’s even put on Ink Machine duty with Wally, which is even worse. The man blinks a few times, nodding slowly at the devil’s fierce words.

Bendy sticks his tongue out at Sammy before carefully lifting Henry over his head with both arms. Henry jumps a little, struggling, though weakly. He needs to rest, and FAST.

“Bendy,” he croaks. “Put… Put me down…”

Bendy replies, though Henry doesn’t have a chance to listen before he goes unconscious.


How long has he been living like this, in a world of black and white? He’s given up on trying to count, being this way for far longer than originally intended. The toon is only allowed to see his beloved wife twice a week, every week of every year. He misses when everything was colorful. He misses when he was tall and handsome and capable, now reduced to a small, little insignificant toon that never gets to see the light of day. He can’t even go out in disguise. Everyone would be far too suspicious.

Henry doesn’t quite fit in with humans, and for all he knows, he never will again. All thanks to that little prank that happened all that time ago. He’ll never quite fit in with toons, either, due to having previously been human, and therefore, taking on a more humanoid form than the rest of his kind.

“Another day, another dollar,” he moans to himself as he climbs multiple stools to punch in for the day. ‘A dollar for what? It’s not like I can buy anything since I’m stuck here…’

The toon hops down from the perch and drags himself over to the desk he’s wasted so much time in, and will continue to waste time in. He picks up the mug of ink sitting on his desk and takes a big, long swig. He’s used to the taste by now. It’s not like he can drink anything else.

Ever since he, himself became a character in Bendy’s cartoons, he’s never looked at life the same way. Now, he’s just a tool. A character model for the guy on the screen.

He longs for normality. For any semblance of a reminder of once being human. Henry puts his head down on his desk and begins to dribble, thinking harder and harder about his situation. He’ll never get to see his family or friends again. He’ll never have kids, or fulfill a happy life. He’s doomed forever to be the property of Mister Joey Drew.


Henry wakes up with a startled shriek. Gentle hands carefully push him back down on the warm, comfortable bed as an ice pack is placed on the toon’s forehead.

“Hey, it’s okay, Henry… You’re okay…”

“A-Alice..?” Henry rubs his eyes under his glasses and stares up at the cartoon angel. “What happened…”

“You blacked out. Bendy carried you all the way back here. Do you feel any better?” Alice asks with a hint of worry in her voice.

“Am I still melting?” The smaller toon asks, holding his right hand above his face. Nothing out of the ordinary. Well, if ordinary meant 'a gloved hand with four fingers and a strange black outline.’

Henry begins to think about his nightmare, expression softening and contorting to one resembling intense fear and regret, though he doesn’t start to cry like he did last time.

The cartoon angel quickly notices this and wraps her light, comforting arms around Henry, stroking the back of his head with her right hand.

“Henry… Please try to stay calm, okay? It took HOURS for you to reform completely.”


Henry finds intense comfort in Alice’s cozy embrace, especially with the addition of the hair stroking. It’s like his own little slice of heaven. The new toon hugs the angel back, nuzzling his head into the crook of her neck.

“Well, you basically… Puddled,” Alice states bluntly, smiling as she pets Henry’s grey hair. “That shouldn’t happen again as long as you learn to control it. I can teach you how, if you’d like.”

“That’d be great, Alice, but could you… Just hold me a little longer? Pretty please?”

“Aw, how could I say 'no’ to that face?”

Henry smiles as Alice remains holding him close. This is nice. Especially after the emotional turmoil he just went through.

part one

Henry's Unfortunate Ink-antation Part 5

[Submitted by: @the-elusive-blue-skittle]

The papers, dubbed Henry Studies, are brought back to the lounge, where Sammy, Wally, and Norman are finishing up for the night before they go home.

“Hey, Franks! I got some information!”

“Oh word? C’mere an’ lemme see!”

Generic Worker #937 arrives at Wally’s side, showing off her sketchbook. Wally freezes.


Without another word, the janitor storms off in the direction of the music department. Norman makes a snide side comment,

“That guy’s weird. CRAZY weird.”


Henry’s not far from walking away from the janitor’s closet before he’s suddenly snatched up from the back of his shirt. Panicking, he thrashes like an upset child being dragged away from the playground.


Wally covers the toon’s mouth with a dirty hand, shivering at the chalky feeling. Squirming harder, Henry makes a futile attempt to escape the janitor’s grasp. Restraining the toon’s legs with his free arm, Wally dashes up the stairs to the projector room, proceeding to dangle Henry over the edge. Henry freezes up, curling into a ball at just how high up he’s being held.

“This’ll teach ya, y’little nutcase,” Wally sneers and hangs Henry from a protruding nail in the wall just below the window. Here in the music department, nobody will hear the poor toon scream.


“You’re funny, Henry.”

Cackling, Wally wanders off, leaving Henry alone, dangling forty-five feet up in the air.


… Scratch that. Henry’s been left alone, dangling forty-five feet up in the air… In the dark.


After everyone goes home, Joey makes his way downstairs to make sure everything is cleaned up and put away. He’s also subtly on the lookout for Henry, who had gone missing half an hour ago. Bendy, Boris, and Alice haven’t seen him around, either, so you can bet that the old man is getting a little worried.

Arriving at the main room, with the staircases leading to the projector and music rooms, Joey stops for a small break. He’s started to get winded from the slow panic that’s been building up ever since he got the news of his pupil’s disappearance.

Just then, a loud, high-pitched scream rings out in the dark, empty studio.


The old geezer springs up from his relaxed position, heading in the direction of the cry for help. Sprinting up the stairs like he just gained twenty years of his life back, Joey bursts into the projector room and looks over the balcony, where Henry is dangling by the back of his favorite sweater. The poor little toon is squirming, thrashing, whimpering, and yelling in hopes that it’ll get him rescued faster.

Carefully snatching Henry up from the nail in the wall, Joey cradles the toon in a protective and tight embrace. Shaking like a frozen chihuahua, Henry grasps tightly onto the back of Joey’s waistcoat, whining and sniffling. The old man does his best to soothe the poor guy, reassuring him in a soft, hushed voice that he’s going to be okay, and that it’s time for bed.

“Shhh, you’re safe, kiddo.. I’m not gonna drop ya…”

Henry slowly nods, burying his face in the crook of Joey’s neck.

“Listen… It’s time for little toons to go to bed… Let’s get you back to the first floor…”

“O-Okay, dad,” the little toon mutters, too terrified and exhausted to care that he just referred to his mentor as ‘dad’.


“Papa Drew, can I sleep with Henry tonight,” Bendy asks as Henry’s laid down for bed in Joey’s comfy office chair. “Pretty please?”

“Sorry, Bendy,” Joey starts. “Henry’s had a rough first day, and he needs his proper rest. Maybe tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay,” the little devil sighs, curling up on the couch next to Alice, favorite teddy bear in hand. Boris curls up on the floor at the foot of the chair Henry’s dozing off in. Moving Henry’s hair out of his face, Joey applies a small kiss to the little guy’s forehead before moving on to do so with the other toons.

“Goodnight, kids. See you all in the morning.”

The toons unanimously mutter, “G’night, Papa Drew…”


Henry seems to have gotten over his predicament pretty quickly! He walks along his normal path in the studio to fill his mug with coffee for the third time today with a slight smile on his face.

Suddenly, he trips on a loose floorboard, and the ground is a lot closer than before. The man raises a hand to inspect, but finds that three-fingered, white-glove that he’d dealt with all day. The toon stumbles to his feet, backing against a wall with his head in his hands.

“No.. No, not again.. I can’t be like this again!”

Starting to tear up, he shakes his head and drops to his knees, wrapping his arms around himself. He hears a loud clunking noise, accompanied by feeling the biggest earthquake he’s ever experienced. Panicked, the toon opens his eyes to see the studio’s floorboards crumbling from the other side of the room, though not revealing anything below- just a black, bubbling void. The holes in the floor grow closer, and closer, and closer still to the cowering young man as he once again rises, pressing tightly against the wall, frantically searching for an exit before he falls. The floorboards around him crumble away, leaving him on a small so-called ‘island’ of wood next to the wall.

A very familiar janitor stands not too far away, though his eyes are overshadowed by his hat, and he’s got a creepy, sinister smile plastered on his face. He holds out a hand for Henry to grab. The toon grabs Wally’s hand, though the off-putting janitor yanks his hand away before Henry can get a steady grip. He utters one phrase…

“You’re funny, Henry.”

Henry gasps as the final floorboards beneath him start to creak.

“W-Wally, what are you-”

CRASH. The wood finally gives way under Henry’s weight, and he’s sent sailing into the hot, bubbling ink below. He cries out in pain at first contact, though he’s quickly sucked into the boiling liquid. The toon tries to escape, but to no avail as his body starts becoming part of the pool. Soon enough, Henry finds that he can’t move anymore, and that nearly his entire body has been devoured by the mass. He tries one more call for help…

And nobody comes.


Henry wakes up in the middle of the night, shivering and shaking like a cat that fell into a bath tub. Everyone is fast asleep…

Watching his step, Henry hops down from the office chair, careful not to touch Boris. He begins to carefully and quietly explore Joey’s dark apartment to calm his nerves.

“Joey’s not in bed,” Henry whispers to himself. “I wonder where he could be…”

The toon tiptoes around a corner and pauses to hide. Peering around the wall, he spots a soft yellow glow. He sees Joey sitting at his desk, reading a book by candlelight. The little toon dares not go any further, for fear of getting scolded for being up so late. Huh, that’s funny… He hasn’t been afraid of getting scolded since he was a teenager. Disregarding the thought, Henry remains silent, watching Joey read quietly. He can’t go back to sleep yet! What if he has another scary dream? Shivering at the thought, Henry wraps his arms around himself and slides down the wall, sitting on the floor with a huff.

Joey hears the quiet shuffling and pauses his reading, looking over at the hallway curiously. Standing up from his chair, the old man quietly approaches the hall, peeking around to see Henry, who flinches and tries to scramble away at the sight of his mentor. The toon is unsuccessful as he’s carefully taken by the arm.

“Just where do you think you’re going, young man?”

“U-Uhh, I, uh… Um… S-Sorry, Joey…”

Joey’s expression softens a little as he lets go of his underling’s arm. “No, no, it’s okay… What are you doing up so late, Henry?”

Henry glances away, rubbing an arm shyly. “Well, I, uh… Had a scary dream…”

The old man kneels on the floor, now sitting at Henry’s eye level. “Can you tell me what it was about? Maybe that way, you’ll feel better about it.”

Henry nods meekly, taking a breath to calm his nerves. “Well… It started with me being… Being human again, and then I wasn’t, and the floor started crumbling, but the music department wasn’t underneath it all. It was just… Ink. And lots of it. And I was trapped against the wall with nowhere to go, and Wally was there. He offered to help me out, but yanked his hand away, and…” Henry pauses, his high-pitched voice starting to sound choked up. “A-And I fell into the ink, and it was BOILING hot, and then I started dissolving and that’s when I woke up…”

Joey sighs, standing up and scooping the little toon up into his arms. “Yeah, that does sound pretty scary. I can assure you that nothing of the sort is going to happen to you here. I promise.”

Henry nods, twiddling his fingers idly. He feels a lot less scared, now that he’s in Joey’s comforting embrace. He replies with a simple, “Mmkay…”

“Come on. Let’s get’cha back to bed, kiddo. Tomorrow’s another day.”

At the sentiment of going to bed, it’s like Henry magically becomes exhausted as his eyes droop closed. He mutters quietly, “Okay, dad…”

Joey smiles. This is the second time Henry’s called him ‘dad’. And in his eyes, it’s the cutest darn thing. He begins carrying Henry back to bed, but the toon seems confused when they walk right past the comfy office chair. He doesn’t say anything, being too tired to speak. The old man carefully tucks his ‘apprentice’ in the bed, gently patting his head.

“Sleep tight.”

The little toon smiles a little smile and promptly closes his eyes, drifting off into a more pleasant sleep.

anonymous asked:

Pidge with a girlfriend who sacrifices herself to get back pidge's dad a bro?

This looked like it was meant for a scenario but um there was no explicit scenario labeled so i just wrote you a bullet story since they were faster

  • okay get your drinks ready this is a wild ride
  •  first of all pidge with a girlfriend :((
  • anyway so you know how important it is for her to find her family since you had met her
  • so when you guys go on a ship that possibly holds them hostage you knew what you had to do if push came to shove
  • so you guys split up, and you were with pidge to get her family
  • when she rescued them she was so happy but she had no time to explain anything
    • “pidge what is your hair
    • “matt shut your pie hole!“
    • “i liked your long hair though“
    • “do you want to get rescued or what
  • it made you smile how close she seemed to them it was too much
  • you loved her so much but you had to remind her that y’all had to shut up or someone would find you all
    • “oh who is this
    • “this is my girlfriend-
    • “oh good job kit-kat“ (i will always accept that headcannon thank you skittles for introducing me to it matt calling pidge kit kat is so cute)
  • when you guys almost get to the green lion, you help her get them all on
    • “the fuck is this thing katie“
    • “listen here matt, you either board Greeny or you-“
    • “you named it?!?!?“
    • “she does not take kindly to being called an it!“
  • you were the last person who was supposed to get on
  • just when you were supposed to get on, the guards started pouring in
  • and they were so scared so you grabbed your weapon and you started fighting
  • i mean you had to cover her family as they got in at least
  • your heart was beating so fast because you knew that without backup you wouldn’t be able to board safely but you kept you’re mouth shut as her father boarded
    • “y/n get on“ pidge was frantic she can’t have you lost
  • but you just told her to go on without you
  • there was no way you could do it, you knew it, she knew it, her family knew it
  • but if she stayed any longer then she’d endanger you and everyone else
  • and green was unable to stay so long, considering the forces outside were weakening
  • this was a time schedule and everyone was getting restless
    • “we have to go, kit kat“ matt said it so sadly that she knew it was true and she was stubborn but everyone was telling her she had to go and next thing she knew her lion was nudging itself further a little bit
  • her heart broke as she flew off the ledge of the ship
  • she was going to turn around so you board through the front but you had already been taken down and you were too busy
  • and there was air machines already
  • when you saw her lion get to a safe place you let yourself go
  • there was no point in fighting it
  • you smiled, even as your eyes watered. you knew you were going to be tortured, maybe even killed by haggar herself
  • but you felt lighter, knowing that your girlfriend had finally been reunited
  • meanwhile pidge was freaking out
    • “y/n, y/n can you hear me?“ oh yeah you chucked your helmet over in case they could use it to track them so she couldn’t contact you
    • she wanted to go back right away
    • how could she let her girlfriend just practically kill herself for her?
  • she’s so mad
  • she vows to come and find you again. before anyone lays a hand on you.

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Skittles Harry Potter AU where half-blood!Stiles meets muggle-born!Scott on the train and Scott is a nervous wreck, sobbing, etc, clearly doesn't want to be away from home, and Stiles decides "This it. This is the precious cinnamen roll I am meant to defend with my life" and plans to ask the sorting hat to put him in Scott's house to protect him, he doesn't plan on the house screaming "SLYTHERIN" at him before he even GETS IT ON HIS HEAD so he stands there and argues with the hat (1/?)

with the hat for a moment, maybe even curses at it in Polish, before McGonogal finally shoos him off, the entire time Stiles is fuming, Scott looks like a terrified puppy across the hall and Stiles is just like “SCREW THIS” and goes to sit at the Gryffindor/Hufflepuff table (because I waver on if Scott is a Gryff or a Puff) and thus begins the most difficult seven years of the lives of any and all Hogwarts staff like omg even Harry Potter didn’t give them this much trouble (2/?)


More fic by anon

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hi hello hi yes, so I’ve been looking at this gif for an unspecified amount of time and I reckon if I’m a bit uuuh, distracted, just imagine how distracted and frustrated Derek would be, watching his boys being major league fucking cockteases like jesus christ, this is unbearable I want a lawyer levels of frustrated

and Derek’s no chump, he figures, don’t get mad, get even

so he blows off their usual Friday night skype date cause fuck them really, they were probably gonna sixty nine in front of him while running a commentary of what he’s missing, which not fair, so fucking unfair and goes trawling through xvideo for inspiration instead

and there are some things that are interesting but requires like, actual machinery, and that’s effort, and some things that are plain intimidating 

and then he finds it

he goddamn finds it

Derek’s a genius

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borea-the-pokefan  asked:

🌸 Bakugou + Ochako (I don't know if is possible to ask for two characters, but if not please do one of your choice!) Thank you so much :) Your art is wonderful!

They gave each other flower crowns (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Uraraka was given the lily of the valley which means humility, chastity, sweetness, purity and is said to bring luck in love. It also means “the return of happiness”. I like to think Bakugou is a huge sap.

Uraraka gave Bakugou the orange roses because it reminds her of his fiery attitude but they signify passion and energy. Orange roses can also be used to express intense desire, pride and fervor. <3 

Thank you for requesting this!! Picking a flower for Bakugou was kinda hard but I think these fit him pretty well :)